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Transcription from the Timaru Herald online on the National Library of NZ website

Timaru Herald, 8 May 1889, Page 4
On last Thursday afternoon the annual Easter meeting of the parishioners of St. Mary's Anglican Church, Geraldine was held. The Rev. J. Preston, the incumbent, presided, and opened the proceedings with prayer I have had 6 marriages, 76 baptisms, and 15 burials, during the year.

KETT. On the 7th January, T Timaru, he wife of J.D. Kett, of a daughter.
ANDERSON. On the 7th January, At Newtown, Timaru, Mrs J.D. Anderson, of a daughter.
HAY. On the 8th January, at Timaru, Mrs W. Hay, of Te Pukera, of a daughter.
ANDERSON. On the 10th January, at King street, Timaru, the wife of W.J. Anderson, Inspector of School's , of a son.
BINLEY. On the 15th January, at his residence, Temuka, the wife of W. Binley, of a son.
GILLINGHAM. On the 22nd January, at Canfield, Fairlie Creek, the wife of F.R. Gillingham, of a son.
BOYLE. On January 22nd, at Langlauds, Otaio, the wife of Alexander Boyle, of a daughter.

WEBSTER - SHIELDS. On the 2nd January, at the residence of the bridegroom, Barnard street, by the Rev. W.P. Fairclough, Robert Webster, to Rebecca Shields, both of Timaru.
SAVIN - HOSKING. On the 15th January, 1886, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Timaru, Frank Savin to Silla Hosking.
RHODES - HACKWORTH. On the 16th January, at All Saint's Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. F. Fitchell, F., Timaru Rhodes, of Timaru, to Mildred Julia, second daughter of J. Hackworth, Dunedin.
COE - BEZZANT. On the 18th January, by the Rev. P.W. Fairclough, Henry, second son of James Coe, to Annie, second daughter of the late Geo. Bezzant.

AUSTIN. On the 25th December, at Orari, George Arthur, youngest son of Alfred and Helen Austin, aged 5 years and 10 months.
WADSWORTH. On the 14th Jan., 1886, at Orari, Harriet, the beloved wife of Thomas Wadsworth, aged 55 years, Deeply regretted.
MITCHELL. On the 15th January, at the residence of Mr Alexander Innis, Nidpath Road, The Glen, Dunedin, Euphemia, beloved daughter of the late W.K. and Lucy Mitchell, aged 10 years. Deeply regretted.
BESWICK. On the 17th January, at Omarama, Timaru, Matilda Emily, wife of Joseph Sutton Beswick, R.M., aged 54.
BURD. On the 21st January, at Arthur street, Timaru, Eva Elizabeth, infant daughter of W.C.Burd, aged 7 weeks.
ANDERSON. On the 21st January, at King Street, Timaru, Eva Elizabeth, wife of Dr W.J. Anderson, Inspector of Schools, and daughter of the late William Hill, Rockhampton, Queensland, aged 20 years.

The Brisbane Courier Friday 26 March 1886 BIRTHS.
ANDERSON.-On the 10th January, at her residence, King-street, Timaru, N.Z., the wife of Dr. W. J. Anderson, M.A., LL.D., of a son.

ANDERSON.-On the 21st January, at her residence, King-street, Timaru. N.Z., Helena, the beloved wife of W. J. Anderson. M.A., LL.D., and youngest daughter of Mrs. Isabella Hill, Railway Hotel, Rockhampton, aged 20 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew her,

ANDERSON.-On the 14th February, at King-street, Timaru, New Zealand, John Coutts, only son of W. J. Anderson, M.A., LL.D., and
Helena, deceased wife of the above, aged five weeks.

Timaru Herald, 18 January 1886, Page 2
Inquest - An inquest was held at Orari on Friday evening last touching the death of Harriet Wadsworth, wife of Thomas Wadsworth, before the Coroner for the district, H. Clinton S. Braddley, Esq., and a jury of six. Sarah Irvine , sworn, stated that she was sister to the deceased, who was 55 years old when she died. She had not been in good health for some time past. On Thursday morning she was taken worse, and the doctor was sent for, but she died before he arrived. Dr Fish had held a post mortem examination that morning and found the heart very much diseased.

GILMOUR. On the 6th February, at the Gladstone Grand Hotel, Mrs A.O. Gilmour, of a son.
LYALL. On the 21st February, at King street, Timaru, the wife of George Lyall, of a daughter.

