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IN MEMORIAM - doggerel from the heart

Waiapu Church Gazette, 1 July 1925, Page 11
Before ordering a headstone, submit the design and wording to the Vicar. Stonemasons are usually the worst advisers in this matter. There are numerous headstones in our cemeteries utterly heathen in their symbollism, with horrid doggerel, misquoted hymns, ludicrously unsuitable texts and so on, inscribed on them, because people have not obtained proper advice. Don't advertise your sacred, grief or your sacred love by inserting vulgar "in memoriam" notices in newspapers; above all avoid the abominable doggerel verse with exaggerated and foolish expressions, which printers usually suggest for this purpose. If you want to put an "in memoriam" notice in the paper say something like this "In Memoriam. Robert Jones, who departed this life June 24th, 1921, aged 56. May the Lord grant him rest."  It is sufficient thus to remind people of the death and to ask their sympathy and prayers. It is vulgar to advertise yourself and your grief by saying "inserted by his loving son, John Jones. " In short in everything connected with a burial forget yourself and your grief, do all you can to comfort your fellow mourners, avoid crepe and outward show of mourning, prove by your actions your belief in the resurrection, gladly leave your friend's body in God's keeping and commend his soul to God's all merciful care.

NZ Truth, 4 January 1908, Page 1
There ought to be a law awarding ten years' imprisonment to the person who breaks into "In Memoriam" doggerel. Sample from the "Temuka Leader" :—

'In loving memory of John Hooper etc. '
He left his home in perfect health,
Not thinking death was near,
Not dreaming that he never would
Return to home so dear.
A painful shock, a dreadful blow,
Oh, father dear, we miss you so.  

Trentham Road, Nov. 2011,  looking over Ashwick Flat.

Feilding Star, 25 May 1910, Page 2
By the way, the Timaru Herald last Saturday contained "In Memoriam" poem from Mr Dugald Ferguson's pen, containing; some fine sentiments, and opening with the following verse:
The Empire mourns her august Chief, so suddenly removed,
For his informal manly traits, so genuinely beloved;
Who, for the obsequies of Death, has left the regal chair—
The kindliest, the kingliest, who's sat for ages there.

Incomplete listing of South Canterbury related "In Memoriam " from various newspapers

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Evening Post,
6 September 1926, Page 1
ABBOTT — In loving memory of Norman Dow Abbott, who departed this life on the 3rd September, 1924, at Timaru. Inserted by his loving wife and family.

Auckland Star, 4 September 1916, Page 12
BARNES — In loving memory of my dear mother, Harriett Barnes, who died at Timaru on September 4 1915.
At early morn, when all was still
God gave His great command
In silent peace she passed away
Into that better land.
Inserted by her daughter and son-in-law, Edith and George Wilson.

Ellesmere Guardian, 3 January 1930, Page 4
BEAMSLEY — In loving memory of our dear wee Leila, who died in Timaru Hospital on January 3, 1922.
Time may change from year to year,
Our friends from day to day;
But never will our darling
From our memory fade away.
—Inserted by her loving father, mother and sister, Southbridge

Press, 9 April 1917, Page 1
BERTI — In loving memory of Venetia, who died January 9th. 1891, also Erselia Marguerite (Rita), who died April 9th (Good Friday), 1898, aged 1 year and 8 months, only daughters of R. and L. Berti, Timaru.

Otago Witness 13 January 1909, Page 51
BLISSETT— In loving memory of my dear father William Blissett, who died at Oamaru, January 9, 1908. "So loved, so mourned." Inserted by his loving daughter, Louie. Timaru papers please copy.

Press, 31 July 1911, Page 1
BRADLEY — In sad but loving memory of Lily, dearly beloved wife of G. L. Bradley, who died at Timaru, July 31st, 1910.
Long days and nights she bore in pain;
To wait for cure was all in vain.
But God alone, who thought it best,
Did ease her pain and give her rest.
—Inserted by her loving husband.

