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Notes: IV. The Welsh Press

1W. R. Edwards:
Cofiant Rhys G. Jones, p. 105.
2B. F. Lewis in a manuscript on Welsh publications in Utica from 1808 to 1850 in the Oneida County Historical Society Library, gives this information which he obtained from Mr. H. P. Jones of Remsen in 1855.
Pioneers, p. 161. He says that Merrell also printed a catechism in Welsh.
Y Cenhadwr, 1848, p. 269. The difficulty of distributing the books does not appear to have caused high prices, however, for the book advertised in Y Cenhadwr was of 480 pages and sold at $1.25.
5T. Solomon Griffiths informs me that Thomas Evans was at one time worth $10,000, which he made probably in his publishing work.
Hysbysiad Cyntaf y Bibl Gymdeithas Gymreig yn Steuben ac Utica, Jan. 1822, p. 9.
Y Cenhadwr, 1845, p. 187, the Society announces the early publication of the penny tracts mentioned above and on the fourth page of the cover of Seren Orllewinol, June 1845, appeared an announcement from Samuel Jones of New York that Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress was nearly ready for distribution and that one of Baxter's books was soon to be published.
The Cambrian, 1897, 311.
9In 1841, J. H. Rathbone was agent in Utica and J. B. Loak sold single copies of it.
10B. F. Lewis in
Newspaper and Periodical Press of the United States in the 10th Census, 1880, p. 129.
11R. D. Thomas:
Hanes, Part III, p. 48.
12See for a full account of this Howell Powell:
Cofiant William Rowlands, especially pp. 391-2.
Y Cenhadwr, 1847, p. 171. There is here printed a column and a half which the editor of Y Cyfaill had refused.
14The following is a list of the places in which Rowlands resided, with dates, taken from Powell:
Rowlands, p. 283. The printers names have been obtained from the papers themselves:

Place Date Printer
New York August 1836 to May 1841 William Osborn ( N. Y.)
Utica May 1841 to May 1844 Evan E. Roberts (Utica)
New York May 1844 to May 1845 William Osborn
Rome May 1854 to May 1856 R. R. Meredith (Rome)
Scranton May 1856 to Sept. 1858 and after Jan. 1858 when Jenkins moved there from Rome R. R. Meredith (Rome) David C. Davies (Utica)
Holland Patent Sept. 1858 to Mar. 1862 D. C. Davies and T. J. Griffiths (Utica)
Rome Mar. 1862 to April 1863 T. J. Griffiths (Utica)
Utica April 1863 to his death in 1866 T. J. Griffiths

15Powell: Rowlands, p. 392.
16This was probably during the year 1858 or a portion of it. Before that year it was requested that payments be made to Rowlands at Scranton; in the March number, 1858, the subscribers and agents were asked to send their payments to Jenkins.
17H. J. Hughes in R. D. Thomas: Hanes, Part III, p. 50.
18So T. S. Griffiths, its former editor, writes me.
19In the
Annual Report of the Missionary Society of the Calvinistic Methodists for 1899 (Utica, N. Y.) is noted the receipt of $250.00, profit from Y Cyfaill for that year.
20See Rev. E. Davies:
Cofiant Robert Everett, Chaps. I to III.
21Davies: Everett, p. 29.
22Davies: Everett, p. 188.
23As early as 1843 frequent letters from Wales were printed in
Y Cenhadwr taking exception to or supporting articles or other letters in the magazine, and at times dealing with entirely new subjects.
24In 1871, R. D. Thomas thought there were about two thousand subscribers. See his
Hanes Cymry America, Part III, p. 64. B. F. Lewis in the Census Report for 1880 thought neither paper had reached 2000 subscribers.
The Cambrian, 1905, p. 37.
26It has been said in many places that it was published for about two years, but I find no evidence of that. I have been through the papers kept by Everett above his printery and while many copies of Vol. I appeared, there was no sign of a second volume.
27I have been unable to find a copy of it save in the attic of Everett's print shop.
Seren Orllewinol, Vol. II, July 1845, 2nd page cover. This appointment of the editor and treasurer by the Baptist Assembly would indicate that the paper was the property of the Church. I have not seen the first copy issued and those later mention nothing of the ownership of the paper. In Y Wawr, Vol. II, p. 331, Rev. James R. Price of Kingston, Pa. says that Edwards was the publisher from the beginning. It is difficult to reconcile this with Lewis' statement in the Census Report for 1880, p. 129, that Edwards was one of the compositors of the paper some time before he became its owner.
29Its subscription list about the time that it was sold to Morton was placed at 750 by Hugh J. Hughes:
Hanes, Part III, p. 50.
Y Wasg, Vol. I, Jan. 1868, 2nd page cover. This was not that Wasg established at Pittsburgh, 1873, and issued weekly.
31Numbers for February and March did not appear on account of fire in the publishing office.
32This is an estimate. I cannot determine accurately.
33Ellis H. Roberts, brother of the publisher, gave me the information concerning Mr. Jones.
Seren Orllewinol, July 1845, p. 4 of cover.
35That is the last number in the Oneida County Historical Society Library, their file being complete to that date. I have found no copies later than that and Lewis, in the Census Report, says it lasted but nine months.
36Lewis thinks it was on account of the difficulty in securing Welsh compositors. There is reason to doubt that for at this time Roberts' presses were busy turning out Welsh books as the publications of Thomas T. Evans show.
37See the announcement on the 3rd and 4th pages of the cover on the May (1854) number of
Y Cylchgrawn Cenedlaethol, a literary monthly Jones was publishing at this time.
38R. D. Thomas:
Hanes, Part III, p. 47.
Our County, pp. 358 ff.
40R. D. Thomas:
Hanes, Part III, p. 63.
41I have not seen the first issue. Jones announced in
Y Cychgrawn Cenedlaethawl, May 1854, p. 4 of the cover, that the first issue of Y Cymro would be dated the first Saturday in April, 1855. Lewis in the Census report of 1880 says that the first number came out in May 1855; he was later editor of the paper and should have the date correct.
42In its first form there were four pages of five columns, the paper being 18" x 24". It was now changed to eight pages of four columns each, being 12"x 18".
43B. F. Lewis in
United States Census, 1880.
Y Wasg (Morton), Jan. 1868, p. 2 of cover.
45I have seen no copies of the paper before that date so do not know how long these men were connected with it.
46R. D. Thomas:
Hanes, Part III, p. 48.
47R. D. Thomas:
Hanes, p. 48.
48In the issue of
Y Cymro Americanaidd for Aug. 29, 1857, Jones asks that all orders or payments for Y Cylchgrawn Cenedlaethol be sent to the Cambro American, New York.
Hanes, Part III, p. 51.
50For the first two years it had contained sixteen pages, 5" x 8"; after that there were twenty pages, 6" x 10". When the change in form was made the price was raised from fifty cents to a dollar.
Hanes, Part III, p. 49.
52T. S. Griffiths gave me this information.
The Cambro American, Nov. 1, 1856.

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