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SECOND DIVISION BALLOT -1917 South Canterbury, N.Z. men

Evening Post, 12 July 1917, Page 8
A return prepared by the Government Statistician (Mr. Malcolm Fraser) shows that at the conclusion of the drawing of the 9th Ballot on 30th June there were still 22,373 men left in the First Division of the Expeditionary Force Reserve. The numbers remaining in the respective recruiting districts were as under Recruiting District. 10 South Canterbury 785. It is considered that with these 22,373 First Division men remaining there will be sufficient men for another three ballots, after which will come the revision of the sine die exemptions and re-examination of the medical rejects. The First Division should thus be exhausted by the 12th Ballot, to be taken during the third week in September. As the revision of the exemptions and medical rejections is estimated to produce fully one, if not two, drafts, the taking of the next ballot, the 13th, will be postponed accordingly, and should take place either in the second week of November or December. It may safely be reckoned therefore that the first of the married men will be called up in the 13th Ballot, which will be held either in the second week of November or December. They will be called up for the draft parading two months later.  

Press, 4 December 1917, Page 8
Otago Daily Times 4 December 1917, Page 7
Another draw of Class A men. Over 900 Canterbury and West Coast names. The result of the second ballot of class A men — married men without children — of the Second Division of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force Reserve is published in a "Gazette'' Extraordinary under to-day's date. The "Gazette" also includes a small list of members of the First Division. The number of Second Division men called up in the South Canterbury district is as follows:

Christchurch 		475 
South Canterbury 	190 
North Canterbury 	104 
West Coast 		133 
Total 			902

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Wellington, N.Z. 8000 names per ballotAllan, John Cameron, engineer fitter, 43 Rogers street, Timaru
Andrews, Thorwald Henry, farmer, Kakika, Otaio
Ansley, James, engine-driver, Raymond street, Timaru
Appleton, Herbert George, butcher, Hazlelburn, Pleasant Point
Archer, Charles Hector William, Civil Servant, Melton street, Watlington, Timaru
Armstrong, William John, club steward, Chapel street, Timaru
Ashton, Edward, farmer, Seafield.

BAGSHAW, Robert Alexander Johnstone, ledger-keeper, Trafalgar street, Timaru
Bailey, Harold Desmond, wharf labourer, Apsley, Gleniti, Timaru
Baker, Frederick, labourer, 3 Middle street, Timaru
Baxter, Thomas, departmental manager, Wai- iti avenue, Timaru
Baxter, John Wilson, farmer, Ruapuna
Bell, Allan Dawson, farmer, Otaio
Berry, Alfred Yeomanson, bricklayer, Church street, Timaru
Berry, Arthur, gentleman's outfitter, Timaru road, Waimate
Black, William John, carpenter, 47 Barbadoes street, Sydenham, Christchurch
*Blackley, Walter James, painter, 96 Cameron street West, Ashburton
Blanchett, Thomas, hairdresser, Fairlie
Boyle, John, Hotelkeeper, Terminus Hotel, Hakataramea.
Bright, Edward Leonard, butcher, North terrace road, Geraldine
Brown. William Alexander Innes, carpenter, Ashburton
Budd. Edward, salesman, Wilson street, Timaru
Burnett, Thomas David, sheepfarmer, Mount Cook station, Cave
Burson, Frederick William, farmer, Waihao-runga, Waimate
Butler, John Edward, motor coach-driver, Longbeach

CAIRNS, Join, farmer, Fleurs Farm, Milford, Temuka
Cameron, Charles Wilson, mercer and clothier, care of Hallenstein Bros., P.O. Box 60, Timaru
Cass, Alfred, blacksmith, Willowby
Cations, George Albert, farmer, Claremont, Timaru
Chapman, William Andrew, compositor, Gorge road, Waimate
Chisholm, John James, taxi-proprietor, Sarah street, Timaru
Christie, John, shepherd, care of E. S. Rutherford, Mount Aitken, Waimate
Clarke, Henry Albert, farm labourer, Levels, Timaru
Clarkson, John Alfred, freezing works employee, Waimataitai street, Timaru
Cleveland, Albert, farmer, Glenavy
Cochrane, David, groom, 12 Albert street, Ashburton
Collins, Reginald Arthur, manager and accountant, Peter street Ashburton
Cone, Frederick Edward, farmer, Chaselton, Fairlie
Connolly, Cornelius John, ploughman, Hilton
Cook, Henry, farmer, Pleasant Point
Cooper, Alexander, hairdresser, Temuka
Cordes, Charles Oetting, farmer, P.O. Box 85, Fairlie
Counihan, John, jun., flax-mill hand, McNair's road, Temuka
Cowen. Arthur Archer, farmer, Flemington
Crerar, Robert, tailor, The Arcade, Timaru
Cromie, George, engineer, Rakaia
Cross, Ebenezer Horace Donald, firmer, "Glendale," Mawaro, Mackenzie
Grossman. Henry, farmer, Hinds
Cruickshank, Archibald, farmer, Geraldine
Cunnard, John, blacksmith, Princess street, Temuka

