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January 1883

Timaru Herald 23 January 1883BIRTHS
SLACK - On 31st December, at Woodside, Geraldine, the wife of Wm Upton Slack, a daughter.
COLLINS - On the 4th January, at the Milford Schoolhouse, the wife of E.J. Brugo Collins, of a son (Herbert)
GRAY - On the 7th January, the wife of K.F. Gray of a daughter.
O'HALLORAN - On the 12 January, at Temuka, the wife of B.D. O'Halloran, of son.
FRASER - On the 13th January at Bramblya , Wai-iti Road, the wife of C.S. Fraser, of a daughter.
PURDIE - The wife of Mr Geo. Purdie of a son

NELSON-COX - On the 28th December at the Baptist Church, Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, by the Rev. C. Dallaston, Charles Robert Thompson Nelson, to Annie Cox of Christchurch. Home papers please copy

PETERS - On the 5th January 1883, at the residence, High Street, Arabella John, the youngest and beloved daughter of Isaac and Arabella Peters, aged 2 years and 9 months. Deeply regretted.

PRIEST - On the 19th January, at Bank street, Honora Doxon, youngest daughter of George and Honora Priest. Deeply regretted.

February  1883

Timaru Herald 22 February 1883

MILES - on the 29th January, at Timaru, the wife of G. Chater Miles, of a daughter.
DAWE - on the 30th January, at Whitley Farm, Levels Plains, the wife of Richard Dawe, of a daughter.
TAYLOR - On the 30th January, at Temuka, the wife of David Taylor, of a daughter.
JONES - On the 31st January, at Wai-iti Road, the wife of T.R. Jones, of a son.
WILSON - On the 4th February, the wife of F.J. Wilson, of a daughter.
BERRY - On the 6th February, at her residence, E street, Timaru, the wife of Mr D Berry of a daughter.
WRIGHT - On the 6th February, at Claremont, the wife of A.W. Wright of a daughter.
RUTHERFORD - On the 7th February, at Mountnessing, the wife of R. Rutherford of a son
AUSTIN - On the 8th February, at Temuka, the wife of H.S. Austin, Solicitor, of a son
RUTHERFORD - On the 9th February, at Mountnessing, the wife of E.S. Rutherford of a daughter.
ELWORTHY - On the 11th February at Pareora Cottage, Timaru, the wife of Edward Elworthy, of a daughter.
FILNER - On the 10th February, at High Street, Timaru, Mrs G. Filner of a daughter.
HALL - On the 19th February, at Brown Street, Timaru, Mrs John Hall of a son.
WHITMARSH - On the 20th February, at Arthur Street, Timaru, Mrs R. P. Whitmarsh, of a son.
MCKAY - On the 20th February, at Spring Bank, Pleasant Point, Mrs J.G. McKay of a daughter.

GLASSON - HARDY - On the 21st February, at the residence of John Sutherland, Esq., Timaru, by the Rev. H. Williams, John Hooper, eldest son of J.V. Glasson, Esq., Timaru to Emily, youngest daughter of J. Hardy Esq., Melbourne.

CAPPS - On the 4th February, at Pleasant Point, William Robert, son of Jacob Robert and Florence Capps, aged 15 days.
MAHAN - On the 11th February, accidentally drowned in Saltwater Creek, William Ludlow, third some of Archibald and Mary Jane Mahan, Otaio, aged 15 years.
MARTIN - On the 14th February, at Timaru, William James, eldest son of Robert and Catherine Martin, aged 16 years and 2 months.
CAPPS - On the 18th February, at Pleasant Point, Florence, the dearly beloved wife of Jacob Robert Capps, in her 22nd year.

February 22 1883
Sudden death - Miss Mary Ann Simpson, a lady who kept a private school at Temuka, died suddenly in her schoolroom yesterday afternoon.

March Timaru Herald 22 March 18831883
KING - On the 4th February, at Timaru, the wife of Mr Joseph King, clothier, of a son.
GUNN - On the 25th February, at Timaru, the wife of W. Gunn, of a daughter
McKAY - On the 28th February, at Albury, the wife of Donald McKay, of a son.
SIEGERT - On the 3rd March, at Temuka, the wife of Julius Siegert, of a son.
HAYES - On the 6th March, at Waimate, the wife of A. Hayes of a daughter.
DENNISTOUN - On the 7th March, at Peel Forest, the wife of G.J. Dennistoun, of a son.
STUART - On the 10th March, at Charles Street, the wife of David Stuart, of a son.
HOLTHOUSE - On the 15th March, at her residence, Elizabeth Street, the wife of L.G. Holthouse, of a son.
HIBBARD - On the 16th March, at North Street, Timaru, the wife of B. E. Hibbard of a daughter.