MICHIE - LECREN. On the 5th February, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, Alexander Michie, to Catherine Mary, daughter of Henry Jno. LeCren.
DRYSDALE - MacDONALD. On the 5th February, at Grey Road, Timaru, by the Rev. Wm. J. Dean, John Drysdale, of Timaru, to Flora MacDonald, of St. Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland.

CAIN. On the 29th January, at his residence, Woodlands, Henry Cain, aged 70.
HEWSON. On January 30th, at Peel Forest, Caroline, the widow of the late Henry Hewson, aged 77years.
HAROLD. On February 1st, at St John's Wood, William Grancis, second son of William and Sarah Harold, aged 10 months.
WHITMARSH. On February 3rd, at North street, Timaru, Albert Rowland, infant son of Robert and Mary Whitmarsh, aged 13 days.
TAYLOR. On the 7th February, at Woodbury Road, Fanny, the beloved wife of Thomas Taylor, aged 31 years. Deeply regretted.
NICHOL. On February 14th, at Bank street, Timaru, William W. Nichol, aged 21 years.
ANDERSON. On February 12th, at King street, Timaru, the infant son of W.J. Anderson, Inspector of Schools, aged five weeks.

TURNER. On March 1st, at Bank's street, Timaru, the wife of A.D. Turner, of a daughter.
ROBERTSON. On the 4th March, at Lowlands, Washdyke, the wife of Thomas D. Robertson, of a son.
CHAPMAN. On March 5th, at Swannanoa, the wife of Walter Chapman, of a daughter. [6 March TH]
PATERSON. At Totara, on March 6th, the wife of John Paterson, of a daughter.
WRIGHT. On the 17th March, at Wai-iti, Timaru, the wife of W.A. Wright, of a son.
FRASER. On the 22nd inst., at Brambly's, Wai-iti Road, the wife of C.S. Fraser, of a son.
CLARK. On the 25th inst., at North street, Timaru, the wife of C.H.H. Clark, of a daughter.

SMITH - GRANT. At Hope Lodge, Moffat, on the 29th December, 1885, John Stace Smith, jun, Glenholstein, Beau-sjour, Winnipeg, late of Otaio, South Canterbury, to Jane Horsburgh Grant, daughter of the late William Grant, New Valley Estate, Dikoya, Ceylon. [Dekoya - Star 8 March 1886, Page 2]

WOOD - SMITH. On the 11th March, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. White, M.A., William Walter Wood, to Julia Winifred, fifth daughter of Albert Smith, of Albury.
HILL - LOUGH. On the 15th inst., at the residence of G.F. Lovegrove, Esq., Highway, Makikihi, by the Rev. James Foley, S.M., Gerald Bernard Hill, of Waiienga, Upper Pareora, and of Worthing, Sussex, England, to Lusy, eldest daughter of E.H. Lough, ESq., Timaru. Sussex papers please copy.
RUTHERFORD - LANDSBOROUGH. On the 17th March, at Opawa Station, Albury, by the Rev. William White, M.A., Duncan Rutherford, Leslie Hill, Amuri, to Eva Landsborough, daughter of the late John Landsborough, Timaru. Timaru Herald, 19 March 1886, Page 2
FERRIER - CUNNINGHAM. On the 17th inst., at Wesley Church, Oamaru, by the Rev. J.S. Rishworth, William Ferrier, of Timaru, to Eva Beatrice, third daughter of Mr T.M. Cunningham, of Oamaru.

MILNE. On the 4th March, 1886, At Temuka, Julia Mary the beloved wife of H.M. Milne, aged 32.
KELLAND. On the 9th January, at 29, Pier Terrace, London, E.C., and formerly of Devon, England, John Kelland, M.R.C.S., aged 82.
STEWART. On the 16th March, very suddenly, at Pleasant Point, John Campbell Stewart, late of Tongur, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, in his 54th year. Deeply regretted.
HENNAH. On the 14th March, at his residence, West Town Belt, Timaru, H.H. Hennah, aged 51 years.
HEWETSON. At the Hospital, Timaru, on the 28th March, Walter J. Hewetson, second son of Thomas Hewetson, Esq., Upper Moutere, Nelson, NZ.

