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BALLOT - Class C - Reservists who have two children
South Canterbury, N.Z.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Wellington, N.Z.

Press, 19 September 1918, Page 5 CLASS C BALLOT.
Final Quota from Canterbury and West Coast.
A "Gazette" Extraordinary, bearing yesterday's date, containing the names of the balance of the Second Division Reservists of Class C (married men with two children) who are called up. The issue of the "Gazette" also includes lists of accretions to the First Division and to A and B Classes of the Second Division. The following are the South Canterbury names:-—

ANDERSON, G., farmer, St Andrews
Auty, H., shepherd, Timaru
BATES, A., labourer, Orari. Brown, J. A., teamster, Ohape
Burke, P.O., teamster, Springburn.
CUNNEEN, M., clerk, Tinwald.
Cunningham, S. K., labourer, Ashburton
DEADMARSH, W.C.O., Waimate
Doig, J. C., farm hand, Alongton
HILLYER, W., farmer, Waterton
KENNEDY, P. J. F, St. Andrew's
LITTLE, G. D., plumber, Ashburton
Lynch, J. G., farm band, Seadown
McILROY, L. C., rouseabout, Ashburton
McKendry, D. G., student, Lyndhurst
Maxwell, W. H., farm Hand, Upper Waitohi
Meldrum, W. M., farm hand, Ealing.
Myhill, J., gardener, Timaru
O'CONNOR, D., labourer, Hinds
Oliver, E., farm labourer, Ashburton
PASHBY, T., farmer, Waimate
REID, J., teamster, Lyndhurst
Richardson, J., omnibus conductor, Timaru
SHEARER, F., carpenter, Tinwald
Simpson, A. F., farm labourer, Makikihi
Skelton, W. C., clerk, Ashburton
Stevens, W., tailor, Timaru
Strachan, W. D., farmer, Rakaia.
TAYLOR, T. B., jockey, Invercargill
Toneycliffe, C. E., motor mechanic, Timaru
WARD, F. A., slaughtenman. Pareora

ANDERSON, A., baker, Ashburton
Anderson, T., accountant, Timaru
Anderson, W., accountant, Ashburton
Anderson, W. G.. railway porter, Waimate
Andrews, A. labourer, Timaru
Anstey, H. N., farmer, St. Andrew's
Archibald. A. E., farmer, Allandale
Austin, C. A., moulder, Timaru

BARBOUR, D., farmer, Timaru
Barker, W. J., carrier, Pleasant Point
Barr, T. G., ploughman Willowby
Beauvais, F., grocer, Ashburton
Bennett. H. McK., surfaceman, Timaru
Berry, janitor. West Timaru
Bethune, J., farmer, Pleasant Valley.
Bird, D. H-, farmer, Waimate
Blackwood, F. P., draper's assist., Waimate
 Biamires, G. B., labourer, Mukuroa
Blyth, W. S., clerk, Temuka
Brodie, R., accountant, Timaru
Brown, A. J., .crane-driver, Timaru
Brown, L. F., contractor, Coldstream
Bryant, S. B., station-manager, Mt. Dalgety
Buckley, M. L., draper, Timaru
Burton, J., farm labourer. Methven
Butland, W. R., painter, Pleasant Point

CALDER, W., farmer, Maungati
Cameron, W. P., sheep-farmer, Waimu.
Campbell, R., engine-driver, Levels.
Cantwell, W. H., wool-classer, Washdyke
Carey, A. G., grocer, Waimate
Carleton, W. J., saddler, Methven
Chamley, R. E., cabinetmaker, Timaru
Chapman, G. S., farmer, Willowby.
Christensen, J. C., carpenter, Allanton
Clark, D. A., shepherd, Ashburton
Cleland, R. G., farmer, Sutherland's
Coker, E. W. G., printer's machinist, Ashburton
Collard, G. E., water-races maintainer, Rakaia
Colville, J., farm labourer, Willowbridge
Cooke, W. V., nurseryman, Timaru
Cordes, W. F. contractor, Fairlie
Cormack, G. W., farmer, Methven
Craig, W., wharf labourer, Timaru
Crum, F., builder, Ashburton
Crum, O., contractor, Ashburton
Cunliffe, J. F., miner, Tinwald
Cunningham, J., stock agent, Pleasant Point

DAVIE, A., motor-driver, Fairlie
Davis, P. H., grocery employee, Geraldine
Davis, R. H., Painter, Ashburton
Dellow, E. W., farmer, Westerfield
Dellow, W. K., blacksmith, Mayfield
De Malmanclie, J.I., publican, Waimate
Dephoff, A., master painter, Timaru
Dick, H. E., labourer, Timaru
Drummond, W., farmer, Lyndhurst

EARLE, W. G., steward, Fairlie
Esplin, F. J., joiner, Ashburton

FREEMAN, L. E. plumber, Waimate
Fyfe, C.M., chemist, Timaru

GILL, R.O., farmer, Chertsey.
Glover, G. H., private-hotel kpr., Geraldine
Glue, G., builder, Timaru
Graham, J., farm -hand, Timaru
Green, C., carter, Timaru
Grindell, J., caretaker, Simons Pass
Guthrie, J. S., plasterer, Timaru

