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Timaru Herald  Monday 11 February 1889
Michael John Rooney was charged with breaking into the house of Patrick Hoare, at Kerrytown, on Friday. Sergt-Major Mason arrested the prisoner Friday night. Richard Hoare, farmer, Kerrytown, witness. Patrick Hoare, an old man, father of last witness, stated that he and his wife live about half a mile from any one else. Yesterday they came to Timaru, locking up the place and putting the key where they thought no one would find it. Missing was a hammer, matches, some food and some apples.

Timaru Herald 14 Thursday February 1889
Prisoner, M.J. Rooney, had on the 9th instant been charged with breaking into R. Hoare's house at Kerrytown but it was only fair to now state that Rooney had nothing at all to do with this. The police had now traced this offence to three boys. Rooney was a vagrant but by his hands it could easily be seen that he had done hard work. He had been shearing at Glenmark, and doing other work. R. Chute and Pat Sullivan had known accused to do work in the district.

Tuesday 19 February 1889
In bankruptcy - Jarret Fitzsimmons, blacksmith, of Timaru.

Timaru Herald Tuesday 12 February 1889 pg4
The Charge of The Light Brigade version by the leader of the right squadron of the 11th Hussars.

Friday 15 March 1889
A meeting of the Fairlie Creek school Committee was held on March 9th. present Messrs James Milne (chairman), Willison, Allan, Morris, Manaton, and Binney. The attendence for the last four weeks to have been boys 35.4 and girls 26.1, total 61.5, and the highest attendence on any day was 40 boys and 30 girls, total 70.

Tuesday 19 March 1889
In bankruptcy - Robert Webster, grocer, Timaru.

Monday 25 March 1889
Bankruptcy Notice - John Russell, draper.

Tuesday March 1889
Magisterial - Temuka, before C.A. Wray, Esq., R.M.
Fish Poaching
Hubert Welsh and William Hopkins were charged that on the 26th January last they did unlawfully catch and kill three trout with spears in the Opihi river, un the County of Geraldine. Mr Aspinall appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Geraldine County Acclimatisation Society, and Mr Hay appeared for the defence. James A. Auld, schoolmaster, Fairlie Creek: Met that evening with Hopkins to spear eels. There were six of us. Welsh and Hopkins had spears. We fished by torch light and caught eels and three trout. The fish were taken to Welsh's blacksmith shop. There were other parties out for the evening.  George McCracken gave evidence he went fishing with the party. They started to fish about a mile below the township and fished up stream. It was below the bridge. Fagan carried a lighted torch. The fish were caught in the Opihi. The Irishman creek comes in about half a mile above the township. R.S. English, engine cleaner, Fairlie Creek, saw a light in the river. Saw the fish afterwards at Welsh's and Parker's. Herbert Maitland, put a plan of the boundary of the County of Geraldine at Fairlie Creek. William Hilliar, ranger, at Fairlie Creek. Fined 20s each and costs £7 0s 7d.

Saturday 30 March 1889
The friends of Mr D. McGuinness, late of the Club Hotel, will be pleased to learn that he has made up his mind to remain in Timaru and give the whole of his attention to the Railway Refreshment Rooms.

At the Timaru Main School yesterday afternoon, Miss Hooper, who severs her connection with the school on account of her approaching marriage, was presented by her pupils and fellow teachers with a handsome preserve stand. Mr Wake, the second master, replied on behalf of Miss Hooper.

Tuesday April 2nd 1889
The following team has been picked from the Geraldine Rifles to fire in the return match against the C Battery at Timaru on Thursday:-
Lieutenant Ward
Lieutenant McKenzie
Colour-Sergeant Stonehouse
Sergeant Brown
Corporal McKenzie
Private Irvine
Private South
Private C.J. Fleming.

Timaru Herald Wednesday 3rd April 1889
The following team have been picked to fire in the match Timaru Rifles v's Geraldine Rifles tomorrow:-
Lieutenants Jowsey and Wardrop
Sergeants Beckingham and Thomson.
Corporals Ellis and Holdgate
Privates Pearson, Joseph Ellis, J.H. Ellis and Humphrey. Emergency - Private Morgan.

1st Monday April 1889
D. Brodley, Fairlie Creek, poundkeeper.

The following is a list of the letters received from beyond the colony, from January 9th, and unclaimed at Timaru on 31st March
E.A. Ashcroft
Mrs H. Davis
George Gillow
A. Hamilton
Miss A. Hoskin
P.J. Mannington
Mr Norman
Mrs W. Newell
Thomas Smith
Miss Leah Smith

Thursday 4 April 1889
Mr James Mair, who leaves to-day for a trip to the Old Country, was entertained and bidden God speed at the Queen's hotel on Tuesday evening by the members of the Floral Society, with Mr Mair has been connected for many years, as an officer and regular exhibitor at their annual shows.

Saturday 13 April 1889
Magisterial - Timaru
Apple Stealing. Three boys named Francis, Henry and Alexander Burns, representatives of two families in Sandietown in no way related except in mischief mixing, were charged with stealing 2s worth of apples from the garden of M.G. O'Reilly. A boy named Sutton gave evidence. Alexander had been the worst of the trio, would receive six strokes of a birch rod, from a police constable. His Worship cautioned Mrs Burns to see that her boys did not appear in court again, and also to see that they attended school regularly.

Unregistered dogs. G.C. Miles and W. Whitcombe were fined 10s each and costs.

False Pretences. Eugene McLean alias Fred. Malcolm alias Hugh McLean was charged with obtaining board and lodging by false representations from Digby Andrews at Timaru. Sergeant Major Mason. Constable Fitzgerald. Mr Joseph Jones, stationmaster at Timaru. Mr Stephenson, locomotive foreman. Thomas O'Driscoll.

Monday 15 April 1889
Mr E.A. Shrimpton, who has been head messenger in the Telegraph Office for three years, and about five years in the messenger service altogether, has been promoted to be an operator, and takes his place at the instrument desk to-day. Business will miss his cheerful face, but will congratulate him on his promotion. He takes the place of Mr Hunt, transferred to Invercargill.

Mr G.M. Ross, who has been manager of the Bank of New Zealand at Waimate, for the last two years, has received notice to hold himself in readiness to be transferred to Port Chalmers at an early date. Mr Moore of Christchurch will succeed Mr Ross.

Frank Drayton, Waimate, fined 20s for disturbing a meeting of the Salvation Army.

Monday 16 April 1889
Samuel Allingham was brought up on remand before Messrs John Manchester and J. Hassell, J.P.s., charged with stealing a purse containing 19s 4d, the property of John Hiorns, junior, of Pinewood Farm, on the 5th instant. The prisoner is about 15 years of age, and was licensed out of the Burnham School to Mr A. Potter, at whose farm the offense was committed.

On Saturday last Mr F.M. Rickman sold the privileges in connection with the Waimate races which take place on the 18th inst.
Publican's booth, Mr Kett, £5 10s
Confectioner's booth - R. Lane 10s.
Gates, J. Jukstor £10

Resident Magistrates Court, Temuka before C.A. Wray, Esq., R.M.
Barnard Toner - fined 10s each for three unregistered dogs.
J. McLuarky for having one dog fined 10s
D. Angland for one dog 10s
W. Budd for two dogs 10s each

Wednesday 16 April 1889
J. Hall, carting contractor, Fairlie Creek, that in March 1888 he tendered for laying out 16 miles of rabbit fencing material between Pukaki Lake and the Jollie River. Withdraw tender. E.C. Kingswell, caretaker of the fence. George Brown in employment of P. Docherty, another tenderer.

Wednesday 24 April 1889
Annual Elections of School Committees.
Mr Jacob Hill, retiring chairman. Candidates: J. Harrop, J. Hill, E. Jones, James Burford, J. McIlroy, J. Grandi, J. Bruce and E. Cotter. Mr A. Mills late visitor of Side School.

Thursday 2 May 1889
A meeting of the Waimate Library Committee was held Tuesday evening. There were present
Mr F. Slee (chairman), A. Watt, J. Cameron, Mitchell, Jones, Sinclair.

D. McGuinness has sold his interest in the club Hotel but still carries on business of the Railway Refreshment Rooms.

Timaru Herald Saturday 4 May 1889 pg 2
In Bankruptcy - Re Alexander Maxwell, saddler.

Wednesday 8 May 1889
In Bankruptcy - Re John McRobbie; solicitor

Friday 10 May 1889
In Bankruptcy - Re William Healey, painter

Monday 13 May 1889 pg4
St Mary's Sunday School, Geraldine
On Saturday last, the annual distribution of prizes. Mr Rev. J. Preston, incumbent of the parish, assisted by Miss Preston, handed to each youthful recipient the awards of their diligence and attendance at the school.
First class: boys (teacher, Mrs Preston)
H. Howard, R. Stonehouse, C. Burridge, S. Pizzie
Second class; boys (teacher, Mr Hardy)
C. Moore, W. Berry, T. Grindall, W. Morrison, W. White, E. Hepworth, B. White, G. Bloomfield,
Third class: boys (teacher, Mr T. Sherratt)
F. Shiers, J. Dean, E. Major, F. Dean, A. Waters,
Fourth class: boys (teacher, Mr J. W. Pye)
H. Berry, F. Howard, James Joe, S. Shiers, H. Waters, D. Joe, A. Rennie, W. Fenn, W. Waller, F. Richards, A. Tozer
Fifth class: boys (teacher, Miss E. Preston)
A. Berry, G. Stonehouse, T. Bowkett, J. Rennie, E. White, A. White, T. Twigg, J. Joe

First class: Girls (teacher, Mrs Postlethwaite)
K. Shiers, M. Stonehouse, E. Shiers, E. Pizzie, M. McKay, J. Rennie, A. McKay, A. Jones, J. Johnson, J. Morrison
Second class: Girls (teacher, Miss Fish)
A. Bowkett, Maggie Morrison, E. Burridge, P. Coltman, G. Johnson, J. Morrison
Third class: Girls (teacher, Miss Preston)
R. Banghen, L. Burridge, E. Moore, A. Moore, A. Coltman, A. Major, M. Dean, L. White
Fourth class: Girls (teacher, Mrs Burridge)
L. Howard, E. Coltman, A. Hoskins, A. Major, A. Ramble, Allie Hoskins, K. Ramble, S. Quinn
Fifth class: Girls (teacher, Miss R. Preston)
E. Dean, M. Morrison, M. Burridge, S. Fenn, B. Broughton

Tuesday May 14 1889
Fairlie Creek School 76 on roll.