Timaru Herald, 3 April 1886, Page 2
The following is a return of patients in the Timaru Hospital for the month of March, 1886 : dead male 1 (Walter Hewitson) ;

CAMPBELL. At Fairfield Farm, Pareora, on the 7th April, the wife of John Campbell, of a daughter.
FARRELL. At the Geraldine Hotel, on the 9th April, the wife of Thos. Farrell, of a daughter.
TYRRELL. On April 17th at Waimataitai, the wife of George Tyrrell, of a daughter.
GOSLING. On April 19th, at Salisbury, Kingsdown, the wife of Charles Gosling, of a son.
ATHIAS. On April 23rd, at Timaru, the wife of G.S. Mathias, of a son, still-born.

IMRIE - THOMAS. On the 14 inst., at the Manse, Temuka, by the Rev. L. MacKintosh, W.J.C. Imrie, late of Otago, to Kate youngest daughter of Job Tombs, of Sefton. Christchurch papers please copy.
AMOS - TRIGG. At the Wesleyan Church, Bank street, by the Rev. Fairclough, Thomas Amos, to Fanny, third daughter of John Trigg, Esq., Ballarat, Victoria. [TH 22 April 1886]
MACK- MORRIS. On the 28th April, at the Presbyterian Church, Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Benjamin, second son of Mr Benjamin Mack, farmer, of Polmont, Sterlingshire, Scotland, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr William Morris, of Sherwood Down, Fairlie Creek, New Zealand. Home papers please copy. [TH 29 April 1886]

WHITCOMBE. At Church street, Timaru, Ellen, beloved wife of W.E. Whitcombe, aged 28 years. (Advertised 9 April 1886)

BYRNE. On the 1st May, at Albion Cottage, LeCren's Terrace, Timaru, the wife of A.M. Byrne, of a son.
SALEK. On the 3rd May, at Montifoire House, Peter street, Ashburton, the wife of I. Salek, of a son.
NELSON. On the 6th May, at Princes Street, Timaru, the wife of Charles Nelson, of a son.
DAVIDSON. At the West Town Belt, Timaru, on the 12th May, the wife of W. Davidson, of a son.
WAREING. On the 17th instant, at Fair View, Milford, the wife of Philip Wareing, of a son.
GRAY. On May 17th, at Temuka, the wife of K.F. Gray, of a daughter.
YOUNG. On May 21st, the wife of Richard Young, of Winchester, of a son.
SIEGERT. On the 22nd instant, at Temuka, the wife of Mr Julius Siegert, of a son.

NELLER - DAVIES. On Thursday, May 13th, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven Archdeacon Harper, Thomas Neller, Pareora, late of Marchwiel, Timaru, and formerly of Wembury, Devonshire, to Kate, eldest daughter of the late Daniel Davies, Esq., of Shrewbury, England.
LESUEUR - BOULDEN. On May 13th, at Pleasant Point, by the Rev. Wm. White, M.A., Alfred LeSueur, to Lizzie Boulden.
MILLS - HUGGINS. On the 19th May, at the residence of the bride's mother, LeCren's Terrace Timaru, by the Rev. John Foster, Thomas L. Mills, to Elizabeth J. youngest daughter of the late William Huggins, Timaru.
MELTON - SMITH. On 24th May, at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, John Melton, to Annie Evangeline Smith.
DAVISON - YOUDALE. On May 27th, at Pleasant Hill, by the Rev. John Foster, James Davison, of Pareora, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Hugh Youdale.

BALFOUR. On the 30th April, at Washdyke, Mary, the beloved wife of Wm. Balfour. aged 51 years.
HAMILTON. On the 8th May, at Albury, of bronchitis, Cecil Pascoe Swann, youngest son of Hugh R.W. and Annette Hamilton, aged nine months.

EDWARDS. At Church street, Timaru, the wife of J. Edwards, of a son.
GODSELL. On June 4th, at Arthur street, Timaru, the wife of J. Godsell, of Hakateramea, of a daughter.
DUVAL. On the 6th June, the wife of M. de H. Duval, of a daughter.
COOKE. On June 7th, at the Schoolhouse, Winchester, the wife of John Lake Cooke, of a son.
ENSOR. On the 18th June, at Winchester, the wife of A.W. Ensor, of a daughter.
HOWENS. On June 28th, at Timaru, the wife of W. Howens, butcher, of a daughter, Both doing well.
STEWARD. On June 29th, at Roslyne Terrace, the wife of W.G. Steward, of a daughter.

