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Manuscripts and Archives

University of Auckland Library New Zealand and Pacific Collection - Maori manuscripts and archives.

Some of the holdings can be found at the University of Auckland Library New Zealand and Pacific Collection and the Te Hukatai Library. Lists of Te Hukatai holdings are kept at the NZP information desk and at Te Hukatai.

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ASHWELL, BENJAMIN YATE, 1810 - 1883 (1834 - 1869) "Papers." LOCATION: A-172; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Church Missionary Society - Nga Puhi Missions, Waikato Missions. Letters and journals of the Rev. Ashwell of Kaitetohe, to the Church Missionary Society. Ashwell was stationed at the Bay of Islands, Waikato Heads and Kaitetohe near Taupiri. [2 vols. Photocopy of transcript] Acquired from: AIM.

BOSCAWEN, JOHN HUGH, 1851 - 1937 (1899) "Photographs of Auckland pa sites." LOCATION: A-204; SUBJECT: Ngati Whatua--History, Fortification, Prehistoric-- New Zealand, Maori (New Zealand people)--Warfare [103 prints, 103 colour transparencies. Prints] Acquired from: AIM.

BROWN, ALFRED NESBITT, 1803-1884., (1835 - 1850)., "Journal." LOCATION: A-179; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Church Missionary Society - Ngai Te Rangi missions, Ngati Haua missions, Nga Puhi missions. Brown was stationed at Tauranga, Matamata and the Bay of Islands. 4 vols. Photocopy of transcript] Acquired from: AIM.

CHESLEY, BILL., Genealogical tables. LOCATION: Microfilm 572.995 C32
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Porou Genealogy. [1 vol.. Microfilm] Language: Maori.

CLARKE, A.F. (1870)., "Genealogies." LOCATION: C-24 Microfilm 1528 SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngai Te Rangi Genealogy, Ngati Ranginui Genealogy, Tauranga (N.Z.)--History.
[1 vol.. Photocopy Microfilm] Language: Maori.

FLETCHER, H.J. "Index." LOCATION: Microfilm 194, 195; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Names, Personal Maori Indexes, Names, Geographical-- Maori--Indexes, Covers personal and geographical names in the J.P.S., T.N.Z.I., White's Ancient history of the Maori and Tregear's book.. Bound photocopy version at Te Hukatai. [Microfilm]

FURNEAUX, TOBIAS, 1735 - 1781 (1773)., "Papers." LOCATION: A-171; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Queen Charlotte's Sound--History, Maori. ADDED ENTRIES: Cook, James, Adventure (Ship), Resolution (Ship), Narrative of voyage with Captain Cook.[1 vol. Photocopy] Acquired from: AIM?.

GARVEN, PETER D., "Genealogy of Ngai Tahu." LOCATION: C-32 C-32A; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngai Tahu Genealogy. Te Hukatai has microfilm copy. [Photocopy]

GREY, SIR GEORGE., MS. LOCATION: C-16; Complete set at Te Hukatai with detailed inventories. MP 1987/1. [Photocopy] Language: Maori.

GUDGEON, WALTER EDWARD., "Papers." LOCATION: Microfilm 188; SUBJECT HEADINGS: London Missionary Society - Cook Islands-History, Cook Islands-Genealogy, Cook Islands, Missions-Cook Islands. Gudgeon was British Resident then Resident Commissioner in The Cook Islands from 1898 to 1909 [Microfilm] Acquired from: Hocken MS Vol. 662/A-H. PMB 91.

HARRIS, C.L., "Genealogies." LOCATION: C-26 Microfilm 1526; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Porou Genealogy, Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti Genealogy Ngati Porou.[5 sheets?. Photocopy Microfilm]

HARRIS, CECIL THOMAS., "The romance of the upper Thames valley including history and Maori legends." LOCATION: A-21; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Maori - Kings and rulers, Waikato History, Ngati Tama Te Ra History, Ngati Whanaunga History, Ngati Paoa History, Ngati Haua History, Ngati Maru History, Ngati Raukawa History, Maori Thames Valley History, Thames Valley History, Tainui History, Dairy industry History, Maori land tenure;
Unpublished typescripts. [Introductory volume], Settlement in the Upper Thames Valley from 1880, The rise of the dairying industry, Settlement of the Upper Thames Valley before 1880, The purchase of Crown lands, Settlers and settlement, Christianity in the Thames Valley, War in the Waikato Bibliograhies, maps, genealogical tables. [12 volumes. Original]

KAAMIRA, HIMIONA MS., MS. LOCATION: C-31; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Nga Puhi History, Nga Puhi Genealogy, Waiata, Whare wananga. Records of a whare wananga held in 1910. Traditions, whakapapa, waiata. Inventory available. No photocopying allowed. [15 vols.. Photocopy] Language: Maori. Acquired from: AIM.

