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Area and Detailed Maps
ORAKEI MARAE, (1971-1976), Orakei Marae Documents

LOCATION: A-240; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Ngati Whatua History, Marae New Zealand, Orakei Marae.
Maps, pamphlets from fund raising appeal. Newsletters, newspaper clippings. [Original] University of Auckland Library New Zealand and Pacific Collection.

HARRIS, CECIL THOMAS., "The romance of the upper Thames valley including history and Maori legends." LOCATION: A-21; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Maori Kings and rulers, Waikato History, Ngati Tama Te Ra History, Ngati Whanaunga History, Ngati Paoa History, Ngati Haua History, Ngati Maru History, Ngati Raukawa History, Maori Thames Valley History, Thames Valley History, Tainui History, Dairy industry History, Maori land tenure;
Unpublished typescripts. [Introductory volume], Settlement in the Upper Thames Valley from 1880, The rise of the dairying industry, Settlement of the Upper Thames Valley before 1880, The purchase of Crown lands, Settlers and settlement, Christianity in the Thames Valley, War in the Waikato Bibliograhies, maps, genealogical tables. [12 volumes. Original] University of Auckland Library New Zealand and Pacific Collection.

BOSCAWEN, JOHN HUGH, 1851-1937 (1899) "Photographs of Auckland pa sites." LOCATION: A-204; SUBJECT: Ngati Whatua--History, Fortification, Prehistoric-- New Zealand, Maori (New Zealand people)--Warfare [103 prints, 103 colour transparencies. Prints] Acquired from: AIM. University of Auckland Library New Zealand and Pacific Collection.

FLETCHER, H.J. "Index." LOCATION: Microfilm 194, 195; SUBJECT HEADINGS: Names, Personal Maori Indexes, Names, Geographical-- Maori--Indexes, Covers personal and geographical names in the J.P.S., T.N.Z.I., White's Ancient history of the Maori and Tregear's book.. Bound photocopy version at Te Hukatai Library, University of Auckland. [Microfilm]

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