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1 January 1878December 1877 BIRTHS
GRAY - On December 14th at Temuka, the wife of F. F. Gray, of a daughter.

THEW - At Timaru, 17th December, Mrs. R. Thew, of a son.

FILMER - On December 20, at High-street, the wife of Mr. Geo. Filmer, of a daughter.

ROUSHAM - On Christmas Day 1877, at her residence, Great South-road, Timaru, the wife of R. T. Rousham, of a son.

INWOOD - ROBERTS - On the 5th December, by the Rev. G. Bond, Daniel, fourth son of D. Inwood, Christchurch, to Anna, fourth daughter of James Roberts, Trevenna.

MITFORD - WELD - December 6th Palmerston North, Provincial District of Wellington, by the Rev. Francis Sheriff, Cuthbert-Henry, eldest son of George Manners Mitford, Esq., of Parnell, Auckland, to Daisy Elisse Weld, second daughter of Dr. Casson Coleman, Norfolk, England.

WILKIN - GREEN - On the 27th December, at Woollahra, Sydney, New South Wales, John Winstanley, third son of J.T.W. Wilkin, of Christchurch, to Edith Leaf, fourth daughter of the late Henry Green, of Chelsea, England.

HART - At Timaru, on Monday, 17th December, 1877, James Mitchell, infant son of Andrew and Helen Hart, aged 14 months.

29 Jan. 1878January 1878
WALCOT - January 1st, the wife of Mr R. B. Walcot, of a son (prematurely).

ACTON - January 1st at Fordlands, the wife of Edward Acton, of a son.

MELLISH - On January 2nd, at Chetnole Farm, Waitaki North, the wife of G. L. Mellish, R.M., Christchurch, of a son.

JONAS - January 3rd, the wife of Mr Moss Jonas, of a son.

STONE - On January 6th at the Commercial Hotel, the wife of A. G. Stone, of a son.

QUINN - On January 7th, at her residence, Star Hotel, Temuka, the wife of M. Quinn, of a son.

HAWLEY - On January 9th, the wife of J. E. Hawley, of a daughter.

BLACKMORE - On January 11th, at North-street, the wife of John Blackmore, of a daughter.

PURDIE - On Saturday, January 12th the wife of Mr Geo. Purdie, of a son.

REID - At Timaru, on the 15th instant, Mrs J. C. Reid, of a son.

BRUCE - At Bank-street, Timaru, on the 18th January, the wife of James Bruce, engineer, of a son.

SHAPPERE - On January 21st, the wife of S. Shappere, Timaru, of a son, still-born. Auckland papers please copy.

HOWELL - January 26th at the Sisters, Totara Valley, the wife of Wm. B. Howell, of a daughter.

STOREY - On the 27th January, at Temuka, the wife of W. Storey, tailor, of a son.

O'BRYAN - On the 28th January, at Elizabeth-street, Timaru, the wife of William O'Bryan, of a daughter.

RUSSELL - LEUREN - On the 5th November, at St. James-the-Less, Westminster, by the Rev. G.D.W. Dickson, assisted by the Rev. R.L. Givern, Philip Henderson Russell, of Otipua, Canterbury, New Zealand, to Margaret Douglas, eldest daughter of H. J. LeCren, of 117, Saint George's-square, Belgravia, London. No cards.

HOOD - JONES - On the 20th December, at Timaru, William Hood, to Mary Jane, second daughter of George Jones, of Timaru.

BOOTH - JONES - On the 20th December, at Timaru, Joseph Booth, of Oamaru, to Susannah, third daughter of George Jones, of Timaru.

LAING-MEASON - MOORHOUSE - On 2nd January, at St. Augustine's, Waimate, by the Rev. C. Coates, Gilbert, eldest son of Malcolm Laing-Meason Esq., (late 10th Hussars), to Katherine, daughter of the late James William Moorhouse, Esq.

TAYLOR - MEIKLE - At Tranent, Timaru, by the Rev. Mr. Borrie, George Taylor, Timaru, to Marion, daughter of the late Orr Meikle, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh. 

