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 South Canterbury, N.Z. - surnames - 1919

An incomplete list but covers 1126 names

The population for South Canterbury was 26,733 in 1905. So this is approximately 2% of the population and 18% of the surnames in the South Canterbury farming districts. There are a few examples of people having the same surname and initials but living in a different locality so they are not the same person. Many of these surnames are still prevalent in the districts ninety years later in 2009. Page created 19 July 2009.

Awards, agreements, orders, and decisions made under the Industrial ... By New Zealand. Dept. of Labour, New Zealand. Industrial Commission 1919
page 208 Waimate, Timaru and Mackenzie & Geraldine Counties.
Adam, J Makikhi
Adams, Alfred, Hakataramea
Adams, E.J. Brooklands, Waimate
Adams, F., Albury.
Adams, George, Hakataramea
Adams Limited, Motor Engineers, Stafford Street, Timaru
Adamson, Alexander, Waimate
Aitken, Elizabeth Harriet, Raincliff, Pleasant Point
Alexander, William, Geraldine
Alexander, Mrs. EA, Cave
Allan, Robert. Allandale
Allen, FJ, Four Peaks, Geraldine
Allen, Henry S., Waihao Downs
Allen, Humphrey, St. Andrew's
Allen, J., Waihao Forks
Ambler, DR, Orari Bridge, Geraldine
Anderson, CM, jun., Cave
Anderson, C., Temuka
Anderson. D., Washdyke
Anderson, GH, Claremont
Anderson, William, St. Andrew's
Andrews, T., Pareora
Andrews, WB. Builder, Pleasant Point
Angland, D., Albury
Annett, John M., Kimbell
Annett, David, Sutherland's
Annett, William, St. Andrew's
Anning, Mrs. Isabella, Waihao Downs
Annis, Miss M., Burke's Pass
Anstey, HN. St. Andrew's
Anstey, HN, St. Andrew's
Anstey, J., Otipua
Anstey, JT. Kingsdown, Timaru
Archibald, George, Morven
Ardagh, JJ. Glencoe Hotel, Glenavy
Armstrong, Walter. Hillside, Waihao Downs
Arnott, William, Ma-waro
Arthur, HJ, Waihao Downs
Armstrong, John, Peel Forest
Armstrong. John, Hadlow Park, Tycho delivery
Arras, B., Rosewill
Arras, L., Rosewill-Tycho delivery
Ashworth, WC, Waihao Downs
Ashby, WI. Arundel
Austin, Alfred, Orari
Ayers, AT, Hunter
Baikie, John, "Gilston," Glenavy
Bailey, Samuel J., Morven
Bain Bros., Temuka
Bain, Walter, Levels
Baker, William, Waituna, Waimate
Balfour, GA, Hakataramea property, Waihao Downs
Ballagh, Alexander, Kingsdown, Timaru
Ballagh, Samuel, _______
Ballantyne, JA Glenavy
Ballantyne, Peter, Cave
Barford, W., Waimate
Barker, PS, Four Peaks, Geraldine
Barker, WE, Peel Forest
Barry, William, Ma-waro
Batchelor, TH, St. Andrew's
Bate, John Charles, Hunter
Bates, C., and Co., Painters, Temuka
Battison, Isaac, Fairlie
Baxter, JL, Fairlie
Beattie, WJ, Hilton (rural delivery)
Bee, Samuel, Kingsdown, Timaru
Bell, James, Southburn
Bell, JR, St. Andrew's
Bell, LR, St. Andrew's
Bell, Thomas H., Rangitata
Bell, William, Winchester
Benn, AE, Pleasant Point
Benn,. ... Rangitata
Bennett, Daniel, Kakahu School
Bennett, HC, Te Moana
Bennett, JE. Washdyke
Bennett, WF, Fairview
Biggs, A.. Tycho Flat
Bill, James. Temuka
Bisdee, C., Temuka
Black, WJ, Sutherland's
Black Forest Company (Limited), Burke's Pass
Black, W., and Co., Lake Tekapo
Blackler, C., Totara Valley, Pleasant Point.
