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The Mackenzie County Chronicle Vol.1. - No. 74

Printed and published by the proprietor Joseph Ives at his General Printing Office Talbot-street, Geraldine, New Zealand. Wednesday, April 12, 1899
Published Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Price One Penny. Per Quarter in Advance, 3s 6d. 


F.C. Herbert Veterinary Surgeon, Albury

Fred West Albury Hotel (late Lyttelton Times, Christchurch), begs to inform his numerous Friends and General Public that he has purchased and Entered into possession of the above well-known Hotel, at which Patrons will find Excellent Accommadation and the Best of Attention. Plenty of Accommadation for sheep.

Wanted - A youth about 18. Must be able to Milk, and understand Horses. Apply Albury Hotel. Fred West, Proprietor

Albury Sale. Monday April 17. Our Special entries comprise - 500 6 and 8 tooth � bred ewes. Further entries solicited. E. LeCren, manger. W. Lawson, Auctioneer.

Trespass Notice
Any person found TRESPASSING in Pursuit of Game or otherwise on Brownhill or Blanley, the lands of the undersigned, will be Prosecuted. R. Irving, Albury

ANYONE found TRESPASSING on Mistake Station in Pursuit of Game or otherwise on will be PROSECUTED. J.S. Rutherford.

ANYONE found TRESPASSING on Opawa Station in Pursuit of Game or otherwise on will be PROSECUTED. J.S. Rutherford.

ALL PERSONS found TRESPASSING on my Farm, RIVERSIDE Homestead, in Pursuit of Game or otherwise will be prosecuted. J. Brown


William J. Alpe, New Zealand Fishing Tackle Depot, 212 High St., Christchurch next Empire Hotel.

Triggs & Denton Wholesale and retail Saddlers, 72 and 74 Manchester Street, Christchurch New sets of harness from �6, complete and sewn. Saddles and Bridles from �2.

A. Meyers Surgeon Dentists. The Christchurch Dental Surgery and at Dunedin and Invercargill. Nitrous oxide gas for painless extraction of teeth and stumps.

H & W. Roberts, Surgeon - Dentists 190 Cashel Street, Opposite Ballantyne's) Christchurch. Teeth fitted over stumps, or extracted absolutely. Complete sets from �3 3s. guaranteed. Latest modern appliances to ensure perfect success. Fillings, &c.

W.S. Waite Representative for South Canterbury. The Anglo-New Zealand Cycle Co. Head Office, Dunedin. Depots at D.I.C. Christchurch & Wellington. Sub Agencies throughout the colonies. Offer an exceptional choice of wheels at prices ranging from �21 to �30.


William Bain
, Family Butcher, Fairlie
Primest beef, wether mutton and lamb kept in Stock. Families waited upon for Orders.

T.F. Brussell. Drapery, clothing, & boot establishment Fairlie begs to intimate that he has opened a supply of new season's goods including Kaiapoi and Mosgiel Clothing, standard brand boots, etc. and will offer reliable goods at lowest quotations.

Eversile Flour Mills, Fairlie.

H. Fraser, Blacksmith & wheelwright, Fairlie

The Gladstone Hotel, Fairlie.

E. Saunders tailor, Fairlie. Suits to order. Fit, style, and workmanship guaranteed. Garments repaired and cleaned in first class manor.

John Sullivan Fairlie Hotel, Proprietor

Hubert Welsh, Fairlie Creek Forge. Established 1874. General Blacksmith and wheelwright. Agricultural Implements repaired. Horses carefully shod. Horse medicine always at hand. Duplicates of Mercer's Reapers and Binders always at hand. Iron and brass castings kept in stock.