Tuesday May 14 1889
Murdoch McRae, Claremont, was fined 20s and costs for having two unregistered dogs.
T. Smith, Claremont, was fined 10s and costs for having one unregistered dog.
Mr Adams and Miles were charged with dynamiting fish in the harbour. Messrs P. White, A. Scott, Bond and Dunn were charged similarly.

Monday June 1889
The following is a list of unclaimed letters at the post-office, Timaru, during the month of March, 1889, and unclaimed on 31st May 1889.
W. Aldridge
W. Duntson
Istfan Feyard
W. Haughton
A. Hullen
John Mann
T. Miles
Mrs O. Williams

Monday June 5 1889
Supreme Court, Timaru Saturday June 31st
Before His Honor Judge Denniston and a special jury, consisting of Messrs E.G. Strericker (foreman), E. Clissold, C.R. Shaw, R. Foster, S. Clissold, W.A. Rose, M. White, C.G. Vogeler, James Campbell, W. Ferrier and W.J. Huggins.
W.J. Silock v. Geraldine County Council, claim £754 12s 5d, balance due to plaintiff as contractor for the construction of the contracts Nos. 2 and 3 of the Orari-Rangitata water races. Mr Joynt, with Mr Hay for plaintiff; Mr George Harper, with him Mr White, for defendants.
Alfred Forks, of Forks and Son, engineers, Ashburton, he was engaged by the plaintiff, to measure the work in the races. Assisted by his father - engineer to the Ashburton Borough Council and two neighbouring boards.
Joseph Harris, labourer: was plaintiff's foreman on contract No. 2.
Mr Radford
James Quigley, contractor, Ashburton, had constructed over 300 miles of races such as these in Ashburton and Selwyn.
W. Shiers, overseer to the Geraldine Road Board for 11½ years
Charles Edwin Fooks, a civil engineer of 30 years experience.
Messrs Meason and Marchant
Mr Legerwood, labourer, South Rangitata was on the job
J. Capstick, labourer, employed on No. 3 contract.
William Chute, a carpenter, who was employed on contract.

Wednesday June 5 1889
The annual meeting of the Waimate Borough Licensing Committee was held at the courthouse yesterday. There were present Messrs F. Slee (chairman), W.H. Beckett, and C.J. Clarke. Applications for the renewal of publicans' licenses were granted as follows:
J. Dooley, Waimate Hotel
M. Sherwin, Empire Hotel
H. Middleton, Royal Hotel
A new license was granted to Mrs Catherine Kett for the Criterion Hotel. In each case an extension of time for keeping the licensed house open to 11 p.m. was granted and leave to extinguish the outside lamp at 11 p.m. Mr S.T. Kerr's application for a wholesale license for his store, at the corner of High street and Shearman street, was granted.

The monthly meeting of the Adair School Committee was held in the schoolroom. Present - Messrs M. McSweeney (chairman), W. O'Brien, T.J. Brosnan, W. Williams, H. Dew, G. Casey. Miss Jeffcoate the teacher described as being painstaking and energetic in discharging her duties.

6 June 1889, Page 2
A clever device in house shifting was to be seen in use on Tuesday, when a good sized two roomed cottage was being moved from Beach Road to Maori Hill. Strong beams were placed under the house lengthwise, and a single axle placed under these, near the middle. A third beam projected from one end like a pole, and the end of this slung by a chain under the axle of a dray, converted the dray into the fore carriage of a queer four-wheeler "We could take it to Temuka this way," said the person in charge, and it seemed as if they could. Four horses walked away with it easily.

Friday 7 June 1889
The annual meeting of the Geraldine Licensing Committee was held in the courthouse, in Geraldine. there being present Messrs White (chairman), M. Connolly, W.S. Maslin and G.H. Patrick. Mr Connolly appointed a member of the committee in the place of Mr A. Sherrat resigned. Constable Willoughby report. He visited the hotels regularly on Sundays and gave the names of several persons found therein. The Crown Hotel had no accommodation for married people or commercial travellers. Mr Markham, lessee.
Mr R. Taylor was granted a renewal of his license for the Geraldine Hotel.
Mr F. Wilson-Smith applied for transfer of Bush Hotel from Mr Spillane to Mr T. McAuliffe.

Friday 7 June 1889
The annual meeting of the Raukapuka Licensing Committee was held in the courthouse, in Geraldine. Present - Messrs J.M. Barker (chairman), W.E. Barker, A. Macdonald and Major Moore. The Hilton Hotel, Mrs Tindall, needed a painting on the outside.
The applications for renewals of the licenses of the Star of the South Hotel and Rangitata Bridge Hotel were granted.

Friday 7 June 1889
The monthly meeting of the Mackenzie County Council was held at Burke's Pass on Monday 3 June. Members present - Messrs John McGregor (chairman), A. Cowan, W. Sanders, F.R. Gillingham and J.I. Milne. C.W. Fisher and Co. had take over the business of E. and J. Ford, drain pipe manufactors. Mr R.L. Banks appointed returning officer and treasurer for the county and also clerk to the Mackenzie Licensing Committee. Fairlie Creek water supply proposed by Mr Gillingham. Mr Banks reports that the means of conveying water in Silverstream Creek to Fairlie Creek, to take levels and approx. cost of a race to Egan's corner, a point a quarter miles N.W. of Fairlie Creek and at least 20 feet higher than the level of the township. Fairlie Creek library building.

Friday 7 June 1889
The monthly meeting of the Board of Education was held yesterday. Members present - Mr W.S. Goldsmith (chairman), Revs. G. Barclay and T. Jasper Smyth, Messrs J. Jackson, J. Talbot, R.H. Pearpoint, W.B. Howell, R.A. Barker.
Mr Valentine of Pareora resigned. Mr Marshall recommended for the post. Other recommendations had been made by the Sutherland committee Mr H.A. Stewart, Milford; Mr J. Campbell; Orari South, Miss Ida Gardner, as assistant mistress; Timaru, Miss L. Hassell as pupil teacher.
Cave schoolroom needs enlarging.

Saturday June 8 1889
Friday 7 June 1889
The annual meeting of the Hakateramea Licensing Committee was held in the courthouse, in Waimate. Present - Mr Hayes (chairman). Messrs Oliver and Stewart. Mr Douglas was unable to be at the meeting.
The applications for renewals of the licenses were received:
Publican J. Henderson, Glencoe Hotel.
J. Molloy Terminus Hotel, Hakateramea
Accommodation license - D. Macpherson, Waihao Forks Hotel and a new accommodation house license by James Falconer, Redcliff, (junr.)  The applications were all granted.

Saturday 8 June 1889 pg 3
An Old Timaruvian
A story concerning "boots" belonging to the establishment. Parsons, former landlord of the Timaru Club Hotel. De Boots was a nobleman in disguise and not with standing the blackening character of his occupation, was the essence of civility and cleanliness. After his "Day and Martin duties" were over, he was in the habit of shinning in broadcloth and belltopper, parading the hotel in all the glory of a "biled shirt." and gold studs. On day a cab drove up to the hotel, De Boots, with his usual politeness opened the door. A gentleman alighted, and glancing at De Boots, said, "The landlord, I presume." "No, sir; I am the boots," replied the shiner of shoes. And the gentleman exclaimed "Great Scott! what is the proprietor like?" Another gentleman mistook Parsons for the boots, yet another thinking he was the waiter, gave him sixpence and Parsons said "Thank you, sir." Mr Parsons is now the Mayor of Wanganui city, and a right good Mayor too.

Monday 10 June 1889
Magisterial Court before Mr C.A. Wray, Esq, R.M.
James Auld, aged 10 and William Auld, aged 11, of Sandie Town, both of whom had been before the court previously for some mischievousness, were charged with breaking into the house of Thomas Clark, blacksmith, Latter Street and stealing 15s in silver money, a gold ring, gold pin, gold mounted greenstone pendant, a pipe and pocket knife, the property being of the valve of about £3 16 s. The father desired that they be dealt with summarily. The boys' mother was dead. A daughter of thirteen kept house.... Richard Hughes, a lad of 15 or thereabouts, state the elder accused showed him the stolen articles near Shappere's and told him he had picked them up near the Ship. Witness exchanged a shangai for the pipe. M. Salek pawnbroker, stated eldest boy offered him the gold pin. Took the pin from the boy, and told him to send his mother for it. He gave the pin to Detective Neil. His Worship decided to give the younger boy a chance and discharged him, and ordered the elder to be sent to Burnham until he was 16, the father to pay 7s and 6d a week for his maintenance.

Timaru Herald Monday June 10 1889
The annual meeting of the Levels Licensing Committee was held. Present - Messrs E.G, Kerr (chairman), I.L. Morris, C.N. Orbell, A. Mee and R. Kerslake. The applications for renewals of the licenses were received: Publican W.H. Dale, Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke; H. Gardner, Sportsman's Arms, Saltwater Creek; T. Geaney, Railway Hotel and J. Murphy, Point Hotel, Pleasant Point; M. Scannell, Arowhenua Hotel; and F.F. Finch (accommodation license, fee £5) Cave Arms, Cave. The applications were all granted. All licenses for 10 p.m., outer lights to be kept alight till the hour of closing.  Mr Dale was given permission to go to England provided Mrs Dale left in charge. He will not be absent more than six months.

Wednesday June 12 1889
Mr William Reid, at one time a solicitor in practice here, who was taken some days ago from the Old Men's Home to the Hospital for Medical treatment, got at large on Monday night. Sergeant Major Mason sent his offices to search for him. Mr Reid was found by Sergeant Major Mason himself, wandering about on the West Town Belt. Fortunately the weather was mild Monday night He must have wandered "over 25 miles."