YOUNG - DONALDSON. On June 1st, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Elmslie, Alexander, eldest son of James Young, of St. Andrews, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Thomas Donaldson, Christchurch, both late of Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
WATSON - FLEMING. On Wednesday, June 16th, at the Wesleyan Church, Peter Watson, late of Hamilton, Scotland, to Mary Ann Fleming.
WARD - JOYCE. On June 21st, at the Wesleyan Church, Timaru, by the Rev. P. Fairclough, Robert William Ward, Pareora, to Mary Elizabeth Joyce, of Timaru.

HORNBROOK. On June 11th, At Hollywell, Levels Plains, after a long and painful illness, Charlotte Isabella, daughter of Mr W. Hornbrook, aged 33.
WILKIN. On the 20th June, at his residence, Christchurch, Robert Wilkin, aged 66 years.
GILLIES. On June 19th, at the Manse, Timaru, William David, second son of the Rev. Wm. Gillies, aged 10 years.

Timaru Herald, 1 July 1886, Page 2
During the month of June there were registered ; at Temuka 13 births, 1 marriage, and 2 deaths.
During the three month's ending yesterday the -births numbered 47, marriages 4, and deaths 6.


Timaru Herald, 6 July 1886, Page 2
Marriage: Pratley Green On the 3rd July, at the St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, Edward Pratley, to Mary Elizabeth Barnett Green, both of Makikiki.
BIRTH. Hamlyn On the 5th July, at Kingsborough, Timaru, the wife of Thos. Hamlyn, of a son.

NAPIER. On the 14th July, at Church Street, Timaru, the wife of W. Napier, of a daughter.
HARNET. On July 19th, at Silverstream, the wife of Timothy Harnet, of a son.
ANNAND. On the 28th July, at Church street, Timaru, the wife of William Annand, of a daughter.

HUDSON - ANDREW. On the 5th July, at All Saint's, Nelson, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Nelson, assisted by the Rev. A.C. Wright, James Hudson, M.B. (Lond) to Beatrix, daughter of the Rev. J.C. Andrew, of Nelson.
RIDDLE - HAMILTON. On the 14th July, at Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, John Riddle, to Mary L. Hamilton, both of Fairlie Creek.
BARRIE - AIKEN. On the 21st inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, Elizabeth street, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Charles E. Barrie, to Martha Hamilton, daughter of the late William Aiken, formerly of Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland.
JOHNSTON - LENNOX. On the 21st July, at Oamaru, by the Rev. Dr. MacGregor, Alexander, third son of Mr. A Johnston, farmer, Russell's Flat, Canterbury, to Josephine Arrnott Anderson, only daughter of the late Major Gordon Lennox, Edinburgh, 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1st Battalion.

MURPHY. On the 9th Inst., at her Father's residence, Timaru, Mary Ann Gertrude Murphy, aged 20.
BELL. On the 12th July, at Springfield Farm, Geraldine, John Bell, aged 46 years, son of the late Mr Richard Bell, farmer, of Johnstonbank, Hoddam, Dunfrieshire, Scotland. Deeply regretted.
ROSS. On June 26th, at his residence, Waterloo, St. Balmain, after a long and painful illness, James Ross, aged 52 years, leaving a loving wife and family and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.
SCOTT. On the 28th July, at her son's residence, Maori Hill, Ann Adair Scott, wife of Lewis Scott, aged 49 years, after a lingering illness.

McILWRICK. On the 5th August, at Makikihi, the wife of Jos. McIlwrick, of a daughter.
WHITE. On the 8th August, at Timaru, the wife of F. White, of a daughter.
HAYES. On the 19th August, at Waimate, the wife of A. Hayes, of a son.
HAMILTON. On the 20th August, at Pleasant Point, the wife of Hugh R.W. Hamilton, of a daughter.
ANDERSON. On the 21st August, at Timaru, the wife of John Anderson, of a son. Both doing well.
COUPER. On the 21st August, at Albury, the wife of Duncan Couper, of a daughter.
THOMSON. On the 25th August, At LeCren's Terrace, Timaru, the wife of J.P. Thomson, of a daughter.
ARMITAGE. On the 25th August, at Hilborough, the wife of W. Sugden Armitage, of a daughter.
BELL. On the 29th August, at King street, Timaru, the wife of Robert Bell, of a son, prematurely.

