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St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Rakaia:  (APR)

Baptisms 1888-1934, Marriages 1881-1939


St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Ashburton:  (APA)

Baptisms 1893-1927, Marriages 1876-1930, Burials 1913-1927


St. James Presbyterian Church, Tinwald: (JPT)

Baptisms 1895-1950, Marriages 1884-1953


Springburn Presbyterian: (PSB)

Baptisms 1898-1941, Marriages 1883-1943


St. Mary’s,  Mayfield Presbyterian: (MPM)

Marriages 1911-1920, 1927-1958





Holy Name Catholic Church, Ashburton




Holy Name Roman Catholic Church, Ashburton: (HCA)

Baptisms 1881-1930, Marriages 1881-1939


St Luke’s Anglican, Hinds: (LAH)

Baptisms 1904-1950, Marriages 1910-1950, Burials 1905-1994


All Saints Anglican Parish, Methven: (AAM)

Baptisms 1900-1950, Marriages 1905-1950


St. Saviours Anglican Church, Highbank  (Methven Parish): (SAH)

Baptisms 1910-1944, Marriages 1910-1922






















St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Ashburton







St. Aidans Anglican Church, Mt. Somers: (AAMS)

Baptisms 1895-1917


St. Marks Anglican Parish, Rakaia:  ( MAR)

Baptisms 1876-1932,  Marriages 1878-1930


St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ashburton:  (SAA)

Baptisms 1873-1950, Marriages 1871-1940, Burials 1882-1932


St. Andrew’s Anglican, Tinwald:  (AAT)

Baptisms 1878-1950, Marriages 1884-1930, Burials 1884-1989





St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Tinwald










Primitive Methodist, Ashburton: (PMA)

Baptisms 1876-1917, Marriages 1876-1920


Wesleyan Methodist, Ashburton: (WMA)

Marriages 1878-1931 (incl Mayfield 1912-1930)


Wesleyan Methodist, Baring Square: (WMA)

Ashburton: Baptisms 1876-1971


Methodist Country Circuits Baptisms: (MCC)

Willowby 1890-1972: Methven-Rakaia 1880-1944, Allenton-Rakaia-Methven 1957-1975, Mayfield 1919-1929























St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ashburton


Church of Christ (COC)

Marriages  1910-1949


Salvation Army (SLVA)

Marriages 1919-1934


Baring Square Methodist Church