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Warren County, New York
Genealogy and History

Warren County Cemeteries


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Almshouse Cemetery
Almshouse Cemetery
Bolton Off site
Beswick Cemetery
Beswick Cemetery
Beswick Cemetery
Bolton Off site.
Bolton Cemetery Bolton Transcribed in 1967.
Cilley Cemetery / Pratt Family Cemetery Bolton Off site.
Clay Meadows / Northwest Bay Cemetery Bolton Off site.
Federal Hill Cemetery
Federal Hill Cemetery
Federal Hill Cemetery
Bolton Off site.
Herrick Cemetery Bolton Transcribed 1967.
Kenyon Cemetery Bolton Off site.
Lamb Hill Cemetery Bolton Off site.
New Vermont Cemetery Bolton
Padanarum Cemetery Bolton Off site.
Truesdale Cemetery / Edmond's Cemetery Bolton Off site.
Warren County Home Cemetery Bolton 1967.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Austin Cemetery Chestertown
Baroudi Farm Cemetery Chestertown
Bird Pond Road Cemetery Igerna, Town of Chester Off site
Chester Rural Cemetery
Off site.
Darrowsville Cemetery
Darrowsville Cemetery
Darrowsville Cemetery
Chester Transcribed in 1967
Off site.
Off site.
Fish Cemetery
Fish Cemetery
Igerna Off site
Landon Hill Cemetery
Landon Hill Cemetery
Chester Off site.
Pottersville Old Cemetery Pottersville Off site.
Starbuck Hill Cemetery
Starbuck Hill Cemetery
Chestertown Complete listing; Off site.
Stock Farm Cemetery
Stock Farm Road (aka Dillingham Family) Cemetery
Chester Off site.
Tyrell Cemetery Chester Transcribed cicra 1968
West Church Cemetery Chester Complete Listing; Off site.

Glens Falls

Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Bay Road Cemetery Glens Falls 1936.
Glens Falls Cemetery Glens Falls Partial Listing; Off site.
John Harris Memorial Cemetery Glens Falls 1936.
Seelye Cemetery Glens Falls 1936.
Sunnyside Cemetery Glens Falls 1934.
VanDusen Cemetery Glens Falls 1938.
West Street Cemetery Glens Falls 1966.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Hague Cemetery Hague Off site. Includes Photos.
Hague Heritage Cemetery Hague Off site. Includes Photos.
May Memorial Cemetery Hague Off site. Includes Photos.
Valley View Cemetery Hague and Ticonderoga Off site. Includes Photos.
Wardboro Silver Bay Off site.
West Hague Cemetery Hague Off site. Includes Photos.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Adirondack Cemetey Hamlet of Adirondack
Elbow (Brant Lake) Cemetery
Off site.
Frasier Cemetery Horicon Complete listing; Off site.
North Brant Cemetery Brant Lake
Smith Cemetery Horicon
South Horicon (Pitt) Cemetery Brant Lake Off site.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Bates Cemetery Johnsburg Off site
Ellis Dunkley Farm Bakers Mills
Garnet Lake Cemetery Johnsburg
Cemetery image
  264 images!
Hack Cemetery Johnsburg
Cemetery image
  216 images!
Hitchcock Cemetery Bakers Mills
Hudnut Cemetery Johnsburg Off site
Johnsburg Cemetery Johnsburg Transcribed cicra 1967.
Mill Creek Wesleyan Methodist Johnsburg Off site
Morehouse Cemetery Sodom Transcribed cicra 1968
Old Cemetery on Goodman Road, Johnsburg Bakers Mills Transcribed circa 1968.
Pasco - Sand Hill Cemetery Johnsburg
Pelick Hill Bakers Mills
Wescott Cemetery Bakers Mills
Cemetery image
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Willie Hitchcock Farm Bakers Mills
Wakeley Farm Sodom Transcribed cicra 1968

Lake George

Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Evergreen Cemetery Lake George Transcribed in 1966.
Leffingwell Cemetery Lake George
North Caldwell Cemetery
North Caldwell Cemetery
North Caldwell Cemetery
Lake George Off site.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Anderson Family Cemetery Luzerne Off site.
Gage Hill Cemetery Luzerne Transcribed in 1967.
Hartman Family Cemetery
Hartman Hill Cemetery
Luzerne 1938.
Hogle Cemetery Luzerne Off site.
Holy Infancy Catholic Cemetery Luzerne Off site.
Leavens Cemetery Luzerne Off site.
Old Methodist Cemetery Luzerne Off site.
River Road Cemetery Luzerne Transcribed October 1960. Document images only.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Austin Burying Ground Queensbury
Butler Burying Ground Queensbury
Eggleston-Seelye Burial Plot Queensbury
Glendon Burying Ground Queensbury
Jenkins Cemetery Queensbury Partial Listing. Off site
McEchron Burying Ground Queensbury
Ogden Burial Plot Queensbury
Scotch Cemetery Queensbury Off site.
Wing Memorial Queensbury 1936.

Stony Creek

Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Basptist Cemetery aka Glassbrook Cemetery Knowelhurst Transcribed in 1967.
Scofield Cemetery Knowelhurst Transcribed in 1967.
VanDusen Cemetery Knowelhurst Transcribed in 1967.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Baker Cemetery Thurman 1967.
Cameron Cemetery Thurman 1967. Updated in 2008.
Edward Wood Farm Cemetery The Glen
Elisha Parker Cemetery Thurman  
Griffin Cemetery Thurman
King Cemetery Thurman
Mosher Cemetery Thurman
Pendall Cemetery Athol Transcribed in 1967.
Potter Cemetery The Glen
Reuben Pendall Cemetery/Wells Cemetery The Glen
Thurman Baptist Cemetery Kenyontown Transcribed in 1967.


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Harrington Cemetery on Harrington Hill Warrensburg 1967.
Pratt Cemetery Warrensburg
Pucker Street Cemetery Warrensburg Off site
Riverbank Cemetery Warrensburg


Cemetery Name Location Remarks
Fish Hollow Road Cemetery ?
Riverbank Cemetery ? Second cemetery by the same name. Off site.
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