Mackenzie Collie Dog Club. The club, as per former custom, had its members and official dinner on the night of the gathering, when over 40 sat down to the sumptuous spread served up by hostess McMillan, and the business manner in which the company set about  to lighten the tables of their heavy loads fully testified their appreciation of the good things set before them.  A dog-trail dinner at the Pass is to be remembered as one of the few good things that come in the course of a year to enliven the ordinary routine life of  Mackenzie County resident.  A smoke concert was held later on when fully 50 members and their friends were present.  A stirring evening was spent, numerous toasts being proposed and responded to.  There were songs, Gaelic selections, etc.  The party contained several gentleman who possessed capital voices and who displayed considerable comic humour. It was well into the morning before the company broke up, all being well satisfied with the results of this gathering, not with standing the wretchedly bad weather which prevailed, and the big sale which clashed with the trail, to say nothing of the large counter attractions in the shape of the Fairlie Show and bazaar, and the hunt and dance.  The trails and gathering were up to any formerly held in the district, the attendance on part of the public expected, which was to be accounted for owing to the bad weather. The Secretary when responding to a toast, hope the balance-sheet would show a credit of �20, a statement which was received with applause, and no doubt a surprise to many. 
    The concluding work in Class III on the last day revealed nothing out of the ordinary, and the best performances of the previous day were not-beaten.
    This contest resulted as follows:-

Mr Melville's             Bess      29 points    1
Mr McRae's               Barr        26 points    2
Mr A. McKay's          Speed      25 points    3
Mr N. Ballantyne's dog (a special) 24 points    4
Mr C. Thew's dog (a special)        23 points    5

Class IV, for youths under 18 years attracted four participants and the high class work performed by the winter was greatly admired, especially that of the second dog, where Young Master had displayed great ability in training. The dog showed great ability throughout the whole meeting. and but for the lad standing too close to his sheep in his efforts to work the sheep through the last set of poles, he would have won in a  most handsome manner.  There was included a trio of sheep allotted to this young contestant a sheep that should not have been included.
The Judge's verdict was- 
Mr J. Thompson's Tip          1
Mr C.B. Anderson's Bob     2
Mr Herbet Annis's Toss         3      
Mr C.B. Anderson's Glen     4
The special prizes were won as follows- Club's cup for year and gold medal, Mr R. Fraser, also gold medal for dogs scoring the most points in each class I, II, III, Nod being his dog. Mr King's trophy, a handsome cruet, was  gift to Bess, a very fine little slut, showing plenty of quality, owned by Mr Melville and was pronounced as the best bred collie scoring at the meeting by Messrs J. McGregor and Mr McRae.  Mr Melville also secured the ___ for the best holding made and ___ pull made with the same representative ___e. The presidents prize of �2 2s to the best team of three, and to score in each class, viz., I, II, and III, fell to Mr J. Fraser's trio.  A more popular award was not made during the day.  Mr R. Cowan won Mr D. McMillan's special for the second champion with Jet, and he was only one point in the aggregate short of Mr Fraser's Nod.
    It was well on towards evening when the club got things settled up and as the judges were making a start home the assemblage gave them three ringing sheers.

[Cyclopedia of New Zealand  Geraldine]

Chas. Bates & Co. House painters, decorators, gold medallists for graining, marbling, and general finish of work, Dunedin Exhibition, 1898. Importers of paperhangings and painters' materials. Temuka and Geraldine. Agents for Massey-Harris Bicycles.

J. Boughton, Practical tailor and outfitter, Geraldine.

G.H. Bryant, Baker and Confectioner Opposite the Commercial Hotel. Corner of Pleasant Valley Road and Talbot Street, Geraldine. Wedding and Picnic Parties Catered for. Families waited upon.

F.A. Butterfield, Temuka. The new art gallery is now open and I am prepared to take portraits of groups, landscapes, &c. at moderate charges.

Wanted, to let and for sale advertisements, not exceeding sixteen words, inserted in the Geraldine Advocate and the Temuka Times for 1s. Cash.

W. Cooms, Geraldine. Wanted a Housekeeper, not a young one, to take care of two girls, and look after house. Apply to W. Cooms.

