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For Timaru

Lyttelton Times,
24 January 1852, Page 4
Jan. 19, schooner Henry, 30 tons, Holmes, for Timaru. In the Henry, 4 bags sugar, 1 cask do., 1 bale tobacco, 1 keg do. 2 bags salt, 2½ tons flour, Rhodes.

Lyttelton Times, 26 February 1853, Page 6
Feb. 22 schooner Mary, 40 tons, Williams, for Timaru. In the Mary, 3½ tons flour, 50 sheep, do.

Lyttelton Times, 24 January 1855, Page 4
Sailed. January 23rd, brig Flash., 159 tons, Wilson, master, for Timaru. Passengers, Messrs. Robinson and King. In the Flash, general cargo, being supplies for the stations of Messrs. R. and G. Rhodes and Mr. Hornbrook.

Lyttelton Times, 12 September 1855, Page 4
Sept. 10, schooner Wellington, 54 tons, Porter, for Timaru via Akaroa. Passenger, Mr J. Moorhouse.

Lyttelton Times, 24 September 1856, Page 6
Sept. 20th, ketch Emu, 35 tons, Neagle, for Timaru. In the Emu, H. J. LeCren, agent, 50 bags oats, 10 tons flour, Tea, sugar, spirits, soap, bags, spades, salt, &c, &c.

Lyttelton Times, 10 December 1856, Page 5
Sailed. Dec. 9. Ketch Emu, 34 tons, Neagle, for Akaroa and Timaru. Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Coombes, and three children, Mrs. Baker. Mr. Smith. Imports. In the Emu, H. J. Le Cren, agent, 1 qr-cask wine, under bond, J. Bruce, and general cargo station supplies for Timaru.

Lyttelton Times, 4 March 1857, Page 6
Sailed. March 1 —Schooner Lucy James, 32 tons, Throop, for Timaru. Passenger: Captain Cain. In the Lucy James, for Timaru, 5 tons flour, 2 tons ironware, 7,000 .ft. sown timber, half ton coals, 3 chests tea, 1 case gin, 2 tons sugar, Cain.

Lyttelton Times, 25 April 1857, Page 5
Sailed April 22 schooner Highlander, 148 tons, Conradi, for Timaru. Passengers, Mr. und Mrs. Hornbrook, and Mr. Rule. In the Highlander, Frederick Banks, agent; 3 cases clocks, 3 cases bottled beer, 3 tons flour.

Lyttelton Times, 16 October 1858, Page 5
Sailed. October 14, s.s. White Swan, 198 tons, McLenn, for Otago, via Timaru. Passengers—Messrs. Gibson, W. H. Macdonald, Studholm, Dalgety, Marshall, LeCren, Mr and Mrs Frazer, Dr. and Mrs. Butler, Mr. Frost, and 7 in the steerage. In the White Swan, Dalgety, Buckley & Co agents shipped at this Port for Timaru, 492 packages merchandise, LeCren 1 quarter cask whiskey. 1 case brandy, Miles, Kington & Co. 2 boxes tobacco, Peacock & Co.

Lyttelton Times, 29 December 1858, Page 7
The heavy moorings which were ordered for Timaru are on board the Strathallan. That vessel is bound by her charter party to lay them down. They are guaranteed to hold a ship of 1000 to 1200 tons, and have passed the Admiralty test.

Lyttelton Times, 16 February 1859, Page 4
Feb. 12 sailed. brigantine Corsair, 134 tons, Gay, for Timaru and Otago. Passengers Messrs. Twemlon, Butler, Wilkinson, Gardner, Emery, Pace, and Manson. In the Corsair,- Miles, Kington and Co., agents cargo and passengers' luggage, ex Strathallan, for Otago, as previously reported. For Timaru, 4 qr.-casks, 1 hhd. wine, 1 hhd. rum, 1 do. brandy, 8 half chests, ,5 boxes tea, 10 casks ale, 3 cases cheese, 3 tons flour, 32 packages sundries, H. J. LeCren 26 packages, Acland.; 7 do., R. and G. Rhodes 7 do., Macdonald; 1 ton flour, 150 bushels oats. Order.

