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Aotea Square

Auckland is located in the upper west side of the North Island in New Zealand. Auckland contains one third of the population of New Zealand and covers 60 kilometres.

The Auckland City Council, Manukau City Council, North Shore City Council, and the Waitakere City Council serve our one million inhabitants. Over and above the City Councils is the Auckland Regional Council. Here is a map of the regional council boundaries for the whole of New Zealand.

Auckland Harbour Bridge and Rangitoto Island

Auckland is built around an isthmus between two harbours. 98% of this city's residents live on the isthmus. We are surrounded by a series of volcanoes, and you are never very far from a beach. Over the years we have acquired the nickname 'The City of Sails' due to the large number of yachts that sail in the Hauraki Gulf and Waitemata Harbour.

Tiki or Hei Tiki

This city was first settled by a number of Maori tribes, the Te Wai O Hua and Ngati Whatua the largest among them. At the turn of the century there were many marae located in Auckland, these were unfortunately replaced, but the tribes have grown to become an inspirational part of this cities future.

Many of Auckland's central suburbs have their own unique character or feel. Our pacific island friends and people of different cultures live just next door, with each group giving Auckland a unique depth and breadth to its culture.

Our city's population is growing by 4,000 people per annum, with the influx in Asian and European immigrants growing by 15 percent in recent years.

A Virtual Tour of Auckland's Historic Sites
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Specialist Historic Groups

New Zealand Historic Places Trust - Pouhere Taonga
Head Office

P O Box 2629, Wellington
Phone: 04 472 4341
Fax: 04 499 0669

Northern Regional Office

P O Box 105291, Auckland
Phone: 09 307 8896
Fax: 09 303 4428

Historic Houses: (New Zealand Historic Places Trust)

The Trust has brochures on its properties that are open to the public. Most registered places are privately owned, and registration does not imply that they are available for viewing.

Archaeological sites may or may not also be on the register. They cover shipwrecks, and places associated with human activity before 1900.

The Register of Historic Places includes the location, age, reasons for registration, details of style and architect, archaeological site type, etc. Some have extensive research reports, others have detailed summaries. Copies of most information is available from the local council or the Auckland office, for a charge.

Alberton, Clendon House, Couldrey House, Ewelme Cottage, Howick Historical Village, Highwic, Pioneer Village.

The University of Auckland produces the New Zealand Journal of History on or about Australasia. If you would like more information please contact:

Business Manager
New Zealand Journal of History
Department of History
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019

The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History

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