Wanted - Pint bottles in any quantity, by A. Fisher, Herbal Beer Factory, Geraldine.

Fisher's Herbal Beer. This just Celebrated Non-Intoxicating Beverage, manufactured in Geraldine, is now ready for the season and can be obtained from Messrs Davis, W.J. Turner, Mrs Pye, Mrs McIlraith and Miss Davis.

P.D. Herdman, Undertaker. Geraldine. Funerals furnished in best style at moderate rates. Hearse provided.

E. Logan, Geraldine, has now opened his new shop with a large assortments of new goods consisting of groceries, crockeryware, ironmonongery, etc. Agent for Untied Fire Insurance Co.

Gavin Loudon, Commercial Hotel, Talbot Street, Geraldine, Proprietor. Good accomondation. Terms moderate. Livery and bait stables.

J. O'Malley, Clerk to the Geraldine Road Board

At the Gapes Valley school committee meeting there were present Messrs W.G. Maslin (chairman), T. Hall, H.M. Lovegrove, and J. Taylor.  The teachers report was considered very satisfactory. Mr H.M. Lovegrove was appointed visitor for the month. Accounts to the amount of �3 13s 9d were passed for payment/ It was decided to hold the next meeting on Saturday the 15th.

A.C. Milligan & Co. Tailors and Outfitters, Geraldine. Please notice, A.C. Milligan & Co. (Late Milligan & Jessep), have removed into new and more convenient premises, next W.T. Turner, Hairdresser, and invite inspection to their varied stock of tweeds, coatings, and suitings. Specialty, �3 3s suits.

Morrison Bros. Millinery, Dressmaking. Dresses complete from 25s. Double-width Oil cloth from 2s yd. Prints from 3d. In fact, as the season is closing, no resaleable offer will be refused. Come along to the Beehive. real bargains. No doubt about it. Mind you can get the latest fashions at your own price.

J.W. Pye, General draper, etc. Cheap drapery. Cheap clothing. Cheap millinery. Cheap fancy goods. Cheap boots and shoes. In fact, everything cheap at Commerce House, Geraldine. Where prices and stocks are being greatly reduced in order to effect a clearance.

Balmoral Private Boarding House Talbot Street, Geraldine
Mrs Quinn begs to inform the travelling Public and Commercial Travellers that excellent accommodation, combined with reasonable charges, may be obtained at this establishment. All the comforts of a private home are provided. good Stabling and paddocking Accommodation. A Spacious sample Room provided for Commercial travellers.

Mr J.C. Scott surgeon dentist will visit Geraldine the third Thursday in every month. Next visit April 20th, and may be consulted at his Rooms in Mr Baxter's Chemist, from 10 a.m. to 4.30. p.m. artificial teeth stoppings. Gas extractions, chloroform, etc.

Thos. Sherratt Merchant Geraldine. New Season's Fruits, Curr Raisins, Sultanas, Figs, Muscatels, Etc. All at Christchurch Prices. Large assortment of Crockery, Glassware, Vases and Fancy Goods, suitable for Christmas season - All at Bedrock Prices. Potted meats and cordials of all kinds. Agents for Zealandia Ranges, and Palatine Insurance Co. Teas a specialty.

W.A. Sherrat and Co. Geraldine. Steam Saw, Planing, and Moulding Mills. Newcastle and west Coast Coals, Firewood, etc. Have all kinds of building material, and make on the premises all kinds of mouldings, flooring, matching and everything required in the timber line, both rough and dressed. We have a large stock of paperhangings.

E.E. Tasker, Family Butcher, A1 Butchery, Opposite the Commercial Hotel, Geraldine. renowned for Quality, Civility and Cleanliness.

A.L. Temple, Stock and Commission Agent, Geraldine. All kinds of machinery repaired on the shortest notice. Engines and binders a specialty. Full stock of binders and plough duplicates on hand.

James Findley Engineer, Blacksmith and wheeleright, Temuka.