Wednesday June 12 1889
Peter Birrell, late clerk to the Deputy Assignee (Mr W.C. Beswick) at Timaru, and who has been wanted by the police for the last five weeks on several charges of alleged forgery, was found in hiding at a farmhouse, occupied by a bachelor, near the township of Winchester. Sergeant Livingstone preceded by the first train to Temuka and hired a trap from Mr Storey of that town and proceeded to Winchester to arrest Birrell. prisoner. Brought before C.A. Wray, Esq. Information laid by the Audit Inspector Mr Augustus Webber ?Rames. Mr J.W. White appeared for the Crown. Mr Perry for the defence. Bail had not been forthcoming.

Thursday June 13 1889
About half-past six last evening the rarely heard notes of the fire-bell set all the townspeople wondering "where 's the fire?" The fire brigade turned out promptly, and not having far to go with their apparatus, the fire was kept within moderate limits. The scene was a small shed at the rear of Mr Beckingham's workshop. The shed was divided into two, one half being used as a store by Mr Beckingham (storing two cases of Vienna chairs (six dozen each), the other as a stable for three horses, by Messrs Morgan and Scarf, butchers. Mr Scarf left the stable at five minutes past six, when there was no sign of fire; twenty minutes later a neighbour observed that the place was on fire. One horse got out all right.

Friday June 14 1889
The North Mole Quarry
One of the liveliest industries in the neighborhood of Timaru at the present moment is that whose premises extend from a point some two and twenty chains out to sea, and over a tramway about two miles long, to a rubble quarry in Wai-iti Creek. Messrs Palliser and Jones contract for the construction of the north mole of the harbour. They employ about 40 men and of these 30 or so are engaged in the quarry in getting out and loading up stone for the locomotive to bring down the tramway, half a dozen loads of eight five-ton tucks per day. Two steam cranes are constantly puffing and whirring, winding up, swinging round and lowering stones on to trucks; ...

Tuesday June 18 1889
The first weekly session of the Juvenile Temple, I.O.G.T., was opened by Bro. A. Mills, D.D., and Sister Gunnell, Superintendent, on Friday evening last, The following officers were elected: - C.T.., Bro. A. Hedges; P.C.T., Bro. Flanigin; S., Bro. F. Malcolmson; M. Bro. W. Holmes; D.M., Sister Brown; I.G. Bro. R. Brown; R.H.S.., Bro. Marshall; L.H.S., Sister Kelly.

Tuesday June 18 1889
Magisterial, Timaru before C.A. Wrey, Esq.
Walter Hart denied a charge of unlawfully having in his procession an unregistered dog, as the dog was under six months old. Case dismissed.
Fish Hawking. William Wells was charge with obstructing the foothpath by having a wheelbarrow thereon, between King's and Gracie's. A collision between a buggy, F. Bourne, driver, and a cart load of grain. The horse bolted and the two occupants were thrown out. The horse shying at a barrow of fish at the road side. He also had bundles of fish hanging on the fence. He had a license to hawk fish., that a license to hawk fish does not give permission to stand anywhere; they must keep moving about.

Tuesday June 18 1889
Magisterial, Temuka before Messrs J. Talbot, and K.F. Gray, J.P.'s
George Daney was charge with allowing a cow to wander in the railway yard on 28 May.
George Latimer was charged with allowing a cow wander in a public street on the 12. Constable Tuner found and impounded the cow.
Mrs Albert Leonard (a native) was charged with unlawfully beating a bailiff.

Timaru Herald Wednesday June 19 1889
We notice that one of the ancient landmarks of Timaru is about to disappear, viz., Messrs Miles, Archer and Co.'s old block of warehouses at the foot of Strathallan street, are now advertised for demolition and removal. The erection of these buildings was originally started by the late Captain Cain and Mr H.J. LeCren about the year 1858, and being added to from time to time as the exigencies of increasing business required. The latest addition, date, about, 1864, was designed by the architect, Mr Williamson, after the crystal Palace of Sir Joseph Paxton. The demands of modern trade, the flight of time, or the ravages of rate, have rendered the old buildings obsolete.

Timaru Herald Wednesday June 19 1889
Magisterial, Timaru before C.A. Wrey, Esq.
A man named Harry Black was charged with stealing a collie dog of the value to 1 15s, the property of James King, livery stable keeper.

Thursday June 20 1889 Magisterial, Timaru before C.A. Wrey, Esq.
William Shea pleaded guilty to being drunk.
Catherine Newey was charged with stealing a gold watch and chain property of Mrs Mary Ann Caroline Edwards, boarding house keeper, Beach Road. Mrs Napier's Church Street. Mr W. Campbell, engineer, took his meals at Mrs Edward's. Mrs Caroline Peattie staying with Newey. Detective Neil. Son, Frederick Newey, ten or eleven.  Concluded, Saturday June 22 1889. Case dismissed.

Friday June 21 1889 Arowhenua Town Board
Present - Messrs E. Lee (chairman), Frow, Hayhurst, Ashwell and Vallender.
Correspondence received:
From Mr W. Ackroyd and Mr Nicholas - bad state of road between Tavender's bridge and Mackenzie corner.
Mr Ashwell applied for permission to drain sections 421 and 422 to the creek across Owen street.

Timaru Herald Saturday June 22 1889 pg3 District Court
Bruce's Patent Oatmeal and Milling Company (Limited) in liquidation. J.S. Hercus one of the liquidators from Dunedin with  Sparrow.
Alexander Kelman, farmer Geraldine
David Shaw, farmer, Winchester
John Campbell, farmer, Pareora
James Craig, farmer, Pareora
George Cliff, farmer, Winchester
Robert Rutherford, sheepfarmer, Albury
John Patterson, farmer, Totara Valley
John S. Rutherford, sheepfarmer
John Kelland
A. Mackenzie
Mr Burke
Robert Bell
A. Kelman
T.R. Jones
Mr Brayshaw
W.R. Quinn
F.W. Stabbs
W. Balfour and E.T. Rhodes directors
Mr Guild
A.L. Halkett Dawson
Robert Bell
Bower, Carroll, Evans, W. Grant, A. Grant, Hamersley, J. Hay, Maclean, Sullivan, Webster, Carroll.
John Drysdale,  A.G. , J., and J.R. Bruce, James Bruce, Guild, Cliff, Rayner, Patterson, Aitken, Shaw, Gladstone, T.C. Plante.

Saturday June 22 1889
Magisterial, Timaru before C.A. Wrey, Esq.
G. O'Rorke, Pleasant Point, was charged with allowing a cow to be on the railway line.
W. Andrews, ganger, on the Point line, saw the cow, the cow was killed by the train.

Tuesday June 1889
Magisterial, Temuka before W.A. Wray
Michael Carr was charged on the information of W.G. Aspinall with trespassing on his land at Kynnersley.
Arthur Selby was charged on the information of John Murray with trespassing at Rangitata. James Patrick v. G. Husband - Claim £5 10s for rent.

Prospectus of the Timaru Tannery and Boot Factory Company (Limited)
Moss Jonas, Timaru
E.G. Kerr, Timaru
A.W. Ensor, Winchester
John Jackson, Timaru
H. Gardner, Saltwater Creek
Thomas Rooney, Timaru
James Philp, Timaru
C.K. Meredith-Kaye, Timaru
Secretary - W.R. White
Solicitor - Jno. W. White
Brokers: W. Ziesler and W.R. Quinn.
Acquire the premise at present occupied by Mr Jonas at Saltwater Creek, comprises one acre on the Great South Rd. Present stock comprises about 110 sides, and 160 calfskins and 250 hides in raw state.

Wednesday 3 July 1889
The following list of letters received from places beyond the colony during the month of April and not claimed on June 20th, 1889:-
John Duggan
Mr Atkeson
Michael Cochrane
Andrew Dawson
Mrs Holland
J. Murphy
W.P. Routedge
E.E. Stephens

Timaru Herald, 2 August 1889, Page 2
We learn that Mr John Freeman, late of the Roral Navy, has been appointed caretaker of the Timaru drillshed.

Saturday 24 August 1889
Messrs Gilchrist and Tomlinson notify that they will have their first show of lamb to-day, also small goods, and the primest beef, mutton, dairy fed pork, etc. The lamb is from the estate of Mr John Hedley, Seadown.

Saturday 24 August 1889
Dr Hayes, of Temuka was standing on the water tanks when the wind veered suddenly and one of the blades caught the doctor behind the ear partially detaching it from the head.

As Mr G. Phillips, caretaker of the Temuka Cemetery, was riding across the Arowhenua township yesterday, a dog belonging to Mr McAuliffe ran out and frightened the horse, which violently swerved. The girth broke and Mr Phillips was thrown. Dr Hayes attended and found that although bruised, and partially stunned, his injuries were not of a grave nature.

Monday 26 August 1889
John Cook and George Turnbull were charged with behaving in a manner calculated to provoke a breach of the peace. Constable Daly saw the two on a crowd on Cain's Terrace. There was an altercation about a game of Billiards. Thomas Green saw the affair from the start.

Wednesday 4 September 1889
The Geraldine Licensing Committee was held in the Courthouse, Geraldine, on Tuesday last, there being present - Messes A. White (chairman), W.S. Maslin, N. Dunlop, M. Connolly, and G.H. Patrick. The license of the Bush Hotel was transferred from Mr M. Spillane to Mr T. McAuliffe.

Wednesday 4 September 1889 Timaru - Magisterial Court
Walter Griffith, 10, Frederick Oborn, 13, and Harry Dinneen [Dineen] 14, were charged with stealing three codfish, value 1s, the property of Mr Frank Scoringe in the 30th ult who saw the three boys in his whare on the beach. He ran after them and caught Dinneen, who told the names of the other two. He did not value the fish so much, but he wanted to put a stop to the tricks played at his little place. The mother of the lads were called to state what their past conduct had been, and each gave her boy a good character. His Worship gave the lads a severe lecture and advised the parents to prevent them from loitering about the streets.

Wednesday 4 September 1889
The Thomas Pringle, of Haldon Station, Mackenzie Country, is gazetted as the inventor of two wire strainers and a temporary fencing standard.