Blackmore, JE, Southburn
Blair Bros.. Morven
Blair, DJ. Waimate
Blank, EC, St. Andrew's
Bland, JR. Peel Forest
Bloomfield, William, Stafford Street. Timaru
Bloxham, FS, Cricklewood
Boland, Charles, Kerrytown
Bonnett, Elizabeth, Chamberlain, Albury
Booker, George, Winchester
Borrell, George, Belfield, Orari
Borrie, PW, Waihao Downs
Boulton. AH, St. Andrew's
Bourn, JT, Pleasant Point
Bower and Ferguson, Timaru
Bowie, William, Temuka
Boyd. James, Makikihi
Boyd, James, Temuka
Boyle and Clarkson, Lake Pukaki
Bradford, David, Temuka
Brasell, W. and A. __________
Bray, John, Fairlie
Brennan, Francis, Hunter
Brennan, Phillip, Hazelburn, Pleasant Point
Brien, H., Kimbell
Brin___:ms. A., Waimate
Broadhead, John. Builder, Maori Hill, Timaru
Brookland, WR, Orton
Brophy, K., Pleasant Point
Brophy, Martin, Sutherland's
Brophy, Michael, Hilton
Brosnahan, Mrs. C., Otipua
Brosnahan, H., Pah Farm, Seadown
Brosnahan, Jeremiah, Seadown
Brosnahan, James, Morven
Brosnahan, Patrick, Rosewill
Brosnan, Patrick, Albury
Brosnan, T.T. Cannington, Cave
Brown, Alexander, Morven
Brown, Alexander, Jun, Morvan
Brown, Mrs. Charlotte, Hakataramea
Brown, Elijah, Timber and Coal Merchant, Temuka
Brown, John ________
Brown, TJ, Waimate
Brown, William C. __________
Browne, Robert R Washdyke
Brownlie, J., Fairlie
Bruce, J., Morven
Brunton, RR, Otaio
Buchanan, JA, Glenavy
Buchanan. Mrs, Janet, Waihao Downs
Buckingham, DA. Waimate
Buckley Bros., Waimate
Buckley, TJ, Temuka
Buckley, Rollesby, Fairlie
Budd, George, Salisbury
Buller, RC, Morven
Bunting, WJ, Makikihi
Burke, Peter, Morven
Burke Bros.. Temuka
Burnett, Donald, Fairlie
Burns, Daniel, Levels
Burns, EF, St. Andrew's
Burns, MF. Levels
Burrows, AJ, Willow Brook, Te Moana
Burrows, GD, Geraldine
Burson, Frederick William, Waihao Downs
Bussell, John (Executors of), Hunter
Burt, James, Highburton, Woodbury
Burt, James, Tripp Settlement
Butcher, E., Ma-waro
Butcher, John, Waimate
Butler Bros.. Pleasant Point
Buxton, WS, Totara Valley, Pleasant Point
Bryant, CG, Geraldine
Cain, HH. Rangitata
Cain, John W., Orton
Cain, Samuel, Seadown
Cairns, Henry M., Claremont
Cairns, Mrs. James, Temuka
Caird, John, Pareora West
Caldwell, ________
Cameron, James, Fairlie
Cameron Bros., " Wainui." Hakataramea
Cameron. HE, Hakataramea
Cameron, JEP, Hadlow Road, Timaru
Cameron, Margaret. St. Andrew's
Campbell Bros., Woodbury
Campbell, David, Hakataramea
Campbell, Robert, jun., Claremont
Campbell, WF ______
Campbell, William, Kingsdown, Timaru
Campbell, Neil, Clandeboye
Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association, Timaru
Canterbury Frozen Meat and Dairy Produce Company (Limited), Pareora East
Carroll, John James, Glenavy
Cartwright, GB, Temuka
Carroll, John James, Glenavy
Cartwright, Edward, Pleasant Point
Cartwright, James, St. Andrew's
Cartwright, W. R, Pleasant Point
Caswell, R., Albury
Casey, P. Gapes Valley
Casey, Richard, Pareora West
Casey, Robert, Hilton
Caskey, Robert, Clayton, Fairlie
Cations, George A.. Claremont
Cations, George A. Claremont
Chamberlain, JW, Southburn
Chalmers, Adam. Rangitata
Chapman Bros., Opihi Road, Pleasant Point
Chapman. H. and A., Temuka
Chapman, James E., "Mayfield," Pleasant Point
Chapman, S., Waitohi Flat.
Chapman, Thomas E.. Totara Valley
Chapman, WG Cave
Charles Bros., Rangitata
Chisholm, Isabella, Sutherland's
Chittock, FB, Tycho delivery
Clarke, GH. Washdyke
Clarke, W. R,. Orari
Cleland, James, Totara Valley, Pleasant Point
Clifford. MJ, Temuka
Cochran, Michael and A., Waimate
Cochrane, MS, Glenavy
Coffey, D., Cave
Coll, Patrick, Upper Waitohi
Collett, WH, Opihi, Pleasant Point
Collie, Mrs. Jane, Waihao Downs
Collier, SF. Otaio Gorge, St. Andrew's
Collins, Michael. Pleasant Point
Colwill, John,  Lantlsborough, [sic]. Timaru
Comer, RB, Temuka
Cone, FC, Fairlie
Cone, GH, Waitohi
Connell, John, Upper Waitohi
Connelly, William, Peel Forest
Connolly, Jeremiah, Geraldine
Connolly, Martin, Temuka
Connolly, Simon _______
Connolly's Farm, Geraldine
Cooling, GH, Cricklewood
Cooling. AJ, Woodbury
Cooling. H., Woodbury
Cooper, Peter, Washdyke
Corbett, Edward, Pleasant Point
Corbett, James, Cricklewood
Corbett, James, jun., Cricklewood
Corrigall, Frank W., Hakataramea
Corry, B., Morven
Coster, A., Kingsdown
Coster, A., Kingsdown
Cotterell, AT, Fairlie
Coughlan, John, Winchester
Coulter, William John Rangitata
Coup, Walter, St. Andrew's
Court, George, Waimate
Cowan, William, Hunter
Cowan, Andrew, Four Peaks. Geraldine
Cowies, FC, Upper Waitohi
Craig, HP, Geraldine
Craig, Mrs. Annie, Finlay Downs, St. Andrew's
Crampton, WD, Albury
Crawford, John, Cave
Cross, Arnold, Ma-waro
Crowe, Michael, Morven
Crowle, Frederick, Arno
Crump, D., St. Andrew's
Crump, Frederick, Arno.
Cullen, SW, Sutherland's
Dass _________
Davie, George, Gapes Valley
Davie, R., Chamberlain, Albury
Davie, R., Washdyke
Davison. James. Southburn
Delargy, BJ, Hakataramea
Deal, George, Glenavy
De Renzy, John, Winchester
De Renzy. Mrs. EE, Winchester
Dickson, CW, Glenavy
Dickson, F., Rollesby, Burke's Pass
Dickson, John, Makikihi
Dickson, JJ, St. Andrew's
Dillon, John, Morven
Divan, John (Executors of). Seadown
Donnithorne, William H., Waitohi Flat
Douglas, John, Pleasant Point
Douglas, T., Pleasant Point
Doyle, Thomas, Adair
Draffin, David, Upper Waitohi
Drake, Francis A., Pareora
Drake, Francis A.. Clandeboye
Duff, William, Glenavy
Dugdale, Thomas, Arno
Duncan, A., Fairlie
Dunnett, James A., Fairlie
Dyer, AE, Waimate
Dyer, Thomas, Waimate
Earl. John, Otaio
Earl. J. and M., Benacre, Otaio
Earl. M., Otaio
Earl, JJ, Orari
Earl, Job, Geraldine
Edgar, Adam, Rangitata
Edgar, JH. Orton
Edge, James, Fairlie
Chapman, Thomas E.. Totara Valley
Ellery, S.. Belfield
Elliott, Daniel, Albury
Ellis, AH. Geraldine
Ellis, CR. Rangitata.
