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Maurice Wood's 1908 traction engine - Burrell 3051

stays in South Canterbury, N.Z.

What is the history of this engine?

Henry Brock purchased the 3051 Burrell, gross weight unladen 12 ton 2cwt. traction engine in the late 1930s from Frederick James Hutton, Denton Street, Gore. Fred had registered the engine on the 24 March 1931 in Gore under the Motor-vehicles Act, 1924 and Henry Randyford Brock registered the engine on the 11 August 1938 in Gore. Henry did contracting so the engine was used around the Merino Downs district to drive a stationary hay press to bale hay. The photo above was taken, in January 1937, at the "Glencairn" Merino Downs, the Brock family property, on the first day that the baler was used and it is driven by engine 3051. Alex Brock is at the back of the truck leaning on the baler. Harry is standing at the front of the engine. Harry Brock sold it to the Wood's family in 1971. Not sure why they sold it, probably cause it was in a bad way. So the engine went from Merino Downs up to South Canterbury where it stayed in the Wood's family till the auction at Pleasant Point on 12 Nov. 2011, that's why Roger Brock was so thrilled to be asked to steer it into the auction paddock. Photos and information courtesy of the Brock family. Posted 14 Dec. 2011

From page 67 of the Merino Downs book:
In 1936 Harry purchased a stationary baler for 200 pounds. He spent many years assisted by his family, baling hay for locals and those in surrounding districts until it was outmoded by the pick-up baler thirteen years later. His machinery interest was extended further with the purchase of a threshing mill in 1947 which was operated for a few seasons. Roger still owns the baler and mill and the baler is still in working order and taken to the occasionally vintage rally.

Bob and Henry Brock on the 3051.

Pleasant Point Auction

Timaru Herald 8 November 2011
Seldom does a traction engine come on the market – but with two up for auction in Pleasant Point this weekend, steam buffs nationwide are expected to descend on the region with their wallets. And they will be digging deep to buy the two century-old Burrells. Former South Canterbury man Warren Wood is putting his collection of traction engines and galleys up for auction, in a rare event in New Zealand, his friend and auction organiser Dowell McLeod says. While Mr Wood has lived in Australia for more than a decade, ill health is behind his decision to sell the 1903 Burrell which was restored by Laurie Speden in Geraldine 40 years ago. Also for sale is a 1908 Burrell owned by Mr Wood and his cousin Russell. The men inherited the traction engine from their fathers Maurice and Ray, who restored it in the 1970s. Also going under the hammer will be a quarter-size traction engine, and a range of galleys and trailers. Mr McLeod expects the two engines, which have current steam certificates and are roadworthy, will each fetch well over $100,000. On average, only one traction engine a year came on the market in New Zealand, meaning those who really wanted one were "willing to pay the price", he said. Mr McLeod said Burrell engines were particularly sought after and the last one to be sold in New Zealand fetched $170,000. As far as he was concerned the only way to own a traction engine was outright. He didn't see club ownership as an option – leading to nothing but fights over everything from where and when to use it, to what colour the machine should be painted. One thing is certain – the engines will not be going offshore. The Antiquities Act effectively prohibits the export of the traction engines, which are considered to be a part of New Zealand's heritage.  

Auction day Nov. 2011 - Pleasant Point with Dowell McLeod auction organiser and the Burrell 1903 engine in the background

Chas. Burrell & Sons Ltd. Manufactures. Thetford England. No. 3051. The company declined after the First World War when internal combustion engines started to become a cheaper alternative to steam engines. The company closed its doors on June 4th 1928.

Timaru Herald 14 November 2011 Steam engines go under hammer
A collection of steam engines went under the hammer at Pleasant Point at the weekend. Former Timaru man Warren Wood's private collection of single crank and compound engines, coal trailers, carts and galleys were sold at auction. The prized possession – a Burrell 1903 three-speed, road registered single-crank engine – rolled out the gate for $130,000. A Burrell 1908 two-speed, road-registered single-cylinder crank engine was snapped up for $120,000. Daniel Crossen of Southburn was the successful bidder for this machine, saying the engine would be added to the private family collection. Around 300 people turned up to watch the auction at which 15 items were sold. Mr Wood has been collecting traction engines for about 25 years and now lives in Queensland. He said the engines had been sitting idle for 12 years and he had started collecting vintage trucks. "It's time to move on and let someone else enjoy them," Mr Wood said.  



Maurice Wood's traction engine was a feature of the New Years Day Parade in Fairlie for years and used at chaff cutting demonstrations at the Fairlie Showgrounds. Maurice helped to organised the event and helped with the cutting chaff. He use to keep the road locomotive for years undercover at the Horse Drawn Museum in Fairlie, until it went down to Waimate. We took Warren's Engine once from Ashburton to Timaru and stopped at the canals on the side of the road for water. The water was sucked up from any handy stream by the road.

Fairlie Cemetery 
Fairlie -1981

Fairlie Showground's, 1 Jan. 1976

Maurice was tall.

 English traction engine manufacturers exported engines all over the world and approximately 1500 reside in New Zealand. Most manufactures started as agricultural engineers.

 Aveling & Porter 		Rochester, Kent
 Charles Burrell & Sons 	Thetford, Norfolk 
 Clayton & Shuttleworth 	Lincoln, Lincolnshire 
 John Fowler & Co. 		Leeds, Yorkshire
 Richard Garrett & Sons 	Leiston, Suffolk
 Marshall, Sons & Co. 		Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
 J&H McLaren & Co. 		Leeds, Yorkshire
 Robey & Co Ltd 		Lincoln, Lincolnshire 

Another engine -what is the its no.?
1908 Fowler
McLaren -what year? 
1958, Southburn Traction Engine rally. Old Girls' Rally: The largest traction engine rally in the southern hemisphere attracts a crowd of 20,000 to Ashburton.

Book Reference:

Merino Downs, The Residents', Pub. date:1991. Pages:140 p.

2004 Vintage Machinery stamp.Threshing Mill- 2004

Burrell's are the Rolls-Royce of traction engines.

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