Evening Post, 28 June 1920, Page 1
Evening Post, 26 June 1922, Page 1
BRYAN— In sad and loving memory of my darling mother, Frances E. Bryan, who passed away at Timaru on the 26th June, 1919; deeply loved.
God saw when the footsteps faltered,
When the pathway had grown too steep;
So He touched the drooping eyelids,
And gave His loved one sleep.
Inserted by her loving daughters, Margaret and Gwen.

Press, 31 May 1919, Page 1
BRYANT —In loving memory of our dear sister, Emily Ella, beloved wife D. Bryant, Temuka, who passed away May 31st, 1918. To memory ever dear. — Inserted by her loving sisters and brothers.

Auckland Star, 12 October 1945, Page 1
CALWELL — In proud and loving memory of our devoted younger son, Jim, accidentally killed at Auckland, October 12, 1935 (N.Z.P.S. instructor)
Dwelling in everlasting light and Joys that never fade.
His loving mother and father, L. A. and D.L. Calwell, Timaru.
CALWELL — In affectionate remembrance of a devoted brother Jim, accidentally killed at Auckland, October 12, 1935. God's greatest gift, remembrance. His loving brother Dave, Sybil and family, Wellington.
CALWELL — In affectionate remembrance of my devoted brother Jim, accidentally killed at Auckland, October 12, 1935.
We have him in our hearts,
God has him in His keeping.
His loving sister Florence, Auckland

Dominion, 13 March 1917, Page 1
CANNER — In loving memory of my dear mother, who died at Timaru 12th March, 1916. At rest. Inserted by A. and G. L. Canner.

Auckland Star, 15 November 1941, Page 1
CEBALO—In loving memory of my dear brother. Steve, accidentally killed at Temuka November 15. 1940. Ever remembered by his brother Marin and family.

Evening Post, 18 May 1925, Page 1
CHAPMAN — In loving memory of our dear mother, who died at Timaru on the 18th May, 1924. To memory ever dear. Inserted by her loving son, daughter, and grandson, Mary, Jack, and Norman McQuistan.

Otago Daily Times 2 October 1920, Page 6
COLLINGS. In loving memory of Private Bertram Charles Collings, of Hawea, killed in action near the "Abraham Heights," France, October 3, 1917, while nobly doing his duty; buried where he fell —a soldier's grave. R.I.P. "Lost we forget."— inserted by his sorrowing parents, brothers, and sisters (now of Timaru).

Auckland Star, 3 February 1908, Page 10
DALTON — In loving memory of our dear Charley who departed this life February 4th 1907, in Timaru Hospital.
We shall greet each other,
When the Lord in His glory we shall see.
Inserted by his sorrowing parents, brothers and sisters. Pukekohe, 3/2/08.

Star 6 June 1902, Page 3
DOUGLAS — In loving memory of Lizzie Douglas. who departed this life on the 6th June, 1895, at Temuka; aged twelve years
Seven long years have passed away;
Yes, we remember well:
We stood beside her dying bed
To take her last farewell.
Not gone from memory, not gone from love,
But gone to a brighter home above.
Inserted by her parents, E. and J. F. Douglas. Temuka "Leader" please copy.

Star 19 July 1897, Page 2
DOSSETT — In loving memory of our dear grandmother, Johanna Dossett, who departed this life July 18, 1896, at Pleasant Point.... — Inserted by her ever-loving daughter and grandchildren, of Dunsandel. Timaru papers please copy.

Star 9 April 1894, Page 2
Dunn.— April 8, 1803, Janet, widow of Thomas Dunn, of The Stumps, of the late of The Stumps, Temuka, South Canterbury. Late of 47, Gloucester Street. —inserted by her loving daughter M. S. Dunn.

Evening Post, 11 July 1940, Page 1
ELLIS — In loving memory of Angeline Jane Ellis, who died at Timaru, July 11, 1939. Sadly missed. Inserted by her son, Alex., daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

Star 12 August 1899, Page 5
FERGUSSON.— In loving memory of Harry Fuller Fergusson, who died at Woodbury August 12, 1897. Not lost to memory or to love. His mother and sisters.