Timaru Herald, 29 January 1878, Page 3 DEATHS.
Ross. On the 31st December, at his residence, Woollcombe-street, John Ross; aged 40 years; Much and deeply regretted.
Walcot. January 1st; Mabel Florence, daughter of Mr R. B. Walcot, aged six years.
Wheatley. On the 4th January, at Maheno, suddenly, James Wheatley.
Mellish. On January 6th, at Chetnole Farm, Waitaki North, the infant son of G. L. and Georgina Mellish.
Lane. On January 8th, Charles Lane, late Lieutenant in her Majesty's 54th Foot, aged 33 years.
Walcot. On January 18, at Timaru, Edith Kate, youngest daughter of Mr R. B. Walcot, aged 3 years.
Morgan. On January 24th, at Timaru, George Morgan, son of the late W. C. Morgan, of Papanui, aged 14 years.
Blackmore. On the 27th inst., Eliza, wife of Mr John Blackmore, North-street, Timaru aged 38.

Otago Witness Saturday 19 January 1878 pg14
Marriage: On 5th Nov, at St James-the Lees, Westminster, by the Rev. G.D. Dickson, assisted by the Rev. R.L. Givern, Philip Henderson Russell of Otipua, Canterbury, Canterbury, New Zealand to Margaret Douglas, eldest daughter of H.J. LeCren, of 117 St George's Square, Belgravia, London

26 Feb. 1878February 1878
O'BRYAN - On the 26th January, at Elizabeth-street, Timaru, the wife of William O'Bryan, of a daughter.

KING - On February 6, at Ross's Terrace, William-street, the wife of Joseph King, of a daughter.

BUCHANAN - At Timaru, on the 17th inst. Mrs Michael Gray Buchanan, of a son.

BROWNELL - On Feb. 21, at her residence, Bank-street, Mrs T.T. Brownell, of a daughter.

ELWORTHY - On Feb 21, at Pareora, the wife of Edward Elworthy, of a son.

STUBBOCK - On the 24th inst. At Cliff Town, Timaru, the wife of D. Sturrock, of a daughter.

INWOOD - PATTERSON - On January 30th at St. Saviours Church, Temuka, by the Rev. James Preston, Frederick Richard Inwood to Isabella Patterson.

FOSTER - CARPENTER - February 30th at St. Paul's Church, Dunedin, by the Ven. Archdeacon Edwards, Robert Francis Foster to Kitty Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr James E. Carpenter, King-street, Dunedin.

The Morning Post (London, England), Monday, February 25, 1878; pg. 8
Buchanan - On the 19th inst., at Timaru, the wife of M.R.G. Buchanan, of a son.

MEYER - On the 30th January, at Armagh-street West, Christchurch, Ellen Mary, the beloved wife of Charles Meyer, Blue Cliffs.

ARENAS - On February 2nd, at the residence of Mr E. Brewer, Railway Terrace, Temuka, Helen Anne Maria Arenas, aged 7 months.

WALCOT - Feb 6 - Bessie, eldest daughter of Mr R. B. Walcot, aged 15½ years.       

26 March 1878March 1878

STURROCK - On the 24th inst., at Cliff Town, Timaru, the wife of D. Sturrock, of a daughter.

SINCLAIR - At Bank-street, Timaru, 3rd March the wife of Peter Sinclair, of a daughter.

GAMACK - March the 9th at Riverslea, the wife of John A. Gamack, of a son.

FRASER - March 15th at her residence, Bank-street, the wife of Archibald Fraser, of a daughter.

MACKAY - On March 20, at Spring Bank, Pleasant Point, the wife of J. G. Mackay, of a son.

WELSH - On March 21 at Fairlie Creek, the wife of H. H. Welsh, of a daughter.

CUMMING - March 24th at Temuka, the wife of S. McD. Cumming, of a daughter.


BLACKMORE - Eliza Emily, Infant daughter of Mr. John Blackmore, North-street, Timaru, aged 6 weeks.

SUTHERLAND - At Timaru, on the 1st March, Donald, the son of Hugh and Mary Sutherland, aged 26 Feb. 18782 years and 4 months.

LAWRENCE - On 24th February, at Timaru Hospital, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Robert Lawrence of Waimate, aged 20 years.

BALFOUR - On March 24 at Timaru, Janet, eldest daughter of James and Agnes Balfour, farmer, Pleasant Point, aged 5 years.

April 1878

23 April 1878WELSH - On March 21 at Fairlie Creek, the wife of H. H. Welsh, of a daughter.

CUMMING - March 24th at Temuka, the wife of S. McD. Cumming, of a daughter.

ASTON - March, 30, 1878, the wife of Joseph Aston, builder, of a daughter.