MANSELL-SMART - On the 6th March, at Geraldine, by the Rev G. Barclay, William Meadom Mansell, of Christchurch, to Rose Smart of Geraldine.
LITTLE-GRAHAM - At Cannington Station, by the Rev. D. McLennan, William Little to Agnes Graham, eldest daughter of Mr Alexander Graham, Raidstone, Oamaru.
RICHARDSON-LOCKHART - On the 14th March, at Avonside Church, by the Rev. H. Pascoe, Edward, eldest son of the Hon M. Richardson, to Charlotte Elizabeth Mercer, daughter of G.D. Lockhart, Esq. of Avonside.
MONRO-BESWICK - On the 17th March, at Timaru, by the Rev. John Elmsllie, of St Paul's, Christchurch, the Rev. Patrick Robertson Monro, second son of Colin Monro, Aberdeen, to Sarah Frances, second daughter of W.C. Beswick.

MALTHUS - On the 16th February, at Doyleston, Chas E. D. Malthus, formerly of Albury, aged 41.
SIMPSON - On the 21st February, at her residence, Temuka, Miss Mary Anne Simpson, aged 58 years: deeply regretted.
BAILEY - On the 24th February at her residence, King Street, Timaru, Elizabeth Hartley, the beloved wife of Benjamin Bailey, aged 51 years.
JAMIESON - On the 1st March, at Maori Hill, Timaru, Alexander Jamieson, aged 55 years.
SPILLANE - On the 6th March, at Timaru, Timothy Spillane, aged seven weeks.
TARGUSE - On the 12th March, at King Street, Timaru, Mary May, youngest daughter of Alfred and Susan Targuse, aged 8 months.
TAYLOR - On the 19th March, at Winchester, Arthur Edward, the son of George and Sarah Taylor, aged 10 years.

Timaru Herald, 19 April 1883, Page 8
The following is a return of patients in the Timaru Hospital for the month of March, 1883 : dead— male, 1 (Robert Moulton)

Timaru Herald 19 April 1883April 1883

TWOMEY - On the 23rd March, at Temuka, the wife of J.M. Tromey, of a daughter.
CHILTON - On the 24th March, at Waimate, the wife of Dr Maurice Chilton, a daughter.
CARTER - On the 27th March, at Rockpool, Pleasant Point, the wife of David T. Carter, of a daughter.
SIMS - On the 31st March, at North Street, the wife of W. M. Sims, of a son.
TEMPLER - On the 3rd April, at Brooklyn, Geraldine, the wife of Edward H. Templer of a son.
DUVAL - On the 10th April, at Timaru, the wife of M. de H. Duval, of a daughter.
ANSTEY - On the 14th April, at Pareora St Andrews, the wife of Mr J Anstey of a daughter.


KEITH- GRAVE - On the 22nd March , at Oamaru, by the Rev. A. B. Todd, James Keith, of Timaru to Henrietta, third daughter of E. Grave, Esq, Oamaru.
DOIG-TORRANCE - On the 26th March, at Wilson Street, Timaru, by the Rev. Wm. Gillies, Annabella Torrance to William Doig, of Christchurch.
SHEPHERD - STOREY - On the 29th March, at St, Mary's, Timaru, by the Rev. L.C. Brady, James Shepherd, Cave to Sarah Storey, neice of J. Stoddart, Seadown.
KININMONT-GIBSON - At Blue Cliffs Church, by the Rev. L.C. Brady, Andrew Kininmont, late of Dunedin, to Isabella Gibson, late of Edinburgh. Home papers please copy.
McMASTER-HARRIS - On the 12th April at the Grange, Dunedin, by the Rev. Dr Stuart, Anthony McMaster, of Timaru to Annie Maria Cargill, eldest daughter of John Hyde Harris.
McKELVEY-SAMS -On the 19th April, at the residence of the brides mother, Sutherlands, by the Rev D McLemmam, John McKelvey, to Amelia, eldest daughter of the late Mr Fredrick Sams.


COWAN - On the 5th January, at Peterhead Scotland, Ann Geary, relict of the late David Cowan, Shipmaster, Peterhead, Scotland, aged 67.
ANDERSON - Drowned by flood on the 8th February, at Streiglitz, Victoria, John Anderson, aged 78 years, father of Mrs J. G. Cowan, Timaru.
CHILTON - On the 25th March, at Waimate, Florence May Mabel, infant daughter of Maurice and Elizabeth Murray Chilton.
GRIFFIN - On the 5th April, at her residence, Barnard Street, Timaru, Catherine Griffin, aged 44.

Thursday April 19 1883
An accident occurred on Tuesday night with fatal results. Mr John Cromie, a farmer on the Kingsdown, went to the house of George Brien, St. John's Wood, Sandie Town, on Tuesday evening and engaged him to go to work on his farm. The two left Brien's house about 6 pm for the farm, Mr Cromie having a horse and Mr Brien none. They made a halt at the hotel at Saltwater Creek, leaving it shortly after ten o'clock. They walked along the road leading the horse. Then Brien mounted it and rode until opposite the gate on Mr W. Moody's land, when he handed Brien a bottle containing some liquor. In passing it back to him, Brien touched the horse with his heel and the animal bolted. Mr Cromie followed and about twenty-five chains further on found Brien lying on the road in an insensible condition. The horse having disappeared. He went to the house of Mr Hughes. Mr Hughes borrowed a trap and conveyed Brien to his house at St John Wood. Dr Macintyre was sent for. Brien expired at a quarter to twelve. An inquest was held touching the death last evening at the Old Bank Hotel before Joseph Beswick, Coroner and the following jury: Messrs John Hamilton (Foreman), T.G. Smith, James Rowles, John Cuthbert, Henry Reid, William Shepherd, R.B. Sibly, J. Henderson, William Morgan, E. Jones, Thomas Sugrue, Thomas Smith and John McBeth. The deceased leaves a wife and large family. 

