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The New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society has staff lists and lists of accidents for the whole of New Zealand. See their site for more information.

Colonial Outcasts

A Search for the Remittance Men. By Nell Hartley. Published by Arrow Press Ltd 1993. Transcribed at Auckland New Zealand by Ted Wildy. September 10, 1993

Auckland Harbour Board

"The Ports of Auckland", a history by John BARR published Auckland New Zealand in 1926. Auckland Harbour Board, transcribed in Auckland New Zealand July 9, 1994 by Ted WILDY.

The Scows of Auckland

Indexed by Ted Ashby, 1988.

"Devonport Bicycle Licenses 1937-1948"

Volume 2 of the Devonport Borough Council's Bicycle Licensing book, by kind permission of Mr John de Joux Oswald J.P.

Transcribed by Ted WILDY and checked by Mrs Marianne PHILSON (née DUDER)

[ Bike list 1 ] [ Bike list 2 ]


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