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South Canterbury Recruiting District - Second Division Nov. 1917.

Class A - Reservists:  married men who have no children or who failed to provide adequate maintenance for their children.

Dominion, 11 September 1917, Page 4 THE SECOND DIVISION
STRENGTH OF THE CLASSES. The first ballot in the Second Division is likely to take place about the end or next month. The Defence authorities proposed originally to hold it at the middle of the month, but the classification of the division, which is now proceeding, is proving a lengthy business. It appears that there are 19,000 reservists in Class A (married men without children), and from 20,000 to 25,000 men each in Classes B (one child), C (two children), D (three children), and E (four children). Class A contains a certain number of men who have been posted there as doubtful, they having omitted to state in their registration forms whether or not they had any children. But there is reason to believe that this class will provide two drafts, and it might possibly provide three with the addition of young men just reaching military age. Over 400 young men reach the age of twenty years and are posted to the First Division every month. Provision is to be made for passing these men direct into the forces, if they are medically fit, after the exhaustion of the First Division, and the recruits from this source will reduce the demand upon the Second Division.

The ratio in drawing upon the Second Division is to be four to one, that is, four names drawn for each recruit actually required. If this proves to be too low it will he increased. The proportion of fit men in the early classes, of the Second Division probably is higher than in the last few thousands of the First Division, from which a very large number of fit men has been withdrawn by voluntary enlistment. The amendment to be made this session to the Military Service Act will provide for the calling up without ballot of youths reaching military age and of classes or remainders of classes when the number of men contained does not exceed the number required. Thus, if a balance from Class A, with the youths reaching military age, failed to provide a complete reinforcement, they might all be called up without ballot, and then a ballot taken in Class B to the shortage. The district system, it is understood, is to be dropped, in connection with the Second Division, owing to the comparative smallness of the classes. Instead of drawing a quota from each district, the Defence authorities will treat the Dominion as one district.

Otago Daily Times 7 November 1917, Page 8  CALL TO THE COLOURS.
We give below the names of men selected last week from the First Division of the Reserve for service with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, together with those drawn from Class A. Second Division:— THE LATEST

Timaru Herald 7 November 1917 pg2 CALLED WITHOUT BALLOT


*AGNEW, Manus, porter, Arthur street, Timaru
Anderson, George Wilfred, joiner, Methven

BARTON, Frederick, labourer, Levels
Black, Robert, shepherd, Waihaorunga, Waimate
Blackler, Harold Ernest, farm assistant, Hazelburn, Pleasant Point
Braithwaite, John Rewi Fergusson, bank clerk, Commercial Bank of Australia, P.O. Box 176, Timaru [had already enlisted on Oct. 24 and goes into camp Monday]
Bringans, James Oliver, farm assistant, Waituna
Brown, Angus, ploughman, Riverslea, Ohape
Brown, Maurice Francis, farm labourer, Methven

CALDWELL, George, farm labourer, Otipua
*Campbell, David Murray, warper, 184 Alford Rd, Ashburton
Catherwood, Hugh, farmer, St. Andrew's
*Clarke, Herbert Charles, labourer, 23 Winter's Rd, Allenton
Cleland, George William Leadley, farm labourer, Spreadeagle
Collett, Henry Alexander Parker, farm labourer, Opihi, Pleasant Point
Copland, John Loudon, Hafton, Otaio
Crowe, John, butcher, Hornbrook St.,, Temuka
Cunningham, Stewart, farm labourer, Hilton
Currie, William, farmer, Maungati, Timaru

*DARBY, Hubert Henry Miller, farmer, Avenue St., Timaru
Dix, Gerald, farm labourer, St. Andrew's

ELLERY, Vernon Albert, farmer, Belfield, Geraldine
Elvidge, John, commercial traveller, Newman St., Timaru

GOMM, Joseph, farm Labourer, Orton
Gunn, Andrew Carter, farmer, Hayfield, Hook

HAY, Ferdinand Faithful, fireman, Hurdley St., Timaru
Hill, Valentine, farm labourer, Rakaia
Home, Leonard A., 16 Sarah St., Timaru [enlisted on October 16 and is under orders to proceed to camp on January 8 having been medically examined and passed as fit.]
Hutton, John, Otipua