Wednesday 4 September 1889 Timaru -Ads
William Ziesler, Land Broker Accountant
Commercial and Family Hotel, J. Morgan (late of the Royal) Proprietor
Melville Hotel, Timaru, E. Sullivan, Proprietor
Makikihi Hotel, J. Dore, Proprietor
Shamrock Hotel, D. Mahoney, Proprietor
Queen's Hotel, Corner of North and Barnard Street (opposite Courthouse Spillane.
J. Mundell & Co. Coach Proprietors and Auctioneers, Geraldine
N. Dunlop & Co, Geraldine (sells tea)
James Craige, Glass Paints and paperhanging Warehouse, main Road, Timaru and Tancred St, Ashburton.
J. Ballantyne and Co., Drapers, Clothiers, Milliners, Dressmakers, & Respoke Tailors, Timaru.
Priest & Holdgate - selling Taylor and Wilson's mangles and washing machines.
Smithson & Raymond, Land Broker
W.S. Maslin, auctioneer, Geraldine
G. Bowker, Licensed Land Broker
James Philip, (late A.J. Quelch & Co.) Main South Road, Direct importer of Builder's and House furnishing Iron mongery.
William R. McLaren, acting manager, NMA & Co.
David Stuart, Grain Merchant, opposite Station Platform, shipping agent.
George Hogben, M.A., headmaster Timaru Boys High School
J.E. Bamfiled, Secretary, Timaru Boys High School. Fees.
Sidney Wolf, Professor of Singing, Voice production, pianoforte and organ.
Miss Lissaman, principal, Alton House, a private boarding school for girls.
The Misses Hall, North Street, (opposite Public Schools), lessons in pianoforte, Miss Blanche Hall lessons chalk and pencil drawing and water colour.
W. Gunn, Chemist, Timaru
J.G. Cox, Surgeon Dentist (late of Queen Street, Auckland, now George Street (opposite Post Office, Timaru)
Robert Doon, King Street, Coal yards, Timaru
J.G. Robertson, Grocery and Tea dealer (opposite Union Bank, Timaru.
William Waddell, merchant tailor, Sydenham House, Timaru
T.C. Rice, Confectioner, Opposite Union Bank of Australia
W.R. Roeder, Timaru engine and Boiler Works, adjoining T. Gorman's Main North Rd.
W.C. Beswick, Commission and Financial Agent, No. 7 Mr Jonas' Buildings, Main South Rd
P.W. Eiby, accountant and commission agent, Main North Rd.
William Rutherford, grain and shipping & Customs agent
W.R. Quinn, accountant
Mr Molloy, surgeon dentist, has taken office in Main Street, opposite Scotch Church.
A. Anderson & Co. General Merchants
John Binskin, Grocer & General Merchant, Elizabeth St. Store
G. Chater Miles, local manager NZ Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
D.M. Ross, notary public and arbitrator, W.M. Sims & co. land transfer office
Mr R. Laidlaw Toshach, teacher of Pianoforte, organ and singing, Ross' Arcade, Timaru
B.P. Bartrum, Woolscouring and fellmongering carried on at Creek Station, Geraldine
F. LeCren, manager, E.R. Guinness, Auctioneer, NZL & M.A. Co. Woolpacks and twine.
Melville Grey, agent for Australian Mutual Provident Society.
Timaru Herald Printed and Published by Andrew Christie Lawrence for the Proprietor, E.G. Kerr, at his Printing Office, Sophia Street, Timaru.

Timaru Herald Thursday 5 September 1889 Magisterial Court, Timaru
Three youngsters were charged with stealing 1s worth of cut firewood, the property of J. Durkin, from a truck on a railway siding, on the 3rd instant. Arthur Jones, a shunter, saw the boys take the wood. Constable Haliet saw the three boys in the railway yard. The eldest Joseph Breen, admitted he had taken the wood. The mothers of the boys were present and both denied that they had sent the boys out to pick up chips. Mr Jones, stationmaster that he had had complaints of petty thefts from trucks from time to time. The bigger boy was fined 5s and ordered to be locked up until the fine is paid.

Saturday 7 September 1889
The quarterly meeting of the Mackenzie committee was held at the library, Fairlie creek, on Thursday last, when the following members were present: Messrs James I. Milne (chairman), Malcolm McLeod, F.R. Gillingham, Robert Allan and S.R. Dickson. Temporary transfers had been granted in the following cases:
J. Egan, Fairlie Creek Hotel, to Donald McLeod
Donald McLeod, Burkes Pass Hotel, to Henry J. Potton
The application of John Dore, Railway Hotel, Albury, to have his accommodation license to Patrick Egan was granted.

Saturday 7 September 1889 Magisterial Court
Mrs M. O'Connor was cautioned for allowing two head of cattle to be at large on Wai-iti road.
Assult. John Vance v. W. Naughton. Naughtonhad been cutting gorse fences for Vance, and they had a dispute about the way some of the work was done, where upon Vance seized Naughton.

Monday 9 September 1889
A Napier paper says - Mr Otto Hansen, brewer of St. Aubyn's, Hastings, left on Saturday to take charge of the Phoenix brewery, Timaru.

Tuesday September 1889
Transfers of two licenses were granted, that of the Royal Hotel from E. Sullivan to T. Winter, and that of the Melville Hotel from M. Mullins to E. Sullivan.

Wednesday 11 September 1889
The Recent Gale - A slight nor-wester blew to a perfect gale shortly after dusk. Came in from the southwest. Headed for Ashburton.
Gilchrist and Tomlinson's stables wrecked, the canting of the rink, and the stripping of the mill roof. The Sandietown church sustained some damage, and the belfry at St Mary's was capsized. Mrs Lowe went out to secure something loose and rattling, and whilst she was out the wind blew the door, upset the lamp, and this got the house on fire. The cottage, a cob one, was completely destroyed. In the country a fine four-stall stable and loose-box belonging to Mr S.A. Bristol was destroyed. A buggy was wrecked in the flight off the roof. Mr Jones the stationmaster detained the train until the gale abated. At Raukapuka bush as many as forty trees were found prostate having been uprooted or broken short off at the butt. At Waimate Mr Claydon's mill, about one-third of the iron roof blown off; McKay's boarding house, about a dozen sheets of iron blown off; McLeod's brick stable, Cameron street, blown down; Dooley's Hotel, upstairs windows blown in; Mr Strong's house, High street, chimney blown down; At Mr John Manchester's residence, about a mile and a half from town, one of the upstairs windows blew in, and there was a fire burning in the room and the chimney at once caught. The tree and gorse hedge at the rear of the building then caught. The fire was confined. At Temuka the water tanks at Mr Job Brown's private house were blown over. Mr Beri's verandah was wrecked.   TH 12 Step. A windmill used by Mr D. Shaw, of Geraldine Flat, erected ten years ago, was blown down, hay stacks destroyed and sheds unroofed. The windmill belonging to Mr A. Mackenzie, on the main road to Winchester, was blown over.

Thursday 12 September 1889
At Fairlie Creek on Tuesday, before Mr Allan H. McLean, J.P., John Crosbie was charged with being drunk whist in charge of a horse. He was fined 20s.

Tuesday 17 September 1889
Resident Magisterial Court, Waimate, before Mr J. Manchester, J.P.
Charles Wilson was fined 10s for drunkenness or in default 48 hours imprisonment.
Patrick McGrath was fined 5s or in default 24 hours in imprisonment, for being drunk in public.

Thursday 19 September 1889
the following will represent the Point against the Crusaders this afternoon:-
Watkins, Williamson, Dorset, Martin, Goldstone, Dunnage, McLeod, Tozer, Westropp, Clark, Worthington, J. McLeod, Cartwright, Basrer and Morrison.

Dealt with in Court yesterday for drunkenness. Mary Ann Brown, an old offender, was discharged with caution.

Monday September 1889
Mr J. Augland, the licensee, has purchased from Mr M. Quinn, the freehold of the Star Hotel, Temuka.

Friday 27 September 1889
An old identity, who turned his back upon Timaru six years ago, has returned for a visit. This is Mr John Simpson, builder, who spent the last half dozen years in Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and NSW. Mr Simpson has become an Australian. Mr Simpson was very unfortunate on the Centennial when she sank, and he lost everything.

Thursday 10 October 1889
The bell at St. Mary's Church, which was cracked by the fall of the tower some weeks ago, has been recast by Mr Hutton, and a grand job he has made of it. To the old bell metal was added a few pounds of new bell metal, and the casting has been most successful. The new bell is without blemish of any kind, of full round rich tone.

The annual meeting of the Tourist's Cycling Club was held at the Grosvenor Hotel last evening, Mr C.K. Meredith Kaye (president) in the chair, about 20 members. Messrs McGuinness, Brian, Callan and Lynch, were proposed members. Vice- presidents Messrs F. Cameron and J. Padget. Vice-captains Messrs Fisher and Caldwell, secretary, Mr J. McDonald (re-elected); committee Messrs Burnip, Steadman, Humphreys, Christian and Whalan.

Friday 11 October 1889
A public meeting was held in the Volunteer Hall, Temuka to make arrangements for the reception of the Irish delegates. The attendance was fair. Mr K.F. Gray was voted to the chair. The following gentlemen were appointed to the committee with power to add to their number.
Messrs K.F. Gray, M. Quinn, J. Fitzgerald, J. Blythe, G. McS. Gentlemun (treasurer), E. Lee, J.M. Twomey (secretary), W.N. Cathro, M. Scanell, D. Henry, T. Connolly, A. Russell, J. Angland, G.J. Mason, P. Pole, T. Barr, T. Geaney, W.T. Fitzgerald, S. Coughlan, A.W. Gaze, D. Hoare, M. Driscoll, D. Angland, T. Daley, G.H. Mogridge, T. Rooney, P. Dalton, J. Brosanahan, R. Wilson.

Friday 11 October 1889
Presentation. Retirement of Mr H. Smith second master in the Geraldine Public School. He had been entered on the roll of the school as pupil on 16th November, 1875 and when 14 years of age passed the 6th standard. These walls wherein they were assembled had seen him grow from youth to old age. First master Mr Hughes, then Mr Kraskine and Mr Kalaugher had left their positions as masters in the school for higher stations in life and now Mr Smith was about to leave them.

Friday 11 October 1889
Waimate Magisterial Court before H.A. Stratford, Esq. R.M.
Edward Poole charged with disobeying an order of the court by not paying the sum of £1 2s, being the balance for maintenance of one of his children at the Carversham Industrial School.
John White pleaded guilty to obstructing the footpath on Sunday evening by not moving when requested to do so by Constable Field.
John Ferman fined 5s for driving through town after dark without sufficient side lights.
John Butcher was fined 2s for allowing a cow to wander on the borough streets. For a similar offence Louisa Smith was fined 2 and Arthur Jones 1s.