Falloon, J., Waihao Forks
Faulkner, Charles (Executors of), Willowbridge
Fenn, HL. Grange Hill, Cave
Fenwick, Richard, St. Andrew's
Field, AG, Kakahu Bush
Fifield. Joseph Woodbury
Finn, James, Geraldine.
Fitzgerald, Mrs. M. Copland's, Otaio
Fitzgerald, Maria, Orari
Flannery, F.. Evans Fla
Flatman, FR. Woodbury
Fleming Bros., Crookston
Fleming. David. Crookston
Fleming. Patrick, Waimate
Fleming, Thomas. Glenavy
Fletcher Bros., Hilton
Fletcher, W. and TE, Willowbridge
Flynn, Dennis, Morven
Flynn, JT, Studholme
Foden and Co., Stafford Street. Timaru
Fogarty, Laurence P.. Waimate
Foley, John. Studholme
Foley, Daniel, Kerrytown
Ford, William, Belfield, Orari
Forrest, James, St. Andrew's
Forrest, L. Otaio
Forster, James, Rosewill delivery
Forsyth, Andrew, Upper Waitohi
Fowler, GW, Woodbury
Fox, John, Studholme
Fox, Michael, Willowbridge
Francis, JC, Cave
Fraser, A., Timaru
Fraser, Oliver, Waimate
Fraser, R., Albury
Fraser, Thomas, Peel Forest
Freeman, SL, Timaru
Friel, Peter, Hilton
Frost Bros., Studholme Junction
Frost, PJ, Waimate
Fulton, IH, Cricklewood
Gallen, E., Albury
Gallen, Michael, Fairlie
Gallen, William, Fairlie
Gale, George T., Te Moana
Gale, S., Pleasant Valley
Galletly, Edwin, Gapes Valley
Galway, Christopher, 27 Croydon Street, Christchurch
Gardiner Bros., Upper Waitohi
Geddes, A., Fairlie
Geddes, Robert, Waihao Downs
Geddes, William, Waimate
Geddes, William G., Waihao Downs
Geddis, Francis. Waihao Downs
Gemmell, G. and T. Hakataramea
Ghys, AB, Temuka
Gibson, Archie, Hunter
Giles, L., Hunter
Gill, Robert, Hunter
Gilliatt, William, Washdyke
Gillingham, R., Fontmell, Fairlie
Gluyas, Mrs. R., Morven
Goldstone, John. Waimate
Goodeve, HR, Temuka
Goodwin, Mrs. M., Awanui, Geraldine
Gould, Mrs. Jane, Waterfalls, Pleasant Point
Gould, Richard, Pleasant Point
Gould Bros., Rangitata
Gould Bros.. Temuka.
Gould, W., Rangitata.
Gould, William, "Bush Flat." Al bury
Glides, Michael, Milford, Temuka
Gilliatt, William, Washdyke
Gould, GJ, Temuka
Gould, Richard, Pleasant Point
Gould, William "Bush Flat." Albury
Graham, James, Fairlie
Grant Bros., Motor Engineers, Stafford Street, Timaru
Grant and Seaton, Timaru
Grant, D. and LJ, Clandeboye
Grant, Donald, Elloughton Grange, Timaru
Grant, Donald, Winchester
Grant, JW, Raincliff, Pleasant Point
Gray, George, Waimate
Gray, JW, Glenavy
Gray, Norman, Waimate
Gray, Robert, St. Andrew's
Grayburn. H. Orari
Green, Frank, Temuka
Green, John, Glen-iti
Greenall, Charles E., Timaru
Greene, William S., Rangitata
Gregan, Daniel, Four Peaks
Greig, Thomas, Claremont
Graham and Clear, furnishers, Waimate
Grieve, JS, Finlay Downs, St. Andrew's
Griffiths Bros., Hilton
Groundwater, George, Ma-waro
Groundwater, Robert, Sutherland's
Gudsell, GV, Winchester
Guerin, Michael (Executors late), Hilton      
Gudsell, GV, Winchester
Guerin, J. and J., Cannington, Cave
Guilford, FC. Cattle Valley, Fairlie
Guinness, JC, Clayton, Fairlie
Gunn, Mrs. David, Waimate
Gunn, Misses Mary and Jessie, Waimate
Guy, WE, Tycho Flat
Hall, George, Otaio
Hall, James, St. Andrew's
Hall, JJ, Otaio
Hall, F. Pleasant Point
Hall, Helen, Geraldine (rural delivery
Hamilton, Andrew, Glen-iti
Hamilton, Andrew, jun., Glen-iti
Hamilton, George, and others, Clayton, Fairlie
Hammond. CW. and Son
Hammond, John, Pareora East
Hammond, John A., Te Moana
Hammond, JW, Orton
Hammond, R., Fairview
Hampton, John and George, Kingsdown
Hampton, Lilian and Walter, Waihao Downs
Hanly, P. (Executors of), Morven
Hanson, JE., Fairlie
Hanson, S., Pareora.