KEMP, JAMES, 1798 - 1872., (1832 - 1852)., "Journal." LOCATION: A-186; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Church Missionary Society, Nga Puhi missions. James Kemp, a smith by trade, was sent to the Bay of Islands in 1819 by the CMS. [1 vol. Photocopy of transcript] Acquired from: AIM.

MAIR, WILLIAM GILBERT, 1832 - 1912., (1871-1904)., "Papers." LOCATION: A-31 Microfilm 1531- 1534; SUBJECT HEADINGS: New Zealand Maori Land Court, Ngati Maniapoto History, Maori land tenure, Mair, William Gilbert, 1832-1912; Includes 13 volumes of land court evidence, letterbook, telegram book. For transcript of Rohe Potae case, see C-36. Inventory of minute books available. 3 feet. [Original Transcripts Microfilm]

MAORI FLAGS., LOCATION: Mss & A 89/17; Copies on sheet 85 by 136mm.

MAORI MANUSCRIPTS (1907, 1922)., Maori manuscripts. Letters. LOCATION: C-9 Microfilm 1527; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Maniapoto History, Ngati Raukawa History
ADDED ENTRIES: Eketone, Anaru, Eketone, Pepene, Mahuta, King Rata, Taingakawa, Tupu
[8 items, 1 reel . Original? Microfilm] Language: Maori.

NEHUA, W., "Diary of 1888-1889 Maori rugby tour." LOCATION: Microfilm 796.333N39., SUBJECT HEADINGS: Rugby football--New Zealand--History, Maori language--Texts, Maori (New Zealand people)--Biography [1 vol.. Microfilm] Language: Maori.

NEW ZEALAND MAORI COUNCIL., (197129)., "New Zealand Maori Council." LOCATION: A-100; SUBJECT HEADINGS: New Zealand. Race Relations Act, 1971, Race relations--New Zealand; ADDED ENTRIES: Auckland District Maori Council, Hohepa, Pat, Jones, Pei Te Hurinui, Joseph, R., Nga Tamatoa Council; Submissions on Race Relations Bill. Indexes available. [1 vol.. Photocopy]

NEW ZEALAND MAORI LAND COURT., "New Zealand Maori Land Court. Minute books." 1865-1975 [Microfilm] LOCATION: Microfilm; New Zealand Maori Land Court. Maori transcript of evidence on Taupo land.LOCATION: C-10 Anthropology; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Tuwharetoa History, Ngati Tuwharetoa Genealogy, Ngati Tuwharetoa land tenure, New Zealand Maori Land Court. Language: Maori.

NEW ZEALAND MAORI LAND COURT., "New Zealand Maori Land Court."., LOCATION: C-11 Microfilm 1527; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Maniapoto History, Ngati Maniapoto Genealogy, Ngati Maniapoto land tenure, New Zealand Maori Land Court, King Country (N.Z.)-- History, Te Oro Block, Pohuru Block; ADDED ENTRIES: Mair, William Gilbert, Nikorima, P.
Trancript in Maori off Otorohanga hearings on Pohuru. [Microfilm Photocopy] Language: Maori. Acquired from: Bruce Biggs? from J. Ormsby, Te Kuiti in 1964.

NEW ZEALAND MAORI LAND COURT, "New Zealand Maori Land Court. Maketu."., (1867-1878)., LOCATION: Microfilm 78-263; SUBJECT HEADINGS: New Zealand Maori Land Court, Te Arawa History, Maketu History, [Microfilm]

NGATA, SIR APIRANA TURUPA., "The genealogical method."., LOCATION: A-135
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Maori (New Zealand people)--Genealogy; [22pp.. Photocopy]

NGATA, SIR APIRANA TURUPA., (1944)., "Lectures, 1944." LOCATION: C-28 Microfilm 1527., SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Porou History, Ngati Porou Genealogy, Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti History, Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti Genealogy; [1 vol.. Photocopy Microfilm]

NGATA, SIR APIRANA TURUPA., "He panui ki te Tiamana Kaunihera Maori."., LOCATION: A-144; [2pp.. Photocopy] Language: Maori. Acquired from: ATL.