Saturday 12 October 1889
Destruction of the Rev. G. Barclay's Residence in the Cemetery Road, Geraldine. Mr Ellery was the first to discover the fire, who was riding past. Raised as alarm. The house was erected 35 years ago and recently enlarged by the addition of a new wing (Mr Harvey, of Timaru, was the contractor) Furniture was saved and moved to the Volunteers Hal. Mr Rennie's express was engaged. Mr Barclay's valuable library fell pray to the devouring element. The Rev. Mr Barclay had been on his usual ministerial visit to the Mackenzie Country. Mrs Barclay together with two ladies friends and the Rev. Mr Archibald were away on a visit to Mr Stewart, at Orari. The stables at the rear of the house were saved.

Timaru MG.
John Langmuir Smith, a very old offender, was cleared with being drunk.
John O'Rorke fined 2s 6d for allowing his horse to be at large.
William Stephens charged with a similar offense. Mounted Constable Pascoe proved the case.
J.P. Scowen v. Emily Leonard over pigs.
Henry Collett of Opihi charged Jeremiah Daly of Opihi with illegally impounding sheep and assault and abusive and insulting language and Frank Matthews, a brother-in-law of Collett's with unlawfully rescuing sheep. Collett had been farming there for 24 years. Patrick Daly threatened to have Collet's blood. Boundary fence was down, burnt down by Daly in December but not willfully said a neighbour called McLean. Miss Charlotte Collett, Mrs Collett, Walter Collet, Mathews and Mrs Lee gave evidence for the complainant, and his case was closed. R. Orton, Bruce Orton, O. McAteer and H. McLean were called and the case closed.

Monday 14 October 1889 pg2 & Timaru Herald Tuesday 15 October 1889 pg write-up.
Mr Otto Hansen has taken over the Phoenix Brewery.

Monday 14 October 1889 pg2
Within the last few days two properties situated in the Seadown Ward of the Levels Road Board district have changed hands. Mr William Menzies' farm of 197 acres has been bought by Mr Gunn, of Timaru, and Messrs J. Mundell and Co., of Geraldine have purchased Mr Geddie's farm of 103 acres.

Tuesday 15 October 1889 pg
The mayor reported that the barque Brier Holme had arrived from Port Chalmers recently, ballasted with broken metal (road metal). Mr Bullock, resident agent for the New Zealand Shipping Company, had seen him (the mayor), about it, and he eventually bought it on behalf of the council at 2s 9d per ton. There were in all 399 tons. and Mr P. Straftord had agreed to cart it from trucks at 10d a ton. As it costs 2s 6d to put the metal on trucks, the Shipping Company really only got 3d per ton. The mayor had no doubt the council had got a bargain, and he was of opinion that had to thank Mr Bullock for offering it so cheaply to them. The metal was being put on the Main Road, and was apparently of good quality. 59 trucks of metal from the Brier Holme had been spread on the main street. Elizabeth street is being got ready for asphalting and a chimney is about to be erected at the kiln. Mr George Cross, Domain Ranger, reported that he had supplied 100 willow stakes for the race.

Thursday 17 October 1889 pg2
The Pareora Library Committee was was elected for the year 1889-90 - Messrs T. Jefcoate, J. Campbell, J. Struthers, J.J. Rapaey, W. Osborne and Marshall (secretary and librarian)

Friday 18 October 1889
A man named Henry Stapley was brought before Mr F. LeCren and Captain Sutter, J.P.s, yesterday, fined 10s for being drunk the night before, and on application of the police a prohibition order was granted against him to have effect for a year in the Timaru and Levels districts.

Saturday 19 October 1889
George Sunnaway, a well-known wharf hand, met with a painful accident on board the steamer Argus, last evening. He got struck on the back of the head by the hauling tackle and was knocked insensible. Dr Lovegrove was quickly summoned. He was taken home.

The many friends of Mr and Mrs Boyd Thomson will be pleased to hear that last Tuesday they celebrated their golden wedding. Mr Thomson has entered his 70th year, is an exceedingly good shot, and most enthusiastic angler. This worthy couple are the parents of 13 children, only six of whom are living. They have 30 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

Otago Witness, 24 October 1889, Page 23
The training stables at Dale's Washdyke Hotel, Timaru, containing eight stalls and 12 boxes, were burned on Saturday at midnight. There were only four horses in the stables, and these were got out; but a lot of saddlery and feed, &c. were destroyed. The origin of the fire unknown. Dale is away. There is said to be no insurance.

Friday October 25 1889
A man named James Clark, aged 53, a married man with 9 children, who has been employed on the railways for many years, and who has been engaged as a surfaceman at Makikihi, has been missing since Wednesday morning. It was his turn that morning to walk along the line early with another hand, to see that all was alright, and he left the house about 5 a.m., without a coat, and has not been seen since. The first intimation of anything being wrong was his mate coming to the house to inquire why he had not been along the line. Constable Field of Waimate, and several other persons were out yesterday looking for him but found no traces. Clark was a temperate, quiet, inoffensive man, and a kind husband and father.
Saturday 9 November 1889 James Clarke -still missing pg4 Worked for 7 to 8 years for the railway at Temuka.

Thursday 26 December 1889
On Sunday last Mr McIlwrick, junr., while walking on the beach near the mouth of the river, at Makikihi, found some human bones. The bones were sent to Dr Stackpoole, in Waimate. Constable Field made enquiries. It is possible may be part of the body of the platelayer Clark, who so mysteriously disappeared some three months ago.

Saturday October 26 1889
Timaru Floral and Horticultural Society. Mr Lewis presiding. Mr Lowe. Mr Sealey. Mr Langdon. Mr T. Harris. Mr A. Beswick. Mr E.H. Lough - hon. secretary.

Dr Morris has settled in Pleasant Point. He has been in some of the principal hospitals in Germany, amongst others Erlangen, Munich and Leipsie, and for 12 months he was on the medical staff of the Germany army.

South Orari School Committee - Messrs McLeod (chairman), Bates, collie, Batty and Langdon. Mr Fitzgerald, headmaster applied for a leave of absence to attend the University examination, granted. Attendence - boys 46, girls 40, average attendence to date 86. Mr Aitken, vote of thanks for lecture in aid of the prize fund.

Monday October 28 1889
Timaru Trotting Club Committee met at the Shamrock Hotel on Saturday evening. Present: Messrs Watson (chairman), Tutton, Egan, Smith, Shaw, Mahoney and W. Collins, hon. secretary. Mr Taylor, from Christchurch, the club's handicapper, had re-handicapped the horse Imp.

Lieutenant G. Ward, of Geraldine Volunteer Rifles, has placed his resignation in the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Bailey, and in due course been forwarded to Wellington. He was second in command. Captain Pearpoint, the officer in command. Lieutenant K. Mackenzie, will probably succeeded Mr Ward. Mr Ward was the founder of the Geraldine Rifle Volunteers established between five and six years ago.

Goldie's farm at Seadown was purchased by Mr Hugh Corbett, of Ruapuna, not Messrs Mundell and Co., as stated some time ago.

Geraldine School Committee considered applications for position of first year pupil teacher in the Geraldine Public School. There were present Messrs W.S. Maslin (chairman), J.W. Pye, J. Riordan, H. Howard, and W. H. Walton. Six applications had been received, and as two of the applicants (Miss M. Riordan and Miss M. Dunlop) had received their education in the school, it was decided that they should undergo an examination, and one passing the ordeal with the highest number of marks should receive the position.

October 30 1889
A public trail of the De Laval cream separator, shown by Mr James Philp, ironmonger, will be held on the show grounds today at 3 p.m.

A young man named David McBeth had his arm broken on Saturday by his horse bolting and coming down on him. Dr Morris reduced the fracture. The accident occurred at Mr Mee's farm about three miles from Pleasant Point.

One afternoon last week Mr W. Ferrier, accompanied by Mr Young of the Wolsely Hotel, whipped the streams of Winchester, the result being the capture of 12 splendid fish, trout all in prime condition- not at all a bad basket with the fly.

Resident Magistrates Court, Waimate before Mr F. Slee and J. Manchester, J.P.s, Rose Loper was charged with stealing a lady's black skirt, and some underclothing. Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was placed under the First Offenders Probation Act for three months.

Visitors to the show today will find George Hilton's rooms centrally situated, and replete with refreshments of every kind.

Mr C. Newbury, of Epworth wool works, Temuka, was the recipient of the earliest clip for scouring that has yet arrived at Temuka. The Epworth works have been established ten years.

The Timaru Naval Artillery assembled at the range on Monday under the command of Lieutenant Gooch, 40 men answering to their name. Captain Laing-Meason and Major Newell were present.

