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Land Maps of Tryon County and area

Map from 1757 (with detail)

State Map from 1771 (with detail)

Kitchin Map - 1772

The best map on which to examine this ancient waterway corridor is one created in 1772 by British cartographer Thomas Kitchin. The purpose of this website is to make this map readily available to researchers and students of American transportation history and New York State geography. The original from which this digital version has been created is in the collections of the New York State Library, engraved for Thomas Mante, The History of the Late War in North America, London, 1772. The digital version provided on this website was created by a direct scan of the original and a reduction to 16 colors, with the variation in background colors associated with the paper medium of the map reduced to one color, leaving the inkwork of the engraving intact. This reduces file sizes and load times, but preserves all the details of the original map.

Kitchin Map - The area from lower Mohawk (Amsterdam) west to Fort Herkimer (Fort Herkimer)

Kitchin Map - The area from Anthony's Nose (Sprakers) west to upper Mohawk

Kitchin Map - The area from Fort Herkimer (Fort Herkimer) west to Wood Creek (New London)

Kitchin Map - Extreme Enlargements

Map 1 of Sir John Johnson's Raid on the Mohawk Valley - 1780 - Some of the family names on land map: Endors, Martin, Newkirk, Putnam, Cline, Young, Van Horn Schrembling, Marlett, Mabie, Hand, Holt, Gordon, Wilcox, Frederick

Map 2 of Sir John Johnson's Raid on the Mohawk Valley - 1780 - Some of the family names on land map: Van Epps, Gardiner, Quackenbush, Fonda, Frey, Van Alstine, Wood, Lewis, Wemple, Vedder, Printup, Hansen, Putnam, Visscher, Smith

Map of Schoharie Creek area

Map from 1789

Contemporary Aerial view

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