Hanson, Simon, Gapes Valley
Harkness, WS, Levels
Harries, EL, Albury
Harris, James Henry, Arundel
Harrison, J., Timaru
Hart, AG, Rosewill
Hauh, E., Orari.
Hawdon, Arthur, Peel Forest
Hawke, HH, Rangatira Valley
Hawke, WH. Pleasant Valley
Hawkey and Son, Timaru
Hawkey, T., Timaru
Hawkins, E. , Waimate
Hawkins, Mrs., Waihao Downs
Hay and Orchard. Waihao Downs
Hay, John L., Morven
Hay, JT, Morven
Hayder, AEV, Geraldine
Hayhurst, JF, Temuka
Hayman, Ernest, Cannington, Cave
Hayman, William Henry, Willowbridge
Hayman, W., Tasman Downs, Tekapo
Haytor, Chilton, Burke's Pass
Haywood, William, Geraldine
Head Bros., Ringwood, Morven
Hearn Bros., Rangitata Island
Hearn, J., jun., Rangitata
Hearn, WH, Rangitata
Hearn, WH and J., Rangitata Island
Helem, George, Orari Bridge
Henderson, John I, Orari Bridge.
Henderson, R.. Upper Waitohi
Henderson, SR, St. Andrew's
Hendry, CM, St. Andrew's
Hendry, Robert A., St. Andrew's
Heney, J.. Woodbury
Heney, W., Peel Forest
Heney, WM, jun., Peel Forest
Heward, William, Fairlie
Hewson, C., Orari
Hewson, HS, Temuka
Hewson, WA, Woodbury
Hidley Bros. __________
Higgs, AJ, Waihao Forks
Hill, William, Pleasant Point
Hill, Henry, Geraldine
Hill and Son, Motor Engineers, Stafford Street, Timaru
Hoare, David, Waimate
Hogden, WH, Waihao Downs
Hogg, GJ, Waitohi Flat
Holdsworth, J. and E., Langlee,  Glenavy
Holland, GR, Waimate
Home, Thomas, Kingsdown
Holmes and Son. furnishers, Stafford Street. Timaru
Hopkins, Joseph ________
Hornblow, AJ, Fairlie
Horgan, W., Cricklewood
Hossack George, Arno
Howell, WH, Cave
Howden, A., Raincliff. Pleasant Point
Hullen, Mrs. JM, Pleasant Point
Hulston, AR, Fairview
Hurst, CJ. _______
Hurst, RB, Lilloet, Waimate
Husband, William, jun. Claremont
Hubbard, W., Albury
Husken, WG, Simon's Pass
Hutchison, William, Lower Waitohi
Hyland. John. Glenavy
Hynes, Michael, Morven
Irvine, AJ, Geraldine
Irving, D., Otaio
Ivey, TH, Saltwater Creek, Timaru
Ivey, Thomas H.. Salisbury
Jackson, Amos, Washdyke
Jackson, George __________
Jackson, AJ, Hunter
Jackson, Charles, Hunter
Jenkin, HW, Copeland's, St. Andrew's
Johnson, JF. Otaio
Johnson, TL, Albury
Johnson, TJ, Levels
Johnson and Son. Engineers, Rangiora
Johnston. Mills, and Joyce, St. Andrew's
Jones, C., Clayton, Fairlie
Jones, WB, Hilton.
Jones, Arthur S., Hook, Waimate
Jones, F., Fairlie Motor-garage, Fairlie
Jones, TE and H.. Sutherland's
Jones, WBS, Pleasant Point
Joyce, George R., Stafford Street, Timaru
Kliem, Fritz and A., Woodbury
Keane, JM. Pleasant Point
Keay, John, Fairlie
Kee, DG, Kakahu School
Keefe, GJ, Kimbell
Keenan. P., Fairlie
Kelland, John, Waitohi Flat, Temuka
Kelleher, T., Orari Bridge
Kelliher, T., Owersby, Fairlie
Kelman, JA, Ma-waro
Kelman, M. and G., Geraldine
Kemp and T., Hillgrove
Kennedy, Cornelius, St. Andrew's
Kennedy, M., St. Andrew's
Kennedy, P., St. Andrew's.
Kennedy, W., St. Andrew's
Kennedy, D. and T., Herbert
Kenny, EF, Benmore
Kernohan, John, Winchester
King, WH, Hunter
Kingsbury, ER, Waimate
Kinross. A., Southburn
Kinross, Thomas _______
Kernohan, John, Winchester
Kidd, Peter, Albury
Kinsman, Misses Amy and Agnes, Waihao Downs
Kirk, AE, Waihao Forks
Kirk, Owen, Otaio
Kliem, Fritz and A., Woodbury
Koley and Sons, Waihao Downs
Korlies, Ernest T., Morven
Kuegler, FW, Waimate
Kurzel. Hans. Cannington, Cave
Lance, F.. Pukaki
Lane, DA, Winchester Settlement, Temuka
Lane, Thomas, Temuka
Langford, AT, Winchester
Lavers, WJ, St. Andrew's
Leal, Thomas, Waihao Forks
Le Cren, Herbert A., Glen Craig, Fairlie
Le Cren, Vivian L. Fairlie
Lee, Charles, Pleasant Point
Lee, MJ, Cricklewood
Lee, A., Sutherland's.
Lee, Rufus, Temuka
Leech, Mrs. CM, Albury
Lelievre, Jule, Geraldine
Lemon, TJ, Otaio
Leonard, Joseph, Geraldine
Leonard, M., Woodbury.
