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Timaru Herald  BDMs 1864 -1865
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The Timaru Herald Printed and published by the Proprietors, A.G. Horton & Co. at their Office, George Street, Timaru, in the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand. June 11 1864  Volume 1 No. 1    page 4


June 18 1864 page 3
Birth June 9, wife of Mr John Inglis, of a daughter, stillborn

June 25 1864 page 4 Deaths. 
June 18, at Purau, Port Lyttelton, G. Rhodes, Esq.
June 18, at Riccarton, near Christchurch, the Ven. Archdeacon Matthias, of Akaroa
June 19, at Green Hays, Tiumuka, the beloved youngest child of J. Hayhurst, Esq., aged seventeen months.

Fatal Accident. On Tuesday week last a shocking accident occurred at Geraldine. Whilst Mr Caleb Mazlin was engaged bricking a well, the slabbing gave way, and the unfortunate man was immediately buried under a large mass of earth. 

Funeral of Mr George Rhodes took place yesterday afternoon. Comprising about eighty principal persons of Lyttelton, with several from Christchurch, left the Court-house at half-past three, passing London-street, and Canterbury-street to the church. The pall was borne by Messrs Stoddart, Buchanan, Aynseley, Coster, Hargraves, and Byrne. Rev. F. Knowles read the Burial Service. Captain W.B. Rhodes very opportunely arrived by the Rangitara from Wellington about an hour previously.

Timaru Herald, 25 June 1864, Page 4
We regret to have to announce the death of one of the oldest settlers m this province, and the pioneer of the southern district, Mr. George Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes had for the last two years been residing at Purau, during the absence of his brother m England, but was - about to return to his former residence at Timaru, when the first alarming symptoms of his fatal disease made their appearance. On Saturday morning Mr. Rhodes was m a very critical condition, and m the evening the announcement was made that he had passed from the living. In this town very many will long remember and deeply regret his loss. In the Standard of Tuesday last we find the following :  " The death of one of our oldest settlers is not to be passed over with the simple announcement contained m our obituary of to-day. Originally a settler m the North Island, Mr. G. Rhodes, along with his brother Robert, came to the province some three or four years before the foundation of the Canterbury settlement. Having purchased the homestead of Purau, they continued to reside there till the settlement of the plains had commenced. They then drove their flocks to the southward, and began what we may now call the thriving township of Timaru. In this district they had a large stake, and were foremost m promoting its material welfare m every particular. Mr. G. Rhodes, the subject of our notice, lived principally at Timaru, and devoted himself with a quiet energy to all the duties devolving on a settler m a new country. Since 1862, however, when he returned from a visit to the mother country, he resided for the most part at Purau. The firm, of which the deceased was a member; is one of the wealthiest and best known m New Zealand, and has always exercised a large influence m public affairs- The immediate cause of Mr, Rhodes' death was low fever, from which, as we are informed, he had been suffering for a considerable time. Thus, one by one, the fathers of the province, as we may call them, depart to that home whence there is no returning.

July 9 1864 page 4
Birth. July 4, at Timaru, the wife of E. Butler, Esq., of a son.

Tuesday, July 5, 1862
Before B. Woolcombe, Esq., Chairman, A.Cox, T.W. Hall, G.W. Hall, W.H. Simms, and H. Belfield, J.P.'s
This being the Quarterly Licensing Meeting for Public Houses, the following applications were disposal of.
Charles Thompson, general, for house lately occupied by New Zealand Bank, Timaru - Granted.
W.G. Allen, hotel, for Commercial Hotel, Government Township, Timaru -Granted.
John Clarke, hotel, for house at Waimate bush -Granted.
Thomas Hursley, refreshment, for house in George Town, Arowhenua - Adjourned for seven days.
Robert McKay, conditional, for house lately occupied by Mr Henry Wilson, Waitangi river -Granted.
The license of the Nugget Hotel, Timuka, was transferred to George Dyson, and that of Simpson's Hotel, Timaru, to William Butterworth.

July 30 1864 page 4
Deaths. July 25, at Timaru, William George, only son of J. Edward Duff, aged 1 year and 10 months.
July 26th, at Timaru, of scarlatina, Gerald Frodsham, infant son of Mr John Reilly, aged nine months.

Saturday August 6 1864 page 4 
August 5, at Timaru, of scarlatina, Henry George, fourth son of Mr John Reilly, aged three years.