DAVIES, William Henry, farmer, Clandeboye
Davis, Charles Edward, railway surfaceman, Fairlie
Dickson, George Harvey, station manager, Mount Peel station
Downes, Joseph, farmer, Clandeboye
Duggan, Albert, builder's labourer, Adair, via Timaru
Dunford, Claude Onesiphorus, motor driver, Club House, Tancred street, Ashburton
Dunham, Thomas Henry, tailor's cutter, William street, Ashburton

EARL, John, farmer, Otaio
Eathorne, William, plasterer, Waimate
Emmerson, George, railway employee, Rarthmore street, Timaru
Espagne, Leo Mylin, manager, Ashburton
Ewan, Maurice Sylvester, confectioner, 49 Cass street, Ashburton

FERGUSON, Albert James, teacher, Hayhurst street, Temuka
Fraser, Alexander, farmer, Rosewill, Tycho Delivery, Timaru
Fraser, James Alexander, grocers assistant, St. Andrew's
Fraser, James Gibson, labourer, Washdyke

GALBRAJTH, Robert, butcher, Selwyn street, Timaru
Gedve, David, carter, Watlington, Timaru
Gibson, Edgar Harvey, farmer, Lismore Post Office
Gill, Ernest Edward, farmer, Chertsey
Glue, Charles, carpenter, 215 Otipua road, Timaru
Goodeve, Alfred, shepherd, Geraldine
Goy, Carl Rudolph, coach painter, Belt street, Waimate
Green, Charles, carter, Flinders street, Timaru
Greig, John, farmer, Maungati, Timaru
Griffin, Frederick, garter, Tinwald, Ashburton
Griffith, Nelson Henry, blacksmith, Willowby, Ashburton
Griffiths, Herbert, accountant, Wai-iti avenue, Timaru
Gudex, Walter Edward Aker, farmer, Raincliff, Pleasant Point

HAAR, Conrad James, flaxdresser, Winchester
Hall, Robert, farmer, The Bush, Kakahu
Hammond, John William, farmer, Orton, South Canterbury
Hanby, Herbert Osmond Townsend, clergyman, The Vicarage, Fairlie
Hanley, Patrick John, farmer, Earlydale, Glenavy
Harding, Uriah Winboult, farmer, Willwoy, Ashburton.
Harper, Samuel, storekeeper, P.O. Box l25, Fairlie
Harris, Joseph, contractor, Allenton, Ashburton
Hawke, Harry Headland, farmer, Rangatira Valley, Temuka
Hay, Robert Dysart, contractor, 14 South street, Timaru
Hayes, William, labourer, Thornley, Rangatira Valley, Temuka
Hayne, William Reynolds, marine engineer, 167 Luxmore road, Timaru
Head, William, farmer, Morven
Hearn, William Henry, farmer, Rangitata Island.
Henry, James, farmer, Kyle private big, Chertsey
Higgs, Albert John, farmer, Waihao Forks, Waimate
Hill, Reginald Frederick, company manager, Orbell street, Highfield, Timaru
Home, Charles Robertson, drapery manager, Wilson street, Timaru
Hunt, Alfred James, labourer, Main South road, Waimate
Hunter, Adam, carrier, Fairlie

IRELAND, John, farm hand, Balmoral, Fairlie.

