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1902 Park Avenue Tunnel Collision

—A New Rochelle Tragedy—

Research Journal for Charles B. Mars

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Research into Charles B. Mars


Where was Charles Mars buried? No cemetery name was listed on the death certificate, nor was a cemetery name given in any newspaper article found so far.

Next Steps: Need to call the cemeteries within the city limits of New Rochelle and inquire at each if he is buried in the cemetery. May need to call the church which held his funeral and ask them where his burial may hve been. Would they have kept any records? When his burial location is found, visit the cemetery and take a photograph of his tombstone.

If a search of these three does not turn him up his burial site, then a systemmatic search of every cemetery in the county will need to be done.


According to newspaper articles, Charles B. Mars worked for the United States Custom House in New York City. There are two groups of employment records of the US Customs House held by the National Archives in New York City. A Personal History (or Interrogatories) from 1891 was found at NARA which included empkoyment information about Charles Mars.


Probate papers were filed in the Surrogates Court in Westchester County and his papers were available at the Westchester County Archives. The index is also available on microfilm at the LDS Family History Centers.

Civil Law Suit

So far, only a search of newspapers has been made regarding the lawsuits and nothing has been found yet about a lawsuit filed on Mars' behalf.

Next Steps: A more extensive search of NYC newspapers at the New York Public Library, Swarzman building, will need to be done.


Found a photo in a newspaper.

Problems/Brick Wall

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