Hawke's Bay Weekly Times

03 Feb 1868
Inward Shipping Port of Napier
Jan 29th - Lord Ashley from Wellington with Music-WILKINSON;Photographs-ABBOTT; Supplies.

Feb 1st - Cleopatra from Wairoa and Poverty Bay with grass seed, oats, apples-ROUTLEDGE, Kennedy and Son. Package-SCHON; Passengers-Mr and Mrs WOOD, Miss BAKER, Mrs SCHON and 2 children, Mr, Mrs and Miss POWDRELL, Mrs CHAPMAN, Mr and Mrs LAWRENCE, Rev W RONALDSON, Inspector SCULLY, Messrs COWPER, ABRAHAMS, WEBER, CLARK, GILLIGHAN, JOHNSTON.

Feb 1st - Wellington, from Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers, Messrs ADAMSON, COWN, LOVEROCK, 1 soldier, 18th Regt.

Jan 28th - Cleopatra for Wairoa and Poverty Bay with 150 packages general merchandise. Passengers-Mr and Mrs HARRIS AND 2 CHILDREN, MrAND Mrs LAWRENCE,Mr and Mrs FERGUSON,Miss McNALTY, Miss GILLIGHAN, Messrs WOOD, DOUGLASS, ABRAHAMS, PEAEN, Inspector SCULLY, AND 3 NATIVES.

Jan 29th - Lord Ashley for Tauranga and Auckland with original cargo from the South.

Heavy Storm in the Bay
Total wreck of the ship ECHUNGA. All saved.

Attempted Suicide
The Wellington Independent, Jan 28, says:- On Friday last, Mr RICHARDSON, landlord of the Waaigawa Ferry House, attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

Suicide of Charlotte DAWSON - also known as Nancy DAWSON, who was some time ago a resident in Hawke's Bay. From the Westport Times, [Full account in paper]

10 Feb 1868
Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier
4th - Saucy Lass McKENZIE, from Auckland via Mercury Bay.

7th - Muriwai, W HARRIS, from Poverty Bay. Passengers-Capt GB E READ, Mr CAMPBELL and Mr POINTER.

6th - Ahuriri, FLOWERDAY, from Wellington with a box for BREWER; box- Engravings-ROCK; ale-WEBB; case-TRESTRAIL; 1 do-REARDON; wire-O'MALLEY; Passengers-Mrs THOMAS and 2 children, Messrs LEWIS, BRETT, AXUP, CHAPPELL, Lieut JACKSON, and 24 natives.

7th - Annie, HAMILTON, from Mohaka with wool.

Storm Bird - Northern Ports via Wairoa Passengers(Saloon) Mr Allan McLEAN, Mr J N WILSON, 2 in the steerage.

3rd - Dolphin, cutter, SCHON, for Auckland with 200 Bushells wheat.

6th - Saucy Lass, for Auckland viz the East Coast in ballast.

6th - Cleopatra, for Poverty Bay and Wairoa with sheep-DODD; 1 parcel-BOYLAN; Passengers-Captain GIBSON, Mr JOHNSTONE

Wellington - Northern Ports viz Wairoa and Poverty Bay. Passengers Messrs J M and John STUART, LOW, MEYERS, KNIGHT, O'DONNELL, O'NEILL, COOKE, MACPHERSON, Rev W RONALDSON, Master WILLIAMS, Mrs VAUTIER and 2 children, Mrs ROLLINS and Mrs COULTER.

Schedule of Unagricultural Land to go on Auction
Crown Lands Office at Napier on Thursday 12th March 1868 at noon.
- Kaapuwhara Block
Application 1792, Lot 139, 300 Acres
Application 1797, Lot 1140, 80 acres
Application 1797, Lot 1141, 170 acres
Application 1806, Lot 1142, 100 acres
Application 1808, Lot 1143, 264 acres
J C Lambton CARTER, Commissioner of Crown Lands.

17 Feb 1868
Committed for Trial
The man named James DOUGLASS, charged with the wilful murder of Hugh CARMICHAEL, at German Valley, Waimea, on the 1st December 1867, has been committed for trial at the next criminal sittings of the Supreme Court. DOUGLASS has confessed to having committed the dreadful deed.

Arrangements are being made to erect an English church in the above township.

Fiji Islands
The Melbourne Argus advocates Australia taking possession of the Fiji Islands.

The Late murderous assault at Parnell
On the case of Joseph CAMPBELL, charged with assaulting his wife with intent to kill and murder her, being called on, there was no appearance of the accused, and Mr NAUGHTON said he had to make a rather peculiar application in this case- for a remand without the appearance of the prisoner; but he (Naughton) had received a Medical Certificate that prisoner was unable to attend; in consequence of illness, and was in the Gaol Hospital, and doing well. He would ask the Bench for a remand for a week. This was granted accordingly. - Evening News 11th February.

Letter on Page three from G.GRAY to H B Inhabitants.

Shipping arrivals Port of Napier
11th - Cleopatra from Poverty Bay and Wairoa with grass seed-HARRIS; seed and fruit -BLAIR; furniture-STOPFORD; ammunition and tents-WITHERS; Passengers-Miss DAVIS,, Miss GILLIGHAN, Mrs CARLYON and child, Mrs FINLAYSON, Messrs HARRIS, BLAIR, O'DEA, and 3 natives.

12th - Lord Ashley, from Auckland with cargo and supplies. Plus candles-TYLER; Passengers-Madame and Misses (2) CARRANDINI, Mr Walter SHERWIN, Mr BRETT.

13th - Sturt, Colonial Government gunboat, FAIRCHILD, from Wellington.