Leonard, Maurice, Temuka
Lewis, C., Arundel
Lewis. Miss E., Winchester
Linton, John, Makikihi
Lett, William, Claremont
Ley, Charles, Pleasant Point
Linton, John, Makikihi
Little, WA, Cave
Logan, Al, Studholme Junction
Longman. EW, Pareora
Love, James, Arundel
Love, John, Washdyke
Love, TH, Hazelburn
Lowe and Livesay, Clandeboye
Lyon, John, Rangatira Valley
Lyon, Thomas, Waitohi, Temuka
Lyons, D., Chastleton, Fairlie
Lyons, M., Woodbury
Lyons, Matthew, Waimate
Lysaght, Austin, Geraldine
Lysaght, Christopher, Cherry Park, St. Andrew's
McCabe, John, Waitohi Flat
McCabe, Joseph J., Waitohi
McCann, John, Pleasant Point
McCarthy, Patrick, St. Andrew's
McCaw, William, Tycho
McClelland, A., Rangitata
McClintock. Alexander, Claremont
McClinton, Henry, Orari Bridge
McColl. JL (Executors of), Gearldine
McConnell, W. R,. Burke's Pass
McCrossan, James, Arno
McCrossan, PJ, Arno
McCulloch, A., Glenavy
McCully, HS, Waitohi Flat
McDonald, Angus, Hakataramea
McDonald. AA, Albury
McDonald, AW, Albury
McDonald, DP, Arno
McDonald, J., Orari Bridge
McDonald, W. James, Maungati, Timaru
McDonnell, Hugh, Woodbury
McDonough. J., Morven
McDonough, M., Waihao Forks
McEvey, EJ, Woodbury
McGrath, VR, Temuka
McGregor, JG, Fairlie
McGregor, Henry, Kurow
McGruer, Davis, and Co., Timaru
McKay, Hugh, Pleasant Valley
McKibben, William (Executors of). Pleasant Point
McKinnon, Neil, Waitohi
McLean, James, Fairlie
McLennan, Kenneth, Hadlow, Timaru
McLeod, D. (Executors of), Geraldine
McLeod, M. and J., Hazelburn, Pleasant Point
McPhedran. CC, Hadlow Road
McPhedran, DT, Geraldine
McPherson, Neil, Te Moana
McQuarters, WH, and Son, Cave
McRae, Miss CC, Pukaki
McRae, M., Waihao Downs
McVey, John, Albury
McVey, John, jun., St. Andrew's
Macaulay, J. Albury
Macauley and Dick, St. Andrew's
Macdonald, JP, Albury
Mackay, AHD, Albury
Mackenzie, Alexander, Tycho delivery
Mackenzie, E., Clandeboye
Mackenzie, TD, Waihao Downs
Mackie, George, Opihi, Pleasant Point
Macpherson, Alexander, Glenavy
McPherson, Alexander, Cave
Macrae, DP. Pukaki
Maddren Bros. Winchester
Magan, Frederick, Makikihi
Mahan, AB, Rangitata
Maidens, Robert Charles, Southburn
Maister, Arthur Woodbury
Maitland, John, Geraldine
Major, William, Cricklewood
Mallinson, WT, Te Moana
Manchester, James, Waimate
Markham, Thomas, Orari Bridge
Marshall, GE, Morven
Marshall. JG. Hillboro, Otaio
Marshal, James (Executors of) Tycho, Timaru
Marshall, Mrs. M. St. Andrew's
Martin, FC. Otaio
Martin, John, Cave
Martin, Thomas, Makikihi
Maslin, WH, Waihao Downs
Matheson, WT. G., Rosewill, Timaru
Matheson, John, Waimate
Matthews, H. ___________
Maxwell, D., Cave
Maxwell, RBH Upper Waitohi
Mayne, RJ, Temuka
Maze, Michael, Pleasant Point
Maze, Mrs. Janet, Ohaupo
Mechen Bros., Claremont
Medlicott, JF, Pleasant Point
Medlicott, S. Waimate
Medlicott, TS, Waimate
Mehan and Wedlake, Motor Engineers, Geraldine
Meehan. James, "Kawarau" ______
Meehan, James, and Sons, Makikihi
Meehan, John, Arno
Mehrtens Bros., Waimate
Mellon, Henry, Sutherland's
Melton Bros., Waimate
Melton, James, Morven
Menzies, James, Rosehill [sic]
Mercer, Margaret. Makikihi
Mercer, James, Fairlie
Meredith, EJ. Morven
Meredith, HH, Arno
Merry, JJ, Makikihi
Metcalfe, Anthony, Rangitata
Meyer, BH, Redcliff. Kawai
Meyer, Catherine, Waimate
Meyer, John, Studholme
Meyers and Jones, Waimate
Mickelson, E., Waihao Downs.
Middlemiss, RA, Makikihi
Middlemiss, WK, Hadlow Tycho delivery
Milne, John H., Waihao Downs
Milne, W., Hakataramea
Miller, James, Pareora West
Miller, David, Pleasant Point
Miller, John, Pleasant Point
Miller, John, William, Rangitata Island
Miller and Gardner, Waihao Downs
Milliken, Hugh, Washdyke
Mills, and Joyce, St. Andrew's
Mills, AS, Upper Waitohi
Mitchell, JH, Studholme
Mitchell and Smith, St. Andrew's
Mitten, Patrick, Temuka
Mitten, Thomas, Sutherland's
Moffatt, John, " Lyalldale," St. Andrew's
Molloy, Miss SH. Waimate
Mom-head, T., Fairlie
Montgomery Bros., Makikihi
Moore, Joseph, Waimate
Moran and Gallagher, Sherwood Downs
Morris, Robert, St. Andrew's.
