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The Will of John McLaren - June 23, 1813

In the name of God Amen, I John Macklaren in Thurman Town in County of Washington State of New York. Being through the abundant mercy of God though week in body yet of a sound and perfect understanding and memory do constitute this my Last Will and Testament and desire it may be reserved by all as such. I give to my dear and living wife for term of life this house wherein I now dwell with all the furniture thereof. Likewise my barn and the quarter lot they stand upon, also two thirds of my crops of all kinds. Likewise two thirds of my horses, cows, sheep, hogs and also all moneys due to me by bills, bonds, book accounts whatsoever. Likewise my wife is to pay each of my children out of the above mentioned as follows, To Kathren my oldest daughter, I leave her the above lot and houses after her mothers death if not married all her life time, if married she will get two cows, eight sheep and fifty dollars. To Duncan McDonald my son in law and Margaret McLearen his esposed wife

John McEwen         John McLaren L.S.
John Cameron
John McDonald

I give then the other quarter of my farm being a half of my farm and one third of my crops of all kinds and one third of my horses, oxen, cows, sheep, hogs and are one third of what is sold of the crops of all kinds yearly, also one third of the cattle, horses, sheep, hogs that is sold yearly, provided he shall stay with me and my wife till out deaths whatever expenses go out on work or stock Duncan McDonald pays one third the same, as he draws the South east quarter is his lot John McMillen and Jane McLearen his wife is payed and settled already. The Joseph Bockers and Selche [Christian?] McLearen my daughter I leave fifty dollars to be payed in stock and given one year after my death, To Sharlot McLearen my youngest daughter I leave her two cows, eight sheep, and fifty dollars not to be paid to one year after she marrys, in witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of August and in the year of Lord one thousand eight hundred and four and published and declared by me John McLearen as my last will and testament

John McLaren

In presence of
John Cameron
John McDonald
John McEwan

Warren ss } Be it remembered that on the twenty third day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, Personally came before me Robert Wilkinson Surrogate of said County at my office in Queensbury John McDonald who being duly sworn did testify that John McLaren the within mentioned testator, did in his presence and being further duly sworn did also testify that he saw the said John McLaren execute the within will and that he the said John McDonald and John Cameron and John McEwan, all whose names are within written, Did subscribe there names as witnesses to within will in the presence of the within mentioned testator and of each other and that the said John McLaren when he executed the within will was of sound mind and memory - Now therefore know all whom ut may concern that the within will hath been sufficiently proved and therefore recorded In testimony of all which things I have hereunto affixed my seal of office and subscribed my name the day and year first above written Robert Wilkinson

Contributed by Janice Wiegley

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