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The list of names of the First Division Reservists drawn at the sixth ballot was to make up the shortages in the drafts for the 30th Reinforcements. At the conclusion of the sixth ballot on April 12th shows that there were 48,664 men left in the division. 2,090 in South Canterbury. The total number disposed of by way of voluntary enlistment and in the sixth ballot during the four weekly period was 6755. The result of the sixth ballot, containing the names of men on the register who since the territorial ballot have either attained the age of 19 and have thus become liable for the territorial service, or else have attained the age of 41 and thus ceased to be liable for overseas service. Some reaching 19 on or shortly before April 29 would be omitted from the notice. These however will be in the next calling up notice in about a month's time. Ballot four to one. 368 names.

Dominion, 28 April 1917, Page 8
A man who has been rejected by the doctors under, the voluntary system remains in the Reserve, with the privilege of having his name * "starred" if he makes application to the Government Statistician. He is still liable to be drawn in the ballot. But under the present, system he may have his case settled finally by enlisting again as a volunteer and going before a medical board. If he is then found to be unfit, his name will be lifted from the Reserve. Many men are taking advantage of this arrangement in order to avoid being drawn in the ballot.

The number of men in the First Division was reduced by 6755 between the date of the completion or the fifth ballot and the close of the sixth ballot. The authorities drew some 4000 names in the sixth ballot, so that it appears that about 2600 First Division men had volunteered, and either been accepted or finally rejected, within the period of four weeks. Three reservists having to be drawn for every recruit required, in order to allow for examination and those rejected as medically unfit.

Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch. The lions and flame are the work of Frederick George Gurnsey.

Press, 18 April 1917, Page 7  SIXTH BALLOT.
South Canterbury names. The following are the names of the South Canterbury members of the First Division of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force Reserve, drawn in the ballot taken in Wellington last -week, and published yesterday morning in a "Gazette" Extraordinary. The voluntary enlistments for the 30th Reinforcements left a shortage of 1203, which had to be made up by ballot. On this occasion, on account of the increased stringency of the medical examination, four names, instead of three as previously, were drawn to make up each one of the deficiency. The number of names drawn was therefore 4812. The Bay of Plenty was the only district which provided its quota voluntarily. "A "star" * before name indicates previous enlistment:

*AGNEW, David W., labourer, Pleasant Point
Aitken, Gilbert Harold, cabinetmaker, 2 Campbell street, Palmerston North.
Aitken, James Cecil, Smithfield Works, Timaru
Aldridge, Arthur Edward, labourer, Tinwald
Alexander. George Francis, farm manager, Suunybrook, Cave
Alington, Leopold Wynford, farm assistant, Seafield, Ashburton
Allfrey, James Charles, junr., teamster, Mill road, Waimate
Allington, Harry, farm hand, Hook, Waimate
Angus, William hotel manger, Fairlie
Annett, James, farmer, Hinds, Ashburton
Armstrong, Andrew, farmer, Waihao Downs, Waimate
Armstrong, Archibald John, teamster, care of J. Shaw, Timaru
Armstrong, Vernon, ironmoulder, 1 Maori Hill, Timaru.