Morris, Thomas G. Sherwood Downs, Fairlie
Morrison, Donald, Albury
Morrison, Frank, Hunter
Morrison, Frederick, Tycho delivery, Timaru
Morrison, James, Waihao Downs
Morrison, John, Morven
Morriss Bros., Morven
Morriss, John, Morven
Mouatt Bros., Pleasant Point
Mowatt, FF, Cave
Mount Cook Motor Company, Fairlie
Moyle, BJ, Waihao Forks
Moyle, HP. St. Andrew's
Moyle, W., St. Andrew's
Moyle, William E., St. Andrew's
Mulholland, James, St. Andrew's
Muir, GA. Box 112, Fairlie
Mulvihill, Patrick, Beautiful Valley, Geraldine
Munro, Charles William _______
Munro, Donald, Kingsdown
Munro, Mrs. Georgina, Pleasant Point
Munro, John, Te Moana
Murdoch, J., wood-turner, Barnard Street, Timaru
Murphy, E.. Pleasant Valley
Murray, G., Braemar, Fairlie
Nelson, HP. Waihao Downs
Nelson, James O., Raincliff, Pleasant Point
Nelson, John, Cave
Neville, CJ, Clandeboye
Newman, Charles, Temuka
Newton and Son, Geraldine
Nicholls, T., St. Andrew's
Nicol, A., Otaio
Nicoll, James A., Hunter
Nolan, JJ, Temuka
Nolan, JJ, Clandeboye
Nolan, James, Waihao Downs
Nolan, Thomas, Makikihi
Norrish, Robert, Orton
Norton, J., Pleasant Point
Northam, Samuel J., Rangitata
Northcote, John. Willowbridge. NZ and AL Co., Hakataramea
O'Boyle, Frank, Tycho Flat
O'Boyle, N., Tycho delivery
O'Boyle, P., Washdyke
O'Brien, Bernard, Hakataramea
O'Brien, C., Gapes Valley
O'Brien, FJ, Woodlands
O'Brien, John, Waimate
O'Connell Bros. __________
O'Connor, Jeremiah, Pleasant Point
O'Connor, Maurice, Cricklewood
O'Connor, Michael, Adair
O'Donnell, HL, Sutherland's
O'Donnell, K., Waihao Downs
O'Donoghue, Jeremiah, Clandeboye
O'Donoghue, William, St. Andrew's
O'Grady, Denis, Waihao Forks
O'Keefe, Michael, Tycho delivery
O'Krien, Timothy. St. Andrew's
O'Neill, EF, Temuka
O'Neill, W., Cave
Oliver Bros., Pleasant Point
Opie and Son, Winchester
Orbell, RH, Geraldine
Padgett, CS, Geraldine (rural delivery)
Pagan, FE, Upper Waitohi
Palmer, ,JG, St. Andrew's
Palmer, Silas, Temuka
Palmer, Thomas, Orari
Parham, Ellen, Arundel
Parish, JS, Hadlow, Timaru
Park, Edward, St. Andrew's
Parke, FH. Clandeboye
Parr and Co., engineers, Timaru
Parr, Henry  ________________
Parr, James (Executors of), Peel Forest
Parry, R., jun., Southburn
Parry, William John, Southburn
Pashby, Robert, Waimate
Paterson, James, and Co. (Limited), Box 2, Oamaru (AA Langley secretary)
Patterson, John, Otaio
Patrick, A., Pleasant Valley
Patrick, W., Gapes Valley
Patrick, WM, Gapes Valley
Paul, Andrew, Waimate
Payne, W., jun., Orari
Peach ______
Peck, John W., Waimate
Pemberton, DJ, Clandeboye
Pearse, DS, Temuka
Pearse, WD, Temuka
Pelvin, AE, Glenavy
Penna, WT, Willowbridge
Penrose Bros., Timaru
Perry, TW, Criterion Hotel, Queen Street. Waitaki (Licensing District)
Pierce, George H., Geraldine
Pierce, SH, Hilton
Pinkerton, R., Fairlie
Pinkerton, Robert, Fairlie
Pizzey, John, Geraldine
Ponsonby, D., Waihao Downs
Powell, JA, Waihao Downs
Powell, Joseph, Makikihi
Powell, Louis, Lansdown
Power, Mrs. Sarah, Albury
Prattley, W., Temuka
Preston, J., Burke's Pass
Price, Robert, Albury
Priddle. Albert, Belfield
Priest, JTM, Pareora West
Pringle, James, Forest Downs, Fairlie
Pringle Miss MC, Mount Gerard, Lake Tekapo
Pringle, William (Executors of), Tycho rural delivery, Timaru
Purves, W., Pareora West
Pye, SJ, Rocky Gully, Albury
Quantock, Job, Belfield
Raddon, FE, school, Fairview
Rae, GT, Clandeboye
Rae, RS. Woodbury
Reed, H., Waimate
Regan, William, Orari Bridge
Reid, Alexander, Hilton
Reid, EH (Executors of), Fairlie
Reid, F., Geraldine
Reid, Francis W., Levels
Reid, JE, Timaru
Reid, LLF, Kakahu School
Reid, William, Opuha Gorge, Geraldine
Reynolds, George, Willowbridge
Reynolds, RA, Boardinghouse, Geraldine
Rice, John, Woodbury
Richards, Mrs. Elizabeth, Waihao Downs
Richards, RT, Geraldine
Richardson, GF, Willowbridge
Riches, Arthur E. (Trustees late), Woodbury
Richmond, WT, Willowbridge
Riddle, DB, Fairlie
Riddle, William, Fairlie.
Roberts, James P., Lake Pukaki
Robertson, AM, Winchester.