May 1883Timaru Herald 17 May 1883

WALCOT -On the 19th April, Mrs R.B. Walcot, of a son.
FRIEDLANDER - On the 21st April, the wife of H. Friedlander, of a son.
LYONS - On the 22nd April at Clifton, Opihi, Mrs T.A. Lyons, of a daughter.
GOODALL - On the 4 May at Thridrial Villa, Sophia Street, the wife of Mr John Goodall, C.E., of a daughter.
STEWART-LINDSAY - On Sunday, the 6th May at Wai-iti, the wife of W. Stewart-Lindsay of a son.
GUTHRIE - On the 11th May, at the residence of Mrs Simmons, Great South Road, the wife of J. C. Guthrie, of a daughter.
STEWART - On the 14th May, at Pareora schoolhouse, the wife of James Stewart, schoolmaster, of a daughter.
PHILLIPS - On the 16th May at the Cemetery, Temuka, the wife of George Phillips, of a son
FODEN-JONES - On the 11th April, at St John's Church, Latimer Square, Christchurch, by the Rev. H.C.M. Watson, William H. Foden, of Timaru to Elizabeth Amelia, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Devereux Jones, Harley Tower, Shropshire.
LAMBERT - JONES - On the 29th April, by the Rev. Joseph Sharp, Henry Lambert, baker, of Timaru, to Laurn, eldest daughter of John A. Jones, of Timaru.
BLACK-SHIELD - On the 29th April at St Mary's Church, Timaru by the Rev. E. Glasson, Maxwell Spens Black, son of the late James Spens Black, of Craigmaddie, Stirlingshire, to Marie Vivienne Shield, daughter of the late Ernest Macdonell, formerly Her Majesty's Consel at Tunis and grand-daughter of Count Armond de Sapinaud, of Chateau La Barabinaire Bastia, Corsica.
McDOUGALL-TAYLOR - On the 27th April, at North Street, Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Charles McDougall, Kakahu, to Jane, fourth daughter of the late Thomas Taylor, Glasgow.
POSTLETHWAITE - RADFORD On the 9th May at Geraldine, by the Rev. James Preston, Robert Hodgshon, eldest son of Wm. Postlethwaite, Raukapuka, Geraldine, to Edith Mary, only daughter of the late James Radford of Hillam Hall, Yorkshire, England.

CRAWFORD - On the 24th February, 1883, at Linlithgowshire, Scotland, John Crawford, father of John Crawford, saddler, of Timaru, aged 85 years.
MASSEY - On the 5th April, at Hatcliffe Rectory, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, Mary beloved wife of the Rev. Thomas Massey.
GRIMWOOD - On the 22nd April at Timaru, Eliza Grimwood, wife of Mr H. Grimwood, aged 80 years.

Friday May 18 1883 page 3
Death of Mr James Rutherford, M.H.R. for Bruce at Summerhill, Kaitangata.


14 June 1883, Page 2 BIRTHS.
Bourn.— On the 15th May, at Cardale, Makikihi, the wife of John T. Bourn of a son.
Clulee — On the 18th May, at Timaru, the wife of G. F. Cluloe of a daughter.
D'Emden — On the 20th May, at Timarn, the wife of J. S. D'Emden of a son.
McRae — On the 23rd May, at LeCren's Terrace, the wife of T. T. McRae of a daughter.
McArdle.— On the 25th May, at Barnard street, Timaru, the wife of Peter McArdle, of a daughter.
Bradley. On the 2nd June, at Sophia street, Timaru, the wife of I. J. Bradley of a son.
McClatchie.— On the 4th June, though wife of T. McClatchie, jnr., of a daughter.
Pearpoint. On the 9th June, at Temuka, the wife of R. H. Pearpoint, of a daughter.

Holmes — Hill.— On the 30th May, at the bride's residence, by the Rev. Joseph Sharp, William B. Holmes to Ann Hill, both of Timaru.
Withers.— On the 20th May, at Auckland, Major Edward Withers, Officer Commanding the District, and late of H.M. 65th Regiment, aged 78 years.
Collins.— On the 2lίt May, at Wellington, Joseph Collins, late of Timaru, aged 23.
Abram. On the 27th May, at the residence of his brother-in-law, John Goodall, Sophia street, Frederic George James Abram, aged 32 years.
Speechly — On the 1st June, at Burleigh Farm, Geraldine, Caroline Innes, the wife of Edward Speechly, aged 42.
Low— On the 6th June, at Pukaki Ferry, Canterbury, Elizabeth, wife of William Low, and youngest daughter of the late Alexander Bonnet, Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Timaru Herald, 25 June 1883, Page 2 MARRIAGE.
Bascand— Haigh — On the 21st June, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, Captain Charles Stephen Bascand, Harbor Master, to Louise Augusta Haigh, second daughter of Mr Rudolph Haigh, both of Timaru.