BAKER, Leonard Joseph, motor mechanic, Exeter street, Waimate
*Barber, George Henry, labourer, 30 Burnett street, Ashburton
Barnes, James Edgar, cook, Double Hill, Whakamatau, Selwyn
Beard, Arthur Ernest, farmer, Arno, Waimate
*Beattie, James, farmer, Lyndhurst
Beeby, John, flaxmill hand, Temuka
Bell, George Adam, labourer, Tinwald
Bell, George Edison, clerk, Hook, Waimate
Bennett, Samuel, farm labourer, care of W. Millar, Beach road, Ashburton
Beri, Joseph Louis, undertaker and cabinetmaker, King street, Temuka
Bishop, Arthur, saddler, care of H. Bishop, Edward street, Waimate
Blain, Robert Hill, farm labourer, Marawiti, Barr Hill
Blair, Peter, fitter, Kelso House, Sarah street, Timaru
*Blee, George Edmund, farmer, Ashton
*Body, Edmund George, farmer, Tinwald
*Boyes, George Alfred, labourer, Morven
Brittenden, Ernest Edward, draper, care of Post Office, Waimate
Brosnahan, Michael Joseph, labourer, Kerrytown
Brosman, Daniel Patrick, farmer, Upper Waitohi Flat, Geraldine
*Brown, Norman, farm assistant, Ohape, Geraldine
*Brown, William, blacksmith, Pringle street, Timaru
Brownlie, James King, wool-buyer, 75 Theodosia street, Timaru
Bryant. Thomas A., draper's assistant, 100 Middle Toad, Allenton, Ashburton
Buchanan, Stewart Wright, farm labourer, Orton, Temuka
Burke, John Patrick, farmer, Belfield, Orari
Burns, James, ploughman, Orari Bridge, Geraldine
Burns, Richard, labourer, care of Post Office, Timaru
Butler, John, farm hand, Spring Brook, Pareora East, Waimate
Byron, George, labourer, care of C. Crebs, Waimate.

CADWALLADER, Thomas, junr., fat sheep buyer, Temuka
Cague, Andrew, butler factory manager, 24 Evans street, Timaru
Cairns, William, labourer, Elgin
Campbell, Thomas Henry, farmer, Kingsdown, Levels
Cargo, Samuel, Stephen, farmer, Seadown
Carpenter, Thomas Brinn, drapery manager, 35 Beverley road, Timaru
*Carruthers, Sydney Adam, labourer, Orari Gorge, Woodbury, Geraldine
*Cartwright, John, farmer, Albury
Carver, Jack Fredrick Fletcher, ploughman, Peel street, Geraldine
Casey, Thomas farmer, Motukaika, Waimate
Chalmers, George, farm labourer, Lismore
Chambers, David, farmer, "Viewlea," Methven
Chapman, Albert Leonard, farmer, "Waitohi Flat, Temuka
Childs, Ellis, porter, care of E. O'Sullivan, Hotel, Pleasant Point
Clarke, Stanley, salesman, 358 Gloucester street, Christchurch
Clarkson, Robert James, farm worker, care of D. McLean, Methven
Clifford, Jeremiah, farmer, Winchmore, Ashburton
Cochrane, William, ploughman, Elgin, Ashburton
Collett, Henry Vine, tailor, Hassall street, Timaru
Collins, Andrew Paul, ploughman, care of Sir George Clifford, Stonyhurst, Cheviot
Collins, Henry, engine-driver, Mount Somers
Connor, Edmond Geraldus, farmer, Cave
Cook, John, farmer, Pleasant Point
Coppin, Jack, wool-sorter, Le Cren's terrace, Timaru
*Corbett, Thomas, farmer, Mayfield
*Corbitt, Edward, farmer, Aberdare Farm, Pleasant Point
*Corbitt, Isaac Albert Carter, coachbuilder, Ashburton
*Cormack, Robert Leith, farm labourer, care of  W. J. Clark, Levels
*Cosgrove, William, salesman, 52 Regent street, Timaru
Crawford, Ernest Alexander, merchant, Hayes street, Timaru
Crisp, Harry, farm labourer, Cairnbrae, Methven, Ashburton
Crocome, Alfred John, gardener, 78 Rose street, Timaru
Cromie, James, farmer, Rakaia
Cross, Gordon Edward, marine engineer, Pareora, Waimate
Crowe, Edward, labourer, 8 Latter street, Timaru.