Saturday August 13 1864 page 4 
Births. At Arowhenua, on the 26th of July, the wife of Mr Thomas White, of a daughter.
At Arowhenua, on the 29th of July, the wife of Mr F. Olliver, of a son.
At Arowhenua, on the 31st of July, the wife of Mr Orten, of a son.

Saturday, August 27, 1864 page 4
Births. August 18, at Arowhenua, the wife of J. Ackroyd of a daughter
August 26, at Arowhenua, Mrs Pilbrow of a daughter.
Death. August 24, at Timaru, the beloved wife of J. Beswick

Saturday, September 17, 1864 page 4
Births - Sept. 11, at Waimate, Mrs J. Thomson, of a son.
Married. September 8, at St Michael's Church, Christchurch, by the Ven. Archdeacon Jacobs, Mr H. W. Felton, to Miss Margaret Toppin.

Saturday, September 24, 1864 page 4
Death. On the 21st August, at Sydney, Mrs Eames, widow of the late D. Eames, Esq., of Hammersmith, London.

Saturday, October 8, 1864 page 4
Death. October 3 - Edward, infant son of E. Butler, Esq., aged 3 years.

Saturday, October 15, 1864 page 4
Birth. October 9, the wife of Mr Turnbull, of a son.

The license of the Point Accommodation House was transferred to Joseph Warren.

Timaru Herald, 5 November 1864, Page 4 BIRTHS.
At Pleasant Point, on Monday, October 31st, the wife of Mr. Joseph Warren, of a daughter.
At Arowhenua, Saturday, October 29th, the wife of Mr. Wyatt, of a daughter.

Saturday, November 12, 1864 page 4
Birth. November 9, at Timuka, the wife of Mr T. Copestake, postmaster, of a daughter.

Death of Mr John McGlashan, Register of Deeds in the Supreme Court. One of the original pioneers of Otago Province. He was returning on horseback to his farm, on Wednesday last, in apparent perfect health, but was found shortly afterwards lying on the road home in a state of insensibility. The horse was near him. Dr Clutterbuck was immediately summoned and at once attended, but on his arrival he found Mr McGlashan dead. Mr McGlashan's name will always be associated with the early history of the Province. Soon after his arrival he became the Provincial Solicitor, an office which he held until the last Provincial Election. Since that time to the present he has been Registrar at the Supreme Court.

Saturday, November 26, 1864 page 4
Birth. Aug 3, at Sutton, near Dublin, the wife of Michael Studholme, Esq., of Canterbury, New Zealand, of a son.

Saturday, November 26, 1864 page 6
Manchester Brothers obtained a Slaughter-house License for their premises in Waimate.

Saturday, December 3, 1864 page 4
Death. At Timaru, Nov. 28, Charlotte Fanny, the beloved daughter of Mr W. Harrison, aged five years and ten months.

Saturday, December 17, 1864 page 4
Death. At Otipua, December 16, James Alexander King, Esq., in the 32nd year of his age. The funeral will take place this day, Saturday, 17th inst, at 3 o'clock. Robert Taylor, Undertaker.

Saturday, December 24, 1864 page 4
Death. At Pleasant Valley, November 15, Margaret, the infant daughter of Mr T. Paterson, aged 15 months.

Saturday, December 29, 1864 page 4
At Timaru, December 28, the wife of Mr A.C. Mills, of a son.

31 December 1864, Page 4
Death. At the Rangitata Accommodation House, December 24, Robert Marshall, aged 30 years.

Fatal Accident
An inquest was held on Thursday last, on the body of a man named Frederick Adams, which was found near the Royal Hotel. The deceased was employ of Mr Green and that he was sent at eleven o'clock on the night of the 27th inst. to fetch water from the well. A man going to the well for water, discovered that something was down it, and upon hooks being procured, the deceased was pulled out. Dr McLean gave as his opinion that the deceased died by drowning. The verdict was "Drowned, through falling down a well."

 The Cork Examiner, 9 December 1864
On the 25th January, 1864, drowned in crossing the river Rangitata, Canterbury, New Zealand, Francis Kenny, aged 23 years and six months ; and, on June 6th, 1864, of fever, at Christ Church, Canterbury, Claude Hamilton Kenny, third and fourth sons of the late Rev. Simon Kenny, vicar of Caragh, county Kildare.