Thursday 31 October 1889
Timaru Agricultural show
Twenty-Fourth Annual Show
President - A.M. Clark, Esq.
Vice-president - E.T. Rhodes Esq.
Treasurer - W. Balfour, Esq
Committee of management -
W. Balfour, W.W. Cartwright, Andrew Cleland, Robert Davie, Hy Ford, John Goldie, William Hay, R. Irving, James King, Thos. Langdon, E. Kelland, T. Mitchell, D. McLaren, R. Mackay, A. Macpherson, C.N. Orbell, A.C. Pringle, W. Pringle, N. Quinn, J.S. Rutherford, W. Stevenson, G. Talbot, C.G. Tripp. secretary - F.W. Stubbs.
Ground Committee - Messrs H. Ford, E. Kelland, James King, D. McLaren.
Class Stewards -
Merino (Class A) A S Smith and N Macfarlane
Merino (Class B) - A J Blakiston and H G Smith
Leicester Sheep - W W Cartwright and A McPherson
Lincoln, Romney Marsh and Down Breeds - Robert Mackay and J Murray
Shorthorned, Hereford, Polled Angus and Alderney Cattle, A C Pringle
Ayrshire and Other Breeds, Fat Cattle - Thomas Mitchell and J Hedley
Draught Horses - R Irving and W Stevenson
Other Horses - Wm Hay, JC Park, E S Rutherford
Pigs - W Balfour and R Dawe
Dairy Produce and Local Industries - George Talbot
Agricultural Produce and Wool - John Campbell and Thomas Langdon
Dogs - H G Smith
Implements - E Kelland
Judges -
Merino (Class A) C Ensoe, Mount Gray Downs, M Mckellar, Otakaike
Merino (Class B) - M Sitt, Winchemore, J McA St James, Culverden
English Leicester - John McBeath, Christchurch
F Wright, Dunsandel
Border Leicester - M McFarlane, Rangiora, William Boag, Christchurch
Lincoln, W.B. Andrews, Taitapu, Chas Reid, Elderslie
Down Breeds - A. Wylie, Kingsdown, JCN Grigg, Longbeach
Romney marsh - Charles Reid, Elderslie
William Grant, Timaru
Fat Sheep - P W Gunnell, Timaru, WB Andrews, Taitapu
Shortened, Polled Angus, Hereford and Fat Cattle - W Henderson, Christchurch, Wm Boag, Christchurch
Aryshire, Alderney and any breed - J T Duncan, Oamaru, A McKerrow, Hampden
Draught Horses - Alex Bannatyne, Waikouaiti, John Struthers, Otipu.
Other Horses, F.H. Pyne, Christchurch, L. MacLean, Dunedin
Dogs - J Murray, Orari, D. Sutherland, Eskbank, St Andrews
Pigs - T W Leslie, Timaru, C Bourn, Timaru
airy Produce - R Cameron, Waimate, I L Morris, Point
Agricultural Produce - Grain - James Guild, Trevenna, Temuka, J Vioning, Timaru
Roots - James Guild, Trevenna, William Pringle, Rosebrook, Glen-iti
Machinery and Harnes, etc - J.W. Hardie, Hook, A Martin, Otaio, James Wilson, Allandale.
667 entries.
The license vituallers was in the hands of Mr D. McGuiness and Mr T. McAuliffe.
About 100 gentleman sat down to eat the luncheon. Mr Arthur E.G. Rhodes replied to Mr A.M. Clark and Mr E. Timaru Rhodes. Mr McMaster replied.
Sheep - The competition chiefly between Mr Henry Hoare, of Raincliff, and Mr A. B. Smith, of the Cave. Mr Tripp sent several pens of his mountain sheep.
In English Leicesters the competition lay between Temuka breeders, the Grant family, and Mr Bonifant of Ashburton, who secured a larger share of the firsts. The fine collection of Border Leicesters came chiefly from North Otago, Little Bros' and A. Murdoch's and from the Pareora Estate. Bruce and McLaren and the Executors of the late A. Grant were the other exhibitors. In Lincolns Mr A. M. Clark (Riverslea) and Messrs Bruce and McLaren of Otaio divided most of the prizes. Mr C. Withell of Brookside taking a few well chosen animals. The champion ram was the property of Bruce and Mclaren.
Cattle -Riverslea Herefords
Pigs -A sow and litter shown by Mr Blackmore
Three porkers shown by Mrs Luxmore were samples of Berkshire.
Farm Produce - D. McCallum showed some fine hams and bacon. Mrs M. Stack being his only competitor. Mr. Alex. Wylie took the first prize for monstrous swede turnips and mangolds, sound and solid vegetables.
Dogs - Smooth-haired Collie dog - Colin Campbell 1, G. Thompson 2
Rough-haired Collie (16-17) Joseph Dowthwaite 1 and 2, A Burnett h c, C Campbell c.
Hunters - to carry 14 stone JC Park, Three Springs 1, E.T. Rhodes, The Old Plug 2.
Light Weight Hunter, Robert Balfour, Juggler
Two year old hackney colt or filley - George Smith 1, Laurence Laurerson 2, Hinman Jackson h.c.
Roadster or Hack up to 11st weight W.J. Hook 1, E.T. Rhodes 2, Richard Allen h.c. etc......

Friday 1 November 1889
Messrs Pyne and Co., auctioneers, of Christchurch, offered at auction from the executors, of a farm of 518 acres, of flat alluvial land, part of the estate of the late Mr Pelhum James, fronting on the Main South Road near the Hook, and only a quarter of a mile from the Hook railway station. About 270 acres are under grain crops, the balance in grass. Only one bid, 8 per acre. Sale not effected, Mr Payne said the executors wanted "a wee bit more than that"

Timaru - Magisterial
Ah Him fined 5s for driving through town last Saturday night without lights.
Frank Hart, whose proper name is Fisher, was arrested by Constable Tarrant in the main road for being drunk. Seven days hard labour.
Janet Caldwell remanded to the hospital, unsound mind, a religious monomania. Resident Surgeon refused admission as she was clearly a lunatic and was committed to Sunnyside.

Saturday 2 November 1889
Hilton School Committee monthly meeting
Members present, Messrs M.R. Skinner (chairman), W. Beattie, J.Kelland, P. Ryan and O.G. Bradley. Mr Hutton wrote that Mr Milford Taylor had paid his claim in full. Number on roll 8, average attendence 74.3 A holiday was granted for show day.

Bankruptcy - Re Joseph McClintock of Waitohi Flat

Monday 4 November 1889
Messrs R. Turnbull and Son notify this morning that they will sell Mr R. Stansell's property on Wai-iti road, and furniture on the 13th inst. Crescent Villa is situate very handy to town.

Monday 4 November 1889
A young woman named Margaret Kennedy taken before the Timaru Resident Magistrate and charged with lunacy. She "toodles" along the streets after her poor mother like a child, looks at the windows, and if left behind shows the same distress as a child - a case of "arrested" mental development; the young women is a perfect child, unable to do anything for herself. Two Doctors examined her and declined to certify that she is such a lunatic as should be sent to the asylum, though they considered there should be some place for weak-minded person such as she is.

Sergeant Livingstone, who has been stationed at Timaru for some time, took his departure on Saturday afternoon by the express train for Dunedin, where he is to be stationed during the time the exhibition is open.

Adair School Committee monthly meeting
Present: Messrs M. Medwerney (chairman), W. O'Brien, T.J. Brosnan, H. Dewe and M. Brohan. Average attendance 26.31 The Teacher - Mr H. Jefcoate.

Tuesday 5 November 1889
Mr Joseph Wareing, Milford, lost a valuable draught mare on Sunday last in consequence of the animal becoming bogged in a deep drain which intersects his farm.

Thursday 7 November 1889
There was on view at Mr Durand's shop yesterday three splendid trout, part of the basket caught by the veteran fisherman Mr Boyd Thompson, in the Opihi. The heaviest fish was 7 lbs. Mr R Fergusson also had a good innings on Tuesday night, half a dozen beauties, a couple of which ran over 6lb, falling to his minnow.

Saturday 9 November 1889
John McDonald fined 5s for drunkenness and 20s for resisting arrest and 30s valve of the uniform trousers destroyed.
C. Grahame charged with obstructing a thoroughfare to the danger of life or limb of Walter Cornish.
Walter John Clave charged with unlawfully knowing and abusing a girl named Ada Robinson, aged 15 years and two months, at Glengummel. Sergeant-Major Mason led the evidence that the girl bad for a long time been an absconder from home. She is the daughter of a widow in poor circumstances; she is receiving assistance from the Charitable Aid Board. In January last the mother, who had lived many years at Waimate, came to Timaru , and in February the girl was sent to a situation. After she had been there a few weeks she disappeared. The girl was charged as a neglected child wandering at large and committed to Burnham school.

Waimate R.M
The chairman of the Waimate School Committee laid an information against Mr. Watt father of the lads William and John Roberts, aged respectively 12 years 3 months and 9 years and 6 months, because he did not see that the boys attended school.
George Sullivan was charged by the same informant, that he did not send his boy, aged 12 years to school. Defendant said the lad had no decent clothes to go in. He had eight other children, 4 of which went to school. he farmed 40 acres of land and travelled an entire horse which was his own property.

Wednesday 13 November 1889
A 22½lb eel was caught in a stream near East Oxford lately. It was 4ft 8in long, and 1 ft 3 in round the waist. The bobber feels it his duty to keep in tune with the angler in running down his scales.

13 Wednesday November 1889
Fairlie Creek School Committee
A jar of ink had been received during the month for school purposes. Average attendance 59.6. Highest attendance on any given day 74. Miss Fergusson wrote, resigning her position of assistant mistress, the usual month's notice to take effect from November 30th.

13 Wednesday November 1889
MG Court Timaru
Patrick McMahon charged with being drunk. Constable Daily gave evidence.
John Jackson v. James Vickers.
John Moore, agent for Wertheim Sewing Machine Company in South Canterbury v. A. Reid Leo Kelton, head collector for the company.

Levels Road Board
Mr H.H. Pitman, steward of Education reserves.
Mr George Butler reports footbridge over Point creek as dangerous.
Mr P. Dawe asked for and was given leave to take race water across a bye road.
Messrs Rapsey and Bell, Pareora, asked for 45 chains of road to be shingled.
Mr James Nash asked for work being done on Flinders street, Kensington to be continued to his sections.
Murdo McRae's application - water in dip of road.
Tender - Limestone - Mount Misery road improvement - W. Stevenson £74, R. Forgan £65, R. Calvert £92, J. Pearson £66 (accepted)

Geraldine Road Board - Mr W. De Renzy, Mr W.U. Slee, Mr F.R. FLatman (chairman), Mr A. Metcalf.
Tender for shingling Somerville's Road, Waihi Bush. W. Ennis and Co. 11, J. Sugrue 13 10s, J. Fifield 13 10. That of J. Sugrue was accepted.
No. 300, shingle carting, near school, at Hilton - J. Sugrue 25, J. Beckley 25, J. Filfield 19 15s(accepted)
Messrs Smith, Dennistoun and Co. giving permission to the board to impound all stock (with the exception of their sheep) trespassing on their leasehold land, in the Orari river bed, near the bridge.
Messrs Smith, Dennistoun and Co. requesting that Mr Thomas Markham's name be placed on the rate roll, in lieu of heirs for section No. 32521 and part of lot 36 reserve 349.
Mr R. Hammond, asking permission to erect a gate between Brown's and William's section in the Raukapuka bush.
Mr J. Binskin, Timaru, requesting that Mr martin Brophy's name be substituted for his own on the roll in respect of section No. 19, reserve 339?, Otari.
Mr Collect, Opihi, requesting that his name be placed on the roll for 132 acres, between Henderson's and McKutcheron's property.
Mr A. Maxwell and others, requesting an extension of Henderson's road a distance of 25 chains to give access to 50 acres of crop.
Mr Tavener, Belfield, asking for a road through Mr Sugrue's to her section No. 48.
Mr Irvine, peel Forest, giving permission to the board to impound cattle straying on a piece of land below the Orari traffic bridge.
Mr A. Foster asking that something be done to improve the track from Sugrue's to Foster's bush, Gapes Valley.
Mr E.P. Sealey - received a notice from the board to eradicate the gorse on the road fronting on his section. He wished to draw attention of the board to the fact that on the road forming the western boundary of his farm and leading from Hilton to Gapes Valley, the gorse was spreading from Mr Foster's fence.
Mr Shiers - clerk to the board.

