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First Division call up -1918 - Reservists who have no children or who failed to provide adequate maintenance for their children
South Canterbury, N.Z.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Wellington, N.Z.

Press, 16 January 1918, Page 9
SECOND DIVISION The remainder of class A called UP.
The remaining men of Class A of the Second Division of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force Reserve —married men without children- were called up by "Gazette" Extraordinary issued yesterday. In addition, the names of Reservist of the First Division who come automatically into the ballot were included in the "Gazette notice. The names of the South Canterbury Reservists are as follows:

ALEXANDER, William Frederick, journalist. Maori Hill, Timaru
Anderson, John, blacksmith and labourer, Kennedy Bay, Coromandel
Anderson, Thomas, farmer, Anama
Armstrong, James William, farmer, Hunter
Arras, Charles, labourer, Temuka
*BAKER, Charles Goator, foreman, York street. Timaru
Bampton, Alfred, labourer. Pleasant Point
Batchelor, Robert Charles, carpenter, Albury
Beauchamp, William, accountant, care of New Zealand Shipping Company, P.O. Box 25, Gisborne
Beavan, Thomas, farmer, Hilton, via Temuka
Beufell, George Henry, orchardist, Macandrew's Bay, North-East Harbour
*Boase, Robert, fisherman, Church street, West Timaru
Bolton, Alfred, Waimataitai, Timaru
Bourn. John farmer, Totara Valley, Pleasant Point
Boyce, William Charles, salesman, Otipua road, Timaru
Bradbrook, Richard Alexander, expressman, care of C. C. Roberts, Ashburton
Bradley. Percival  Pervical [sic; Percival] Alfred Thomas, stationmaster, Winslow
Bremford, Albert Edward. motor engineer, Perth street, Timaru
Brown. Arthur George, ledgerkeeper and cashier, 36 Beverley road, Timaru
Brown, John Edward, ploughman, Waimate Hotel, Waimate
Brydon, John Kirkland, piano-tuner, Sea View terrace, Timaru
Butterick. Herbert David, farmer, Elgin.
Buzan, Alfred William, salesman, 8 Allnutt street, Temuka
CAMERON, William, casual labourer, Marchweil street, Timaru
Chamberlain, William James, labourer, Waimate
Chisholm. John, farmer, ''Carlyle,'' Temuka
Clarke, William John, carrier. 20 Archer street, Timaru
Close, Walter, merchant, Fairlie, South Canterbury.
Collins, John James, plasterer, 77 North street, Timaru
Collins, William Martin, machinist, 22 Winter's road, Allenton
Cooper, Ernest, shop assistant, 28 Birkett street, Temuka
Creemer, George Barkley, manager, Geraldine
Croft. Walter Alexander, Station House, Glenavy
DARROCH, James, shearer. Grampians Station, via Fairlie
Davison, Henry, linotype operator, 12 Moore street, Ashburton
Dawe, Henry Shearwell, manager of electric supply, Havelock street, Ashburton
Derenzy, Thomas Albert, farmer, Winchester,
Donnithorne, Stribley, farmer, Douglas Settlement, Waihao Downs
Drury, Thomas Albert, tailor, 138 East belt, Ashburton
FRASER, Peter Orr, labourer, Hermitage,  Mount Cook.
Freeman, Sydney Laurence, jeweller, Stafford street, Timaru
Freeme, Arthur Hickerton, stationer, Rugby street, Highfield. Timaru
Fulton, Isaac Henry, farmer, Cricklewood
GOLDEN, Peter, boilermaker, 122 Evans street, Waimataitai
Gooseman, James, commercial traveller, 116 Arthur street, Timaru
Gould, Hanson, carrier, James street, Timaru
Gray, Carl Edward, threshing machine owner, Ferguson street, Rakaia.
Grieve, Alexander, commercial traveller, South-East, belt, Ashburton
Grieve, John Stanley Sinton, farmer, St. Andrew's
Gudsell, William Alexander, chafcuttcr, Winchester.
HADLEE, Thomas Henry, drainer, 5 Oxford street, Timaru
Hadlow, Wallace Victor, chauffeur-mechamc. Hadlow (Tycho Mail). Timaru
Harris, Alfred, hotelkeeper, Railway Hotel, Waihao Forks
Harris, Joseph, labourer, Church street, Woodbury.
Harris, Robert Pendock, printer and operator, Gorge road, Waimate
Hearn, Charles Francis, farmer, Rangitata Island.