MELTON - MUNRO. On the 29th July, at the residence of the bride's parents, Charleston House, St. Clair, by the Rev. C. Carter, William Henry, second son of the late John Melton, Timaru, to Mary Mooat, eldest daughter of George Munro, sculptor, Dunedin.
BECK - TAYLOR. On August 5th, at Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, George Beck, to Ada, eldest daughter of George Taylor, Timaru.
PENNINGTON - WILDSMITH. On August 18th, at the Baptist Manse, Timaru, by the Rev. C.C. Brown, Arthur John Pennington, youngest son of the late J.F. Pennington, of London, to Dora Emma, eldest daughter of Arthur Wildsmith, of Ashburton.
HOSKIN - MERRY. On the 24th August, at the Hook, by the Rev. L. Carsley Brady, Stephen Archelaus, eldest son of Stephen Hoskin, Otaio, to Ellen Louisa, second daughter of John Merry, farmer, the Hook.

HAMMOND. On the 9th August, at Geraldine, Christiania Janet Hammond, eldest daughter of Robert and Sarah Hammond. Deeply regretted.
THOMAS. On the 10th August, at their residence, near Temuka, Margaret Bevan, the beloved and only daughter of Rees and Jane Thomas, aged 6 years. Deeply regretted. Gone to be with Jesus.
GOSLING. On August 12th, at the residence of her sister, Mrs G. Clarke, 10, Armagh street, Christchurch, Agnes Dunn, the beloved daughter of William and Lucy Gosling, Coonoor, Timaru, aged 34. Deeply regretted.
STOREY. On the 19th August, at Temuka, Maude Alice, youngest daughter of William and the late Mary Ann Storey, aged three years and four months. "Safe in the arms of Jesus".
McKENZIE. On the 22nd August, at Geraldine, D. McKenzie, late secretary to the Geraldine Racing Club.
BELL. On the 29th August, at King street, Timaru, the infant son of Robert and Mary Bell.

DENNEHY. On the 31st August, at Ashhill, North street, the wife of Mr. M.F. Dennehy, of a son.
ASPINALL. On the 7th instant, at Kynnorsley, Temuka, the wife of W.G. Aspinall, of a daughter.
ZIESLER. On September 10th, at Church Terrace, Timaru, the wife of J.W.S. Ziesler, of a daughter.
SMITH. On the 24th September. at Greenfield Station, Otago, the wife of James Smith, junr., of a son.
MUNDELL. On the 26th September, at Waihi Terrace, Geraldine, the wife of Mr John Mundell, of a daughter.

HAWLEY - DUFF. On the 25th August, at the Congregational Church, Christchurch, by the Rev. J. Hoatson, William James Hawley, of H.M. Customs, Christchurch, to Letitia (Tottie) eldest daughter of the late J.E. Duff, Esq., of Timaru.
FODEN - STORM. On September 14th, at the Wesleyan Church, Timaru, by the Rev. P. Fairclough, John Foden, to Elsis, eldest daughter of Captain R.Storm, late of Banff, Scotland.
GILLINGHAM - BROWNE. On the 15th Sept, at the Church of the Holy Innocents, Amberley, by the Rev. J.G. Sheldon, Robert, youngest son of Stephen Gillingham, of Lambrook, Fairlie Creek, South Canterbury, to Katherine Beatrice, daughter of Captain W.P. Keirnaway-Browne, late 24th Berkshire regiment.

GIBSON. On the 31st August, at Makikihi, James Gibson, aged 36. Deeply regretted. The funeral will leave his late residence at nine o'clock on Thursday next, and will be due at Saltwater Creek about one o'clock. See funeral notice.
ELDER. On September 9th, at his residence, Kerrytown, Donald Elder, aged 77 years. Deeply regretted.
McCAA. On the 13th September, at Merry street, Timaru, Mary Ann, the wife of Alexander McCaa, aged 45 years.
PATERSON. On the 16th inst., at Springfield, Temuka, John Paterson, aged 40.
STATHAM. On the 9th September, of pneumonia, at Sydney, George Lowe Statham, youngest son of the late William Statham, of Liverpool, England, and brother of Miss E.N. Statham, of Timaru.
GOODIE. On the 24th September, at Timaru, the result of an accident, William Goodie, aged 54 years.
STUDHOLME. On the 28th September, at Waimate Station, Michael Studholme, aged 53. The funeral will take place on Thursday, at 3.30p.m., from his residence. 

