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Warren County, New York
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Baker Cemetery, Thurman

Originally transcribed by Stanley and Ruth Harris in 1967. Adapted for web use by Brenda Howe.

CR21 West side of road, North on High St., Town of Thurman.

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathAgeInfo
TuckerAlbert Martin 11/25/188450 
PerkinsElisa M1/31/18311/18/1866  
GallupTruman H9/16/18445/19/1871  
BakerAda E 5/7/18801y 8mChildren of G & E Baker
BakerBessie 3/6/18738mChildren of G & E Baker
BakerGernie 5/18/18806y 1mChildren of G & E Baker
BakerJulia 4/20/186826yw/o Clark Baker
GallupDennis 1/18/184734y 
BakerSilas 1/15/186531yCoF 142 Regt NYVol Killed at Battle of Fort Fisher
KathanRoby 3/18/185531yw/o Silas Baker
BakerJoshua 3/18/186472y 
BakerLydia 10/13/187464y 
BakerWilliam K 12/15/187559y 
BakerMary 1/13/184242yw/o William K Baker
BakerHorace Cornell 7/30/183521ys/o William & Mary Baker
CombsSophia 11/28/184546yw/o Fred Combs
CombsFred 4/26/186333yCo I 22 NYVol
BakerEseck 4/5/186832y 
LilliebridgeAbigail 2/12/189218y 
BakerFanny T 8/20/187534yw/o Wallace Baker
BakerSolomon R11/11/18272/21/1905  
CombsMarissa1/4/1834  w/o Solomon Baker
BakerHarry 6/2/18811m 7ds/o CH & AC Baker
BakerMartha L 3/14/189714yd/o Sanford Baker
BakerMartha  7/4/188335yw/o Sanford Baker
GallupOrville 12/9/1843  
GallupEsther5/24/18453/9/1906 w/o Orville Gallup
GallupCharlie 2/25/187021ds/o Orville & Esther Gallup
BakerInfant 5/186421ds/o G & EA Baker
BakerWilliam J 8/20/18642y 7ms/o Silas & Lydia A Baker
GambleRosilla 12/9/188985y 
CombsAurie 12/28/18871y 9m 
BakerWallace 11/23/193483y 
BakerAddie 10/14/189337yw/o Wallace Baker
ElwelllJohn H 7/20/191154y 
ElwellChloe Ann 6/11/186933y 4mw/o John H Elwell
TuckerIda P18691938 w/o Silas Tucker
TuckerClarence R19021902  
TuckerRose E18871902  
Tucker Ephraim9/10/18337/2/1906  
Dean Fanny    
MaxamMary Ella 12/2/190237yw/o James Maxam
Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathAgeInfo
GallupJohn 7/15/187769y 
KathanDavid 11/28/187967y 
KathanZama 2/18/188377yw/o David Kathan
EvearetsAurilla 12/21/187656yw/o Horace Evearts
EvertsSarah5/29/1843  w/o Breman Everts
EvertsFrankie5/27/18775/8/1896 s/o Breman & Sarah Everts
KenyonTheodore19041905 s/o Allen Kenyon
EvertsDuglase 5/22/18922m 7ds/o D & Emily Everts
EvertsArthur P5/25/1833   
IngramSarah H7/1/18583/7/1901 w/o Artur Everts
EvertsClara P1889195789y 1m 4d 
EvertsWW 1944  
EvertsCassius J5/14/189412/15/1911  
KidderEmma O18461912 w/o Harvey Kenyon
TuckerSeneath187419---- w/o Alfred Tucker
WilcoxLillian M18741909  
TuckerDana Jr 4/11/189151y9m25dCo A 2nd Regt NY Vol
TuckerEdward W 5/15/189311m15ds/o James & Jennie Tucker
TuckerSarah J 11/17/188739yw/o Edward Tucker
KenyonAmy Everts 8/2/196385y11m2d 
KenyonAllen 1/28/194674y7m2d 
EvertsStephen H1/11/188812/8/1908  
EvertsAbigail3/25/18117/22/1877 w/o Stephen Everts
DingmanMary A 11/14/187126yw/o Marvin Dingman
BatemanGeorge 12/14/187558yCo I 96 NY Vol
GambleWilliam 10/19/188198y 
BakerEunice V 12/2/18841mChildren of CM & Mary E Baker
BakerMelvin 4/15/18818y4m19dChildren of CM & Mary E Baker
EvertsDaisy A 6/8/18862y6m7d 
ElwellJohn N3/6/18354/9/1909  
ElwellMary J12/2/185111/23/1907 w/o John N Elwell
ElwellJohn N 7/20/191154y 
ElwellCA   w/o John N Elwell
ElwellFreddie 11/5/18698m1d 
BakerWilliam E 7/16/188555y2m2d 
CombsEliza 9/11/189562yw/o William E Baker
BakerLydia D 9/3/188221y5md/o William E & Eliza Baker
BakerDudley 4/9/18731y6m9ds/o William E & Eliza Baker
TuckerSeymour 5/15/188839y8m 
TuckerElizabeth18261898 w/o Dana Tucker
CombsJohn 9/26/188758yCo K 188 Regt NY Vol
AustinHorace S 10/5/18742m3ds/o Fernando & Eilena Austin
Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathAgeInfo
MorehouseLizzie6/24/18966/12/1898 Infant d/o Mr/Mrs H Morehouse
BakerMyrtle1870  w/o Francis Baker
BakerJohn H18751908  
CombsSarah1879  w/o John H Baker
MoonAlexander 12/25/186522yCol 16 NY HART
GrayWilliam1/13/18169/17/1908 Co E 95 Regt NY Vol
GaryLovina Ann11/2/18513/22/1865 d/o William & Amanda Gray
KenyonAllen H18731948  
KenyonAmy E18741963 w/o Allen H
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