Timaru Herald  BDMs 1865

The Timaru Herald
Saturday the 14th January, 1865 page 4
Birth. On Monday, the 9th January inst., at Castle Takapo, Mackenzie Country, of a daughter, the wife of Mr John Evans, manager to Joseph Beswick, Esq., M.P.C, and late second whip to Lord Weston. Home papers, please copy.

Saturday the 21st January, 1865 page 4
Birth. On Wednesday, 18th inst., at Ashbury, near Timaru, the wife of B. Woolcombe, Esq., Resident Magistrate, of a daughter.

Saturday the 28th January, 1865 page 4
Death. On the 25th inst., in the house of his son-in-law, at Oamaru, Mr Robert Latter, J.P., of Lyttelton, in the 73rd year of his age.

Timaru Herald Saturday 11th February 1865 page 4
Inquest at Waimate. An inquest was held at Waimate on Wednesday last, on the body of Mrs Tregoing, who had died in childbirth on the Sunday previously. A post-mortem was performed by Dr McLean. The verdict of the jury. "That the deceased died during childbirth, death being accelerated from want of proper treatment;" and a rider was added to the effect that the conduct of Mr Miles was reprehensible if he was a medical practitioner.

Timaru Herald 1865 4th March
Fatal accident at Oamaru. An inquest was held on the body of one of the sailors of the Gazehound, who died from injuries received from the upsetting of a boat on the beach. The deceased was engaged with some others launching a boat, when it was struck on the broadside by a sea and capsized; The deceased was found underneath, with the gunwale of the boat resting on his head.

Timaru Herald 1865 Saturday 25th March 1865 page 5
The death is announced of the Rev. George Harper, M.A., formerly a clergyman of the Church of England, but of late years a priest of the Church of Rome. The reverend gentlemen, who was a brother of the Right Rev. Dr. H.J.C. Harper, the Protestant Bishop of Canterbury, was educated at the University of Oxford, and was ordained in 1843...

Timaru Herald 1865 1st April page 5
The Rangitata River has been higher than usual in a fresh, and there a few men have been drowned - one, a man called Taylor. An inquest has been held. Verdict "Accidently drowned." A well known old colonial unfortunately lost his life at the lower (Ward's) ford on Monday last; he was shewing some diggers over and dropped his coat, and galloped down a spit after it, and by some means got into the river, and was seen no more. The body was recovered the next day and brought to the Orari, where the inquest was held on it. The name of the deceased was William Smith, but better known by the name of "Billy Gooseberry," he was a very honest steady man, and was much respected by the residents of the district.

Timaru Herald 1865 Saturday April 8th page 3
March 12th, at the Post Office, Timaru, the wife of Mr A. McLaughlin, of a daughter.
April 3, at Timaru, the wife of Mr Cullmann, baker, of a son.
April 5, at Timaru, the wife of H.J. LeCren, Esq., of a daughter.

Murder in the High-street, Dunedin
Ellen Anderson and William Ford were brought before the Resident Magistrate's Court, Dunedin, on 4th inst., (on remand) charged with the murder of Charles Klauss, in the High-street, Dunedin. The body was found lying in the pathway at the corner of High and Alva-streets; face completely smashed and pockets rifled.

Timaru Herald 1865 15th April page 3
We perceive that last Provincial Gazette contains notices of the nautralisations as British subjects, of the following foreigners;
Frederick Cullmann, of Timaru
Herman Meyer, Eilert Abhenseth and Fritz Johan Weigers, all of Waimate. It also contains a certificate from the Resident Magistrate of this town, that Dr. W.B. Christy has exhibited his diploma of membership of the Royal College of Surgeon's in accordance with the Medical Practioner's Act, 1849.

Timaru Herald 1865 Saturday 22nd April page 2
Mr Cardale, solicitor, for a conditional license for the premises lately occupied by R. Ross, but the application was adjourned for fourteen days.

Timaru Herald 1865 Saturday 29th April page 2 
Birth. At Timaru, on Tuesday, the 25th inst, the wife of John Knight, Esq., of twins (sons)

Timaru Herald 1865 6th May page 4
Marriage. At Timaru, on the 3rd instant, by the Rev. Mr Barclay, Dr. Duncan McLean to Miss Ann Le Ber.