IBELL, Percy Tennyson, plasterer, Ashburton

KAHU, Barney, scholar, Maori Pa, Temuka
Keane, James, farm labourer, Pleasant Point
King, Edward Henry, farm hand, Seadown
King, George, clergyman, The Manse, Pleasant Point

LANE, George Arthur, chaff cutter, Waimate
Line, Henry, chaffcutter, Parsonage Road, Waimate
*Lee, Norman Edmund, watchmaker, Ashburton
Linnon, Herbert Patrick, clerk, 130 East Belt, Ashburton
Long, Samuel Owen, labourer, Ashburton
Lysaght, John, draper's assistant, Fairton

MARTIN, John M., hairdresser, Geraldine
Menzies, John, plumber,  Waimataitai, Timaru
Millar, Jack Reginald, electrical engineer, Ashburton
Mitchell, Bryce Smith, plumber, Church Street, Timaru
Murphy, Eugene, fencer, Fairlie

O' GRADY, Michael Kyran, farm worker, Lauriston

PAYNE, George William, billard-marker, 45 Matilda Street, Timaru
Porter, Harvey Ray Drew, railway employee, 34 Grey St., Ashburton

REEVES, Ernest Frank, farm labourer, Ealing
Richards, Clarence, farm assistant, Waihao Downs

SHINE, Joseph, farm labourer, Adair
Sim, Robert Farlow, farmer, Carew
Smith, Francis Henry, labourer, Winchester
Smyth, William Charles Sydney, labourer, Ashburton
Sorensen, Demetrius, farm labourer, Cave
Stevens, Ivanhoe Frederick, farm labourer, Ashton
Stratford, Joseph, chaffcutter, Waitohi
Sutherland, George, fencer, Corrie,  Hakataramea
Swaine, John Robert, ploughman, Rakaia

THOMPSON, William, farm hand, Hinds
*Titchener, Walter, fitter, 22 High Street, Timaru
*Towgood, Arthur Hugh, slaughterman, 6 Stafford Street, Timaru

VESSEY, Ernest, farm labourer, Ashburton

WADE, Thomas, farmer, Orton
Widdowsom, William Henry, ploughman, Methven, c/o R.W. Wrightman.


ADAMS, Alfred, farmer, Hakataramea
Anderson, John Henry, carter, Waimate
Anderson, Kenneth, farmer, Sherwood Downs
Andrews, Albert Edward, painter, Timaru
Arbuckle, John Carse, grocer's assistant, Fairlie

BAILEY, William, fishmonger, Waimate
Balfour, Charles Edward, accountant, Timaru
*Bateman, Frederick Thomas, labourer, Temuka
Baylis, Arthur, blacksmith, Methven
Beere, Walter Edwin, veterinary surgeon, Ashburton
Begg, Moncrieff, dairyman, Ashburton
Bennett, John Ernest, farmer, Washdyke
Bennington, Leonard James, mercer, Raukapuka
Bloomfield, Henry Mark, farm labourer, Pleasant Point
Blythe, Arthur George, hooder, Timaru
Bradley, Thomas William, dairy factory manager, Ohape
Brittenden, Glenalvon, farmer, Maytown, Waimate
Brown, Alexander James, crane driver, Timaru
Brown, Thomas, labourer, Albury
Burgess, Walter, labourer, Westerfield
Burn, Edgar Albert, buttermaker, Timaru
Butcher, John Crouchen, carpenter and joiner, Timaru
Byers, William Richard, farm hand, Waimate