Lyttelton Times, 8 October 1859, Page 4 Sailed
For Timaru, via Akaroa. Passengers Mrs. Ellis and three children, Mr. and .Mrs Walden, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hughes, G. Hancock, and W. F. Elmsley.

Lyttelton Times, 29 October 1859, Page 4 Arrived
Oct. 27, schooner Wellington, 54, tons, Elmsly, from Timaru in ballast.—Cabin passengers, Mrs. Cain and two children, Mrs. Allen and child, Col. McPherson, and Mr. Thomas Hughes. Steerage W. Gough and G. Deans.

Lyttelton Times, 9 November 1859, Page 4 Sailed
Nov. 5, schooner Wellington, 54 tons, Elmsley, for Timaru. Passengers— Mrs., Allen and child, Mr. and Mrs. Knock, Mr. and Mrs. Burghes, Messrs. Falkner, Brown, Russell and Malison.
Lyttelton Times, 21 September 1859, Page 4
Sep. 20. brig Spray, 148 tons, Scott, from Timaru, in ballast. Passengers Miss Hornbrook and Mr. Buchanan.

Lyttelton Times, 26 November 1859, Page 4 From Timaru
Nov 24th, schooner Wellington, 54 tons, Elmsley. Passengers Mr and Mrs Mrs Dunnage and 3 children.

Lyttelton Times, 21 December 1859, Page 4
Cleared: Dec. 20, schooner Wellington, 46 tons, Elmsley for Timaru. Passengers—Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie Miss Gardiner, Messrs. Stevenson, Ross, Warner, and Ferguson.
In the Wellington, master, agent; 20 bags sugar, qr-chest tea, Cookson; 3 cases, 1 bale leather, Genet; 2 hhds. ale, Cookson; 2 barrels do., Latter; 10 boxes soap, 1-weighing machine, Miles and Co.

Lyttelton Times, 23 February 1861, Page 3 THE TIMARU MOORINGS.
To the Editor of the Lyttelton Times.
Sir,—- May I beg a corner in your columns to make known my distress. My buoy—my only buoy, my support—is lost; where he is gone to I know not, but he is, I fear, lost to me for ever adrift on the boundless ocean, or sunk beneath its waves.
    I reposed in the soothing, but alas! fallacious conviction that a gentleman was appointed in this place to look after the welfare of myself and my buoy. i Possibly through your medium I may be fortunate enough to awaken in the bosom of the paternal, Government in Christchurch a sympathy which is denied me here, and so may be enabled to look forward to a better fate for my next buoy should I ever be blessed with one.

I am, Sir, your afflicted servant,

Lyttelton Times, 6 June 1860, Page 4
June 2nd, schooner Lucy James, 31 tons, Throop for Timaru. In the Lucy James, Genet, agent; 12 mats shoe nails, 2 cases, 1 package whips, Inwood 3 boxes Osborne; 2 harrows, 8 cases, 3. casks, 1 thrashing machine, 1 pair wheels, 1 axle, 3 poles, 10 packages iron, 1 horse power machine, 1 plough, 1 crate pegs, l sack pollard, 26 do oats, 2 do peas, 2 do barley 4 do wheat, 11 do flour, do potatoes, Neil; 12 sacks oats, Allen; 30 sacks oats, 1 do wheat, 3 do potatoes, Marshall; 2 sacks seed, Wilson.

Lyttelton Times, 8 September 1860, Page 4
Sept. 6 Sailed schooner Uira, 26 tons, Toomey, for Timaru. Passengers, Mr. and: Mrs. Renny and child. In the Uira, Cookson &'Co., agents; 40 bushels lime, 4400 feet timber, 2 boxes, Cookson &; Co; half a ton. iron, Recce; 2 tons potatoes, 2 boxes, Miles & Co.; 5 bags sugar,4 do. salt, I chest tea, 1 packet seeds, Latter; 20 bags potatoes, Toomey.