DALE. Percy, Carpenter, care of Post Office, Fairlie
Davidson, Charles, tailor, 27 Rhodes street, Timaru
Davison, Hugh Alexander, station manager, care of Arthur Zozer, Pleasant Point, Levels
Delargy, Henry Joseph, farmer, Hakataramea
Digby, Jack, farm manager, P.O. Box 30, Ashburton
Dineen, George Henry, cool store employee, Turnbull street, Timaru
Donnithorne, Albert, farm manager, Hilton, Geraldine
Donnithorne, Leonard E., farm assistant, Hilton
Downes, Hugh Charles, shearer, Temuka
Doyle. Thomas, clerk. Edward street, Timaru
Patrick, farm labourer, Morven
Duncan. Alfred, station owner, Guide Hill, Fairlie
Dunn, Allen, draper's assistant, 5 Holmes street, Waimate
Dunn, William James, farm labourer, care of Reesly, Lyndhurst
Dunstan, William Arthur, labourer, Belt street, Waimate.
Dyson, Charles Frederick, farm hand, care of R.H. Rhodes, Bluecliffs, St. Andrew's

ELKIS, George, ploughman, care of Mrs Brown, Waimataitai, Timaru
Ellen, Walter, cook, Mill rand, Waimate
Elliott, George McDonald, teamster, Claremont
Ellis. John Henry, teamster, Hindis
Elsom, William James, rouseabout, Peel Forest, Rangitata
Elsom, Willie, railway clerk, Ashburton
Esler, William George, farmer, Sutherland's.

FAGAN, George Joseph, Opie street, Waimate
Fagan, William Thomas, motor mechanic, Bluecliff, St. Andrew's
Fairbairn, James, ploughman, Carew, via Ealing
Fargher, John, labourer, Newland, Ashburton
Ferguson. James Reid, farmer, Westerfield, Ashburton
Fergusson, Herbert Stanley, slaughterman, Trafalgar street, Timaru
Fifield, Frederick, engine-driver, Woodbury, Geraldine
Finch, Thomas Henry, painter, 32 William street, Timaru
Finn, Austin, farmer, Pleasant Valley
*Flett, David, rabbiter, Haldon, Burke's Pass, Mackenzie
Fogarty, Lawrence Peter, farmer, care of Post Office, Waimate
Forrest, Robert Hendy, ploughman, St. Andrew's
Foster, William, carter, Wilson street, Timaru
Fotheringham, John Francis, police constable, Police Station. Timaru
Freak. Digby Edward, general farm hand, Alfred Forest, Ashburton
Frew, Albert Ernest, farm manager, King street, Ashburton
Frost, Eugene, farmer, Studholme Junction, Waimate
Fuesell, Joseph Henry, carter, Peter street, Ashburton

GARDNER, Donald McBeath, farmer, Waihaorunga
Gibson, David, farmer, Sutherland's
Godwin, Augustine, ploughman,  Beaconsfield, near Timaru
Graham, Charles Edward, farm labourer, Toropuki, care of Post Office, Kelso
Grattidge, Thomas, teamster, Coldstream Station, Hinds, Ashburton
Gray,Reginald, Ettrick Bank, Timaru
Greyish, Patrick Edward, farmer, Hook, Waimate
Greenaway, Bertram, farm labourer, Methven, Rakaia
Griffith, Matthew, groom, Holmslea, Rakaia
Griffiths, Mark Thomas Wallace, farm labourer, care of W. Drummond, Lyndhurst
Gunn, David John, farmer, Gordon Bush, Hook, Waimate