JACKSON. Thomas, farm labourer, Hazelburn, Timaru
Johnston, Claude Harold, engineer and boilermaker, 30 Park Lane, Timaru
Jones, George, tallow and oil refiner. Smithfield Timaru
Joss, George, labourer. Luxmore road, Timaru
Julius, John Awdry, minister of religion, the Vicarage, Waimate

KEARTON, Ralph Thompson, farmer, Studholme junction
Kebby, Herbert, farmer, Washdyke
Kelliher, Joseph, labourer, Geraldine Downs
Kelly Arthur, butcher, corner of North street and Craigie avenue, Timaru
Kenward, Frederick Russell, farmer, Ashburton
Knox, William James, farmer, Mitcham, Rakaia

LABAN, Hubert, gentlemen's outfitter, Belt street, Waimate
Latimer, George A., slaughterman, Richmond street, Timaru
Liddy, William, driver, Fairlie
Lindsay, Peter Gemmell Wright, farm labourer, Waikakahi, Glenavy
Lupton, George, traveller, Eversley road, Waimataitai, Timaru

McBRIDE, John, monumental mason, Harper street, Timaru
McCabe. Patrick, farmer, Barr Hill, Raiakia
McClay, Robert, tailor, Moore street, Ashburton
McCelland, Hugh Warnock, carpenter Grassy Hills, Waihao Downs, Waimate
McCormick. Charles Edward, farmer, Waimate
McDonald, John, farmer, Orari Bridge, Geraldine
McKinnon, Angus John, shepherd, c/o of Lilly Bank Station, Lake Tekapo
Maginness, Henry, former, Methven
*Martin, Clarence Ernest, manager, Ford Service Department, 86 Theodosia street. Timaru
Mathieson, George Benzie, farmer, Willowbridge
Mathieson, John, farmer, private bag, Timaru
Maze, John, farmer. Pleasant Point
Millar, Robert Dinsmore, farmer, "Mount Harding " Methven.
Milner, William James Edwin, stationmaster, Studholme Junction
*Mitchell, Archibald, stationer, Peter street West, Ashburton
Monsen, Herman, station manager, Cave, Mackenzie
Moore, Alfred, director, Technical School, Cass street, Ashburton
Moore, Wilfred Reginald, farm labourer, Longbeach
Morgan, John Alexander, carpenter and joiner, 9 Mowbray street, Timaru
Morton, James Walter, ploughman, Tekapo Post Office, via Fairlie
Mulvihill, Patrick, farmer, Beautiful Valley, via Geraldine

NELSON, Victor, farmer. Hook, Waimate

O'CONNOR, Maurice, porter, Hinds.
Orr, John Arthur, sheep farmer, Lismore
Oxbrow, Walter John, Methodist minister, Willowby

PACKMAN, Leonard William, joiner, 68 Rathmore street, Timaru
Paterson, James, creamery manager, Waimate
Peebles, Joseph, farm labourer, Washdyke
Penrose, Albert, wardsman, Waimate
Pye, Albert Edward, farmer, Rocky Gully, Albury

RADCLIFFE, William Holliss, farmer, Morven
Read, William, farmer, Post Office, St. Andrews
Reid, John, farmer, Cannington, Cave
Reid, William John, carter, 35 South street, Ashburton
Renton, Paul Miller, storekeeper, Makikihi
Richards, Henry Edward Harrison, farmer, Methven
Ritchie, Alexander, gardener, Mill road, Waimate
Robertson, John, police constable, Police Station, Waimate
Robinson, Alfred William James, farmer, Kohika, Makikihi
Roffey, John, contractor, Winslow
Ruddenklau, John George, farmer, "The Valley," Glenavy

SEYB, George, farm labourer and shearer, 114, corner of Cameron and Wilson streets, Timaru
Sherwin, George Arthur, storekeeper, Regent street, Fairlie
Shillito, Richard Lawrence, carpenter, Woodlands road, Timaru
Silcock, Alfred Oliver, stock salesman, Allenton
Simpson, W. James R., auctioneer, 154 Moore street, Ashburton
Smith, David, farmer, Rapuwai Settlement, Pleasant Point
Smith, Richard Henry, salesman. 58 Wilson street Timaru
Smith, Thomas, drilling engineer, Chertsey
Snow, Charles George, tailor and mercer, 88 Church street, Timaru
Solway, George John, farm labourer, 8 Belt road, Allenton
Southbys, Henry James, gardener, Pleasant Point
Sparks, William Ernest, farmer, Gapes Valley
Stephens, Albert James, farmer, Rapuwai, Pleasant Point
Stuart, John Charles, barman, Old Bank Hotel, North road, Timaru
Stuart, William Raymond, line surfaceman, Rakaia