14th - Ahuriri from Tauranga and Auckland. With 1 horse for HOLMES; drapery-SIMS, drapery-KNOWLES; 1 parcel-ELLISON;. Passengers-Mrs JONES and three children, Mr and Mrs FRIBERG and child, Messrs HUNTER, HARRIS, BATHGATE, LODDER, WALTERS, NELSON.

10th - Storm Bird, DOILE for Wellington with grass seed.

10th - Grayling, OWEN, for Wairoa, with flour, timber, &c.,-J STUART, agent.

11th - Star of the South W BENDALL for Auckland, with 1040 sheep, cheese, wool; and 1 4 wheeled trap for WATT Brothers. Passengers Messrs JEFFCOAT, READ, SIGLEY, and three others.

12th - Meteor, G LOVEROCK, for Lyttleton viz Waimarama. Passengers three-unnamed

13th - Lord Ashley for Wellington and Southern Ports with wool and sheepskins. Passengers-Messrs DUNCAN, HENRY(native chief), O'DEE, 11 of the crew of the Echunga, and 3 natives.

13th - Cleopatra for Poverty Bay and Wairoa with sheep-DODD, and misc cargo. Passengers Messrs DODD, POYNTER and JOHNSON.

13th - Sturt, for the East Coast.

13th - Nautilus - cutter, LOVEROCK, for Waiapu and Auckland, with miscellaneous cargo. Passengers-6,

14th - Ahuriri for Wellington and Southern Ports with wool and grass seed.

24 Feb 1868
Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier
15th - Hero from Wairoa and Mohaka with maize-RICHARDSON; Luggage-CORBEN;

20th - Cleopatra from Poverty Bay and Wairoa with potatoes-PALMER; apples-PRENTICE; apples-KARAITIANA; grass seed-FINLAYSON; Passengers-Miss McCARTHY, Mr COOK, Mr TYNE, Mr HAMMOND, Mr FINLAYSON, Mr LOCKWOOD, Mr and Mrs DEIGHTON, Mr PRIEST, Mr PRIEST, Mr PRENTICE, TOHA.

20th - Ahuriri, FLOWERDAY, from Wellington. With cargo and supplies. Passengers- Miss PARKER, Master MANEY, Mr and Mrs Cartwright BROWN, Mr and Mrs GILLESPIE, Rev David AND Mrs BRUCE, Master BRUCE, Messrs CRESSWELL, BODDINGTON, COLLINS, FRANKLIN.

21st - Star of the south from Auckland with merchandise for Miss BATHAM, Miss OGILVIE, GOWING, BOYLAN, HOLT. Passengers- Messrs MANNING, J MOSES, W MONAGHAN, and ELLIOTT.

Sturt - Passengers. Hon Col HAULTRAIN, Captain HUTTON and Mr TRAIL.

20th - Ahuriri for Auckland with original cargo from Southern Ports.

21st - Cleopatra for Wairoa. Passengers- Messrs FINLAYSON, PREECE, PRENTICE, FLETCHER.

22nd - Star of the South for Tologa Bay. With Eleven unnamed passengers.

Sturt - Northern Ports Viz Poverty Bay. Passengers- Hon Col HAULTRAIN, His Honor Donald McLEAN, Esq., Captain HUTTON and 3 natives.

The Taradale Tragedy
The Nelson papers report at length the inquiry before the Coroner relative to the murder of German CHARLIE and suicide of the murderer, Ivanhoe Stanley AUGARDE. A brief report as telegraphed by the Wellington Independent. German Charlie had been entrusted by AUGARDE to convey a letter to a Miss GEE, a young lady to whom the latter had been paying his addresses; that he had opened it and showed it all round the neighbourhood, in order, as he said, to "spite Ivy." The young man resented this, and a fight ensued with the German, the former, it appears came off second best.
AUGARDE subsequently obtained a rifle and shot him dead. He then subsequently blew his own brains out. Facts,-"murder" in the one case, and "felo'-de-se" in the other.

Murder at German Gully, Hokitika
A man named James DOUGLAS, committed for trial by the Hokitika magistrates, on charge of murdering Hugh CAMPBELL, 6 December last.
Body was found by Charles DAY, secreted in a water-hole on the 17th December.
On the 22nd he confessed to the murder to a fellow-prisoner named Thomas WILLIANS. Conversation heard by Constable HICKSON.

Death by drowning
The Wairarapa Mercury says:- A man by the name of James or Joh KENNEDY met his death by drowning in the Tinui River near Castle Point a short time ago. It appears that the unfortunate man had been sly grogging at Wakataki, and shortly afterwards when returning to work, suffered from a attack of delirium tremens. Owing to their being no Magistrate the remains were consigned to the ground without an inquest. We may mention that particulars of the death inquired into by Mr MAUNSELL, and no suspicion of foul play is entertained. We hope that government will see the necessity of appointing a Coroner there as soon as possible, as this is not the first time that a body or victims of accident have been buried without an inquest. There has been one in that place since Dr SMITH left.

Death of Mr William GARNER of Wanganui
Mr William GARNER, son of Mr John GARNR, of Wanganui has met his death under painful circumstances. There was no doubt on the minds of his friends that he was suffering from aberration of intellect. On Friday he accompanied his brother-in-law Mr J PEAKE to Kai Iwi, where he remained until Saturday night, and after he retired, got up dressed, and disappeared. His lifeless body was found about 180 yards from Mr PEAK's house. He had committed self-destruction by cutting his throat whilst labouring under a fit of temporary insanity.

Transcribed June 2003 by Elaine Mattsen