SUBJECT HEADINGS: Waikato History, Taranaki History, Maori Kings and rulers, Tawhiao., ADDED ENTRIES: Kakahi, Tohu, Manuhiri, Te Pou ki Hikurangi, Te Ua Haumene, Te Waharoa, Wiremu Tamihana, Te Wherowhero, Potatau, Te Whiti Orongomai., Speeches by Tawhiao. Transcript and translation by June Westwood.; [37p. Photocopy] Language: Maori . Restrictions on use: No photocopying transcript or translation. Acquired from: MP1990/2. From R. Mahuta, 1970.

ORAKEI MARAE., (1971 - 1976)., "Orakei Marae. Documents." LOCATION: A-240;
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Whatua History, Marae New Zealand, Orakei Marae
Maps, pamphlets from fund raising appeal. Newsletters, newspaper clippings.[Original]

ORAKEI MARAE SONGBOOK., "Orakei Marae Songbook."., LOCATION: C-3713; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Waiata, Ngati Whatua; [1 vol.. Original] Language: Maori.

PUCKEY, WILLIAM GILBERT., (1831 - 1861)., "Papers."., LOCATION: A-174;
SUBJECT HEADINGS: London Missionary Society, Te Rarawa missions, Te Aupouri missions, Ngati Kahu missions.; Journals and letters of the Rev. W.G. Puckey, missionary at Kaitaia, 1831-1861. [2 vols. Photocopy of transcript] Acquired from: AIM.

RUA TAPUNUI HEPETIPA., "Rua Tapunui Hepetipa." LOCATION: C-22; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Kenana, Rua, Tuhoe History, Karakia, Waiata.; Notes for sermons, hymns. [1 vol.. Original Photocopy] Language: Maori.

RUTHERFORD, JAMES (1839-)., "Rutherford, James. Papers." LOCATION: A-42.;
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Nga Puhi History, Nga Puhi Population.; Includes James Clendon on the Bay of Islands, John Hobbs, Gilbert Mair, Auckland to Rotorua trip in 1850, Henry Sewell journey.. No inventory. [Transcripts] Language: Maori. Acquired from: AP.

RUTHERFORD, JAMES., (1839 - 1865)., Rutherford, James. LOCATION: Vault 11.; Documents relating to the development of government in NZ 1839-1865. [3 volumes.]

SHEPHERD, ISAAC., (1862 - 1871)., "Shepherd, Isaac. Papers." LOCATION: A-47;
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Maniapoto History, Ngati Tuwharetoa History.;
ADDED ENTRIES: Fox, William, Halse, Henry, Hohepa, Tamamutu, Law, George, Maniapoto, Rewi, Shortland, Edward. Reports from Taranaki and Waikato, sermon notes. Includes rough drafts of reports on Maori movements between Taranaki and the Waikato, refutation of charges of absconding with fines money and sermon notes on the evils of alcohol. Shepherd served as clerk and native interpreter to the Civil Commissioner, Taupo, from 1862-1864. [33 items. Original] Language: Maori.

SINCLAIR, KEITH., (1858 - 1860)., "Papers relative to Waitara." LOCATION: A-305., SUBJECT HEADINGS: Te Atiawa History., ADDED ENTRIES: Maori land tenure, Maps, Waitara dispute., Includes maps of individual interests within the Pekapeka block. [1 folder. Original].

TAURIRO, RAKEI., (1859 - 1863) Maori poems. LOCATION: Anthropology., SUBJECT HEADINGS: Waiata, Chatham Islands.; Tauriro lived at the Chatham Islands and prepared the poems with a view to having them published. [Microfilm] Language: Maori.

TE HOKIOI O NUI TIRENI E RERE ATU RA., (1861-1863)., LOCATION: Microfilm 995.03 H72; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Maori Kings and rulers, Waikato History.; Kingitanga newspaper. Includes handwritten translations of original Maori texts and letters between chiefs of the various tribes. [Microfilm] Language: Maori English.

TE KOOTI ARIKIRANGI., (c.1880)., "Notebook." LOCATION: C-35; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Waiata, Ringatu Church, Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki., [Original Photocopy] Language: Maori.