Evening Post
, 29 June 1883, Page 2
Sad Death of Captain Bascand.
Timaru, This Day. Captain Bascand, Harbourmaster of Timaru, died at Waiti, near Blueskin, at 9 o'clock last night, of strangulation of the bowels. Deceased was married yesterday week, and had been spending a few days at Dunedin. Returning by the express on "Wednesday, he was seized with illness, and conveyed to the hotel, where he died. Deceased leaves a large family by a former marriage, and was much respected as a highly efficient officer.

Timaru Herald, 30 June 1883, Page 3
In yesterday's issue we mentioned that Captain Bascand, the Harbor Master at this port, had been taken seriously ill in the train whilst on the way home from Dunedin to Timaru. It is with sincere regret that we have now to chronicle his death, which occurred about nine o'clock on Thursday evening, the cause being strangulation of the bowels. His eldest son, Mr Andrew Bascand, who left Timaru by the Express on Thursday, arrived at Waitati about seven o'clock, and was present when his father died. Captain Bascand's body was brought to Timaru by the Express train yesterday, and his funeral will take place to-morrow (Sunday) at 2.30 p.m. The Rocket Brigade are ordered, by an advertisement which appears in another column, to parade (caps only) at the lighthouse at 2 p.m. to attend the funeral of their late Captain. Captain Charles Stephen Bascand was 52 years of age. He was, we understand, a native of one of the Channel Islands. He took to the sea at an early age, and followed that profession during the greater part of his life. He was one of the best known masters in the coastal trade on the West Coast of this and the North Island, prior to his being appointed Harbour Master at Timaru on the death of Captain Mills. After settling in Timaru he made many warm friends. It was only a week age that he was married for the second time and the flags at the lighthouse and on the vessels in port were flying it honor of the event ; — yesterday they were hanging half-mast high for his death. Great sympathy is felt by all sections of the community for his young wife, and for his family several of whom are, comparatively speaking of tender age. His life was insured for £250 in the Government Insurance office, and this we believe, is all the property he leaves. He was at one time in a very good position, but lost heavily in farming pursuits.

Timaru Herald, 2 July 1883, Page 2
Funeral of Captain Bascand. — The funeral of the late Captain C. S. Bascand, Harbor Master at Timaru, took place yesterday afternoon, and was attended by a very large number of people. The cortege left his late residence, Main North Road, shortly after 2.30 o'clock, the Lifeboat Crew, under Chief coxswain W. Collis, acting as coffin and pallbearers, the coffin being wrapped in the Union Jack. After two closed carriages, containing the members of his family, came the Timaru Volunteer Rocket Brigade in full force, under First-Lieutenant Jackson. The Timaru Volunteer Fire Brigade also followed in plain clothes. As the cortege moved off a round of seven guns was fired from the Rocket Brigade Station, the round being repeated over his grave. The lifeboat crew acted as coffin-bearers at the cemetery, conveying their late captain's remains from the hearse to the chapel and from thence to the grave. The burial service was performed by the Rev. Mr Beck, Wesleyan minister, in a most solemn and impressive manner.
    A slight but painful accident happened Mr C. Hallum, a member of the Timaru Rocket Brigade, and who was one of the filing party at the late Captain Bascand's funeral yesterday afternoon. Mr Hallam was in the act, with others, of lifting the gun into an express previous to returning home, when by some means it slipped and fell, crushing the top of one of his fingers on the left hand so severely that the doctor deemed it necessary to amputate it at the first joint.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 14 July 1883, Page 2
At the Harbor Board meeting to-day the following resolutions were passed : — That the board convey to the family of the late harbormaster, Captain Bascand, its feeling of sympathy with them at his sudden and unexpected death, and pass for payment, and forward to the family the sum of £50.

The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, July 13, 1883
Champney - At Mount Gay, South Canterbury, New Zealand, the wife of Richard Walter Champney, of a son (Francis Bernard).

Timaru Herald 12 July 1883July 12 1883, Page 2

HOWLEY - On the 16th June, at Yelwoh, near Timaru, Mrs Howley, of a daughter.
STRUTHERS - On the 20th June, at Clifton, Pareora, the wife of Mr Henry Struthers, Fairlie Creek, of a son.
FOSTER - On the 22nd June, Mrs Robert Foster, North Street, of a son.
CHRISTIE - On the 29th June, at Seadown, the wife of W.F. Christie, of a daughter.
CHISHOLM - on Saturday, the 30th June, at Timaru, the wife of R.A. Chisholm of a daughter.
MANSFIELD - On the 30th June, at May Street, Wellington, the wife of F.W. Mansfield, of a daughter.
MANNING - On the 1st July , at Timaru, Mrs W.H. Manning of a son.
HARDCASTLE - On the 6th July, at Beach Road, Timaru, the wife of J. Hardcastle of a son.
RESTON - On the 9th July, at her residence, Ross Street, the wife of Mr T.J. Reston, of a daughter.