HALL, James, shearer, Pleasant Point
Hamilton, Joseph Daniel, teamster, John street, Temuka
Hampton, George Edward, farm hand, Pendarves, Chertsey
Hanley, Thomas, farmer, Tawai, Glenavy
Harris, John, dairyman, Creek street, Waimataitai, Timaru
Harris. Peter, shearer, care of Rakaia Post Office, Ashburton
Harvey, Fredrick Alexander, fellmonger, Otipua road, Timaru
Harwood, William George, fireman, N.Z.R., Fairlie
Hawkins, Richard, labourer, Winton
Hayes, John, farm hand, care of James Campbell, Methven
Henderson, George, confectioner, Le Cren's terrace, Timaru
Henderson. John, farm servant, care of Lane Bros., Parsonage road, Waimate
Heuchan. William, shepherd, Peel Forest, Rangitata
Hight, Clarence Thomas Albert, farm assistant, Seafield, Ashburton
Hill, John Joseph, farm labourer, care of J. Tulley, Tinwald
Holmes, Robert, tailor, 147 North street, Timaru
*Hore, Albert, farmer, Augustine street, Waimate
Hore, Charles, farmer, Augustine street, Waimate
Horgan, Michael, teamster, Waimate
Horth, John, labourer, Methven
Howard, John Liffett, yardman, Maltby street, Timaru
Huhand, William, Temuka
Hunt, Henry Thomas, orchardist, Waimate
Hutchison, Christian, farmer, Highbank, Methven
Hutton, Gordon, farm hand, 5 Kermode street, Ashburton
Hutton, Gordon Hay, farm hand, Otipua, Levels
Hyland, James, farmer, Cave
Hyndman, William, farm labourer, Cave

JACK. Herbert Ernest, plasterer, Beaconsfield, Timaru
Jackson, Albert Edward, farmer, Hunter, Makikihi
Jaine, James Frederic, farm assistant, Longbeach, Ashburton
James, Robert Henry, motor mechanic, 33 South street, Ashburton
Johannsen, John Peter, farm labourer, Ouihi, Ashburton
Johnson, Andrew, farmer, Veensgarth Farm, Temuka
Johnson, Arthur, labourer, Anama, Ashburton
Johnston, David, farmer, Lyndhurst
Johnston, James Alexander, labourer, Springfield, Methven
Jones, Philip Henry, teacher, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine
Jones, Stanley Alfred George, garage proprietor, Fairlie
Just, Herbert, farm labourer, Parkhurst, Woodbury

KABTON, Lennard, labourer, McKnight's Boarding-house, George street, Timaru
Kean, William David, ploughman, Raincliff, Pleasant Point
Keay, Victor Hugh, clerk, Education Office, Timaru
Keen, Albert Edward, ploughman, care of Mr J. Mcllraith, Morven
Kelly, Alfred, farm labourer, Seaview, Ashburton
Kennard, Donald McNicol, blacksmith, St. Andrew's, Waimate
Kidd, Leslie James, labourer, Cox street, Ashburton
Killworth, Thomas, shearer, Studholme Settlement, Waimate
King, Charles Harold Joseph, storeman, Regent street, Fairlie
King, Charles Henry, labourer, 67 Harrow street, Dunedin
King, William Wilson, labourer, Duskey, Heriot, Tuapeka
Kirby Dennis, farm labourer, 58 High street, Timaru
Kirby, Michael, labourer, 58 High street, Timaru.

LAFRENTZ, Bernard Waldomar, dairy farmer, Geraldine
Laing, John, farm hand, Broad Gully, Morven
Lake, Frederick Crompton, butcher, School road, Fairlie
Lamont, Samuel, shop assistant, care of Grant and Co., Albury
Langley, James Frederick, farmer, Box 35, Rakaia
Laurenson, Thomas Peter, Government insurance agent, 18 Preston street, Timaru
Leary, Daniel Joseph, teamster, Braemar, via Fairlie
Ledgerwood, David, farmer, Highbank
Ledgerwood, Hugh Robert, farmer, Highbank, Ashburton
Liggins, Frederick Charles, farm, labourer, Criterion Boardinghouse, Nixon Place, Wanganui
Little, James, farmer, Annandale, Cave, Levels
Lloyd, Hamilton, farmer, Makikihi
Leper, Joseph Malcolm, labourer, Maude street, Waimate
Luscombe, Ernest Edward, farmer, St. Andrew's, Waimate.