THOMPSON - At Timaru, on April 2nd the wife of John Thompson, surveyor, of a son.

GREEN - on 17th inst., at Timaru, the wife of Henry Green, of a son.

STRACHAN - On April 21, at D-street, Timaru, the wife of Mr James Strachan, of a daughter.

ANNAND - THOMAS - At Trinity Presbyterian Church, Timaru, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. W. Gillies, William Annand to Jane Lammond Torrance.

SIMS - SMITH - On April 16th 1878, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Venerable Archdeacon Harper, Francis Arthur Sims to Louisa Jane Smith.

SARGEANT - GODWIN - At Timaru, on April 17th by Rev. B. T. Hallowes, B. A., Albert, fifth son of D. Sargeant Esq., to Annie Cawston, eldest daughter of W. H. Godwin, both of Tasmania.

BALFOUR - On March 24 at Timaru, Janet, eldest daughter of James and Agnes Balfour, farmer, Pleasant Point, aged 5 years.

BLACKMORE - Eliza Emily, Infant daughter of Mr. John Blackmore, North-street, Timaru, aged 6 weeks.

RISDON - On April 4th at Timaru, Frederick Risdon, aged 4 years, 5 months.

MUSKER - 7th April, at Sandietown, James Roderick Musker, aged 12 years.

HOOPER - April 11th at the residence of Dr. Townend, Christchurch, Edwin Hooper, of Akaroa, and late of Timaru, aged 59. Melbourne papers please copy.

RAYNER - On the 15th April, at North-street, James Edgar Alphonso, only child of William and Jane Rayner, aged 7 months.

RISDON - April 18th at Timaru, David Coleman Risdon, aged 1 year and 10 months.

21 May 1878May 1878

COOPER - On April 23rd at Cropley, Mrs C. E. Cooper, of a son.

DARBY - April 29th Parsonage-road, Waimate, the wife of Wm. Darby, of a daughter.

COWAN - On April 29th at Burke's Pass, the wife of Mr A. Cowan, of Tekapo Station, of a daughter.

FISHER - May 9 Mrs Alfred Fisher, of a daughter.

BROWN - On May 11, at Kaiapoi, the wife of J.A. Brown, of a daughter.

GRIERSON - On the 12th inst., at the Union Bank, Timaru, the wife of C. B. Grierson, of a son.

ACKLAND - On May 15 the wife of William Ackland, of a daughter.

KING - On May 15, at LeCren's-terrace, the wife of Mr John King, of a daughter.

CLARE - On May 15, at Timaru, the wife of H. Clare of a son.

BARNETT - On May 16th at Timaru, the wife of W. T. Barnett, of a son.

ARCHER - On the 18th instant, at Timaru, Mrs F Archer, of a son.

SARGEANT - GODWIN - At Timaru, on April 17th by Rev. B. T. Hallowes, B. A., Albert, fifth son of D. Sargeant Esq., to Annie Cawston, eldest daughter of W. H. Godwin, both of Tasmania.

TURNER - HENEY - On April 29, at Scotsburn, by the Rev. Geo. Barclay, Henry Cranaway Turner, to Rachel, eldest daughter of Mr John Heney of the same place.

RISDON - April 18th at Timaru, David Coleman Risdon, aged 1 year and 10 months.

CLIFF - On April 26, at Timaru, Alfred Norman, son of George and Annie Cliff, aged 9 months.

WHITE - On April 26, at Hokitika, Richard White, Sergeant-Major of Police; aged 38.

STOWELL - On April 28th at Bank-street, Timaru, the infant son of D. Stowell of Otaio, aged 8 months.

SHAW - On May 11th suddenly, at her father's residence, Geraldine, Mary Laing Shaw, infant daughter of David Shaw.

June 1878

WATKINS - At the Rangitata Hotel, on the 19th May, the wife of James Watkins, of a daughter.

ARCHER - On the 18th instant, at Timaru, Mrs F Archer, of a son.

JEFCOATE - At Prospect Farm, Upper Pareora, on the 29th May, the wife of Mr T. Jefcoate, of a daughter.

PARKER - On May 30, At the Waihoa, the wife of J. Edward Parker, of a daughter.

EXELL - At Pleasant Point, on May 23, Mrs Wm. Exell, of a daughter.

EDGAR - At Geraldine, on Thursday, the 24th inst., Mrs Adam Edgar, of a daughter.