Mrs Wakely, fashionable Dressmaker. (Next to Mr Baxter's, Chemist), Geraldine. Style and fit guaranteed. The latest fashions by every mail. Ladies who have once patronised her call with a renewal of their favours.


J. Dore, Proprietor, Railway & Commercial Hotel Pleasant Point. Free stands for horses and good paddocking. Livery and Bait Stables. Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths.

Donald Elder Pleasant Point, Coach Painter, Wheelright, Coach Builder, Agricultural Implement Maker and Undertaker. Funerals conducted and arranged for the shortest notice.

William Kennedy, Pleasant Point. Horse-shoer and general blacksmith. Repairing ploughs, harrows, rollers, and all other agricultural machinery. The Veterinary department is under the charge of Mr Gibson who has had a long and successful experience in the treatment of horses.

Mrs C. Worthington, Proprietress. Buggies, horses, etc. on Hire, Closed Carriage kept at stable. Coach services to Timaru on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Coach leaves the Point 9.30 p.m. and Timaru at 3.30 pm. Coach services to Temuka on Wednesdays, leaving Point at noon, and Temuka at 3.15 p.m.


Mr. Bates, Last 14 days' sale at the Temuka Boot Shop, carried on by Mr Bates. Don't miss the shop between Mr Sims and Mr Tozer's Jewellers. In these days of Blatant advertising it is difficult to discriminate between honest push of Business and sham pretence, A common sense guide however for those requiring ready made boots should order from a practical Boot-maker. You don't go to a Baker for boots or too a Saddler for bread. Why order boots from a Draper or Grocer.  The practice of one tradesman cutting into another's Business should not be encouraged. Let the cobbler stick to his Last. Live and let live are two good old proverbs. Encourage good industry.
12 pair Girls' Tan Strap Shoes 10 to 13      7s 6d sale price 6s
11 pair Girls' Tan Strap Shoes   7 to   9      6s 6d sale price 5s
  8 pair Girls' Tan Boots             7 to   9      6s 9d sale price 5s
  6 pair Girls' Tan Boots           10 to 13      7s 5d sale price 6s

E. Brown. I have a large Quantity of Cricket and Tennis Material. Coal and timber merchant and general ironmonger, Temuka.

Brown Beehive Stores, Temuka. Boots & Shoes do not pass the Beehive. For best value in Groceries. None equal to the Beehive. For Best Value in Men's & Boys' Clothing Go to the Beehive. For Best Value in Drapery Try the Beehive.

Mr Collins has been appointed by Mr F. Butterfield of Temuka to canvas for orders in the Temuka and Geraldine districts. Persons desirous of having photographs enlarges could not do better than place their orders with Mr Collins. Adv. 

The Misses Cameron, Main Street, Temuka. Dressmakers & Milliners. Latest Anglo-Parisian style of dressmaking.. Blouses, tea, ball and dinner gowns. Cycling costumes, riding habits, tennis and croquet costumes, etc. of the very latest style. Wedding outfits, and tailor-made gowns a specialty.

H.T. Clinch, Seedsman & Fruiterer Main South Road, Temuka. Refreshment rooms are now open. Hot pies and coffee every Saturday Night. Sole agent for Nimmo & Blair's Standard seeds.

F. Collier's Old established Passenger Coach. Plies regularly between Temuka and Timaru on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Leaving Temuka at 9 a.m. and Timaru at 3.30 p.m. All orders and parcels delivered.  Picnic parties conveyed at reasonable charges to all popular resorts. Local agent for Planet JR Farm and Garden Tools. Coach office - The Old Curiosity Shop, Temuka.

J. Cooper's Near Post Office, Temuka. In short, any work doing in painting or plumbing trade.

W.J. Donvan, Proprietor Coira's Royal Hotel Main Street, Temuka. Begs to inform Tourists, Travellers, and the Public generally that he has taken over the above Hotel, lately conducted by Mr D. O'Donohue, and it is making it the most convenient Family and Commercial House in the District. Spright's Unrivalled beer Always on the tap. Special arrangements for Tourist, Commercial men, and Anglers.