Robertson, Andrew, Strathallan, Fairlie
Robertson, George M., Chastleton, Fairlie
Robertson, James, Waihao Forks
Robinson, AWJ, Makikihi
Robinson, FE, Sutherland's
Robinson, Joseph, Four Peaks (rural delivery)
Robinson. RC. Motor Engineer. Sophia Street, Timaru
Rogers, D., Royal Hotel, Cain's Terrace
Rogers, RA, engineer, Stafford Street, Timaru
Rogers. W., Studholme
Rogers, GW. Makikihi
Rollinson, H., engineer, Timaru
Rolls, Sidney, Makikihi
Rooke, Leonard, Temuka
Rooney Bros., Temuka
Ross, Charles Edward, "The Poplars." Glenavy
Ross, D., Albury
Ross, Donald, Seaforth, Washdyke
Rumsey, George, Hilton
Russell, Alexander, Temuka
Russell, JK, St. Andrew's
Russell, Douglas, Rangitata
Rutherford, John, jun.. Peel Forest
Ryan Bros., Sutherland's.
Ryan, JJ, Morven
Ryan, Patrick J., Morven
Ryder, Charles, Landsborough, Timaru.
Sams, FA, Claremont
Sands, VV. G.. Orton
Sangster, James W., Albury
Saunders, Charles, Clandeboye
Saunders, G., Pleasant Point
Savage, Alfred, Ma-waro
Scales, T., Albury
Scannell, Daniel, St. Andrew's
Scannell, M. (Executors of), Ma- waro
Scrimshaw, LB, Temuka
Scarlett, J. and W., Cattle Valley, Fairlie
Scott, C., Hilton
Scott, J., Geraldine
Scott, JK (Executors of), Winchester
Scott, EH. Waimate ?
Scott, EV, Willowbridge
Scott, John, St. Andrew's
Scott, Joseph
Scott, Robert, Box 3 ____
Scott, WW, Woodbury
Scowen, WP, Temuka
Scully, Mrs. Catherine, Orari Bridge
Seaton, R ________
Seay, Robert, Pleasant Point
Seay, Thomas J., Clarksfield, Hakataramea
Selbie, George D., Claremont
Selbie, James, Claremont
Seward, WW, Temuka
Sewell, Herbert, Cave
Seyb, L., Claremont
Seymour and Malthus, Tekapo
Shannon, John, Waihao Forks
Sharp, Richard, Hilton
Shaw, Walter, Four Peaks, Geraldine
Shaw, GD, Glen-iti.
Shaw, John, PO Box 161, Timaru
Shea, MJ , Claremont
Shea, Michael St,. Andrew's
Shea, WR, Makikihi
Shears, Benjamin C., Hunter
Sheddan, AJ, Waihao Downs
Sheehan, B., St. Andrew's
Sheehan, John, St. Andrew's
Sheehan, MD, Fairlie
Shepherd, Leonard, St. Andrew's
Sherratt, Noah, Geraldine
Sherratt, N., Carrier, Geraldine. Timaru Herald Company (Limited)
Shine, CJ, Waihao Forks
Shrimpton , CW, Morven
Sides, George, Studholme
Sidey, DH, St. Andrew's
Simmons Bros., Compstall, Timaru
Simmons, George, Priest's Corner, Timaru
Simmons. William, Makikihi
Simpson, Alexander, Cameron's, Hunter
Simpson, Herbert. Hakataramea
Sims, John __________
Sinclair, AS, Morven
Sinclair, JB, Morven
Sinclair, Robert, Morven
Sinclair, AY, Geraldine
Skevington, T., Geraldine
Slater, SW , Winchester
Slattery, John. Morven
Slattery, Michael, Makikihi
Slee, Arthur, Glenavy
Smart Bros., Temuka
Smart, G., Waitohi Flat
Smith Bros., Geraldine
Smith, David, Pleasant Point
Smith, John, Lansdown, Waimate
Smith, Moulds, Southburn
Smith, Mrs. JP, Waimate
Smith, Robert, Morven
Smith, EJ, Temuka
Smith, EJ, Temuka
Smith, FJ, Waihao Downs
Smith, GA, Temuka
Smith, HF. Kakahu School
Smith, HJ, Pareora West
Smith, FE, Pareora West
Smith, John, Lansdown, Waimate
Smith, Leslie J., Tycho delivery
Smith, M., Temuka
Sorenson, F. (Executors of). Cave
Souter, JW, Timaru
South, FE, Geraldine
South, GT, St. Andrew's.
South, Jesse C., Ben Macleod, Peel Forest
South, Jesse C. Winchester
South Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association, Timaru and Waimate
South Canterbury Printers' Association (WD Revell, Secretary) Box 40, Timaru
Sparks, WE, Gapes Valley
Spencer, Major ACD, Woodbury
Spillane, W., engineer, Temuka
Squire, Alfred, St. Andrew's
Stapleton, J., Studholme
Steffens, BD, Waimate
Stephenson, William, St. Andrew's
Steven, George, Pleasant Point
Stevenson, RW. Waimate
Stewart, Donald, Siberia. Albury
Stewart, George, Claremont
Stewart, George H., Orari
Stewart, George T., Morven
Stewart, James, Morven
Stewart, William, Waimate
Stowell, David, Brompton, St. Andrew's
Stocker Bros., Washdyke
Struthers, William, North Park Pleasant Point
Storrier, J., engineer, High Street, Timaru
Storrier, JM, Engineer, King Street, Timaru
Stratford, John, Gapes Valley
Stratford. TH, Upper Waitohi
Stokes, Edward, Morven
Stowell, EW, Pareora West
Stowell, Henry James, St. Andrew's
Stowell, WD, St. Andrew's
Stuck, James, Otaio
Studholme, Carlisle, Kawarau and _____
Stumbles, William, Blackford, Pleasant Point
Sugrue, D. Rangitata.
Sugrue, Mrs. M., Belfield.
Sullivan, George, Brighton, Studholme.