Press, 28 January 1919, Page 1
FERGUSSON — IN loving memory of Harriet Fuller Fergusson (Woodbury,), who died January 28th, 1918. "Gone, but not forgotten." —Inserted by her loving daughter awl son in-law, Peggie and Dave McDonald.

Press, 21 September 1917, Page 1
HALLIDAY — In sad but loving memory of private John Halliday, killed in action in the Somme, September 21st, 1916; aged 27 years.
A day of remembrance sad to recall,
But in our hearts he was loved by us all;
No matter how we think of him,
There is nothing left to answer but his photo on the wall.
- Inserted by his sorrowing father and sister, Mrs E. M. Carr, Wordsworth street, Sydenham. (Timaru papers please copy).

Evening Post, 18 December 1911, Page 1
HASLER — In loving memory of Christopher John Hasler, who was accidentally killed on the s.s. Pukaki at Timaru on the 17th December 1910. Gone, but not forgotten. Inserted by Mrs. Norman and family.

Auckland Star, 3 February 1925, Page 1
HAY — In loving memory of Elsie, who passed away at Timaru, February 2, 1924. Inserted by her loving friend, A. A. O'Brien

Press, 15 October 1918, Page 1
HIGHT — In loving memory of Rifleman Leonard Henry Dixon Hight, 3rd N.Z.R.B (15th Reinforcements) killed in action, Battle of Passchendaele, October 12th, 1917, second and much loved son of Albert and Mary Hight, High street, Timaru.
HIGHT—In loving memory of Rifleman Cecil Morland Hight, 3rd N.Z.R.B. (15th Reinforcements), killed in action, Battle of Passchendaele, October 12th, 1917, youngest and much loved son of Albert and Mary Hight, High street, Timaru.
For duty and their country's call
They went both true and brave,
Upon a battlefield to fall,
And fill true soldiers' graves.
—Inserted by their loving parents, sisters, and brothers.

Evening Post, 3 November 1943, Page 1
HILLS (nee Heaven)— In loving memory of our beloved daughter and sister Margaret, who passed away November 3, 1942. No one knows the heartache. Only those can tell Who have lost a loved one Without a last farewell. Inserted by her loving mum, dad, sister, and brothers.
HILLS — In loving memory of our dear young friend Margaret, who passed away November 3, 1942. Her happy laugh is a memory evergreen. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. J. Ford, Timaru.
HILLS (nee Heaven) — In loving memory of our dear sister, Margaret, who fell asleep at Hamilton, November 3, 1942.
God must have a beautiful garden,
For He always chooses the best;
He chose a rare and beautiful flower
When He took dear Margare: to rest.
Chas. and Nell Heaven and nieces Pamela and Jeanette.

Press, 12 August 1907, Page 1
HOBBS - In loving remembrance of William Alfred Hobbs who died at Timaru, 13th August, 1903.
Days and moments quickly flying,
Blend the living with the dead,
Soon will you and I be lying
Each within his narrow bed.
__Thy will be done. 

Peace, perfect, peace.

Auckland Star, 28 October 1932, Page 1
HORSFALL. — In loving memory of my pal Jim, who departed this life October 28 1926. Fond memories linger every day. Remembrance keeps you near. Inserted by his loving pal, Timaru.

Otago Witness 9 October 1901, Page 44
JEFCOATE — A fond tribute to the memory of Mrs Thos. Jefcoate, who a year ago to-day, October 5, was called by God to change her temporary dwelling on earth for her heavenly and eternal home. Her faith in her Saviour the Lord Jesus gave her the title thereto.
We miss her and mourn her,
In silence unseen,
And dwell on the memory
Of joys that have been.
Interred in Timaru Cemetery.
Inserted by her husband, Thos. Jefcoate, Owaka, Otago.