T. Cheyne Farne, Solicitor, Temuka. I have various sums of Money to Lend on approved security at Current Rates. Mr Farne visits his branch office, Geraldine (opposite Courthouse), on Court Days and Sale Days.

A.W. Gaze Hon. Sec. Temuka. Temuka and Geraldine Agricultural & Pastoral Association. Entries for the Autumn Show of Horses Close on April 17th, at 6 p.m.

J. & W. Grant Coach builders, blacksmiths and wheelwright, Temuka. We make a specialty of turning out vehicles of all descriptions, from a dray to a wagonette. Our stylish Dog-carts are to be seen all over the district. Good honest work put into them.  Our head Wheelwright and coach painter have each secured Exhibition awards. See their work.  Vehicles repaired and repainted-made equal to new. Shoeing and General repair work. Charges moderate.

D. O'Donohue, Crown Hotel, Temuka. Late of Fairlie Creek Hotel and Royal Hotel, Temuka, begs to announce that he has taken from Mr H. Lee the Crown Hotel, Temuka, the most convenient Family and Commercial House in the Districts. Private sitting and bedrooms.

W. Gunn, D.D.S. Dentist. Can be consulted at Mr Dann's every alternate Tuesday. Patients are requested to make appointments with Mr Dann, Chemist, Temuka.

T.Gunnion begs to announce that he has taken over the coaching business lately carried on by Mr G. Judson, and will in future run a passenger coach regularly between Temuka and Timaru on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Leaving Temuka Post Office punctually at 9 a.m. and Ellis Stables, Timaru, at 3.30 pm. Main Street Timaru.

James Harrison The Central Stores, Main Street Temuka. A Clearing out sale for 21 days. All present prices chalked off. 3/- in the pound discount off crockery, glassware, Tinware, Cutlery, Plate-ware, Hardware, Brushware and a large stock of Butter Jars. All Groceries reduced as well. One call will Prove that this is the Truth Frozen hard, test it.

William Hopkinson, Temuka.  First Class young carriage horses for sale.

Jones & Harman. Wallingford Studio. Have leased the Premises in Main Street, Temuka, lately occupied by Mr. J.C. Oddie (opposite Bank of New Zealand), and have had the same completed renovated and fitted as a Photographic Studio. Enlargements a specialty.

Mr J. Ives, the proprietor of the papers, left Temuka by last night's express en route to Wellington, to superintend the dismantling of the the double royal machine which he recently purchased from the Government. To hopes to ship the machine on Friday, and to have it in working order in his Temuka office early the following week.

J.A. McCaskill A1 Bakery and General Store Main Street Temuka. Xmas Cards. Having considerably enlarged my premises, I am prepared to sell at the cheapest Rates Bread, Small Goods, Fruit Confectionery and Groceries. In  thanking my patrons for their liberal support during the last five years, I confidently inform them that I don't intend anyone to undersell me.

W. Niles The Cash Storekeeper, Temuka. He is now opening up an Entirely New Stock of crockery, glassware, cutlery, tinware, fancy goods, stationary and other lines too numerous to particularise. The shop will be Lit Up with Elliott's and Butterfield's Acetyline Gas Patent Generator. Mote new address. The Rink (lately occupied by G. Gibb, Main Street, Temuka. Nothing succeeds like success.

Miss Robertson. Premier dressmaker __in street, Temuka. Tailor made gowns. Blouses, cycling costumes, riding habits, tea, ball and dinner gowns.  Tennis and crocquet costumes of the latest styles.