Timaru Herald 12 July 1883MARRIAGES
EDGAR-HOOPER - On the 20th June, at Timaru, William Alexander Edgar to Agnes Helen, eldest daughter of Henry Hooper (formerly of Melbourne), and grand daughter of the late William Esson, merchant, Aberdeen.
LOWE-STRONG - On Saturday the 30th June, at Waimate, by the Rev. J. McKee, Alfred Ernest Lowe, of Timaru, to Elizabeth Maria, eldest daughter of Mr G.J. Strong, of Waimate.
BOYLE - STUDHOLME - On the 5th July at Waimate, by the Most Reverend C. Coates, Alexander Boyle to Fanny Studholme.

CAMPBELL - On the 18th June, at the Timaru Hospital, Wilhelmina D. Campbell, the wife of John T. Campbell, teacher, Waitohi, Deeply regretted.
SMITH - On the 21st June, at the residence of his daughter Mrs W. Hornbrook, Hollywell, Levels Plain, David Smith, late of Silverstream, Upper Hutt, Wellington, aged 82 years, Wellington papers please copy.
ACKROYD - On the 27th June, at the residence of his father, Temuka, William, only son of William and Jane Ackroyd, aged 9 years.
BASCAND - On Thursday, the 28th June, at Waitaki, Otago, Captain C.S. Bascand, late Harbour Master Timaru.
WILLIAMS - On Friday the 29th June, at Timaru, Samuel Williams, formerly of the Club Hotel.

Timaru CemeteyTimaru Herald, 2 July 1883, Page 2
Death of an Old Identity. — The death of  "old Sam" Williams, recognised in Saturday's issue, we have lost one of the links that remained to bind the area directly with the "old times," when Timaru was but a name in the coastal itinerary of the Maori and the enterprising whaler , Williams was an American by birth spent his youth and early manhood in whale ships, and by that means became acquainted with the then famous " New Zealand whale grounds." About the year 1845, as nearly as we can now ascertain, he came to New Zealand as one of a party fitted out by Weller Brothers, of Sydney, to establish shore whaling stations on the coast of Canterbury. For some time the party carried on operations at Peraki, on Banks' Peninsula, and then a section of them came to Timaru, Williams being one, the " boat-steerer," or head man of the crew. They camped and fitted up their boiling pots at the head of Caroline Bay, and in the gully beyond the second viaduct, one of the well burned fire places was exposed and next washed away by the heavy seas of May last year. The land it will be remembered by old settlers, formerly extended a considerable distance further seaward at that point. After working there for some time the party shifted to Patiti Point. These shore parties carried on their business by keeping a look-out from the cliffs for whales in the offing, and whenever the familiar "spout" was seen, in suitable weather, a boat put off to effect a capture, and if successful the prize was towed to the beach, brought up at full tide, and left high and dry and easily got at at low water. The blubber was stripped off and boiled down in huge pots fixed in the clay banks, the oil being placed in casks to await the call of a vessel which came at stated periods to collect it, and replenish the stores of the party on shore. The whalers at sea and those on shore plied their trade so effectively that in a few years they completely ruined it, and the once most profitable whaling ground in the world became almost the most valueless. The shore parties found their occupation gone, and had to turn their hand to other things. Williams found employment on Messrs Rhodes' station at Kaituna, on the Lake Ellesmere side of the Peninsula. This station becoming overstocked, Williams, we understand, recommended his employers to take up country at Timaru, and he brought them down and showed them the grand country which has since been a fortune to them. They brought down stock and built a house, the first in Timaru, on the beach near the present site of Mr Evans' grain store, and there established Williams as a sort of overseer. Other stockowners soon followed the example set by Messrs Rhodes, and in a very short time the bulk of easy country in South Canterbury was taken up under depasturing licenses. The number of callers increased so much that Williams was obliged to charge for the accommodation he gave to travellers, and a good many old settlers will remember the high figures they had to pay for variations of tea, mutton and leavened bread, with a loan of blankets to make a shakedown for themselves on the bare floor, when the two spare bunks had been secured by earlier arrivals. After a time a license was obtained, which legalised a branch of business which had not by any means been neglected before. When the town began to grow, the Messrs Rhodes built a small hotel on the site of the present Club Hotel, which was taken by Williams, and later he built a house for himself where the present Timaru Hotel now stands. The vagaries of a second wife, much younger than himself, and his own weakness for the bottle led to his losing this, and successively two others in which he was given fresh starts by his old employers — one an accommodation house somewhere on the Peninsula, and the other an hotel in Christchurch. A few years ago he returned to Timaru, alone and penniless, since when a few of his former acquaintances supplied his wants, for the sake of old times. His age he stated to be 66, but he looked very much older, the hard, and latterly somewhat reckless life he led, having aged him fast. In his prime he was a capital fellow, and the late Mr George Rhodes, with whom he was most in contact while he was in the service of Messrs Rhodes, thoroughly trusted him. His second wife is, we believe, still living, and also a son and a daughter by his first wife, but we do not know where any of them are at present. The funeral will leave the deceased's late residence this afternoon at three o'clock.   