Lyttelton Times, 24 October 1860, Page 4
Sailed. Oct. 22, schooner Wellington, 46 tons, Elmsly, for Timaru. Passengers — Messrs. Benge and Simpson. In the "Wellington, Cookson &Co., agents; packages, 3 half chests tea, 7 packages bullock yokes, 15 cwt. flour, 1 bale wool packs, 1 package twine, 1 bale canvas, 2 cases sardines, 5 boxes soap, Cookson & Co.,; 1 hhd. rope, 1 barrel tinware, 1 qr.-eask do, 1 chest tea, 1 stove, 1 cask sugar, latter; 48 bags sugar, 1 bag pimento, 20 boxes soap, 6 bales wool packs, 5 casks bottled porter, 5 cases pickles, 5 do. geneva, 1 qr.-cask wine, 1 package tobacco, 1 box, Miles & Co; 1 qr.-cask whiskey, 1 case furniture, 1 chest, 1 package, 1 case, Genet.

Timaru Herald, 24 September 1875, Page 3
Port of Timaru. Arrived. Sept, 23— Maori, s.s, 118 tons, Malcolm, from Lyttelton.
Sept. 23— Merope, ship, 1053 tons, Captain Sutherland, from Plymouth. Cabin passengers—For Lyttelton— Mr Smith, Mr J.T. Lowe, Mrs Lowe and six children, Messrs George Temple, W. Kay, S. Gorton, V. McGuire, T. Leask, Mrs Leask and child, Mr J. A. Campbell, Mrs Campbell and child, Messrs W. F. Howlett and K. T. Summers. Second cabin passengers For Timaru — Mr and Mrs Wotherspoon and eleven children, Government immigrants, 264. Sept. 23— Janet Ramsay, schooner, 42 tons, Laing, from Lyttelton.

Timaru Herald, 9 October 1877, Page 3
Hokitika, Oct. 8. The s.s. Albion has arrived. She left Melbourne on the 2nd October, aud experienced fine weather throughout. Passengers for Timaru Miss Beswick, Mr and Mrs Green. Christchurch.

Timaru Herald, 5 December 1879, Page 2
Arrived. Dec. 4 Maori, s.s. 118 tons, Berneche, from Lyttelton and the West Coast. Passengers for Timaru Mrs Thomson and six children, Mr W. Fendall. The Maori arrived yesterday morning from the West Coast, via the North, bringing 42 tons of cargo for this port. She took m 1000 sacks of grain, and left for the south m the evening.

Timaru Herald, 18 December 1879, Page 2
Sailed Dec. 17— Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, McGillivray, for Dunedin. IMPORTS. In the Wanaka, N. M. and A. Company, agents 600 casks (133 tons) cement; 5 packages sundries. Consignees - Harbor Board, Bank of New Zealand, Armitage; Order; The Wanaka brought the following passengers for Timaru on Tuesday Messrs Reynolds, Benjamin, Kelly. Watson, J. Hastie, G. Hastie. Her inward cargo consisted chiefly of cement. She left last evening for Dunedin, taking a few bales of wool.

Timaru Herald, 8 October 1886, Page 2
Port Chalmers. Sailed. Oct. 7— Wakatipu, s.s., for Sydney, via Cook Straits. Passengers For Timaru Messrs Webb and Allen.

Timaru Herald, 17 March 1887, Page 2
Lyttelton, March 16. The s.s. Doric left Plymouth on January 30th, and arrived at Teneriffe on February 4th, the Cape on February 11th, Hobart 1 th March, Wellington Heads at 10.30 last night, and came in early this morning. The passage was an uneventful one. It occupied 44 days 9 she actual steaming time being 43 days 19 hours. The officers are the same as last trip, with the exception of the purser, Mr Walters, Surgeon Fall and Chief Steward Jones. The greater portion of the passengers were for Australia and were landed at Hobart. The Doric's passengers for Timaru are First saloon Mr and Mrs Raine.

Timaru Herald, 28 February 1888, Page 2
Wellington, Feb. 27. Arrived at 10.50 last night— R.M.S. Rimutaka from London (January 13th). On January 25th, Harry Bartrip, assistant steward, died from acute rheumatism and hyper-pyrexia, and on the following day Mrs Hedger, 3rd class passenger, died from chronic bronchitis, and on. January 30th, the wife of the Rev. Mr St. Hill of Napier (although she retired to rest in apparently good health), died at 5 a.m. from rupture of a blood vessel and was buried at 5 p.m. The Rimutaka brings 310 sacks of mails and 106 passengers. Her passengers for Timaru are Third cabin, Messrs Healy (2), and White.