W.C. Roulston, Temuka. The popular Dress Department. We hold a large assortment of all the newest costume pieces and new fabrics of the latest materials. A splendid selection of all the newest washing materials suitable for blouses. New spring millinery. All the choicest and latest shapes in sailors and fancy straws - trimmed and untrimmed. Men's straw and felt hats. Of the very latest fashions. Shirts, ties, braces, and collars. Ladies lace boots. Ladies lace and strap shoes at clearing prices. Dressmaking. Costumes complete from 27s 6d. Mendelson's Buildings, Temuka.

A.E. Smith & Co. General Storekeepers, Temuka. Prices and Quality to meet the times.

Mr. G. Smith's Nursery and Orchard. At the northern end of Main street, Temuka, stands one of the best cared for nurseries and orchards to be found in New Zealand. The industrious and enterprising owner, Mr G. Smith, at onetime had charge of the Mr J.L. Coater's beautiful grounds at Opawa, near Christchurch.  About fourteen years ago Mr Smith came to Temuka and purchased 1 acre of land, which he laid out as a nursery and orchard. Along the fence he has trained no fewer than 40 varieties of sweet pea . No, festival takes place in the district without some floral display cut from Mr Smith's  flower garden. 

WM. Storey tailor and outfitter Temuka.

A.W. Surridge, painter Temuka. All work is executed by himself, no painter laborers being employed.

J.H. Walker, agents for Canterbury Acetyline Gas Comy., and Bicycle Repairer, Temuka. Acetyline gas can be supplied at half the cost  of kerosene. Kerosene gas stoves, cheapest cooking apparatus known, renders firs unnecessary for cooking, laundry work, 7c, Price 17s 6d.

J.M. Warren, M.D., Mast. Surg. and Licentiate in Midwifery, Queen's University. Ireland, has begun the practice of his profession in Temuka, and may be consulted at his residence, lately occupied by the Bank of New South Wales. Hours 9 to 10.30. am 3 to 3 p.m. 6.30 to 8 p.m. All medicines dispensed.

Messrs Wendelken & Co. desire to inform farmers and residents that they have entered into possession of the brewery lately carried on by Mr W. Taylor. Mr Wendelken will personally supervise the Brewing Department, and his lengthy experience at the Crown Brewery Company for a period of sixteen years; also Victoria brewery and latterly at Hawera, North Island, should be a guarantee of the excellence if the brew. They are now prepared to supply families and the general public with pure malt ale and stout. All orders punctually attended to. Cash purchasers of ale and stout bottles in any quantities. Wendelken & Co. Brewers, Malters and Bottlers.

P.P. White. Postmaster. Temuka Mail notice. For the Untied Kingdom, Continent of Europe, United States of America, Canada, British Columbia, Japan, &c (via San Francisco,) Hawaii, Samoa, Australian Colonies (via Wellington) and Northern Ports of New Zealand, per Tarawera, Friday April 14th. This mail will be due in London May 17th.

Church of England Sunday School
The distribution of prizes in connection with the Temuka Church of England and Sunday School took place last Sunday afternoon. The following is the prize list. - 
Standard VI.- J. Lee, Mary Mehrtens
Standard V. - F. Davy, Lilian Lee, Rose Hobbs
Standard  IV. -(girls), Kate Harrison, 
    Boys - W. Gray, H. Boulter, J, Gray
Standard  III. - Girls in 1st division - Ida Nicholas, Alice Comer
                 (second division) Grace Harrison, Beatrice Mehrtens.
     Boys - F. McBratney, W. Rogers, G. Lee, H. Goodeve.
Standard  II. - Girls - Louie Gray, Florence Rodgers, Lily Hobbs. 
    Boys - A. Whitehead, C. Hopper.
Standard  I. - Girls-  Ethel Comer, Eileen Farley. 
     Boys -  (1st division) W. Mehrtens, G. Oldfield, E. Lee
                 (second division) H. Andrews, H. Whitehead
Infants. - Girls - Ruby Whitehead, Cissy Oldfield, Ethel Oliver, Madge Chapman.
      Boys - Stanley Armitage, H. Davey, J. Wren, R. Andrews, F. Goodeve. 
    In addition to the above, special prizes were presented to standard III boys, and F. Coira, F. Bratney, and G. Lee qualified themselves to receive them.  Mrs Lee awarded a special prize to bertha Ackroyd for good conduct in standard V.