McATEER, Patrick Ambrose, farmer, Waitohi, Temuka
McCabe, John, farmer, Rakitairia Settlement, Geraldine
McCallum, David Graham, bank clerk, 68 Cameron street, Ashburton
McCrossan, Patrick James, farmer, Waikakakshi, Morven
McDonald, Arthur, blacksmith, Rakaia, Ashburton
McFarlane, Lewis Gordon, farm overseer, Grassy Hills, Waihao Downs, Waimate
McGrail, James, labourer, Pringle street, Timaru
McGregor, William George, farm labourer, Timaru
McKay, Angus, farmer, Winchmore, Ashburton
McKay, George R., shearer, Cricklewood
McKay, Jack, farmer, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine
Mackay, James, storeman, 9 Barnard street, Timaru
Mackay, John Thomson, farmer, Willowby, Ashburton
 McKay, William, wood-cutter, Glen-iti, Timaru
McKee, Mick, labourer, Otaio, South Canterbury
McKenzie. Donald, cook, care of Post Office, Fairlie
MacKenzie, William Hugh, farmer, Tycho Delivery, Timaru
McKibbin, William, storekeeper, Pleasant Point
Mackie, William Alexander, farmer care of Earl Bros.. Otaio, Waimate
McLachlan, Angus Weller, cook, 12 Edward street, Timaru
McMillan, Archibald, ploughman, 13 Wellington street, Hampstead, Ashburton
McMillan. Matthew, drover, Tinwald, Canterbury
*McNicholl, Thomas, plasterer, Thomas street, Timaru
MacRae, Donald, Waihao Downs, South Canterbury
McRae, Donald Grant, shepherd. Hakataramea
McSweeney, William Terrance, bootmaker, Princes street, Letherby, Ashburton
Madge, George Walter, farm hand, Willowby, Ashburton
Maguire, John Augustine, sawmill hand, Marsh's Hotel, Ohakune
Mahan. Robert Henry, photographer, 30 Matilda street. Timaru
Major, George, Cricklewood
Major, John, contractor. Waihao Forks, Waimate
Mann, Herbert, shepherd, care of H. Elworthy, Craigmore, Timaru
Mara, John Joseph, painter, North street, Timaru
Marsden, Walter. Salvation Army officer, Georgetown, Waitaki
Marshall, William Henry, ploughman, care of D. McDonald, Methven
Martin, Frederick David, farm hand, Otaio
Meyer, Hans Christian, farm labourer, Waterton
Millar, John George, farmer, Methven
Miller, Frederick David, farmer, care of Mrs E. Corbett, Ashburton Forks
Miller, Percy Vincent James, chemist, 100 Church street West, Timaru
Mitchell, Alexander Roberts, gardener, Dee street, Timaru
*Moore, William George, labourer, Le Cren street, Timaru
Muff. Alfred, farmer, Ohapi Farm, Orari
Mullaby, William James, plumber, Crown Hotel, Geraldine
Mummery, Henry, farmer, Mayfield
Murphy, Denis, labourer, care of Post Office, Masterton
*Murphy, Patrick, labourer, Sutherlands, Timaru

NAUGHTON, John, farm hand, Kerrytown, Levels
Needham, Leonard, ploughman, Paterson's Boardinghouse, Ashburton
Neeson, Patrick Joseph, fireman, N.Z.R., 36 Barnard street, Timaru
Nelson, Robert, manager, Mawaro
Mackenzie. Kevin, James John, warehouseman, Winter's road, Allenton
*Nicholas, Dudley Arthur, clerk, 12 Allnatt street, Temuka
Nicholas, Valentine Edgar, farmer. Hook, Waimate
Nisbett, Jack, farm worker, Simon's Pass, Mackenzie
Noble, Percival Charles Millar, labourer, Lynford
Nolan, Charlie, farm hand, Makikihi
Nolan, John James, farmer, Upper Hook, Makikihi
Noon, George, labourer, Paterson's Boarding house. Ashburton.
Noster, William Samuel, tax-proprietor,. Mill road, Waimate