Timaru Herald, 18 September 1886, Page 3
Mr John Paterson died on Thursday morning at his residence, Springfield, near Temuka, at the ago of forty years. By his death South Canterbury has lost another representative of her oldest families. A native of the colony, though comparatively a young man, Mr Paterson had long unobtrusively used his influence for the welfare of the whole district. His father, the late Alexander Paterson, was one of the pioneer settlers of Nelson, he having landed there upwards of forty years ago. There several of his children, including him who has just died, were born. Twenty years ago Mr A. Paterson, with his family, removed to South Canterbury, and for a time occupied a house in Timaru, on whose site the Old Bank Hotel now stands. Soon after coming south, Mr Paterson took up a station in the Mackenzie Country, and shortly afterwards acquired two farms in the Temuka district, one at Winchester, one nearer Temuka town. Mr Alex. Paterson was also the first sheep inspector for South Canterbury, and for some years fulfilled the onerous duties attendant on that office with earnestness and success. At his death, some fifteen years ago, his sons took charge of his estates. Mr James Paterson assuming the care of the Winchester farm, Mr John, that of the Springfield estate. Since arriving at years of manhood, the subject of this notice has always evinced a deep interest in the welfare of the district m which his lot was cast. Chiefly to him Temuka is indebted for her splendid domain and park. He also worked hard and successfully on behalf of the local Pastoral and Agricultural Society, and was sparing neither of time nor money in aiding any enterprise likely to benefit the neighbourhood. Personally, Mr John Pater son was a man whom to know was to esteem. Naturally of a retiring disposition, his name did not often come prominently before the public, but in the circle of his intimate friends few were more highly appreciated or thoroughly loved than he. When any good was to be done, or any charity to be bestowed, none was more ready to answer the call than John Paterson. His genial presence and firm friendship will long be missed in and around Temuka. Mr Paterson's death was rather sudden. So late as Monday last ho was out, but ho was then suffering from a severe cold caught some days previously. The disorder rapidly assumed serious phase, and about nine o'clock yesterday morning he expired. The funeral will take place on Monday next.

Evening Post, 15 September 1886, Page 2
Timaru 14th September. A woman named Sarah Kennett jumped off the outer end of the breakwater at 5.30 this evening. She was seen to throw herself off, and a boat's crew from the Annie Bow put off and picked up the woman. On arriving at the wharf Dr. M'Intyie pronounced life to be extinct. The deceased was a single woman, resident here, and 18 years of age. An inquest will follow in due course.

D'EMDEN. On the 6th October, at Waimate, the wife of James S. D'Emden, of a daughter.
MATHEWS. At Lexden, on the 9th October, the wife of Samuel Mathews, of a son.
MOORE. On October 17th, at Wurton, Geraldine, the wife of Francis E. Moore, of a daughter.
ASHWELL. On the 22nd October, at Temuka, the wife of Joseph Ashwell, of a son.

GARDNER - MILLER. At the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. White, Presbyterian Mimister, Robert Gardner, farmer, Claremont, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Henry Miller, farmer, Pleasant Point.
MacALISTER - FYFE. At the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W Gillies, on the 26th October, Christopher Hume MacAlister, chemist, Invercargill, to Agnes, eldest daughter of T. W. Fyfe, of Balgay, near Timaru.

CLARKE. On Oct. 12th, at Coonoor, Helen (Nellie), the beloved wife of Gaius Clarke, and daughter of William and Lucy Gosling. Deeply regretted. 

The Royal Cornwall Gazette Falmouth Packet, Cornish Weekly News, & General Advertiser (Truro, England), Friday, October 01, 1886; pg. 5 Birth
Juliff - At Timaru, July 23, the wife of Mr S. Juliff, grocer, late of Truro and Falmouth, of a son.

The vital statistics for Timaru for the month ended Oct. 31 1886
Births 36, Marriages 8,  Deaths 7

KNUBLEY. On the 8th November, at Watlington, Timaru, the wife of Miles J. Knubley, of a daughter.
HOPE. On the 16th November, at Woodlands, the wife of Arthur Hope, of a son.
HAMILTON. On Tuesday, the 16th November, at the Parsonage, Temuka, the wife of the Rev. T. A. Hamilton, of a son.
LEE. On the 17th November, at Temuka, the wife of Henry Lee, of a daughter.
MEEHAN. On the 21st November, at Makikihi, the wife of James Meehan, of a daughter.