J. Ballantyne & Co., Timaru, Christchurch and London. Our three cutters, viz., Mr Padget, Mr Oliver & Mr Lincoln will specially attend on Saturday Evenings from seven to nine o'clock, in addition to the usual hours.

John Brinsmead & Sons Pianos..

Wholesale agents. Guinness and LeCren, Timaru,

R. MacDonald, Moa Cycle works, Timaru

W. Mendelson, Solicitor, Stafford Street, Timaru.  I have money to lend on lowest rates of Interest. Mr Mendelson attends Temuka Tuesdays. 

Pearson's. Fancy Warehouse, 209 Stafford Street. Heavy stock and grand variety of Leather School Bags from 9d each Photographic albums large stock from 3s to 30s. Stationary packet contains 24 sheets ruled Note and 25 Good Envelopes for 6d.

Priest & Holdgate Timaru We beg to advise being fully equipped for the Sporting Season.

J. Radcliffe, Corner Beswick and Stafford Streets. To those complating matrimony or about to furnish to call and inspect my stock of furniture.

Mr John Rielly, Criterion Hotel, having purchased the above Hotel, begs to inform his many acquaintances that he wishes to give them a Hearty Welcome and Comfortable Accommodation whenever they call at Timaru. He has on tap the Local brew (Hole and Co.s).

J.C. Scott - Surgeon Dentist. Tutored under C. W. Hay, Dunedin, formerly of Melbourne and Sydney, and holding highest Certificates of the Dental Examination prescribed by the New Zealand Board of Examiners, has commenced practice in the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Coy's. Buildings, about half a minute's walk from Railway station, Stafford Street.

C. Howard Tripp, Solicitor, Timaru. Have various sums of money to Lend on Mortgage of Freehold prosperities, at Lowest Rates of Interest.

Tyrrell, King & Co, North & Stafford Streets, Timaru. Having got a temporary lease of the Emporium or better known as the Stafford Street Horse Sale-yards, which we use as our branch Cash shop, and being known so far as we know the only strictly cash grocers' shop in South Canterbury where no monthly accounts run, we are in a position to sell at the lowest prices. 
    Our long experience of buying in the best markets, our command of capital which enables us to save all discounts, together with the very low expenses, we consistently defy all competition.
Company's Sugars. Are the best for preserving, and our cash prices are 40lb 8s 3d, 56lb 11s 6d, 70lb 14s 3d.
    Ceylon Pekoe Souchong 1s 3d per lb.
    Ceylon and Indian 1s 6d per lb
    Pure Ceylon orange Pekoe reduced to 2s per lb
    Cream Jars 1s 6d, 1s 9d, 2s 3d, 2s 9d
    Butter Jars 1s 6d to 6s 6d
Lamps from 1s to 11s 9d
    Flour Best Roller, 15s per sack
    Oatmeal, 2s 6d per 25 lb bag
    Sharps, 5s 6d per sack
    Bran 4s 6d per sack
    Good Vinegar 2s per Gallon
    Good English Worcester sauce, 3 bottles for 1s
    Mixed Biscuits, 4d per lb
    Large Bars Soap for 1s

T. Wagstaff, The Educational Seller & Stationer, Timaru


Dr Speer, Has returned to the Colonies after 10 years absence. Chronic. Nervous, all skin diseases, stricture, kidney and bladder specialties. Send for question form, with stamp and be treated at home. Address: P.O. Box 339, Wellington.


McCaskill Bros., Winchester, Woolscouring works.  The above Works are now open for the ensuing Wool Season. Large and small lots scoured on the Shortest Notice. Workmanship the Best.

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