CAIRD, David, jun., farmer, Southburn
Cairns, Patrick, labourer, Timaru West
Caldow, Duncan Albert, farm labourer, Lowcliffe
Caldwell, Frank, farmer, Pareora West
Cambridge, Alfred Gordon, watchmaker, Allenton
Cameron, George Galloway, labourer, Clarenboye [sic]
Cameron, Walter Preston, sheep farmer, Hakataramea
*Campbell, William John, farmer, Willowbridge
Chalmers, James, farmer, Highbank
Chambers, William John, ploughman, Mitcham
Cochrane, Roderick Duncan, farm employee, Elgin
Cooper, James, tailor, Timaru
Cornish, Sidney Thomas, meter reader, Timaru
Cottam, Cyril Walter, railway clerk, Hinds
Cranston, William, builder, Timaru
Crellin, William, labourer, Lyndhurst
Crerar, Gavin Watson, tailor's cutter, Timaru
Crombie, James, dairy farmer, Seadown
Cumberland, William, farmer, Adair

DAWE, Thomas Isaac, farmer, Washdyke
Divan, Wm., farm manager, Seadown
Dolan, Michael, farmer, Rakaia
Donaldson, John, farmer, Highbank
Donnithorne, Francis John, threshing-mill owner, Temuka
Downes, Peter M'Gregor, farmer, Temuka
Dunstan, Charles Ernest, shepherd, Hakataramea

EDYVEAN, Lolis, motor engineer, Timaru
Ellis, Charles Albert, carpenter, Timaru
Elmslie, Walter, Turnbull, farmer, Mayfield
Emmerson, Thomas, motor inspector, Timaru
Esler, Andrew, shearer, Hampstead

FAIRBROTHER, Albert Edward, storekeeper, Timaru
Faith, Herbert Walter, electrical lineman, Timaru
Featherstone, Charles Edward, grocer, Rakaia
Fenton, Samuel Nelson, labourer, Ashburton
Fitzgerald, John, sergeant of police, Temuka
Flanagan, James, builder, Timaru

GASCOYNE, Arthur, carpenter, Pleasant Point
Gibson, William Forsythe, baker, Rakaia
Gould, Robert, farmer, Chertsey
Gray, John Easton, labourer, Glen-iti
Green, John, farmer, Glen-iti
Green, Louis George Alfred, clerk, Timaru
Greene, William, artist, Timaru
Gundry, Joseph Henry, dairy farmer, Staveley

HALKETT, William, labourer, Timaru
Hally, Thomas, farmer, Claremont
Hanifin, William, chaffcutter, Morven
Harle, John Nicholson, porter, N.ZJR., East Rakaia
Harold, John, grader, Allenton
Hawke, John Henry, farmer, Ashburton
Hawkey, Charles Stanley, boot salesman, Timaru
Heenan, Alfred, farmer, Clandeboye
Hendry, Percy, farmer, Geraldine
Honey, Harold, assistant grain buyer, Ashburton
Hobbs, Thomas, huntsman, Waimate
Hodson, Arthur William, farmer, Temuka
Hyde, Hardy, farmer, Mayfield

JOHNSTON, Robert James, farmer, Hinds
Jones, Benjamin, farmer, Temuka
Jones, Bertie Craven, hotelkeeper, Timaru
Jopp, John Lumsden, hotelkeeper, Pleasant Point

KEELEY. Charles Wilfred, builder, Timaru
Keeley, John Leonard, farmer, Otipua
Kennedy, Henry Joseph Heathcote, theatre-manager, Timaru
Ker, David George, labourer, Fairlie.

LEWIS, George Gilbert, plumber, Timaru
Ley, Charles, farmer, Opuha, Pleasant Point

M'ANULTY, Jerome, farmer, Springfield
M'Avoy, Thomas, labourer, Allenton
M'Cahon, John Kerohan, grocer, Otipua
M'Fedries, John. Henry, railway employee, Timaru.
M'Girr, John, sheep buyer, Methven
Mackenzie, John, shepherd, Gordon's Valley
M'Pherson, Peter, shepherd, Cave
Mangin, Francis George, farmer, Methven
Mayo, Gilbert Kendel Maurice, master jeweller, Timaru
Meager, Thomas, surfaceman, Morven
Meyer, Frederick William, teamster, Waimate
Mills, David, transport worker, Timaru
Morrison, John Moore, shop assistant, Geraldine
Muir, George Alexander, farmer, Fairlie
Murphy, James, police constable, Temuka
Murray, John George, railway guard, Ashburton
Murray, Thomas Mitchell, painter, Timaru

