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Westchester County, NY 
The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow
Marriage Index Arranged by Groom Surname


The following is the index of the marriages from The First Record Book of the "Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow" which was organized in 1697. The church is in Sleepy Hollow (formerly North Tarrytown), Westchester County, NY. The marriage records cover the years 1698 to 1785 (plus one entry in 1788 and one entry in 1790).

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I have listed the marriages as they were in the book, mostly alphabetical by the groom's surname. Spelling is the way it appears in the record. I have made (what I believe are) two corrections to the records and have noted them as probable errors in the column entitled "Misc." I will do lookups on any of these names if anyone wants more information on a specific marriage. — Jean Ann Orser Lupinetti, transcriber and submitter.

The introductory statement in the book states the following:

" The First Reformed Church of Tarrytown, familiarly known as "The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow," grew out of a religious life that had, long before the church's organization, been expressing itself through informal house meetings. The church was not organized till 1697, and it had no settled pastor till 1785. Certainly till 1716, and it is believed till 1724, it was under the continuous supervision of Rev. Guilliam (William) Bertholf, actual pastor of two Reformed Churches in New Jersey, and care-taker of several other church plants in his vicinity, whom the people employed to exercise over them a general direction, and to administer the sacraments for them three or four times each year. From the time of Rev. Mr. Bertholf, we have evidence that they kept up their communion and baptismal occasions, but have no information as to how often or by whom they were supplied. From 1744 to the outbreak of the Revolution in 1775, the church was under the care of Domine Johannes Ritzema, one of the New York church pastors, who did all he could for it and other churches within his reach, while carrying at the same time the heavy cares growing out of his own special city charge. During the Revolution the church and its all affairs fell into great confusion It finally called its first pastor, the Rev. Stephen Voorhees (or Van Voorhees) in 1785. Since that time it has had a regular pastoral succession, and a history that can be more easily traced."

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