Resident Magistrate's Court
Timaru - May 2, 1865
[Before B. Woollcombe, Esq., Chairman; T.W. Hall, J.B. Acland, and H. Belfield, Esqures., J.P.'s]
This being the Annual licensing day, the following General licences were granted:
William Butterworth, for Queen's Hotel
Geo. Healey, for Old Bank Tavern
G.W. Mason, for Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke

The following hotel licenses were also granted:-
W.G. Allen, Commercial Hotel
Jonathan Batterley, for Norfolk Hotel, Hook Creek
John Clarke, for Waimate Hotel
John Melton, for Timaru Hote:
F.J. Wilson, for Club Hotel, do
Chas. Green, for Royal Hotel, do.
Refreshment Rooms:
Michael Garity was granted a license
but Samuel Driller's application was refused on the ground that the house was not completed.

The following Conditional licenses were then allowed:-
Daniel Brown, for Waitangi Accommodation House;
John Burgess, for Burke's Pass do.;
Geo. Dyson, for Crown Hotel, Timuka;
James Sawyer Fitch, for Pareora Accommodation House;
W.B. Jones, for Markiki Hotel;
A. McKinley, for Arowhenua Hotel;
Mary Ann Marshall for Rangitata Accommodation house
(the charges for ferry to be the same as at the Rakaia);
Thos. Proctor, for the Waiho Inn;
Thos. Wadsworth, for Orari Accommodation house;
W. Walden, for Opawa Accommodation house
J. Warren The Point Accommodation house;
J.A. Young for Waihi Accommodation house;
Richard Merry, of Waitangi applied through 

Timaru Herald 1865 Saturday 13th May page 4
Marriage. Wednesday 10, at Timaru, by the Rev. Mr Barclay, F.W. Stubbs, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Sarah Crawley.

Wednesday June 17th page 4
Birth. On the 10th instant, the wife of Mr W.G. Allen, of a daughter.

May 20, lost in the steamer City of Dunedin on her passage from Wellington to Nelson, John Beswick, aged 36, son of the late Samuel and Annie Beswick, Scarborough, Yorkshire; and beloved and respected brother of William, Cockerill, Samuel, and Joseph Beswick. On the same date, and owing to the same accident, Dr Joseph Levy, Member of the Faculty at Paris.

Saturday June 10th page 4
At Mount Peel Station, May 31, the wife of J. Barton Acland, Esq., a daughter.
At Waimate, June 4, the wife of Mr Samuel S. Rodgers, of a daughter.

Death. At Arowhenua, May 20, William Thomas, aged 35 years.

The City of Dunedin. Our respected townsman Mr John Beswick was among the passengers in the City of Dunedin. We also notice that the name of Dr Levy, an old resident of Timaru appears in the list of passengers.

Wednesday June 14th page 4
Birth. June 11 - At George-street, Timaru, the wife of Mr John Inglis of a son.

On the morning of Monday, June 5, a seal was killed by Mr Crawley on the South Road near Washdyke. Mr Crawley was travelling in Messrs. Cobb & Co., coach. It measured seven feet long, a common seal.

Fatal Accident in the Rakaia. Mr Charles Flowers, the ferryman narrative:-
On Thursday afternoon Messrs Walter Wilson, Macdonald, Caton, Mackintosh, and a man belonging to a station, came to the Rakaia and wished to cross. Mr Flowers prevailed them to wait as the river was high. Yesterday morning at nine o'clock Mr Flowers leading the way attempted the ford. When water reached the saddle-girths of Mr Wilson's horse it began to rear, and finally threw itself completely over, and dislodged Mr Wilson. This accident startled the other horses, which followed Mr Wilson's and the whole party were quickly carried below the ford into deep water.... Messrs W. Wilson and Macdonald, after swimming for a considerable distance sank, and nothing more was seen of them. Mr Walter Wilson is the second son of Mr Cracroft Wilson, and Mr Alexander Macdonald is also the son of a well-known runholder. Inquest June 17th page 5 At the Royal Hotel, before C.W.S. Cooward, Esq, Coroner, and a jury, of whom Capt. Anderson was chosen foreman....

page 3 a poem

Tune- King of the Cannibal Islands.

Oh ! have you heard the news of late ?
We've wanted it long, but we've had to wait,
But we're coming forward now in state 
For Timaru Separation.

For long we've been like a pig in a poke ;
Our money and lands have gone like smoke
Expostulation is thought a joke,
So we must have Separation.

Our roads, ankle deep in mud are laid,
Tho' lots of money for them we've paid ;
To save us from being bankrupt made,
We must have Separation.

To See our money go, 'tis pretty, 
To build for Lyttelton a jetty ;
There's only one thing now will tit ye, 
And that is Separation.