Trypot -  Patiti Point

Timaru Herald 9 August 1883August 1883
COOKE - On the 14th July, at Texden, the wife of G. Cooke of a son.
PARSONS - On the 18th July, at the Club Hotel, Timaru, the wife of A.J. Parsons, of a son.
BARKER - On the 21st July, at Kynnersley, Temuka, the wife of S.D. Barker of a daughter.
POFF - On the 27th July, at Makikihi, the wife of James Poff, of a son.
KNEESHAW - On the 5th August, at Selwyn, the wife of John Kneeshaw, of a son.

MALLETT-ADAMSON - On the 14th June, at the Church of England, Pleasant Point, by the Rev. Chaffers-Welsh, Francis Mallett, youngest son on William Mallett, Monal, Cornwall, England to Mary Melveil Adamson, youngest daughter of Thomas Adamson, both of Albury.
CHAPMAN-CAMPBELL - On the 12th July, at Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Angus Knox, youngest son of the late Mr W. Chapman, to Annie Louisa, only daughter of the late Mr John Campbell, of St. George, New Brunswick, North America.
SMITH-HIBBARD - On the 18th July, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, assisted by the Ven. Archdeacon Beaumont, James, second son of James Smith, Greenfield, Otago, to Nora Ann, eldest daughter of Benjamin Hibbard, Oakleigh, Timaru.
FRASER-RICHARDSON - On the 17th July at Timaru, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. Beck, James youngest son of William Fraser Esq., of Christchurch to Belinda, oldest daughter of Mr W. Richardson, of Reefton. Dunedin papers please copy.
LECREN - FERGUSSON - On the 27th July, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven Archdeacon Harper, Henry Arthur, eldest son of Henry John LeCren, of Craighead, Timaru, [late of St. George Square, London] to Julia, eldest daughter of John Fergusson, of Brettenham Manor, Therford [Thetford], England. [also in The Standard (London, England), Thursday, August 02 7 07, 1883; pg. [1]]
AYLMER - MEE - On the 1st August, at St Albans, Pleasant Point, by the Rev. J. Chaffers-Welsh, Henry Lambert, youngest son of the Rev. W.J. Aylmer, of Akaroa, to Martha, youngest daughter of Alexander Mee, of Pleasant Point. Christchurch papers please copy.

DEATHS 1883 August
GEDYE - On the 19th July, at Watlington, near Timaru, Elizabeth M. Gedye, aged 33.
BURBOROUGH - On the 25th of July, at Geraldine, William, the beloved son of Joseph Burborough, aged 24. Deeply regretted.
STEWART - On the 29th July, at South Street, Timaru, James Hepburn Stewart, only son of James and Agnes Stewart, aged 10 ½ months.
BAXTER - On the 29th July at the residence of his grandson, Naylor Street, Waimate, Robert Baxter, aged 78 years.
WALLIS - On the 1st August, at Bank Street, Timaru, Anne, oldest daughter of B. and Harriett Wallis aged 22.

6 September 1883 pg2

Timaru Herald 6 September 1883

HAMMOND - On the 8th August, at Timaru, Mrs H. W. Hammond, of a daughter.
HATFIELD - On the 15th August, at Opihi, the wife of S. Hatfield, of a son. (TH 17 Aug)
CAMPBELL - On Saturday, August the 17th, at Catherine street, Timaru, the wife of W.J. Campbell, of a daughter. TH20aug.
GRANT - On the 18th August, 1883, at Temuka, Mrs A. Grant, of a daughter.  TH20aug
ORWIN - On the 21st August, at Timaru, the wife of R. Orwin, of a son
FENDALL - On the 23rd August, at Oamaru, the wife of H.T. Fendall, of a daughter.
- On the 25th August, at Totara, Pleasant Point, the wife of Mr Dugald Blue, of a son.

MAITLAND - SMITH - On the 1st August, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, the the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, Herbert, eldest son of James Maitland of Dunedin, to Mary Ada, second daughter of A.B. Smith, late of Rollesby.
MARTIN - SMITH - On the 13th August, at Knox Church, Dunedin, by the Rev Dr. Stuart, David Martin, of Springfield, Otaio, youngest son of the late James Martin, Farmer, Tayport, Fifeshire, to Cecilia Ogilvie Smith, daughter of Joseph Smith, Farmer, Kennell, Forfarshire, Scotland.  TH20aug
POTTS - WAITT - On the 15th August, at St John's, Napier, by the Rev, De Berdt Hovell, Geoffrey Potts to Janie Watts.
BOWIE - BAMBRIDGE - On the 28th August, at St Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. Mr Flavell, Joseph Gartshore Bowie, to Rosetta Reeve Bambridge.
CROZIER - SMITH - On the 3rd September at Albury, by the Rev. D. McLennan, George Crozier, Pleasant Point, to Edith, fourth daughter of Albert Smith, Albury.