HAMILTON, A. G., draper, Timaru.
Hanrakan, F.T., farmer, Dromore
Hardie, J. P., labourer, Willowbridge
Hastie, W.. storeman, Ashburton
Head, G., farmer, Morven.
Herbert, D.. surfaceman, N.Z.R., Cass
Hetron, J. S., baker. Timaru
Higglens, A. U., chauffeur, Waimate
Hodgson, J., railway guard, Ashburton
Hole, W. B., brewer, Timaru
Holmes, W., carpenter, Timaru

JOHNSTON, H. H., farmer, Hinds
Jones, C. R., auto mechanic, Fairlie

KENNEDY, R„ solicitor, Ashburton
Kissel, H. B., ironmonger, Ashburton

LAMB, A R., farmer, Sutherland's
Leonard, J-, ploughman, Cave
Leslie, A., woollen-mill operator, Timaru
Lill W. A-, farmer, Tinwald.
Logan, W., coal merchant, Timaru
Lunham, H. J. D., labourer, Pareora
Lyon, W. J., farmer, Temuka

McAULAY, W. J., stationmaster, Waahdyke.
McCaakcy, J. A., railway clerk, Ashburton
McCaskill. D., teacher, Waimataita
McCormick, J., farmer, Milford
McCulloch, W. J., shepherd, Waihao Forks
Macdonald, J. G., labourer, Sutherland's.
Macdonald, J, P., farmer, Albury.
McIlwrick, G., runholder, Timaru
Machen, J. W., train-examiner, Ashburton
Mackenzie J., contractor, Orari.
McLennan, W.. Police Station, Rakaia.
MacMiilan, R. 8., farmer, Mayfield.
McNaughton, D., grain cropper, Morven.
Magson, A. H., accountant, Ashburton
Mahan, A.B., farmer, Rangitata.
Manchester, E„ insurance agent, Timaru
Marriott, H., draper, Timaru
Martin, C. J., builder, "Washdyke.
Martin, F. G., labourer, Peel Forest.
Martin, G. C., auctioneer, Fairlie
Maslin, W. H., farmer, Waihaorunga
Matthewson, J. O., accountant, Timaru
Maze, G. S., farm labourer, Sherwood Downs
Mercer, K. W., farmer, Hunter.
Metcalf, W. M., harvester, Rangitata.
Miles, A. C., baker, Makikihi.
Morgan, W. J., blacksmith, Pareora.
Mulcahy, P., labourer, Glen-iti.

NICHOLAS, V. W., butcher, Temuka

ORAM, J. T., clerk, Tekapo.

PALMER, T., stock agent, Orari.
Pearson, L. B. branch manager, Timaru
Perrin, E. F., fireman, Timaru
Pettey, T., medical practitioner, Ashburton
Preddy, A., driver, Temuka
Prosser, R., carpenter, Timaru

RANDALL. G. W., teamster, Porowhita.
Ranson. J., labourer, Mowbray st., Timaru
Rogers, E. A., manager, Timaru
Rollinson, W. T., dairy farmer,. Ashburton
Rosevear, J. P., bricklayer, Timaru
Ross, C. W., postmaster, Rakaia.
Ross, G. W., farmer. Ruapuna
Roswarne, S., stock agent, Waimate
Rowe, H. A., contractor, Methven
Russell, R. H. L., grocer's assistant, Timaru

SCARLAND, F., gardener, Fairlie
Scott, J., farmer, Kerrytown.
Seay, T. J., sheep farmer, Hakataramea.
Skinner. J., teamster,. Rakaia.
Slaney, W. G., labourer. Rakaia.
Slater, S. W., farmer, Winchester.
Smart, A.E., farmer, Waitohi.
*Smith, B., wool storeman, Timaru
Smith, J. L., grocer, Waimate
Smith, T. G., iromnonger, Timaru
Smith, T. J., mail contractor, Albury.
Solomon, M. H.. cutter, Timaru
Sprosen, J. D., farmer, Kakatu
Spurden. F. W., flourmiller, Winchester.
Staples, E., famer, Ashburton
Stockwell, E., salesman, Timaru
Sullivan, C., labourer, Waimate
Sutherland, T., labourer, Tinwald.

TAGG, G., general -labourer, Gapes Valley
Taylor. J.N., farmer, Hazelmont.
Taylor, R. M., teacher, Pleasant Valley
Taylor, S. P., farmer, Eiffelton.
Thomas, S. J., grocer, Ashburton
Titheridge, H., farmer, Belfield
Tomlinson, J.B., carter, Timaru
Tozer, H. J., draper's assistant, Waimate

URQUHART, J. McT., engine-driver, Fairlie

VOICE, E. J, carrier, Methven

WALSH, W., draper's assistant, Timaru
Warsaw, H. L., accountant, Timaru
Waterhouse, R., cabinetmaker, Timaru
Watson, A. S., farmer, Waimate
Watson, E. M., farmer, Ringwood, Methven
Wightman, J. T., farmer, Ashburton
Wilkins, R., ploughman, Cave.
Williams C. A., stereotyper, Timaru
Williams, C. C. S, ploughman, Cave
Wilson, A. D., farmer, Ashburton
Wilson, E. H., engineer, Waimate

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A man who sent in a schedule under the National Registration Act, and whose name does not appear on the local roll should not fill in the enlistment card under the Military Service Act until he has applied for his certificate and been advised by the Government Statistician that his name is not on the register — otherwise there is a danger that his name may appear twice in the register, and so increase his chance in the ballot.