O'CONNOR, John Joseph, farmer, Allandale, Fairlie
O'Donnell, Terence, milker, care of Post Office, Flemington
O'Donoghue, Michael Francis, farm labourer, Salisbury, Timaru
O'Grady. William, jun., farm hand, Tycho Mail, Timaru
O'Halloran, Daniel, plumber, Sophia street, Timaru
O'Sullivan, Patrick, labourer, Orari Gorge, Woodbury, Geraldine

PAGE, Francis, blacksmith, Waimate
Page, Matthew, gardener, 3 Saunders road, Ashburton
Pailiser, William, teamster, Cricklewood
Parsons, John William Matthew, milker, Blackbridge, Eiffelton, Ashburton
Pearce, Frederick William, farm labourer, Winchester
Perry, Robert William, motor mechanic, Waimate
Prendergast, John, farmer, Eiffelton, Ashburton
Proctor, Benjamin, ploughman, Mount Somers, Ashburton
Powell, Thomas Arthur, painter, Fairton, Canterbury
*Purdom Frederick Henry, motor mechanic, 68 Bathmore street, Timaru.

QUINN, William, labourer, Devane's Hotel, Ashburton.

READ, Arthur Huia, farm hand, Eiffelton, Ashburton.
Reed, Thomas, farm hand, care of D. McKendry, Lvndhurst
Rees, David Henry, ploughman, Harlau, Salisbury
Reid, Alexander, farmer, Hilton, Geraldine
Rennie. John, bootmaker, 1 Archer street, Timaru
Reveley. Stanley, farmer. Springburn, via Ashburton
*Richardson, Albert George, woodturner, Ettrick Bank, High street, Timaru
Robinson, William, butcher, Methven
Robinson, William Henry, farm labourer, Four Peaks Rural Delivery, Geraldine
Robson, William J. F., hairdresser, care of  F.J. Lorrie, Timaru
Roseingrave, John, farm labourer, Rozelle, Orari, Geraldine.
Ross, Donald, brickmaker, 131 Otipua road, Timaru
Rowell, Arthur Stanley, farmer, Mount Somers. Ashburton
Ruddle, Thomas Pettigrew, labourer, Saltwater Creek, Timaru
Rutter, Charles, coalyard managed, 29 Allnutt street, Temuka
Ryan, Michael, saddler, Mayfield, Ashburton
Ryder, Charles Edwin, farmer, Landsborough road, Timaru

SAMPSON, William John, farm labourer, Waterton, via Ashburton
Saville, John George, ploughman, Cricklewood, Timaru
Scott, John Edward, shepherd, Rakaia Gorge, Ashburton
Scott, Valentine, journalist, Wilson street, Timaru
*Sercombe, Francis Walton, farmer, Rokonui, Geraldine
Shea, John Edward, gasfitter, 16 York street, Timaru
Sheehan, Michael Bernard, labourer, 27 York street, Timaru
Shefford, Henry, potato-grower, Waimate
* Showan, Harry, care of Mr Tate, St. Andrew's, Waimate
Shine, David, farm labourer, Adair
Simmons, Clifford William, manager, Makikihi
Skilling, Robert, barman, 67 Sherborns street, St. Albans, Christchurch
Smith, Duncan Campbell, farm labourer, Hook. Waimate
Smyth, John, van-driver, Methven
Spring, Frank, bricklayer, 88 Beach road, Ashburton,
Stamp, Thomas Robert, farm hand, School road, Fairlie
Sterndale, Alexander Craufuird, clerk, Wai-iti road, Timaru
Stockdill, Robert, farm labourer, Highbank, Ashburton
Stowell, Henry James, farmer, Esk Valley, St. Andrew's
Sullivan, Michael Joseph, mill-owner  and farmer, Makikihi, Waimate
Sullivan, Patrick Joseph, farm labourer, Le Cren street, Timaru
Sutton, Arthur Edward. farm labourer, Springburn, Ashburton