THATCHER, Arthur Mortimer, soldier instructor, Ashburton
Thistleton, Robert John, livery-stable keeper, Temuka
Thomas, Elias David, farmer, Methven
Thomas, John, cab-proprietor, Main South road, Timaru
Trevurza, William Owen, farmer, Wakanui
Twort, Charlie, cowman, care of L. White, Langley, Rakaia

UDEN, Arthur Ernest, gardener, 22 Davie street, Temuka

VERNOR, Ernest, mechanic, York street, Timaru

WALKER, John Allan, foreman, 133 Alford Forest road, Ashburton
Walker, John Douglas, cordial-factory assistant, 145 Peter street, Ashburton
Watkin, Benjamin, grocer, Morven
Welch, Albert Ernest, motor mechanic, 33 Rathmore street, Timaru
Whitehead, Walter Crane, farmer, Willowby, Ashburton
Whitley, Richard Alexander, bootmaker, 45 Bank street, Timaru
Wilkinson, Adam, farmer, Geraldine
Williams, Charles Fredrick, labourer, 25 Luxmore road, Waimataitai, Timaru
Wilson, John Trotter, farmer, Allandale, Fairlie
Wilson, Hoses Herry, farm labourer, Wightman's, Mount Hutt
Wood, John William, laundryman, Baker's lane, Timaru
Wotton, Henry, farm labourer, Aehton, Ashburton
Wyatt, Henry Valentine, carter, 12 South street, Timaru

CHRISTCHURCH. The "Gazette' contains the names of the following First Division men who are automatically called up:—  SOUTH CANTERBURY.
ALLFREY, Charles Vincent, grocer's assistant, "Ophir Cottage," Manse road, Waimate
Arbuckle. Albert Edward, letter carrier, Geraldine
BAIN, Ivan Bartlett, baker, care of J. and T. Tait, Triangle, Ashburton
Blake, Joseph Frederick, grocer's assistant, 38 Princess street, Ashburton
Bowman, Alexander Duncan, driver, Factory toad, Temuka
Brown, Douglas Gordon, baker, Rakaia
COLE, George, farm labourer, Newlands, Clandeboye
DAVIDSON, Henry, railway employee, 23 Edward street, Timaru
Dickinson, Norman John, motor engineer, Wai-iti road, Timaru
Douglas, Joseph Simpson, motor mechanic, P.O. box 178, Fairlie
FRISBY, Royden, plumber, Gammack street, Temuka
GARDNER, John, firm labourer, Winslow.
Gudsell, James Digby, carpenter, Chamberlain, Albury
HARRIS, George Albert, mechanic, Timaru
Hutt, Arthur, labourer, Makikihi
JOHNSTON, William, shearer, Rakaia
KELLY, Patrick James, labourer, Stud-dart's Boardinghouse, Ashburton
LLOYD, David, cook, Overdale, Rakaia
McKAY, William, shepherd, care of Mr McKay, Ford's road, Tinwald
McQuarters, William Elliott, farmer, Darling Downs, Mackenzie.
Mulcahy, Hugh, labourer, care of Mrs Silverlack, Avenue road, Timaru
SMITH. Charles Henry, labourer, 41 Milton road, Watlington, Timaru
WARDEN, Henry Craig, shop assistant, 77 Racecourse road, Allenton
Wesley, Thomas Tatane, farmer, Glenavy
Williams, George Trezise, clerk, care of Messrs Guinness and Le Cren (Limited), Geraldine

Ashburton Guardian, 11 September 1917, Page 3
It appears that there are 19,000 reservists in Class A (married men without children), and from 20,000 to 25,000 men each in Classes B (one child), C (two children), D (three children), and E (four children). Class A contains a certain number of men who have been posted there as doubtful, they having omitted to state in their registration forms whether or not they had any children. But there is reason to believe that this class will provide two drafts, and it might possibly provide three with the addition of young men just reaching military age. Over 400 young men reach the age of twenty years and are posted to the First Division every month. Provision is to be made for passing these men direct into the forces, if they are medically fit, after the exhaustion of the First Division, and the recruits from this source will reduce the demand upon the Second Division. The ratio in drawing upon the Second Division is to to four to one, that is, four names drawn for each recruit actually required. If this proves to be too low it will he increased. The proportion of fit men in the early classes, of the Second Division probably is higher than in the last few thousands of the First Division, from which a very large number of fit men has been withdrawn by voluntary enlistment.

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One point which is worth stressing is that it is in the interests of Reservists on the roll to see that other Reservists are also on the roll, thereby increasing their own chance in the ballot against being called up.