Star 21 October 1901, Page 3
JOHNSON — In loving memory of Annie Hayes Johnson, who departed this life on Oct. 21, 1901, at Waitohi Flat, Temuka, in her fifty-ninth year.
It was hard indeed to watch our dear one
Slowly fade and leave out side,
We are crushed and broken-hearted
With the grief we cannot hide.
We loved her. Ah! no, tongue can tell
How much we loved her, or how well.
God loved her, too, and thought it best
To take her with him home to rest.
Inserted by her loving family.

Press, 29 March 1919, Page 1
LEAH — In loving memory of Lance-Corporal H.L. Leah, 12th Reinforcements, beloved son of J. A. and M. J. Leah, of Timaru, killed in action in France on the 23th March, 1918.
He sleeps besides his comrades
In a hallowed grave unknown,
But his name is writ in letters of gold.
In the hearts he left at home.
—Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters.

Auckland Star, 13 April 1943, Page 1
LEE — In loving memory of our dear mother, passed away April 13. 1942.
Many heartaches, often a silent tear.
Time may take the edge off grief.
But memory turns back every leaf
Too dearly loved to ever be forgotten by her loving daughter Peggy and son Joe, Timaru.

Star 4 December 1894, Page 3
McGimpsey - In loving remembrance of my dear brother, David John McGimpsey, who was killed by accident, at Pakihi Estate, Temuka, on Dec. 1893
Can it be true, dear brother,
One sad year hath passed away,
Since we laid your body in the grave,
To mingle with the clay?
Though others may forget you,
None but parents' hearts can tell,
As they are growing old and feeble,
We miss you more and more.
Inserted by his loving sister, E. J. Nicholson, Yaldhurst.

Auckland Star, 4 July 1930, Page 1
MAYES — In loving remembrance of William Holland Mayes (late Captain A.I. Forces), who died at Timaru July 4, 1926; aged 33 years. To memory ever dear. Inserted by his loving wife and sons, Desmond and Ian.

Star 22 May 1903, Page 3
MEERS In sad and loving remembrance of my dear mother, Ann Meers who died at Timaru on the 21st May, 1903. So dearly loved, so deeply mourned. Inserted by her daughter, Annie Price.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 18 September 1920, Page 4
MENDELSON -In sad but loving remembrance of our dear father, Isaac Bernard Mendelson, who died at San Francisco on September 18, 1919, brother of the late Julius Mendelson of Temuka, Canterbury.
Gone, but never forgotten.
It is just one sad year this day
Since our dear father passed away.
Inserted by his loving children, Julius and Helena Mendelson.

Evening Post, 15 November 1926, Page 1
MENZIES — In loving memory of my dear husband, Jack, who passed away at Wellington, 15th November, 1920. Aged 27 years. Interred at Timaru. Remembrance inserted by his wife and baby.

Auckland Star, 9 January 1941, Page 1
MORGAN - In loving memory of dear mother, who passed away January 9, 1925.
God saw that she was weary,
The hill was hard to climb,
so he gently closed her eyelids.
And whispered, peace be thine.
inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law Mrs and Mr. R. Nolan, Timaru. (Franklin and Times please copy.)

Star 4 May 1880, Page 3 IN MEMORIAM.
Perhaps no man in Canterbury over became endeared to so wide a circle of friends, as William Francis Neilson, who passed away from us on Sunday, at the early age of 29. Imbued with a rarely gentle nature, he attracted and fascinated all with whom he came in contact. Generous to a fault, he thought not of himself, his sensitive and sympathetic nature making him invariably study the feelings of others, and his constant aim was to shield his friends from annoyance or pain. With ladies he was an especial favourite, being the acme of chivalry and gentleness. For all, he had a kind word and a pleasant smile, and he will indeed be missed by everyone who knew him. It seems but the other day, that joyous, happy, lighthearted Neilson was amongst us, taking the lead with untiring energy in the sports or amusements of the day, and his place will not readily be filled. As an adept in all manly English field sports, he was our "Admirable Crichton" and will long be remembered as the successful captain of our cricketers, as well as the best amateur billard-player in New Zealand, while with his gun, or at lawn tennis, quoits, &c, &c, he had very few peers. On the turf, and more especially at our Hunt Club meetings, his blue and white hoops were the popular colours of the day. In Timaru he was a very general favourite, being beloved and almost idolised by his genuine Southern friends. Perhaps no greater sympathy could be shown for anyone than what has been invariably expressed for him, in the simple but touching tribute to his memory of "Poor Neilson, how we shall miss him." G. G. S.