Timaru Herald, 22 April 1890, Page 2
Wellington, April 21. The Tongariro arrived in the harbour about 12 20 this morning, and was berthed about eight. She left London on March 6th, Teneriffe 13th, Cap1 28th, Hobart April 16th. Excepting the unfortunate accident on March 8th, by which Major-General Sir Howard Elphinstone lost his life, nothing important occurred during the voyage, and exceptionally fine weather was experienced throughout. She brings 85 passengers for New Zealand, 22 for Wellington, the rest for other ports. The mail was large one consisting 217 bags, and 17 boxes of parcel post. Passengers for Timaru, saloon, Colonel and Mrs Hart for Oamaru, Miss Bertha Leo.

Timaru Herald, 19 June 1890, Page 2
Port Chamlers, June 18. The Rimutaka arrived off the heads at 10.40 pm. yesterday, her mails being at once transhipped. She brings 76 passengers, 307 bags, and 1 packet mails, and 21 boxes of parcel post. She left Plymouth at 2.10 p.m. May 3rd, Teneriffe on the 8th, Capetown 24th; arrived at Hobart at 4.30 p.m. on June 13th. Landed 200 tons of cargo and 33 passengers and loft again at 7 a.m. on the 14th. Total passage, 41 days, 21 hours, 13 minutes deducting stoppages, 1 day 8 hours 11 minutes, the steaming time was 43 days 13 hours 19 minutes. The Rimutaka's passengers for Timaru are Misses M. J. Arden, H. Arden, and M. Mills.

Timaru Herald, 6 May 1891, Page 2
Wellington, May 5. The Tainui, from London via way ports, entered the Heads at 11.30 a.m. The Tainui had an uneventful passage. Her dates are London March 19th, Plymouth 21st, Teneriffe 26th, Capetown April 11th, Hobart 30th. She brings the following passengers for Timaru Second saloon, Mr and Mrs Wood and family (4) third saloon, Misses E. Hughes, and M. Weathered, Messrs Dooley (2), Mrs Weathered, Mr and Mrs R. Wellwood and family (5).

Timaru Herald, 14 August 1891, Page 2
Wellington, Aug 13. The Rimutaka left Plymouth on the 28th June, Teneriffe 3rd July, Cape 20th, and Hobart at 5 p.m. on the 9th. The voyage was an uneventful one and moderate variable weather was experienced. She has 141 passengers for New Zealand ports, 133 bags mail, and 23 boxes parcels post. Passengers for Timaru— Saloon, Dr C. H. Cayley second saloon, Mr J. Radcliffe; steerage, Mr W. Owers.

Timaru Herald, 30 November 1892, Page 2
Wellington, Nov 29. Arrived, at midnight— Kaikoura, R.M.S.. from London. She left Plymouth on 15th October. Passengers for Timaru— Miss B. Sheenan, aud Mr aud Mrs Elcock.

Timaru Herald, 2 January 1893, Page 2
Mr and Mrs John Meikle, of Timaru, were passengers by the s.s. Australia, which left. London in November and reached Albany last week. Mr and Mrs F. W. Donkin and family were also passengers for Timaru, by the steamer Ballarat, which sailed on November 11lth.

By the Arawa, Auckland, from London, Mr and Mrs MCDOUGALL, Messrs S. FERGUSSON, and F.W. CRAWFORD -TIMARU passengers.

Timaru Herald, 8 April 1893, Page 2
Auckland, April 7. Tainui, from London, via Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart, after an uneventful voyage. Passengers for Timaru Messrs Tomkin and Leitch.

Timaru Herald, 20 April 1893, Page 2
Wellington, April 19. Arrived at 7 30 a.m. Kaikoura from London, after an uneventful voyage. Her dates are London March 2nd, Plymouth 4th, Teneriffe 9th, Capetown 15th. Hobart April 13th. Passengers for Timaru— Mrs J. Baxter and Mr H. Baxter.