Thursday 14 November 1889
Waimate Agricultural and Pastoral Show was held on the grounds of the society, Gorge Road, yesterday and the attendance was exceptionally small, the weather showery. Mr Jackson, secretary. 120 entries in excess of last year.
Sheep - There were four classes for merinos. Mr M.C. Studholme was the only exhibitor.
Mr F.M. Rickman had the pens for English Leicester's, Lincolns, Down sheep and crossbreds.
In Border Liecesters Mr J. Douglas. Messrs McGoverin and Hardie, W.J. Black, F.M. Rickman and D. Gunn also showing some ewes. Mr Hayes and Mr Rickman divided the honours.

Cattle -
G. Manchesters' (only) shortern bull was given first prize.
Prizetakers in Ayrshies were G. Morton, A. Allan, A.M. Hayes.
Allan 1st and Cameron 2nd with dairy cows.

Horses -
Draughts - five entries - M. O'Brien Lord Lorne, T. Stevenson's Lord Iddesleigh.
Yearlings - McGoverin and Hardie 1 and 2.
 Brood mare F.M. Rickman.
Dry Mare - A. Martin.
Yearling filly - J. Miller 1, H. Keen 2, G. Morton 3.
2 year old filly W.M. Gunn 1, J. Dooley 2.
Yearling - J. Dooley.
Hackney stallion - G.H. Rhodes, Berlin.
2 year old colt Shrimpton and Douthwaite.
Yearling - H. Jackson.
Gelding up to 14 stone - J.C Thierens1, G.B, Barclay 2, R. Wright 3.
Lady's hack - S.T. Kerr 1, Miss Cameron 2, W.G. Smith 3.
Miss Mckay best turn-out in last class.

Dairy Products -Fresh butter 3lbs - Mrs Anderson 1, Mrs Scott 2, Mrs W.J. Black 3
Fancy butter - Miss Anderson
Salt butter - Mrs W.H. Beckett 3 and new cheese also old cheese.
Sundaries - Roll of bacon - Mrs McCulloch
Home-made bread - Miss Beckett1, Mrs Smith 2, Mrs Deans hc, Mrs McCulloch c.
Sheep Dogs - Smooth haired - C. Myers 1, D. Corbett 2. Long-haired Skevington and Donethwaite 1 and 2.
Poultry - Bulk of awards divided by Mrs W. J. Black, C.Z. Quarrie, H. Saunders, S.J. Adams, J. Gribben and E. J. Adams.

Saturday 16 November 1889
Magisterial - Timaru
Julia Herbert was charged with having three horses at large on the Mount Horrible road. Mrs Herbert said that the horses were not faraway; that they were "only outside the gate."

Hospital and Charitable Aid Board monthly meeting
Present: Mr D.M. Ross (chairman), Dr Lovegrove, Messrs Moore and McLaren.
Outward correspondence to Mrs Darnell, Christchurch, mother of two children found by the police at Geraldine, deserted. The children had been sent to their mother.
A letter to the Auckland C.A. Board reused to pay anything on the account of the Sanati family (Italian) who had gone to Auckland.
Christchurch Board wrote that a man named W. Wilson aged about 60, from the Mount Peel district had become chargeable to them.
A letter from Dunedin Board stating that a woman named Kennedy with an imbecile daughter, had gone down there from Timaru.
Mr D. Sabiston, caretaker at the barracks. Children from 2 to 8 years of age were not profitable. He got 7s 6d a week for them.
A letter was received through the Rev. Mr Hamilton from Blackburn, England, from the friends of Mrs Haworth, Arowhenua, a widow with four children, asking for assistance in sending her Home. Mr Jowsey, at the hospital, house steward, was authorised to have some bare walls di-tempered.
Dr Reid - letter to the case of the boy Daly (age 9), whose father refused to pay hospital charges. He had been treated for a broken elbow, had been crippled. Dr Reid explained that the boy was very unruly and passionate and had undone his work three or four times over.

Saturday 16 November 1889
Temuka Town Board
Present: Messrs K.F. Gray (chairman), Blyth, Mason and Coira.
From Mr C.J. Rayner, applying to have Mr Dann's name substituted for his on the rate roll.
From Mr Sweet, complaining of a nuisance on adjoining premises occupied by Mr D. Charteris.
From Mr J.R. Andrews, asking to put a crossing in the front of his premises.
Mr Beri explained that work done in the front of his premises consisted of only repairs to the verandah.
Mr Coira, drew attention to the necessity for cutting the grass on the board's section.

Arowhenua Town Board
Present - Messrs Lee (chairman), Frew, Vallender, Ashwell, and Brown.
From Mr H. Robinson, applying to have his name substituted for that of Mr Slater on the rate roll, in respect of section 731.

North Otago Times, 16 November 1889, Page 2
The following nominations have been received by the secretary, Mr Thomas Kinross, for handicap events :
    100 Yards Flat Race— (open.) William Morgan, Timaru ; John Collins, Albury ; Thomas White, Herbert ; Peter V. Stephenson, Makihiki : Daniel Swan, Pareora ; A. Jones, St. Andrews ; G. Harris, St. Andrews ; A. Henderson, Otaio ; C. Hampton, Otaio; A. McBeath, Kimberley ; A. Macpherson, Pareora ; Thomas Quinn, Pareora ; J. Sullivan, Albury ; R. C. Matthews, Waimate ; N. B. Austin, Oamaru ; C. Courtney, Oamaru.
    440 Yards Flat Race— (open.) William Morgan, Timaru ; John Johnston, Herbert ; Peter V. Stephenson, Makihiki ; G. Harris, St. Andrews ; Andrew Henderson, Otaio ; R. Wederell, Senr., St. Andrews; W. Courtney, Oamaru ; A. M'Beath, Kimberley ; R. Kennedy, Temuka ; A. Hobbs, Makihiki ; R. C. Matthews, Waimate.
    440 Yards Hurdle Race.— (Open.) William Morgan, Timaru ; Samuel Thornly, Timaru ; John Johnston, Herbert ; Peter V. Stephenson, Makihiki ; G. Gardiner, Timaru ; A. Jones, St, Andrews ; William Courtney, Oamaru ; N. B. Austin, Oamaru; C. Courtney, Oamaru.
    880 Yards Flat Race.— (Open.) William Morgan, Timaru ; John Johnston, Herbert ; Peter V. Stephenson, Makihiki ; Joseph Hampton, Otaio ; C. Hampton, Otaio ; William Courtney, Oamaru ; Robert Kennedy, Temuka ; George Hicks, Hunter; John Hicks, Hunter ; Arthur Hobbs, Makihiki ; John Dalgleish, Papakaio.
    220 Yards Boys Race, under 14. (Open.) Alexander Fraser, St. Andrews ; Orlando Clarke, St. Andrews ; John George Cook, St. Andrews ; William Wederell, St. Andrews ; Frank Stowell, St. Andrews.
    One Mile Flat Race (open). — John Johnston, Herbert ; Peter V. Stephenson, Makikihi; Joseph Hampton, Otaio : George Hicks, Hunter ; Arthur Hobbs, Makikihi ; George King, Washdyke ; John Dalgleish, Papakaio.
    Two Mile Walk (open)- Samuel Thornby: W. Berry, Timaru ; A. Jones, St. Andrews; Thomas Clarke, Timaru ; Wm. Wilson, St. Andrews; John Dalgleish, Papakaio ; Harry Lambert, St. Andrews; James Lyon, Ashburton.
    One Mile Amateur Bicycle Race — E. Christian, Tourist C.C., Timaru E.W. Foster; James Laurenson, South Canterbury CC. ; Charles Hall; James L. Coy, South Canterbury C.C. ; W. Waite, Tourist C.C., Timaru; R. Smith, Tourist C.C., Oamaru : James McLaren, Tourist C.C. , Oamaru ; John M'Donald, Tourist C.C., Timaru; W. F. Oliver, Timaru ; W. A. Carew, Tourist CC, Christchurch.
    Three Miles Amateur Bicycle Race — E. W. Foster ; Charles Harrison, South Canterbury CC, Timaru ; James Laurenson, South Canterbury CC, Timaru; Charles Hall, Timaru: R. Smith, Tourist CC, Oamaru ; John McDonald, Tourists CC , Timaru ; W. F. Oliver, Timaru.
    Five Miles Amateur Bicycle Race - Charles Harrison, South Canterbury CC, Timaru ; James Laurenson, South Canterbury CC, Timaru ; Charles Hall, Timaru ; R. Smith, Tourist CC , Oamaru ; J. McDonald, Tourist CC , Timaru.
100 Yards Flat Race (Local)— Montague Cooke, St Andrews; Daniel Swan, Pareora : G. Harris, St. Andrews; G. Hoskin, Otaio ; Andrew Henderson, Otaio ; C Hampton, Otaio ; J. Lodder, Pareora; A. Martin; Pareora; A. McPherson, Pareora.
    440 Yards Flat Race (local)— Montague Cooke, St. Andrews; G. Harris, St. Andrews; W. Traves, St. Andrews; J. Hampton, Otaio ; A. Henderson, Otaio ; C Hampton, Otaio ; J. Lodder, Pareora : A. Macpherson, Pareora.
    One Mile Flat Race (local)— W. Dixon, Otaio ; J. Young, St. Andrews ; J. Harney, St. Andrews ; W. Traves, St. Andrews; Joseph Hampton, Otaio : A. Henderson, Otaio ; Arthur Hobbs, Makikihi.

