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Previous Meetings and Events - 2017

Please note: For a more detailed speaker review, refer to the Branch 'News & Views' published in the subsequent month.

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9 February 2017


[1] 'Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)'

[2] 'Tracing Living Relatives' - Jan Bonnett

Jan is a Kapiti-based Genealogist who has worked for the Public Trust, finding relatives of people who die without leaving a will.  Jan provided many anecdotes of her research efforts tracing relatives and offered tips on how to find folk.

16 February 2017


"Bellevue Gardens from its inception in the 1840's to its demise in the 1920's" - Clark Stiles, Hutt City Libraries

Clark provided an insight into a little known piece of history about some beautiful Lower Hutt gardens that had visitors coming from Wellington to view.

9 March 2017


'Papers Past' - Emerson Vandy, National Library

A very useful presentation from Emerson, with lots of tips on accessing Papers Past resources.

16 March 2017


'NZSG Website YouTube presentations - what is available?'

13 April 2017


'Upper Hutt Street names and their Origins' - Lynly Yates

Check Lynly's website for a wonderful array of information about the street names and Upper Hutt suburbs.

20 April 2017


'An Unexpected Journey' - Julia Stuart

Julia spoke about writing her book 'Half a World Away' Eastbourne in Wartime 1899 - 1928 and what she found.

This is a story of three decades, two wars and one community, whose families were separated by military conflict during the early twentieth century.

29 April 2017

10:00am to 2:00pm

'Family History Research - Open Day'

A Research Day was held at the Petone Library and Community Meeting Room.

Help Desks were available for New Zealand, Australian, English, Scottish, Irish, and USA Family History, and Military Research.

Sadly, a poor turnout of potential clients.

11 May 2017



[1] Annual General Meeting
[2] After the AGM, Sandra Greig gave a talk about her book Melling aka Stillingfleet.

Reports from our 2017 AGM meeting are available on the Annual General Meeting - reports webpage.

18 May 2017


'Ancestry' - Tricia Meehan, Petone Library

8 June 2017


'Bellevue Gardens' - Clark Stiles, Hutt City Libraries

Clark told us about Bellevue Gardens, Lower Hutt from their inception in the 1840's to their demise in the 1920's. (This was a repeat of Clark's talk on 16 Feb.)

Showed up the origin of some of the Lower Hutt streets, too.

15 June 2017


'Care of headstones' - Ganesh Cherian, Glover Memorials

Really interesting talk that stimulated lots of questions.

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