Timaru Herald, 15 July 1893, Page 2
Dunedin, July 14. The Rimutaka., from London via Tenerife, Capetown and Hobart, arrived off the Heads yesterday evening, and anchored there until this afternoon. She has 850 tons for this port, 650 tons for Lyttelton, 825 tons for Wellington, and 59 tons for Auckland. She brings 116 bags of mails and 20 cases of parcels post. Her dates are London, May 26, Teneriffe, June 1 Capetown, June 19 Hobart, July 9. She sighted icebergs in 48 degree S. 59.6 E. Passengers for Timaru Steerage: Mrs Roberts, Messrs C. Roberts, and W. Roberts.

Timaru Herald, 30 March 1894, Page 2
Wellington, March 29. The R.M.S. Ruapehu, which arrived from London via way ports late last night, had an uneventful passage. She has a quantity of prize sheep on board for Lyttelton. Passengers for Timaru Miss Merritt, Messrs J. C. Butt, E. R. Blake and Roberts.

Timaru Herald, 17 December 1894, Page 2
Wellington, December 15.' The Doric arrived from London at 5.30 p.m. Her dates are— Plymouth 3rd November.. The Doric brings- to New Zealand 26 first class, 42 second class, and 97 third class passengers, besides 1450 tons of cargo, of which 615 are for Wellington, 550 for Lyttelton, and the remainder for transhipment. Passengers for Timaru Second saloon — Miss Taylor, Mrs S. and Miss Holt steerage Miss J. Burton, and Mr J. Anderston.

Timaru Herald, 2 January 1895, Page 2
Wellington, January 1. Arrived Rimutaka, from London, at 9.30 this morning. She brings 179 passengers for New Zealand. Her dates are London 15th November, Teneriffe 22nd November, Cape 8th December, Hobart 27th December. The passage was uneventful, and moderate weather was experienced. Two children in the second saloon developed chicken-pox during the voyage, but were soon convalescent. Captain Greenstreet is still in charge, with Mr Buchanan as chief officer, and Mr Pitcher as chief engineer, Mr McMaster being in charge of the saloon. Passengers for Timaru— Mr and Mrs Bourne, Master Bourne, Miss M. Buckley.

Timaru Herald, 14 February 1895, Page 2
Auckland, February 13. Arrived— Ionic, from London, after an uneventful passage. Passengers for Timaru— Mr and Mrs Smithson, and maid.

Timaru Herald, 12 March 1895, Page 2
The Tainui arrived from London at 5.15. She brings 77 passengers and 2000 tons of cargo. Passengers for Timaru — Messrs Fielder and Turnbull.

Timaru Herald, 13 August 1895, Page 3
The Ruahine's passengers for Timaru are Miss Preslow and Mr G. Hart.

Timaru Herald, 30 August 1895, Page 3
The Tongariro's passengers for Timaru are — Misses B. Moriarty and Price (4), Mrs M. Price, Masters Price (3).

Timaru Herald, 13 September 1895, Page 2
The Aorangi arrived at Wellington yesterday. She has the following passengers for Timaru Mrs Clifton, Messrs Clifton, Champion, and Fulton (2).

Timaru Herald, 9 October 1895, Page 2
Wellington, October 8. The steamer Rimutaka arrived from London via way ports at 4 o'clock this afternoon. She left on August 22nd, Teneriffe 29th, Cape 14th Sept., Hobart 4th October. On September 6th, in lat. 5 south, and long. 5 west, a fire (which has been briefly mentioned in the cablegrams) was discovered in the forward cooler. Water was immediately brought to play, and after a few hours work the fire was checked in that compartment. At 4 o'clock next morning it was found to have extended further forward to No. 2 orlop. About -50 tons of cargo were placed on deck, and then with the aid of water and by cutting away the insulation the fire was put out but until No. 2 hold is discharged in Wellington it is impossible to say what damage has been done to the cargo by water. The fire was caused by a lamp being left too near the woodwork outside the refrigerating room. On September 20th, Mr J. Holleman, a saloon passenger from the Cape to Australia, died from heart disease. He leaves a wife and family in Johannesburg. The Rimutaka has 237 passengers for all ports, and a full general cargo. The passengers for Timaru are— Mr and Mrs J. H. Thompson, the Misses Thompson (2), and Master G. Thompson Mr E. Potter.