PHILP - On June 7th at Ross Brae, Wai-iti:road, the wife of J. P. Philp, of a son.

CAMPBELL - June 8 at Pleasant Point, the wife of Mr Colin Campbell, of a son.

CUMMING - On 10th June, at Fairfield, Pareora, the wife of Thomas Cumming, of a son.

WHITE - HOLLIDAY - On May 30, Moses White, to Clara Annie Holliday.

SMITH - SHAW - On Saturday, June 1st at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. George Foster, Christopher Richard Smith, of Hawaii, Sandwich Islands, to Lucy Ellen, eldest daughter of Chas. Reginald Shaw of Timaru.

SMITH - GOSLING - On the 5th June, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Venerable Archdeacon Harper, Charles Michael, second son of C. J. Smith Esq., late staff surgeon H.E.I.C.S., to Clementina, fourth daughter of W. Gosling, Esq., of Coonoor.

HUGGINS - SARGENT - On June 8th at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by Ven. Archdeacon Harper, William John, son of William Huggins, engineer, Timaru, to Martha Maria, only daughter of Robert Sargent, of Halstead, Essex, England.

CREEMER - On May 20 at Temuka, Lionel Butler, the youngest son of George Walter and Elizabeth Creemer, aged 10 months.

EDWARDS - On May 30, Teresa Edwards, aged 11 years and 10 months.

COOPER - On June 7, Arthur Robert Cooper, late of Peel Forest, Rangitata, aged 34.

O'BRYAN - On June 13, at Timaru, Elizabeth Josephine, daughter of William and Sarah O'Bryan, Albion Hotel, Timaru, aged four and a-half months.

CRAIGIE - On June 14th at Timaru, James Alexander, son of James and Kate Craigie, aged 11 months.

16 July 1878July 1878

MACDONALD - WALSH - On the 26th June, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Geraldine, Alexander MacDonald to Catherine Mary Walsh, both of Pleasant Valley.

COWLEY - BROWN - On July 10th at the Wesleyan Church, Timaru, by the Rev. J. H. Simmonds, Henry McCullough Wellesley Cowley to Amelia, eldest daughter of Mr William Brown, Spring Grove, Nelson. Nelson papers please copy.

ORMSBY - On the 3rd July, at Timaru, wife of Arthur Ormsby, of a son.

BOWIE - At her residence D-street, Timaru, on July 12 Mrs R Bowie, of a son.

SMITH - On the 25th June, Mark, the much lamented son of John and Christiana Smith, of Cliff House, near Timaru, aged 26 years.

ANDREW - On July 8th at Mount Vernon, Nelson, Emma, wife of the Rev. J. C. Andrew.

BRYSON - On the 23rd April, at his residence 30 Raglan-street, Dundee, John Bryson, formerly of San Luis, Obispo, California, aged 56 years.

SMITH - At Smithfield, Winchester, on 15th July, Charles Smith, aged 49 years.

13 August 1878August 1878

ZIESLER - On July 26th the wife of J.W.S. Ziesler, of a daughter.

SPEECHLY - On July 30th at Burleigh Farm, Geraldine, the wife of Mr Edward Speechly, of a son.

HAMPSON - On July 31, the wife of Thomas Hampson, of a daughter.

LAWRELL - On July 7th at St. Andrew's, the wife of Captain Lawrell, of a son.
LOVEGROVE - On July 21 at Timaru, the wife of Dr. Lovegrove, of a son.

ORTON - On Friday July 19, at the Head of the Bay, Lyttelton, the wife of Reginald Orton, of a son, still-born.

PRINGLE - On August 9th at Rosebrook, Timaru, the wife of Alexander C. Pringle, of a son.

DAWE - On August 7th at Whitley Farm, Levels Plain, the wife of Mr. Richard Dawe, of a daughter.

MANNING - HENRY - On July 22 at Timaru, by the Rev. B. T. Hallowes, William Henry Manning, to Theresa Henry, both of Timaru.

GUNN - MELTON - On Tuesday, August 6th at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. L. L. Brown, B.A., William Gunn, ironmonger, of Dunedin, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of the late John Melton of Timaru.

LONGLEY - On July 23, at Elizabeth-street, Timaru, Richard Longley, aged 47 years.

ASTON - On July 23, at Timaru, Mary Angelina, infant daughter of Joseph Aston, aged 3 months.