NELLIGAN, Francis, Pleasant Point
Newton, David Horace, fitter, Loco. Running Sheds, Timaru
Norton, Joseph John, butchery business, Temuka

O'CONNELL, Denis, agricultural labourer, Timaru
O'Neill, John, contractor Waimate

PARKER, Albert, farm labourer, Timaru
Parkin, Ernest, painter, Hampstead
Pawsey, Joseph Arthur, gardener, Ashburton
Phelan, Andrew, farmer, Otipua
Pringle, Charles Calder, builder, Timaru
Prosser, Albert shopkeeper, Temuka

RAINEY, William John, butter factory assistant, Waimate
Randall, George William, teamster, Ashburton
Rayment, George Hubert, flaxmill hand, Winchester
Reed, Alexander, carpenter, Hampstead
Reesby, Herbert, farmer, Lyndhurst
Reid, Adam, farm manager, Lyndhurst
Reid, Tom Elliot Naughton, draper's assistant, Timaru
Revell, William Thomas Denis, public accountant, Timaru
Riley, Edward Harold, gardener, Timaru
*Roberts, Charles Clarendon, farmer, Windermere
Roberts, William, bookbinder, Timaru
Robertson, Donald, fat stock buyer, Ashburton
Robinson, Fred, labourer, Methven
Robinson, William George, fisherman, Timaru
Rodgers, David, hotelkeeper, Timaru
Rule, James Ernest, garage proprietor, Ashburton
Russell, Patrick, farmer, Ashburton

SANTY, Alfred, storekeeper, South Rakaia
Scott, John Alfred, shepherd, Temuka
Selbie, George Darling, farmer, Claremont
Shanley, Henry Martin Samuel, bookseller, Timaru
Sheddan, Angus James, farmer, Waihao Downs
Shepherd, Ernest, baker and pastrycook, Temuka
Shepherd, Walter James, engine-driver, Timaru
Siegert, Joseph, labourer, Kimbell
Sinclair, Allan, fisherman, Timaru
Smith, Simon Andrew, roadman, Waimate
Smith, William, farmer, Willow-bridge
Southwick, Joseph Henry, chemist, Fairlie
Stockdale, John William, licensed victualler, Timaru
Stocker, Arthur Frederick, farmer, Washdyke

TEDFORD, Robert, boot repairer, Ashburton
Teesdale, William Linwood,, baker, Temuka
Thew, Herbert Edward, fanner, Gapes Valley
Thomas, William, High School Rectory, Timaru
Thompson, Henry Charles, salesman, Timaru
Thoreau, Albert, employment agent, Timaru
Thoreau, Hubert Stanley, farm manager, Fairlie
Tindall, Thomas Rutherford, surfaceman, Gapes Valley
Tizzard, William, farmer, Highbank, Ashburton
Raymond Joseph, secretary and bookkeeper, Allenton
Tully, John, farmer, Tinwald
Twomey, Patrick Martin, labourer, Timaru

URQUHART, Alexander, William, station manager, Rakaia Gorge

VIGERS, Charles Edmund, station master, Albury

WALKER, James Lawrie Oliver, blacksmith, Ashburton
Washington, James Robert, shearer, Temuka
Wasley, William, labourer, Waimate
Waters, Cecil, general carrier, Geraldine
Webb, Ernest William, gardener, North Rakaia
Webb, Purcell, organist, Timaru
Wellock, Herbert Wright, dairyman, Washdyke
Wells, Thomas, farmer, Hinds
White, Job Crusader Guthrie, farmer, Mayfield
Whitton, Charles William, plasterer, Timaru
Willis, Albert William, dentist, Timaru
Wilson, David, farmer, Washdyke
Wilson, John, labourer, Pleasant Point
Workman, William Henry, furniture store keeper, Timaru

YOUNG, Oliver Jacob, baker, Timaru
Young, Robert Walter, carter, Timaru.  

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