Fifty thousand acres go how tine !
To Holmes, for the Kakaia line 
If you won't be ruined, you must combine,
For immediate Separation.

And then there's another famous bore,
Williamson's patent bonded store,
Why, the sea there for years will roar,
If we don't have Separation.

Sutter and Turnbull both have told
How only we can save our gold, 
And this is just by going in bold,
For downright Separation. Oh !

Separation is all a hoax 
So say the squatters, led by Cox,
But I hope that they'll be in the wrong box,
When we get Separation.

Then, there's "silent Simms" who looks so glum,
On every subject he is dumb 
To him, I think we should say "come,"
"'Tis time we separated."

Then let us heart and hand unite,
To free ourselves from our bondage-light 
To our own, we surely have best right ;
So, good luck to Separation !

True Bluek.
Timaru, June 12, 1865.

Timaru Herald Saturday 1st July 1865
Death. At Timaru, on the 27th June, Francis, the beloved wife of Mr W. Harrison, brewer of Timaru, aged 65.

Timaru Herald Saturday 8th July 1865
Resident's Magistrate's Court
Timaru - July 4, 1865
Before B. Woolcombe...

The following Licenses were heard and granted:-
Jacob Levien, Refreshment License, Timaru
Arthur Bert, Conditional License, at Pleasant Valley
William Ross, Conditional License, at Waitangi River.
Charles Litter was charged for willful destruction of property. It appeared he was under the influence of drink.
John McEdrew sued Henry Durand for debt of  5pounds 7s.Case withdrawn. Previously been paid.

September 9th 1865 
Birth. On the 6th instant, at Timaru, the wife of Mr Stephen Budden, of a daughter.

Saturday September 23 1865
Birth. On the 9th instant, the wife of Mr Alfred Fisher, of a daughter.

Married. On Saturday 16th instant, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. G. Foster, Mr John B. Drake to Miss Emily Duffell.

September 30 1865
Birth. On Monday, the 25th instant, the wife of Mr F.J. Wilson, Club Hotel, of a son.

Timaru Herald 7 Oct. 1865 page 4 
Birth. On September 30, the wife of Mr David McKenzie of a daughter
Married. On September 30, at Timaru, by the Rev. G. Barclay, Mr F. Gaitt, of Waimate, to Donaldine, sixth daughter of Mr G. McKenzie, of Tain, Rosshire, Scotland

Timaru Herald Nov. 4 1865 page 4
Married. On Wednesday, 1st instant, by the Rev. J.B. Richardson, Mr Henry Gilbert, tailor, to Miss Ellen Whittit, Timaru.

Timaru Herald Nov. 18 1865 page 4
Birth. On the 4th instant at Timaru, the wife of Mr John Watson, of a son.

Timaru Herald Dec. 2 1865 page 2
Birth. On Tuesday, November 7th, Mrs James Pilbrow, of the Timuka Brewery, of a son.

Timaru Herald Dec. 15 1865 page 2
Birth. On Tuesday, December 5, at Timaru, the wife of Mr James Philps, of a son.

Death. On the 29th August, at Elloughton, George Hall, Esq., of Kingston-upon-Hull, an elder brother of the Trinity House, in the 85th year of age.

Timaru Herald Friday Dec. 29 1865 page 2 & Otago Witness Saturday 6 1866 pg12
Fatal Accident
On Tuesday about mid-day, a fatal and melancholy accident occurred near Mr Studholme's woolshed at the Waimate to a man named Macdonald. A six-horse waggon was descending a hill from the woolshed, when the ground being very slippery with the late heavy rains, the waggon upset, and the man falling underneath was crushed in a frightful manner, having his ribs broken on one side. Dr McLean was immediately sent for, but the suffer expired half an hour after the accident. He has left a wife and family in Australia. 

We regret to learn that David Innes, Esq., one of the oldest settlers in this district died at Christchurch on Sunday last.

Wellington Independent, 14 January 1865, Page 4 Death
King.  On the 10th December, at Timaru, James King, Esq. ; aged 32 years.

Names appearing in the Timaru Herald in 1865 1887

"All of us born here  Maori and pakeha  belong here,"
 commented Dr Michael King, died March 2004 aged 58.
 Rarangi maunga,
 tu tonu, tu tonu.
Rarangi tangata,
ngaro noa, ngaro noa  

You have gone
But your mountain
 Is everlasting.