TE PIHOIHOI MOKEMOKE I RUNGA I TE TUANUI., (1863)., LOCATION: Microfilm 995.03 H72; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Waikato History, Maori Kings and rulers.; Government newspaper produced in response to Te Hokioi. [Microfilm, 1 reel] Language: Maori.

TE RANGITUATAHI TE KANAWA MS., (1880? - 1930?)., LOCATION: C-15 Microfilm 1529, 1530; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Maniapoto History, Ngati Maniapoto Genealogy, Hetet family, Taituha family, New Zealand Maori Land Court, Kinohaku Block, King Country (N.Z.)--History; ADDED ENTRIES: Mair, William G., Ngata, Paratene; See inventory on page 462 of the AU MSS Inventory. [8 vols.. Photocopy Microfilm] Language: Maori.

UA RONGOPAI (1860)., "Gospel according to Te Ua Haumene." LOCATION: C-33;
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Taranaki History, Te Ua Haumene, Maori Religion -History; ADDED ENTRIES: Grey, George, Sir; With corrections to the Maori MS by Sir George Grey. [Photocopy] Language: Maori. Acquired from: From Grey collection.

URLICH, DOROTHY UNA., "The distribution and migrations of the North Island Maori population about 1800-1840."., LOCATION: Microfilm 1214; Thesis? Missing?.

WHATAHORO, H.T., (1870s)., "Genealogies." LOCATION: C-8 Microfilm 1524, 1525.; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Apa History, Nga Rauru History, Te Atihau-nui-a-Paparangi History, Ngati Kahungunu History, Takitimu (Canoe), Maori Cosmogony, Maori Genealogy, Mythology, Maori, Legends, Maori; ADDED ENTRIES: Mahupuku, Hikawera Wiremu, Pohuhu, Nepia, Te Matorohanga, Moihi, Te Rangihiwinui, Te Keepa, Te Hamatau, Rihari, Tunuiarangi, H.P., Raungaiti,; Inventory MP 1987/3 with volumes and in Mss reading room.; [8 vols. Original Photocopy Microfilm] Acquired from: Bruce Biggs.

WHATAHORO, H.T., (1882 - 1893) "Genealogies." LOCATION: Anthropology Dept.; [1 vol.. Microfilm] Language: Maori.

WHENUA MANIHERA MS., LOCATION: C-27 Microfilm 1527; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Kahungunu Genealogy, Mythology, Maori, Maori Religion, Ngati Kahungunu whakapapa book. As taught by Moihi Torohanga, Nepia Pohuhu, Paratene Te Okawhare, Mohi Te Whakarua, Rihari Tohu? and Apiata Te Aohara? with comments and interpolations by H.T.Whatahoro.[1 vol. 1 reel. Photocopy Microfilm] Language: Maori.

WHITE, JOHN., Ms. "Papers 75." LOCATION: Microfilm 1-6 Microfilm 78/247- 78/252
Ancient history of the Maori, Vols.8-13.; [Microfilm] Language: Maori. Acquired from: ATL.

WILLIAMS, HENRY., (1822 - 1864, 1850)., "Papers." LOCATION: A-68.; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Church Missionary Society, Nga Puhi History, Gisborne History, Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki History, Rongowhaka-ata History ADDED ENTRIES: Williams, Jane, Williams, Henry, Williams, William, Williams, Marianne.

WILLIAMS, HENRY, (1822 - 1864.)., "Letters and journals of Rev. Henry and Marianne Williams, Rev. William and Jane Williams.; [4 vols.. Transcripts]

WILSON, JOHN ALEXANDER, 1809 - 1887., (1833-1865)., "Letters." LOCATION: A-173.;
SUBJECT HEADINGS: Church Missionary Society, Whakatohea missions, Ngai Te Rangi missions, Ngati Maru missions.; Wilson was missionary at, Opotiki, Tauranga, Auckland and Puriri (Thames?). [1vol. Photocopy of transcript] Acquired from: AIM.

WINKS, ROBIN., (1930 - 1950)., "Papers on Ringatu Church." LOCATION: A-206.; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ringatu Church.; Includes "A Maori form of Christianity" by R. Winks. - 47l. and records of meetings. [10cm. Photocopy]

SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngai Tahu History, Mythology, Maori.; [2 letters and a copy of "Mythology of the Maoris". Microfilm] Acquired from: Hocken.

YOUNG MAORI CONFERENCE., (1939)., LOCATION: Microfilm 572.995Y68.; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Maori Youth, Maori politics and government.; [Microfilm]

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