Grey River Argus 28 July 1903, Page 2
In loving memory of William Samuel Nelson, who died July 28th, 1902, at Timaru
Brighter, fairer, far than living,
With no trace of woe or pain
Robed in everlasting beauty,
We shall see thee once again.
Inserted by his father and brother.

Evening Post, 28 May 1926, Page 1
PATTLEY —In fond and loving memory of our dear father, Walter Eli Prattley, who was accidentally killed at Temuka Railway Crossing on the 28th May, 1904.
It is 22 years ago to-day
Since our dad was called away.
Ever remembered.
Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Harold and Bessie Prattley, Paekakariki.

Evening Post, 25 April 1918, Page 1
PEARCE— In loving memory of my dear father, who passed away at Timaru on the 25th April, 1913. Inserted by his loving daughters, Gertie and Annie.

Star 1 April 1899, Page 5
PEATTIE — In loving memory of James Peattie, who died at Timaru April 1st, 1898.
I miss thee from my home, dear Jim,
I miss thee from thy place
A shadow o'er my life is cast,
I miss the sunshine of your face.
I miss your kind and willing hand,
Your fond and earnest cure
My home is dark without thee, Jim,
I miss thee everywhere.
Inserted by his loving wife. Timaru papers please copy.

Press, 3 December 1918, Page 1
PERRY— In loving memory of Private T. J. Perry (Temuka), who was killed in action somewhere in France, December 3rd, 1917.
We pictured his safe return.
And longed to clasp his hand;
But God has postponed the meeting,
'Twill be in a better land.
Inserted by his loving parents, brother, and sisters.

Evening Post, 7 June 1934, Page 1
In loving memory of my dear brother Dan, who passed away at Timaru, June 7, 1933. Inserted by his loving Sister, A. Gardiner.

Otago Daily Times 22 April 1896, Page 2
Otago Witness 25 April 1895, Page 27
Poole — In remembrance of my beloved husband, John Poole, who died at Timaru (the result of an accident on the racecourse) on the 22nd April 1894; also of my dear mother, who was accidentally killed on the 22nd April 1889. Both deeply regretted.
When by bitter trials oppressed,
I'll gently sigh " Our God knows beat."
Inserted by Alice M. Poole

Auckland Star, 23 May 1911, Page 12
RIDINGS — In loving memory of my dear sister, Mrs. R. Ridings, who departed this life on May 22, 1910.
Little I thought as I bade her good-bye,
It was the last parting between her and I.
Not even her lifeless form did I see,
But ever her memory clings fondly to me.
Inserted by her loving sister, C. Paull, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 1 January 1900, Page 2
Robinson — In sad and loving memory of William Robinson, who departed this life on December 31st, 1897, at Nurse Clarke's hospital, Timaru.
We shall never cease to miss thee,
Dearest brother loved by all
You have passed from earth, and sorrow,
At thy Heavenly Father's call.
Ah! the one we loved so dearly,
Has for ever passed away
But again we hope to meet him
On the Resurrection Day.
Inserted by his sorrowing sisters.

Star 8 May 1894, Page 2
Scott — In loving remembrance of Katherine, the dearly-beloved wife of Kenneth Scott, and youngest daughter of Kenneth M'Lennan, Pareora, Timaru, who departed this life at Rosewarne Street, Aldington, on May 8, 1891 aged twenty-four years. Asleep in Jesus.
Three sad years have passed to-day
Since my dear Katie was called away
The trial was hard, the blow severe,
To part with one I loved so dear.
Yes, dear Katie, how I miss you
None but my aching heart can tell.
But all my hope is in the future
When I shall meet you once again
We shall sleep, but not for ever,
There will be a glorious dawn.
We shall meet to part, no, never
On the resurrection morn.
Inserted by her ever-loving husband, Kenneth Scott.