CAIN - At Woodlands, Timaru, on 26th July, Jane, the wife of Captain H. Cain, aged 59 years.

FYNMORE - At Timaru, on July 11th Frederick Engledue Fynmore; late Capt. R.M.L.I., youngest son of the late Col. James Fynmore, R.M.L.I., aged 41 years.

Timaru Herald, 31 July 1878, Page 2
An inquest touching the death of Frederick E. Fynmore, whose body was found last Monday in the Saltwater Creek, was held yester day morning in the Court, before B. Woollcombe, Esq., Coroner, and a jury, of whom Robert Webster was foreman. The following evidence was taken : — Henry Martin : I am a laborer, working at the tannery near Cabot's. Yesterday morning I observed a man's.
Detective Neil afterwards got the body out of the water. Where the body was found the water is about 16 feet deep. The body was fully dressed, except that it had no hat on. John Neil : I am a detective, stationed at Timaru. Inspector Pender. Searched its pockets. We found the two letters produced and a bottle labelled "chlorel." One letter was addressed to Mrs Fynmore, the other addressed to Mr Fynmore. I examined the body and found no marks of violence. He has resided in Timaru about six months, and has been missing since the 10th of this month.
John Eric Davidson : I have known the deceased for some years. He lately came from Nelson to Timaru. His wife Fanny Fynmore is here. I know the deceased's handwriting. The letter addressed to his wife is in his handwriting. He expected £1750 from England. I saw the letter stating his father was dead, and the money was coming out. I saw the death of his father cut out of a paper. Deceased was a commissioned officer in the Royal Marine Artillery. He had made arrangements to go Home. I know he took stimulants to make him sleep. He bought, a bottle of chlorel from Mr Watkins like the bottle produced. Deceased was sometimes in high spirits, and sometimes despondent.
Thomas Hall: I am a commission agent, and know deceased. We have been trying to get some money out from Home for him. He has had money remitted to him from Home previously.
Patrick Macintyre : I am a duly qualified medical practitioner. I consider, was caused by drowning. The chlorel moderately taken would produce sleep. The deceased was under my care, and I observed lately that there was something peculiar about him.
This completed the evidence, And the jury, after some deliberation, returned the following verdict: "That the deceased drowned himself on the 10th day of July, 1878, in the Saltwater Creek, while suffering under temporary insanity."

Monday June 24 1878 pg3
The funeral of Mr J.W. Rowe, late Headmaster of the Temuka Public School, took place Friday. A large body of school children walked in procession under the charge of Mr Hardcastle, the present acting Headmaster. On arrival at the cemetery Rev. Mr Preston read the burial service of the Church of England. Mr Rowe was only 42 years of age. He left a wife and large family of children. (summerized)

The Star, Christchurch, Saturday 24 August 1878
Found dead - A man named Thomas Brooks was found dead yesterday in some gorse bush near the residence of Mr A. Perry, Timaru. The deceased was a labourer, who had resided at Timaru for some years. He had been drinking heavily lately, and had no settled place of residence. There were no marks of violence on the body. An inquest will be held to-day.

The Star, Christchurch, Thursday 29 August 1878
A shocking accident occurred on Tuesday at Rainscliff about 20 miles west of Pleasant Point. A man named Edwards, a farmer, with his wife, aged 19 years, were engaged in burning some tussocks on his land, when the wind began to blow strongly, and the fire spread so rapidly that, although Mrs Edwards made every effort to get out of the way, she was enveloped in flame. Edwards himself was badly scorched, but his injuries are not expected to terminate fatally. Dr McIntyre was sent for from Timaru, and he reached Edwards' house yesterday morning, but Mrs Edwards had died before his arrival. He and his wife were not long married. They are reported to have left Christchurch about two months ago to settle at Rainscliff [Raincliff], and Edwards is the son of Mr Edwards, maltster, Windmill road.

September 1878 10th

Tuesday 10 September 1878 page 2, col 2
FILDES - On August 13, at the Bank of New Zealand, Temuka, the wife of J.G. Fildes of a son.

WHITRIDGE - On September 1st, the wife of M. Whitridge, of a son.

BUCHANAN— On September 2, at Riverside, Otaio, the wife of G. Buchanan, Esq., of a daughter.

BRADY - On September 3rd, at Timaru Police Station, the wife of Constable P.S. Brady, of a son.