TANNER, Walter John, teamster, Bluecliffs, St Andrew's
Telford, Robert James, gardener, Bluecliffs, St. Andrew's, Timaru
Tetham, David, ploughman, Lauriston, Methven
Thomas, Frank, farm hand, Totara Valley, Pleasant Point
Thomas, William, labourer, care of William Duncan, Willowbridge
Thompson, Francis, farmer, Lyndhurst
Thompson, Harold James, dairyman, Clandeboye
Thompson, John, draper, Rakaia
*Thompson, Robert, saddler, Waimate
Thompeon, Robert, farmer, Lowcliffe
Tidmarsh. William James, cook, care of. W. Donnithorne, Waitohi Flat
*Tilbury, Edward, gardener, 268 Antigua street, Christchurch
Timewell, Stephen Alexander, storeman, 2? Arthur street, Timaru
Torrance, Robert, shearer, care of Post Office, Waimate
Tully, Michael, machinery expert,  Dorie
Turnbull, David James, farmer, Rakaia
Tutty, William Herbert, butcher, 31 Bridge street, Ashburton
Twigg, Thomas, painter, Geraldine

*VALENTINE, Archibald Thompson, shepherd, Benmore Station
Vickers, James farm manager, Kakahu, Pleasant Point.

WAITE, Newland, farmer, Seadown
Walker, George, Rakaia
*Wallace, Andrew Gray, farm hand, Glenvay, South Canterbury
Wallace, Henry George, dyer, care of Mrs Black, Rhodes street, Timaru
Watson, Archie Collinson, farm assistant, Box 30, Methven, Ashburton
Watson, James Harland, farm assistant, Otipua
Watson, William, labourer, 38 Wilson street, Timaru
Westgarth, Thomas James, farmer, Box 67, Fairlie
White, Fred, St. James's Station, Hanmer Springs, Canterbury
Wightman, Matthew Stuart, farmer, Chertsey
Wightman, Moffatt, contractor, Methven
Williams, Arthur, labourer, 80 Evans street, Timaru
Williams, James, labourer, Waihao Downs
Williams, Maddren, shepherd, St. Andrew's, Waimate
Williams, Reginald Rice, farm hand, care of J. Scales Maronan, Ashburton
Worsley, Lewis, labourer, South street, Timaru
Wright, Clarence, farmer "The Barton" Fairview
Wright John Thomas, farmer, Rangitata Island, Geraldine
Wyatt, Walter, farm hand, Braemar, Fairlie.

Press, 16 March 1917, Page 6
MISSING BALLOT MEN. ORDERED TO PARADE. A Gazette Extraordinary was issued on Wednesday ordering a further 220 Reservists, whose names have been drawn in the ballot, and whom the Defence authorities have not been able to find, to parade at their respective Group Headquarters for medical examination.
No. 10 Group (South Canterbury)
Owen, W.T., Temuka
Martin, F., Cave
Kinch, J., station hand, Mount Somers
Kennedy, J., shepherd, Haldon
Kay, W., farm hand, Rangitata
Hunter, H., labourer, Ashburton
Hudson, C. Hakataramea
Hodgson, T. labourer, Winchester
Harris, W. H., farm worker, Waimate
Fitzgerald, D., shearer, Ashburton
Cox, A. J., carter, Timaru
Shanahan, L. farm labourer. Rakaia
Phillips, T., tailor, Waimate
Walker, T., farm labourer, Ashburton
Brown, J. H., farmer, Springburn
Blades, P. E., groom, Waimate
Woolford, C., ploughman, Rakaia
Te Au Hape, labourer, Temuka
Burke J., farmer, Levels
O'Loan, D., labourer, Timaru
Eilen, C.. roadman, Southburn
Fraser, W. J., teamster, Lyndhurst
Buckley, J., farm labourer, Orari, sometime of Arowhenua.

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