HAY - On the 20th July, at Epworth, Temuka, W.J. Hay, eldest son of Jams and Susan Hay, aged 24.
STEVEN - On the 14th August, at Port Molyneux, Otago, Daniel Steven, formerly of the National Bank, Nelson and brother of George Steven, Timaru High School.
LOUIS - On the 14th August, at Temuka, Sarah Louis, widow of the late Oscar Louis, aged 42
RUTHERFORD - On the 30th August, at Timaru, John, youngest son of John and Mary Rutherford, of Opawa Station, aged 15 months.
HIBBARD - On the 31st August 1883, accidentally drowned at Oakleigh, Timaru, Lucy Martha, second daughter of Benjamin David and Rebecca Mary Hibbard aged 21 years.

Wanganui Herald, 1 September 1883, Page 2 Timaru.
August 31. Miss Lucy Hibbard, second daughter of Benjamin Hibbard, one of the oldest citizens in Timaru, was found drowned in an underground tank at her father's house this afternoon. She was aged about twenty years. It is supposed she fell into the tank while trying to recover a letter from a sister, which was found floating on the surface.

Hawera & Normanby Star
, 22 September 1883
DROWNED IN A WATERHOLE. Timaru, September 22. A child 14 months old, son of Fraser, Hotelkeeper at Albury, has been drowned in a waterhole.

North Otago Times, 25 September 1883
Timaru. September 24.
At an inquest on a child named Fraser, drowned at Albury on Friday, a verdict of accidentally drowned was returned. The coroner strongly commented on the want of care shown by the parents in not looking after the child when the river was so near.
A laboring man named David Paterson was found dead on Sherwood road this morning. He had been drinking.

October 1883

Timaru Herald 4 October 1883


TURNER - On the 12th September, at Arthur Street, Timaru, the wife of C.H.D. Turner of a daughter
McGIMPSEY - On the 18th September, at the Grosvener Hotel, Waimate, the wife of J. McGimpsey, of a daughter.
WHITCOMBE - On the 24th September, the wife of W.E. Whitcombe, of a daughter.
FARRELL - On the 30th September, at Geraldine, the wife of Mr T. Farrell, Bush Hotel, Geraldine, of a daughter.
McKIBBON - On the 3rd October, at Pleasant Point, the wife of Wm. McKibbon, storekeeper, of a daughter.


MEREWETHER - REES - On the 12th September, at St Mary's Church, by the Rev. E.A. Scott, of Ashburton, Audley Edward, son of the late H.A. Merewether, Esq., Q.C., to Mabel, third daughter of William Gilbert Rees
SCARFE - DENTON - On the 20th September, at St. Paul's Church, Oamaru, by the Rev. Mr Gifford, James Scarfe to Julia Eliza Denton, second daughter of Mr John Denton, of Oamaru.

DEATHS - October 1883

LAWRENSON - On the 6th September, at LeCren's Terrace, Timaru, after a long illness, William, second son of James Lawrenson, aged 19 years and 10 months.
COUTRIS - At Taradale, Victoria, Henry Courtis, gas engineer, from effusion of blood on the brain, after three years of acute suffering; aged 54 years. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.
PEARSON - On the 13th September, at her residence, St John's Wood, Agnes Mary the beloved wife of John Pearson.
BECK - On the 16th September, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Lilian Lucy, the third daughter of W.H. and A.E. Beck aged two years.
MALONEY - On the 17th September, at her residence, Main South Road, Mary Maloney, aged 53 years.
WHITMARSH - On the 2nd October, at Arthur Street, Timaru, Sydney Herbert, son of Robert Powell and Mary Whitmarsh, aged 7 months.
PITTS - On the 1st October, at the Town Belt, Timaru, Constance Muriel, infant daughter of Harry and Elizabeth Pitts, aged 6 months.

November 1883 BIRTHS

Timaru Herald November 1 1883

MITCHELL - On the 2nd September, 1883, at the residence of Mrs Captain Ross, North Street, the wife of W.G. Mitchell, of a son.
CAMPBELL - On the 6th October, at Fairfield Farm, Upper Pareora, the wife of John Campbell of a daughter
MANATON - On the 7th October, at Albury, the wife of Harry Manaton, of a son, Both Well.
MOODY - On the 8th October, at Burnbank, Mrs W. Moody, of a son.
BROADHEAD - On the 9th October, at Maori Hill, the wife of John Broadhead, of a son.
ANNAND - On the 9th October, at Church Street, Timaru, Mrs William Annand, of a son.
TENNENT - On the 14th October, at Butler Street, Timaru, Mrs W.J. Tennant, of a son
CLARKE - On the 23rd October, at Waicola Villa, 17 Armagh Street, Christchurch, Mrs Gains Clarke of a daughter.
COULTER - On the 24th October, at Rangitata, the wife of Henry Coulter, of a daughter, both doing well.
HOPE - On the 24th October, at Waimataitai, Timaru, the wife of Arthur Hope of a son
ST. BARBE - On the 25th October, at Sydney Street, Wellington, the wife of Chas. St. Barbe of a son.