Timaru Herald, 19 November 1895, Page 2
The s.s. Ionic arrived at Wellington from London via the usual way ports, yesterday. She has the following passengers for Timaru— Misses Smith (4) and Joseph, Mrs Smith. Messrs Crawford, Silverton, and Williams.

Timaru Herald, 6 December 1895, Page 2
The Kaikoura's passengers for Timaru are Messrs F. Francis and J Thompson.

Timaru Herald, 12 January 1897, Page 3
The passengers for Timaru by the Ionic are Misses Wier and White.

Timaru Herald, 29 March 1897, Page 2
The Tongariro's passengers for Timaru are Mr and Mrs W. F. Hamilton, Master and Miss Hamilton and C. H. Denby.

Timaru Herald, 4 November 1897, Page 3
Wellington November 3. The Rimutaka's passengers for Timaru are Miss Beecroft, Messrs Dunnett, Hole, and Munro, and four in the steerage.

Timaru Herald, 2 May 1898, Page 2
Wellington, May 1. The Gothic arrived from London at o'clock to-day. She had moderate wind and fine weather throughout, She left London on March 17th, Teneriffe on the 24th, Cape on April 8th, and Hobart or the 27th. She brings 38 saloon and 79 steerage passengers; for Timaru, Mrs Nensame. Mr Gabites, of Timaru, is surgeon, and Mr Hill, late second officer of the Delphic, is second officer, Mr Gunn having remained behind. While in London the Gothic was fitted with rolling chocks, which proved a great success during the voyage just completed.

Timaru Herald, 5 November 1900, Page 2
Wellington, November 4. Arrived — Paparoa, from London. Passengers for Timaru — Mrs L. Laidlaw, Miss M. L. Laidlaw, Mrs E. Leadbetter, Miss S. Rait, Mr D. R. Ambler, Mrs M. A. Ambler, Master J. F. Ambler, Mr W. McNaughton, Mrs M. Robinson.

Evening Post, 8 June 1909, Page 6
On the 30th April the R.M.S. Ionic left London on her sixteenth voyage to New Zealand. Captain E. C. Roberts is in charge, and Dr. R. P. Nash is the medical officer on board. In the saloon there are 73 passengers, of whom the following have booked to Timaru - Miss O. Zlatano. [Olga Jessie Zlatano m. John Miller in 1909.] [Miller Olga Zlatano 98Y died in 1972]

Christy Thomas Ziatano, of 56 Bloom street, Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, merchant and Shipping Agent, trading as C.T. Ziatano and Co., filed for bankruptcy, 9 Nov. 1877, The London Gazette.
Christy Thomas Zlatano b.abt 1853 Turkey. Married Mary Jane Henson 1875 Cheshire. Some issue
Archileus Christy Zlatano - 1875 Lancashire
Sultana Mary Zlatano - 1877 Lancashire married Louis Henry /Miller/
Thomas Christy Zlatano - 1879 Lancashire married Alice /Cox/
Olga Jessie Zlatano - 1880 went to New Zealand 1909
Hellen Florence Zlatano -1884 Lancashire married Dr John Brunskill 1902 and went to New Zealand then New South Wales
Christina Beatrice
Zlatano - 1883 Lancashire marriage 1 Nicolas Dimitrios /Papadopolos/   marriage 2 William F /Widdowson/

Evening Post, 16 June 1914, Page 8 Immigrants
On board the R.M.S. Ionic, which arrived this afternoon, were 125 "assisted" immigrants, comprising forty-six domestic servants, nine farm labourers, accompanied by two wives and seven children, and sixty-one nominated relatives. The domestic servants were in charge of Miss Dale, of the British Women's Emigration Society. Also there were among the passengers seventeen domestic servants brought out for the South Canterbury Farmers' Union, under the charge of Mrs. Hume Lindsay. These girls form the advance party of a. batch of fifty, the remainder of whom are coming out in the Athenic in November. Sixteen of to-day's arrivals leave with Mrs Lindsay by the Maori to-night on their way to Timaru.

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