ROSSO - INGRAM - On August 17th at Timaru, by the Rev. J. Sharp, Jacoma Rosso to Jane Ingram.

SATTERTHWAITE - POWELL - At Westland Cottage, Church-street, Timaru, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. W. Gillies, Emma, daughter of Mr Joseph Satterthwaite, to Stephen Powell, Palmerston, Otago.

KENT - On August 21st, at Christchurch, Sarah Lydia Frost Kent, aged 20 years.

SHRIMPTON - At his residence, Church-street, Timaru, Ingram Shrimpton, in the sixty-sixth year of his age.

Timaru Herald Tuesday 8 Oct. 1878  page 2October

Timaru Herald Tuesday 8 October 1878 page 2
RAINE - On September 17th, at Christchurch, the wife of J.H. Raine, Sherwood Downs, of a daughter.

WHITE - On the 24th September, at Grasmere, Timaru, the wife of J.W. White of a daughter.

PILBROW - At Pleasant Point, on the 24th Sept. Mrs James Pilbrow, of a son.

TH Oct. 2 Wednesday
Birth: MACINTOSH - On the 29th Sept., at Kingsborough, Mrs John Macintosh, of a son.

TH Birth Thursday Oct. 3
RITCHIE - On the 1st Oct. at Timaru, Mrs Alex Ritchie, of a daughter.


MOUNSEY - CARPENTER - On Tuesday, September 17th, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper. Robert Mounsey, Saltwater Creek, to Fanny Carpenter, of the same place.

SELBIE - CRAIGIE - On September 20th, at High-street, Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, James Selbie to Susan Craigie.

TANCRED - BLOXSOME - July 16th at St. Stephen's, South Kensington, by the Lord Primate of New Zealand, assisted by the Rev. J.P. Waldo; Clement William, third son of Sir Thos. Tancred, Bart. of Water and Castle Eton, Wilts., and Canterbury, New Zealand, to Alice Maud, third daughter of Oswald Bloxsome, Esq., of the Rangers, Sydney, New South Wales.

ARENAS - On July 19th, at Barcelona, Spain, of typhoid fever, Mrs F. Arenas, late of Temuka.

MCCLINTOCK - On September 14, at his father's residence, Waitohi Flat, Joseph, eldest son of Mr Joseph McClintock, aged 13 years.

GILLESPIE - On September 16, at Ban-street, Timaru, Johanna, the beloved wife of Joseph Gillespie.

GOODALL - On August 14th, at Bombay, Dr Henry Goodall, Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals, Nadras retired list, aged 70 years.

LILLEY - On September 21st, at Timaru, the wife of John Lilley, of Opawa, aged 37 years.

HAYHURST - On Saturday, Oct. 5th, James Hayhurst, aged 78 years.

Otago Witness Oct. 12 1878 page 13
Manslaughter at Waimate
On Friday night it was reported to Sergeant Rutledge at Timaru that a women named Sterling, wife of Charles Sterling, bushman, residing at Waimate, was lying dead in her house, and it is supposed she had been murdered by her husband. ... The deceased was the daughter of Mr Reilly, accountant, residing in Timaru.

5 Nov. 1878November 1878

THOMAS - On the 8th October at Timaru, the wife of F. G. Thomas, of a son.

RUTHERFORD - On October 10th at Otipua Valley, Timaru, the wife of John S. Rutherford, of a daughter.

SIMS - On October 13th at Timaru, the wife of F. A. Sims, of a daughter (born prematurely).

VINCENT - On October 18th at Kennford, Waitohi, the wife of H. D. Vincent, of a daughter.

FRANKS - On Friday October 18th at Eclipse Cottage, Temuka, the wife of Francis Franks, of a son.

PARSONS - On October 24th the wife of Alfred J. Parsons, of a daughter.

COOKE - On November 2nd at Timaru, the wife of G. Cooke, Sherwood Downs, of a daughter.

TANCRED - BLOXSOME - July 16th at St. Stephen's, South Kensington, by the Lord Primate of New Zealand, assisted by the Rev. J. P. Waldo; Clement William, third son of Sir Thos. Tancred, Bart, of Water end Castle Eton, Wilts, to Alice Maude, third daughter of Oswald Bloxsome Esq., of the Rangera, Sydney, New South Wales.