Hill, David Frederick, gardener, Hereford street. Kensington, Timaru
Hill, Walter Thomas, labourer, Waimate
Hutt, Walter John, farmer, Sherwood Downs Settlement, Fairlie
Hyman, Richard, chef, Sea View House, Stafford street, Timaru
INGLIS, Charles, farmer, Peel Forest
JACKMAN, Arthur Vivian, labourer, Anama, Ahburton
KENNEDY, William Fleming, cheese and butter maker, P.O. Box 14, Temuka
Kermode, John, farmer, Lyndhurst
King, Charles Gilbert Bryant, commission agent, Sealey street, Timaru
LEGGOTT, Thomas, wharf labourer, 120 Church street, Timaru
Lloyd, Thomas, farmer, Tinwald
Lloyd, William Ernest, farmer, Mayfield
McALWEE, John, farmer, St. Andrews
McAuliffe, Patrick, driver, Belfield street, Timaru
McConachie, John, draper, Trafalgar street, Timaru
McCourtney, John, labourer, Hobbs street, Timaru
McCracken, Joseph, labourer, Woodgrove
McDonald, William James, farmer, Maungati, Timaru
McEwan, James, farmer, Cave.
McLeod, James Alex., farmer, Tycho Flat, St. Andrews.
McLeod, Murdoch, farmer and contractor, Tripp's Settlement, Woodbury
McTaggart, James, shepherd, Mount Harris, Waimate
Major, Robert, farm labourer, Cricklewood
Manaton, Henry Sydney, carrier, Fairlie
Mannaton, John Oliver, publican, Fairlie
Manson, John Edward, engine-driver, Strathlynn, Le Cren street, Timaru
Mason,, Samuel, clerk, 12 Gibson street, Timaru
Meyer, Karl Deideric, farmer, Waituna, Waimate
Millar, John, saddler, 165 Moore street, Ashburton
NEVTLLE. Charles Samuel, inspector of stock, Newman street, Timaru
Nolan, Joseph Matthew, taxi-driver, 5 Clyde street, Timaru
OLIVER, James Oliver Josling, farmer, Clifton, Totara Valley
PALMER, William, foreman joiner, 9 Gibson street, Timaru
Parish. Arthur John, labourer, Post Office. Tinwald
Pearce. Dennis James, gardener, cave of B. Tripp, Glen-iti, Timaru
Perrin, Ernest Frederick, fireman, N.Z.R., Livingstone street, Timaru
Porter, George Ashley, plasterer, 178 Victoria street, Ashburton
Potts. Thomas Wilson, minister, 29 Harper street, Timaru
RAE. Francis, labourer, Arundel.
Readie, Michael John, slaughterman, 6 Theodocia street, Timaru
Redman, Frank, labourer, Chertsey
Riddle, David Bertram, farmer, Fairlie
Roberts, Richard Cadwaladar, medical practitioner, Rakaia.
Robertson, Oliver Lewis, clerk, 22 Archer street, Timaru
Robinson, Frederick Bradshaw, storekeeper, Archibald street, Tinwald
SADLER, George Vincent
Scott, John Robert, shepherd, Grove street,Tinwald
Scown, Harold Augustus, fanner, Clairvale, Mayfield
Shephard, Albert London, theatrical manager, Seaview House, Timaru
Simm, Hamilton, carrier, Andrewville, Temuka
Sims, John, jun., labourer, 90 Brucefield avenue, Ashburton
Sinclair, Robert, farmer, Morven
Smith, James Garner, carpenter, corner of Old North and Page roads (Tycho Delivery). Timaru
Smith, John Robert, engine-driver, Chertsey
Stanley, Frederick George, farmer, Hunter
Stephens, Richard Lewis, farmer, Hinds
Stephens, William Stewart, farm labourer, Rangitata Island.
Stewart, Charles, motor-bus driver, 26 Avenue street, Timaru
Stock, Robert Samuel, carpenter, 28 Short street, Ashburton
Sutclifie, George Thomas, manufacturer, care Mrs Hylian, Lawn Hayes, Staveley
TENNANT, George, railway surfaceman, Pleasant Point
Thornhill, Robert, carter, care of J. Wilson, Arandale [sic: Allandale], Fairlie
Thornley, William Hayes, carrier, Studholme street, Temuka
Tottv, Robert, chemist, 36 Burnett street, Ashburton
Tozer. Henry John, millowner, Pleasant Point
Tulloch, George Robert Henry, trawler, Le Cren's terrace, Timaru
WARD. Harry, gardener, 240 Talbot street, Geraldine
Watson, Patrick James, traveller, 12 Babington street, Timaru
Welch, Thomas Saunders, labourer, Racecourse road, Allenton
White, Thomas, marine fireman, Onslow street, Timaru
White, Thomas Archer, farmer, Springburn
Williams, William James, labourer, Waimate
Wilson, Joseph, carter, Rakaia.
Wordsworth, John, poultry-farmer, Geraldine
YELLAND. Thomas Edwin, tailor, North street, Timaru

