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Tribes and Sub-tribes

Te Wai-o-Hua Tangata Whenua o Manukau

Te Wai-o-Hua, was the first tribe to live in the Auckland Isthmus (Taamaki) and around the Manukau Harbour. Sub-tribes who descended from this tribe settled around the shores of the Manukau Harbour (and Manukau City). These descendents are:

    • Wai-o-Hua Te Ahiwaru
    • Wai-o-Hua Te Akitai
    • Ngaati Te Ata
    • Ngaati Tamoho

Those who settled on the Eastern shores of Manukau City are:

  • Ngai Tai ki Umupuia
  • Ngai Tai ki Taamaki
  • Ngaati Tai
  • Ngaati Paoa
  • Ngati Whatua (originally from Kaipara)

Subtribes of the above tribe include:

Canoe Lists:

A comprehensive list of Moriori and Maori tribal canoe emigration from Hawa'iki may be found at GENEoNZ - NZ & Maori Genealogy.

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