Press, 30 November 1920, Page 1
SHAW—On November 25th, at 134 St. Asaph street, Geoffrey, eldest son of the late Charles Reginald Shaw, oi Timaru. Auckland and Nelson papers please copy

Otago Witness 16 September 1908, Page 51
SHORE. In loving memory of our dear sister Mary Helen, who died at Otakia, September 15, 1905; aged 23 years. Peacefully sleeping while we axe toiling.
Inserted by her sorrowing sister and brother-in-law, E. and G. Henderson. Temuka.
SHORE. In fond remembrance of dear Mary, who was called to rest September 15, 1905, at her parents' residence, The Elbow," Otokia; aged 23 years and 9 days. "Missed, yes, missed." Inserted by her sorrowing parents, sisters, and brother.

Evening Post, 28 September 1936, Page 1
STEVENSON — In fond and loving memory of our dear mother, Agnes Stevenson ("Ga"). who passed away at her home, 6 Seddon Street, Timaru, on September 28, 1935. Sadly missed. Inserted by her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter

Evening Post, 29 September 1942, Page 1
SWAN — In loving memory of our dear wife and our mother, who passed away on September 29, 1938.
Always remembered.
Inserted by her loving husband and family.
SWAN —In loving memory of our dear mother and grandma, who passed away on September 29, 1938.
Wonderful mother so good and so rare
The pain she went through few could bear.
She never complained, she was not that kind,
She was one of those dear ones, hard to find.
Inserted by her loving son, daughter-in-law, and wee grandson, Stan, Grace, and Leo, Timaru.

Press, 29 July 1918, Page 1
THOMAS —In loving memory of Albert Edward Thomas, beloved eldest brother of Mrs G. Donaldson; died in Temuka, July 30th, 1917. At rest.
THOMAS — In loving memory of Albert Edward (Bert), eldest on of Thomas, who died at Temuka, July 29th, 1917, One lonely year has passed away
Since our great sorrow fell;
Still in our hearts we mourn
The loss of one we loved so well.
-Inserted by father, mother, sisters, and brothers.

Auckland Star, 11 April 1933, Page 1
In loving memory of dear Molly,
who passed away on April 11, 1932.
Honoured in life, noble in death;
A glorious memory is all that is left.
Inserted by her pals, Gladys Connolly and Jean Kinross (Timaru), and May Ronse.

Press, 30 November 1920, Page 1
WELLS — In loving memory of Annie Theresa Wells, beloved wife of Henry James Wells, who died at Temuka on November 30th, 1918 "Till we meet again." —Inserted by her loving husband and daughters.

Evening Post, 29 November 1934, Page
WESTWOOD — In loving memory of Percy, who departed this life November 29, 1929. Fondly remembered. Gladys and Roy, Timaru.
WESTWOOD — In loving memory of our dear son, Percival Albert, who passed away on November 29, 1929. Loved, remembered, longed for always. By his parents.

Auckland Star, 29 November 1930, Page 1
WHITE — In loving memory of my dear brother, Toni, died Timaru Hospital, November 29, 1928.
Memory is the golden chain
Which binds us till we meet again.
Inserted by his loving sister, Maggie, Rotorua

Evening Post, 13 January 1942, Page 1
WILLIAMSON — In loving memory of my dear brother, Leslie, who passed away at Timaru, January 13, 1941.
Loving memories never fade
Of one we loved, but could not save.
Ever remembered.
- Flo and Joe.

Taranaki Herald, 13 October 1880, Page 4
A recent death announcement closes with the following poetic gem :
It was a cough
That carried me off ;
It was a coffin
They carried me off in.

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