SOUTH CANTERBURY. - First Division
ANDERSON, Cecil Christian, sawmiller, Orari.
BARNES, Alfred William, farm hand, care of D. Grant, Opuha. Gorge, Fairlie
CLARKSON, Edward, labourer, Otipua road, Timaru
Coll, Joseph, student. Upper Waitohi
Courtney, Patrick Anthony, storeman, Gleniti, Timaru
Crosbie, Ernest James, clerk, Harper street, Timaru
Crowe, John Patrick, farm labourer, Dromore
FOSTER, William, contractor, Timaru
Frampton, Charles Allan, labourer,Hobbs street, Waimataitai.
Fraser, Alexander John, labourer, Rosewill, Tycho Delivery, Levels
GLASSEY, Ernest, farm labourer, Winchmore
Grindlay, Douglas James, assistant lighthouee-keeper, Cuvier Island, care of H.M. Customhouse, Auckland
HANSEN, Henry Stanley, farm hand. Hinds
Howell, Benjamin Hinds, Marston, Timaru
Huli, Vawdrey, farmer, care of J. Earl, Geraldine
McGREGOR. Malcolm, shepherd, Clent Hills Station, Mount Somers
McKenna, Maurice Patrick, farm labourer, Seadown.
NEW, Edward Charles, mechanic, 91 Cos street, Ashburton
Nutsford. Daniel Edward, motor mechanic, care of A. J. Bell, Geraldine
 O'CONNOR, Alfred Laurence, seaman, care of Union S.S. Company, Auckland
Ouley, William, draper, Manse street, Waimate
PEARCE, George Christopher, bricklayer, 17 Fritz street, Timaru
QUIGLEY, Francis, farm hand, Claremont.
REID, Hugh, farm labourer, care of Reid. Lyndhurst
Rissel, Frank, labourer, 4 Bank street, Timaru
*Roche, James, carrier, 11 Hatton street, Timaru
Ruddenklau, Edgar Charles, teamster, Wairere, Staveley
*Shaw, William Angus, labourer, care of J. Dobbin, 56 Dobson street, Ashburton
Stewart, Kenneth Hector, clerk, Waimate
Stewart, William, teamster, Westerfield, Selwyn.
WALKHAM. Cecil Willighby, farm labourer, care of H. Morris, Lauriston
Wall, Nicholas, teameler, care of A. Martin, Otaio. Stewart Island
Ward, Charles, labourer, care of Mrs Houaton, Cox street, Ashburton
Wyatt, Alfred Henry, printer, Victoria street, Timaru  

Press, 27 March 1918, Page 5
A "Gazette" Extraordinary which was issued yesterday called up for military service men remaining in Class A of the Second Division, also men who, in consequence of attaining military age or other reasons, are now in the First Division. The names of the South Canterbury men called up are as follows: FIRST DIVISION.
CHAPMAN, James Watson, stevedore; Havelock street, Ashburton
Cullimore, Joseph Jess, wheelwright, Pleasant Point
DALLEY, Walter Richard, coach-painter, Oxford street, Hampstead
Daniel, Edwin Herbert, farmer, Kingsdown.
Dickie, Beacon Murdoch, teamster, Ardagh, Lyndhurst
Douglas, Percy George, farm labourer, Geraldine
Dowthwaite, Thomas William, farm assistant, care of Box 47, Waimate
EVANS, Sydney Cyril, butcher's assistant, care of Freezing Works, Fairton
FORREST, James William, harvester, Waihao Forks.
Frewen, Thomas Francis, labourer, Maytown, Waimate
GRAY, William George, farmer, Lowcliffe
Greygoose, Alfred, labourer, Rakaia
HIGINBOTTOM, Stuart George, carpenter, Main road, Temuka
Howe, Douglas Cruickshanks, farm assistant, Waituna, Waimate
Hutchison, John, labourer, livery stables, Fairlie
JOHNSON, George Stepher.son, clerk, care of Mrs Ferguson, 9 Barnard street, Timaru
LOGAN, Edmund Hamilton, farm assistant, Studholme Junction.
McCAW, William, labourer, Tycho Flat, Timaru
McLachlan, Archibald Albany, school teacher, care of High School, Timaru
Mason, Cecil Alfred John, labourer, care of Post Office, Waimate
Mead, Arthur Edgar, South Rakaia
Hewburn, Horace Edward, blacksmith, Waihao Downs
Miller, George Charles Wilson, engine-driver, McMurdo street, Tinwald
Murphv, Edward, farm assiatant, Pleasant Valley
NIXON, John Henry, farm labourer, Claremont.
RAWSTORN, Cecil Harold Packman, ploughman, Upper Waitohi
Ross, John Duncan, musterer, Burke's Pass
Roundhill, William Kerton, labourer, 6 Melton road, Timaru
SIEGERT, James Francis, farm hand, Poplar Downs, Kimbell
TATE. Thomas, farmer, Sutherland's
WALKER, Harold Vivian, draper's assistant, 73 St. Leonards street, Geraldine
WaLsh, Richard Augustine, labourer, Woodbury
Watson, Leslie Hosking, farmer, Maronan, Ashburton

CARTER, Benjamin Howard, joiner, 218 Wills street, Ashburton

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