MARRIAGES - November 1883
ADAM-SIDEY - On the 3rd October, at Caversham Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. Fraser-Hurst, B.A., assisted by the Rev. D. Stuart, James Dunlop Adam, son of John Adam, Esq,. Dumfrieshire, Scotland, to Jessie Anna, daughter of John Sidey, Esq., Caversham.

WAGSTAFF - LAX - On the 18th October, at the house of Mrs Smallwood, Sydenham, by the Rev. R. Taylor, Thos. Wagstaff, late of Sunderland, England, to Beatrice Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. G.B. Lax of same place.

DEATHS November 1883
STEVENSON - On the 10th September, at D. Street, Timaru, Isabella Julia, daughter of James and Elizabeth Stevenson, aged 13 months.

PRIEST - On the 8th October, at Bank Street, George William Patrick, the beloved son of George and Honora Priest, aged 5 years and 7 months, deeply regretted.

STEWART - On the 9th October, at Mr P. Kellys residence, Church Street, Timaru, Mary Anne, the beloved daughter of William and Isabella Stewart, of Flaxburn, Orari, aged 23: deeply regretted.

RENTOUL - On the 10th October, at Claremonth, Robert Rentoul, farmer, in the 49th year of his age, deeply regretted

JONAS - On the 11th October, at Timaru, Henry, infant son of Moss and Emma Jonas, aged 12 months.

DOOLEY - On the 13th October, at Buchanan's Paddock, Patrick Dooley, aged 51 years, deeply regretted.

PRIEST - On the 16th October, at Bank Street, Mary Deborah, the beloved daughter of George and Honora Priest, aged 3 years and 11 months, Deeply Regretted.

OXBEY - On the 18th October, at Christchurch, William Oxbey, of Arthur Street, Timaru aged 43 years.

STEVENSON - On the 25th October, at D Street, Timaru, Matilda Augusta, daughter of James and Elizabeth Stevenson, aged 14 months.

WHELAN - On the 30th October, at the residence of his father, Brown Street, Timaru, Mortimer, second son of Martin Whelan, aged 15 years and 3 months.


Timaru Herald 6 December 1883

SEALY - On the 10th November, at Southerndown, Timaru, the wife of Edward P. Sealy, of a daughter.
LAING-MEASON - On Monday 19th isnt., at Timaru, the wife of G. Laing-Meason of a son
McGREGOR - On the 19th November, at Burkes Pass, the wife of J. McGreoger, Glenmore, of a daughter.
ARMITAGE - On the 27th November, at Compstall, Kingsdown, the wife of W. Sugden Armitage, of a son.
- On the 3rd December, at her residence, Timaru, the wife of Robert F. Barber, of a son.

MARRIAGES December 1883
COPP - ESLER - On the 14th November, at the residence of Mr E. Probyn, Claremont, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Elias Copp to Margaret Esler, both of Timaru, North Island and Home papers please copy.
LYNCH - BANNERMAN - On the 22nd November, at St, Patrick's, Church, Waimate, Michael Lynch, farmer, Makikihi, to Mary Bannerman, of the same place.

DEATHS December 1883
FITZGERALD - On the 2nd November, at Levels Plains, John Joseph, infant son of William and Bessie Fitzgerald, aged 9 months.
BLACKMORE - On the 7th November, at Pareora, Annie Eliza, the eldest daughter of James and Ann Blackmore, aged 8 ½ years.
LENNIE - On the 9th November, at Pleasant Point, John Gorrie Lennie, aged 17 deeply regretted. His end was peace.
COWAN - On the 10th November, at Tekapo station, Mark William, the infant son of Andrew and Florence Cowan, aged 3 months and 7 days.
TANSLEY - On the 14th November, at Oakleigh, Timaru, Rebecca Mary Tansley, aged 78 years.
GRANT - On the 20th November, at Temuka, Edith Jane, infant daughter of Andrew Grant, Esq, aged 3 months.
SWINTON - On the 2nd December, at Winchester, Thomas Henry Swinton, late of Acton Hall, Crewe, Cheshire, son of the late Peter Swinton, of Acton Hall, England, aged 52 deeply regretted, Home papers please copy.

Otago Witness Saturday 8th December 1883
On the 2nd December, at Frederick street, Dunedin, Elizabeth Marion Cordelia, third daughter of Samuel Humby, Esq., of Murchingron, Doresrshire, England, and niece of Stephen Gillingham, Esq., of Lambrook, Canterbury, New Zealand; aged 33 years.

The Star June 18 1883
Timaru - Sailed
June 17 - Auriga, for United Kingdom, with cargo and grain. The Auriga makes the fourteenth direct ship already despatched from Timaru for the United Kingdom this season.

Timaru Herald 21 August 1883
We are glad to be able to chronicle the arrival of the ship Margaret Galbraith at Home. Though her passage has occupied 120 days, it reflects no discredit on Captain Ferguson, for, after his long detention in Timaru, his vessel was all but covered with grass.

The Scotsman - 19 September 1883 pg 10
Queenstown, September 18. The Rewa, from Timaru, arrived to-day.