Friday 22 November 1889 Magisterial Court, Waimate
Before Mr H.A. Stratford, R.M.
Alexander Watt, chairman of the school committee, appeared on behalf of the committee, charging John Roberts that his children did not regularly attend school.
E. Abenseth v F. Harris. The plaintiff, as inspector of nuisances, charged the defendant with keeping an unclean yard and neglecting to clean the same. E. Abbenseth stated that there was a very bad smell in the shop, and on inspecting he found some rubbish and other dirt which created a bad smell. F. Harris stated there was a quantity of fish spread in the yard which caused the smell; they had only been opened that evening. Fined without costs.
Elizabeth White was charged with having 2 unregistered dogs. Constable Beddeck had called at her house and was told Mrs White thought Mr Marshall had registered the dogs. Edward John Marshall stated that one of the dogs was registered in the County. He bought her from a man at Waiharenga.
James Meehan v. Charles Hawkins - claim for goods supplied.

Tuesday 26 November 1889 Bankruptcy
George White, of Makikihi, saddler.  H.B. Crawford, solicitor for Bankrupt.

Friday 29 November 1889 Bankruptcy
Charles Henry Reid, labourer, Temuka in bankruptcy. D.M. Ross, Deputy Assignee.

Saturday 30 November 1889
The Mackenzie County Council have elected Dr Hogg as their representative on the Hospital and charitable Aid Board, in place of Dr Lovegrove, who declined re-election.

Timaru Herald Wednesday 4 December 1889
Among recent applications for New Zealand patents are the following:
J.D. Acland, Peel Forest, improved fencing standard.

A section of Crown land on Rangitata Island, 45 acres, is to be disposed of at an early date, at a cash price of £1 per acre or corresponding prices for deferred payments and perpetual leave. It adjoins the Island railway station reserve.

Tuesday 10 December 1889 Bankruptcy
James Gatheral Robertson, of Timaru, Grocer.

Thursday 12 December 1889 Supreme Court - Criminal Session
Before His Honour Mr Justice Denniston.
Thomas Chute, a middle aged man, pleaded not guilty to a charge (six counts) of sending threatening letters to Alfred Bichner of Waimate. Mr Raymond appeared for the prisoner. The following formed the jury, F. W. Marhcant (foreman), J. Smith, junr, P. McCaskill, J.W. Winkler, J. Loach, J. Brooks, W. J. Lewis, Paterson, W. Richard, D. Brooks, W. J. Lewis, Paterson, W. Richard, D. Bowles, O.O. Mathews, S. Sharp. Mr White, Crown, Prosecutor. Some have been accustomed to graze cattle on a piece of vaccant land, as a common, about 49 acres, belonged to Mr D.C. T. Innes of Wellington. In May last Bichner leased it, and fenced it. Gave evidence. Sergrant Gilbert. Terence O'Brien, detective, Oamaru. W.J. Williams, Waitaki. D. St. George, postmaster at Waimate. W. Melton, a contractor. D. Jackson, clerk to the Waimate County council. J.S. D'Emden, manager of the Union Bank at Waimate. Walter J. Moore, manager of the Bank of NZ at Waimate. Thomas Tee, farm labourer, living between Bichener and Chute could not read or write. Augustus W. Eames, Audit Inspector. Mrs Chute. Thomas O'Driscoll, who had known accused for 39 years, first in Ireland, where he knew him as a warder in a goal - was called to prove the good character of the accused. F. Brien, farmer. Verdict - Not guilty.

12 December 1889, Page 3 Supreme Court Stealing Sheepskins and Wool.
John Tozer was next charged with stealing and removing 5 sheepskins and 50lbs wool on Sept. 22nd at Cricklewood. There were other accounts of him stealing sheepskins from Geaney's slaughter yards, Pleasant Point. Mr White appeared for the Crown, and Mr J. Hay for the accused.
Jury: Mr J. Granger (foreman), Messrs C. Storey, J. Brooks, R. Dawe, A. Allan, G.H. Lynch, W. Stanton, D. Bowles, R. Hamilton, A. McDonald, D. Gedye, and A. Crombie.
Mr Inman was a station owner, his woolshed being near the Cricklewood railway station, about five miles from Albury. Early on Sept, 23rd the articles were missed from the woolshed. At about 8:30 on the morning of 22nd September prisoner arrived at Egan's Hotel, Albury, driving, was joined by two men on horseback, and after 20 minutes left for Fairlie Creek. One of the men was the prisoners son. If they kept along the main road they would not pass Inman's shed, but by turning off on the road leading to the station they would pass within a few chains of the shed. Early on the morning of the 28th accused went to Mr Peter McCaskill at Temuka and sold him 21 sheepskins and 50lbs wool. Constable Stanley. When accused was arrested he told Constable Stanley that he got the skins from a man named Abraham Prentice at Pleasant Point. Also that he had got Geaney's fleeces from the same man. Constable Hallet. John Jones said he had been buyer and seller of skins for five years. Mr Hay then called John Jones who said that he had sold skins to accused, and the latter then then gave evidence. He had been a buyer and seller of skins for three years. He bought 1 from Fraser of Totara; 1 from David Raine, of Waitohi, 2 from Thornley, 2 from Stumbles, 14 from Abraham Prentice, and 3 crossbred shins from J. Jones. Prentice. Accused on the 22nd was at the Albury Hotel, had come from the Point, and was going through to Fairlie Creek at the back of Mr Rutherfords, to David Smart's. While at Albury accused son and a man rode up both going away shearing. Accused has only been to Mr Inman's but once - some years ago when Mr Sealey was there. Verdict of not guilty.

Magisterial Court - Temuka before C.A. Wray
Daniel Angland was charged on information of Owen Connolly, pound keeper, with illegally rescued four head of cattle from the public pound. Mr Salmond appeared to support the information. Cattle impounded on Beach Road near the park. Fined £50.

Monday 16 December 1889
Mrs Napier, Dress and Mantle Maker, Church Street, has resumed her classes.

Saturday 21 December 1889
Waimataitai and Geraldine Public School Prize lists - both long lists. cont. in next issue.

Saturday 28 December 1889
Mr C. Green, of the Queen's Hotel, met with an accident on the Temuka road yesterday. He was driving in a buggy from Temuka, accompanied by Mr Saunders, when the latter lost control of the horse. He was thrown out, but Mr Green was bumped of the seat of the buggy on to the floor, and was considerably bruised. The horse and buggy were knocked about a good deal.

Saturday 28 December 1889
Christmas at Geraldine
Christmas Eve was a busy time among the various tradesmen in Geraldine. The butchery establishments of Messrs N. Dunlop and Co., and F.W. Warner were gaily festooned with flowers and greenery and the display of Christmas meat was of a good description. Mr Lawson showed a fat heifer, turning the scales at 987lbs. It was of extra good quality, bred and fattened by Mr John Crippe, of Winchester. The lambs were from Mr W. Taggart, of Grapes' Valley. Some sheep, bred by Mr Turton, of Woodbury were also of good quality, weighing an average of 80lbs. Mr Worner's beef came from Mr Fugene, of Peel Forest and Mr H. Dierck, of Ruakapuka Bush, the two bullocks weighing 900 to 800lb respectively. The seven prize lambs exhibited weighed over 40lbs each and were bred and fattened by Mr J. Robertson, of Pleasant Valley. Of the storekeepers' establishments, that of Mr R.H. Pearpoint must bear off the palm, the grocery window being the admiration of all passers-by. The drapery and fancy goods shop of Mrs Gibson also attracted many people. At Mr J.W. Pye's drapery establishment the window presented a most tasteful display, the fancy items being of a varied nature. In the evening crowds of people perambulated the street to witness the shops lighted up. The illuminations consisted of Chinese lanterns of various shapes. Mr A. Fisher's shop was very effectively lighted with coloured lamps, fairy lights and Chinese lanterns. Santa Claus was liberal in his purchases and on Xmas morning the children of Geraldine must have been surprised at the numerous gifts left by him in their stockings. During the night the members of the Primitive Methodist choir drove to the dwellings of the principal residents, and sang selections of Christmas carols and sacred music. The Geraldine brass band also paraded the street during the night and discoursed sweet music.
    On Christmas Day, the weather was 'all that could be desired. At 7 am the local corps of the Salvation Army had knee drill in the Good Templar hall, which was well attended, and the Primitive Methodists held a prayer meeting in their church at 10 am. At St Mary's Anglican Church there was a crowded congregation, the Primitive Methodists, the Salvation Army and the Presbyterians attending. The church was most tastefully decorated by the lady members and friends. The cross over the alter had a splendid wreath of flowers suspended over it. In the centre panel at the back of the super-alter was a large cross of St Joseph lillies, and on either side of the cross there were some beautiful white lillies in vases on the super-alter. The lancet windows recesses were festooned with flowers and evergreens, as also were the chandeliers and side lights. The special service commenced with the united chorus from the Presbyterian and Primitive Methodist Churches, and one to the church, singing the Xmas hymns "hark, the herald Angels sing," following with the carol "Good Christians Rejoice." Jackson's Te Deuin" was most effectively rendered. The anthem was "Glory to God in the Highest," and the hymns No 59 and 295, ancient and modern, also the carol "The First Noel." The Rev. J. Preston, incumbent of the parish preached from St Luke's Gospel on "The day-spring from on high." The whole service was much enjoyed by the large congregation present.
    Boxing Day was observed as a holiday. Many of the residents proceeded at an early hour to Temuka to witness the Caledonian Sports. The primitive Methodist annual Sunday School picnic took place, but owning to a thunder storm commencing just as the youngsters marshalled together, to proceed to the park, the Volunteer Hall was utilises instead, where a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was spent. The Primitive Methodist band at Temuka took a considerable part in the proceedings, their performance being much admired. Heavy rain continued till far into the night, most beneficially affecting the crops and grass pasture that were beginning to feel the effects of the heat of the past fortnight or so.

Monday 30 December 1889
Mr Richard Turnbull is making slow but satisfactory progress towards recovery and able to get up and enjoy the fresh air out-of-doors a little.

Timaru Herald April 23 1991
W.R. Border, Engineer, Timaru.