Sullivan, John E., Pleasant Point
Sullivan, Martin, St. Andrew's
Sullivan, Michael, Otaio
Sullivan, PJ. Otaio.
Sullivan, T. Waihao Forks
Sutherland, A. Sutherland's
Sutherland, DM, Timaru
Swann, JR, Glenavy
Symes, GJ. Waihao Downs
Talbot, JS, Saltwater Creek, Timaru
Talbot, PR, Claremont
Talbot, SE, Pleasant Point
Talbot Bros., Pleasant Point
T_aner, Edward, Belfield
Tate, George, Orton
Tate, John, Otaio
Tavendale, James, Arno
Taylor, Duncan, Orton
Taylor, E. Clandeboye
Taylor, William, Totara Valley
Taylor, William, Hilton
Thatcher, FJ, Woodbury
Thew, HE. Gapes Valley
Thew, JRT Peel Forest
Thompson, David. Waihao Downs
Thompson, R.. Otaio
Thomson, WG Waihao Downs
Thomson. RP. St. Andrew's
Thomson, AR and E., Landsborough Road
Thornton, EG. and Sons, Glenavy
Thyne, Thomas, Morven
Tiplady, William, Geraldine
Tinkler, Mrs. A., Cave
Titheridge, Henry, Belfield
Tobin, W., Morven
Topham, JW. Temuka
Toohey, W., St. Andrew's
Tozer, AS. Geraldine
Tozer, Frederick, Levels
Trembath, J., Albury
Trembath. WJ, Albury
Tresize, Richard John. Makikihi
Trezise, THA, jun., Temuka
Trott. AH. Kingsdown
Trumper. B., Ohape
Tubman, GE., Kurow
Tuite, John, Levels
Turner, AH. Douglas Settlement. Waihao Downs
Turner, FW, Waihao Downs
Turton, WP, Woodbury
Twentyman, GL, Temuka
Urquhart, Alexander. Pleasant Valley
Vallance, Alexander, St. Andrew's
Vance, John, Woodbury
Verity, CH, Craigmore Downs
Verran, HT. Enfield
Verrall, HM, Temuka
Vickers, Mrs. JA, Kakahu School
Vincent, AH, Sutherland's
Vucetich, AG McD , Sutherlands
Vucetich, MN, Woodside, Geraldine
Waddell, Frank. Ashwick, Kimbell
Waddell, WA, Cricklewood
Waddington, William, Claremont
Waldie, Robert, Waihao Downs
Waldron. Leonard, Omarama
Walker, James, Cave
Wall and Blakeston, Albury
Wall, James, Waihao Forks
Wall, John, Arno
Wallace, D., Glenavy
Wallace and Cooper (Limited), engineers, Latter Street, Timaru
Wallace. John, Smithfield Farm, Island Cliff
Waller, EH, Gapes Valley
Walker, FTB, Stationer, Waimate
Waller, George, Woodbury
Walker, CE, Te Moana
Walker, M., Winchester
Waller, EH, Gapes Valley
Ward, Arthur, St. Andrew'
Ward, George H., Ohape
Ward, John, Southburn
Ward, Miss M.. Omarama
Wareing, Ralph, Fairlie
Waring, Percy, Fairlie
Waters, HG, Peel Forest
Waters, William, Albury
Watkins, J., Pleasant Point.
Watson, E. WT. M.. Claremont
Watts, David, Rangitata Island
Watts, Frederick, Rangitata Island
Webb, Joseph, Waihi Bush, Woodbury
Webb, Robert, Woodbury
Webb, Silas Woodbury
Wellwood, John. Morven. "Ngahere," Waimate
Wellwood, R., Morven
Welsh, James, Waimate
Welstead, James, Maungati, Timaru
Westaway, CK, Upper Waitohi.
Westgarth Bros., Fairlie
Westphall, John, Hunter
Westropp, Misses, Fancy-goods Importers, 117 Stafford Street, Timaru
Wightman, SB, Temuka
Whatman, HM, Waihao Downs
Wigley and Jones, engineers, FairlieClayton
Wigley, Jessie, Fairlie
Wilkinson, Thomas T., Enfield
Wilkinson Bros., Connolly's Farm, Geraldine
Wilks, Charles, Winchester
Willetts, GH _______
Williams Bros., St. Andrew's
Willy, W., Orari
Wills, D. Cricklewood
Wilson Bros., Glenavy
Wilson, W., engineer, Waimate
Winter, George A., Hakataramea
Wisely, John, Temuka
Wood, Henry, Albury
Woods, WJ, Morven
Wooding, JA, Four Peaks, Geraldine
Wooding, Ronald, Woodbury
Worner, George, Geraldine
Wright, J., Rangitata
Wright, WR, Willowbridge
Wright Bros., Hunter
Wright, John, Glenavy
Wright, JR, Tekapo, Fairlie
Wyndham, William, Waimate
Yates, R., Woodbury
Young, Adam, Waihao Forks
Young, FM., Winchester
Young, DJ, Temuka
Young, Mrs. Mary, Hunter
York, Thomas F. (Executors of), Wellwood, John. Morven, "Ngahere," Waimate

 South Canterbury NZGenWeb Project

Derek Seyb b. Feb. 9 1931, Timaru visited Koln, Germany in Dec. 1955 trying to trace his family history. Had a brother Noel b. 1933 in Timaru.
With him was Ludwig Seyb, Grange Settlement, Temuka, b. 3 Feb. 1889 m. 3 Nov. 1925 to Bone. Chrildren Ernest b. 22 Nov 1925 Vienna and Ralph James b. 3 Nov. 1927. John Peter Seyb b. 1890 m. Simpson 1930. Children Derek and Noel.