MCKAY - MCKAY - At Knox Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. Dr. Stuart, D. D., on 8th October, 1878, Donald McKay, Albury, Timaru, to Alexandrina McKay, of Sutherlandshire, Scotland.

BAXTER - WATSON - At St. Saviour's Church, Temuka, by the Rev. Mr. Clinton, George Baxter, farmer, Southbridge, Canterbury, New Zealand, to Jessie Watson, youngest daughter of Robert Watson, late of Kirkmichael, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. New Zealand Papers please copy. TH 24 October 1878, Pg 2

SOMERVILLE - TANCRED - On October 23rd at St. Mary's, Geraldine, by the Rev. J. Preston, William Fownes, youngest son of the late J. C. Somerville, Esq., of Dinder House, Wells, Somerset, England, to Bertha Evaline, youngest daughter of Sir Thos. Tancred, Baronet of Water end Castle Eton, Wiltshire, and Canterbury, New Zealand.

MEYER - On August 30th at Loch Inver Hotel, Lairg, N.B., of heart diseases, Charles Meyer, late of Blue Cliffs.

TAYLER - At Dunedin, on October 4th after a short illness, Joseph Tayler, a native of Bristol, England, aged 45 years.

HAYHURST - On Saturday, October 5th James Hayhurst, aged 78 years.

LeCREN - On October 2nd at 107, St. George's Square, Pimlico, London, Margaret Fisher, the beloved wife of Henry John Le Cren.

MACDONALD - On October 5th at Porirua-road, Wellington, Lydia Davidson, the beloved wife of J. D. MacDonald.

KANE - On October 22nd at his residence, Pleasant Point, Ellen, the beloved wife of James Kane, aged 36 years. Deeply lamented.

3 December 1878December   1878

STUDHOLME - Nov. 15, at Waimate, the wife of Michael Studhome, of a son.

LAING-MEASON - On November 17, at Timaru, the wife of G. Laing-Meason, of a daughter.

MACLEAN - At Bleak House, Wai-iti road, on the 17th November; Mrs. L. Maclean of a daughter.

MCBETH - November 16th at the Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke, the wife of John McBeth, of a daughter.

CLIFF - On November 27 at Timaru, the wife of G. Cliff, of a daughter.

SMITH - On 5th November, at Church-street, Timaru, the wife of C.E.O. Smith, of a daughter.

NATION - On the 9th November, at Geraldine, the wife of Henry Innes Nation, of a son.

PRIEST - November 11th Mrs W. Priest, Bank-street, of a son.

HAMERSLEY - At Timaru, on 11th November, the wife of A. St. G. Hamersley, of a son.

HAYES - At her residence, Waimate, on November 6th the wife of A. Hayes, of a son.

COXHEAD - On the 27th November, Mrs A. Coxhead, of a son.

OLIVER - On the 1st December, at Surrey-Terrace, Pleasant Point, Mrs James Oliver, of a son. [Christchurch papers please copy]

STANSELL - On the 2nd December, the wife of J. R. Stansell, of a daughter.

DOUBLE - BRACEFIELD - On Tuesday, the 19th Nov., at the Primitive Methodist Church, by the Rev. J. Sharp; Walter Daniel, second son of the late William Double, of Timaru, to Amelia, second daughter of Nicolas Parker Bracefield, of Island Flat, Pleasant Point.

COOK - RAYNER - On Sunday 24th Nov., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. R. F. Clinton, Curate of St. Saviour's, Temuka, Frederic William Cook, to Francis Marie, youngest daughter of Dr. Rayner, of Temuka.

The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Saturday, March 1, 1879 Death
COOK -18th December, at the residence of her father, Temuka, Francis Marie, the beloved wife of Frederic William Cook, aged 23 years.

THOMAS - On November 10th at Catharine-street, Timaru, the wife of John Thomas, aged 36 years.

ROWE - Temuka, on the 14th November, Beatrice Adeline Rowe, daughter of the late John Webb Rowe, aged 3 years and 9 months.

TESCHEMAKER - On the 21st November, at Wellington, Frederick William Teschemaker, M. H. R., aged 44.

Timaru Herald, 9 December 1878, Page 2
Sandilands—Hitch.—At the residence of the bride's father, on the 5th December, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Richard, eldest son of Mr Walter Sandilands, of Moffat Park, Inveresk, Musselburgh, Scotland, to Kate, eldest daughter of Mr John Hitch, Timaru.