TIMEWELL - McDONALD. On the 9th November, at Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, John W. Timewell, to Anne McDonald, both of Timaru.
POTTER - SLEE. On the 9th November, at St. Augustine's Church, Waimate, by the Rev. Charles Coates, Alexander Potter, Pinewood, to Susanna Catherine, eldest daughter of Frank Slee, Crouch Place.
KOHN - MORRIS. On the 2nd inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, Bromberger House, Pleasant Point, by the Rev. J. Kachariah, Heinrich Kohn, of Auckland, to Balbina, eldest daughter of I. L. Morris, Esq.
SAUNDERS - ANDERSON. At the residence of Mrs Taylor, Arthur street, Timaru, by the Rev. W. Gillies, George, second son of Alfred Saunders, Herefordshire, England, to Mary Ann Cameron, eldest daughter of Mr David Anderson, of Pleasant Point.

MILLER. At Strathnoon Farm, Hook, on Tuesday November 9th, 1886, Jessie, the beloved wife of John Miller, aged 55. Deeply regretted.
MEE. On Sunday the 14th inst., at LeCren's street, Susanna, the beloved wife of John Mee, aged 46.
PRINGLE. On the 16th November, at Rosebrook, Janet, eldest daughter of William and Christina Pringle, aged 26.
TURNBULL. On November 27th, at Geraldine, George B. Turnbull, headmaster of Geraldine Public School, aged 33 years.

CARTER. On December 15th, at Rockpool, Pleasant Point, the wife pf David T. Carter, of a daughter.
VERITY. On December 25th, at The Brothers farm, Pleasant Point, the wife of C. H. Verity, of a daughter.

TAYLOR - WILLIAMSON. On December 6th, by special license, at St. Andrews, by thr Rev. L.C. Brady, Incumbent of St. Andrews, George Taylor, of Somersetshire, England, to Alice Williamson, of Cheshire, England, both now of Timaru.
BASSETT - TYLEE. On the 8th inst., at the Baptist Church, E. street, Timaru, by the Rev. C.C. Brown, William George Bassett, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, to Olive Gertrude Tylee, daughter of Mr. Daniel Tylee, Kentchurch, Herefordshire, England.
HOSIE - CATLOW. On the 8th December, by the Rev. Mr. Gillies, George Hosie, of Forfarshire, Scotland, to Annie Catlow, daughter of Mr Wm. Catlow, Sandietown, Timaru.
SMITH - STEWART. At Cavershan, Timaru, on the 23rd inst., by the Rev. W. White, Anthony Adrian Smith, to Jeannie Stewart, youngest daughter of the late Robert Gellatly, farmer, Perthshire, Scotland

BLACKMORE. On the 22nd November, 1886, at his residence, Redfern, Sydney, John Blackmore, aged 59 (late of Timaru).
LUKEY. On the 29th November, while on the voyage from Port Darwin to Sydney, Joseph Lukey, of Liskeard, Cornwall, and late of Timaru. Aged 38.
GIBSON. At Makikihi, on the 18th inst., Bertie, infant son of the late James Gibson.

Star  Christchurch Tuesday 12 January 1886 marriage -
SEALY - MEE - 29 Dec. at St. Albans, Pleasant Point, by Rev. Jasper T. Smythe, William Nixon elder son of Thomas Sealy, Springfield, to Mary Ann Armstrong, elder daughter of Alexander Mee of Will Park Estate, Pleasant Point.

Star  Christchurch Tuesday 19 January 1886 - death
BESWICK- 17 Jan. at Omarama, Timaru, Emily wife of Joseph Sutton Beswick R.M. age 54

Star  Christchurch Wednesday 20 January 1886 marriage -
RHODES - HACKWORTH - 16 Jan. by the Rev. A.R. Fitchett at All Saints, Dunedin, E. Timaru Rhodes, of Timaru to Mildred Julia 2nd. daughter of J. Hackworth of North Dunedin.

Star  Christchurch Tuesday 26 January 1886 marriage -
BALLANTYNE - HAYNES - 18 Jan. at Trinity Wesleyan Church, Dunedin, by Rev. W. Morley ass. by Rev. J.S. Smalley, Josiah Ballantyne son of John Ballantyne esq. of Timaru to Jessie Montgomery Haynes, elder daughter of Daniel Haynes, Esq. of Dunedin

Star  Christchurch Saturday 23 January 1886 birth
MATHESON - 21 Jan at Springfield, wife of John, Simons Pass Station, Mackenzie Country, a daughter.

Star  Christchurch Tuesday 11 May 1886
Death - Hamilton - 8 May at Albury of bronchitis, Cecil Pascoe Swan, youngest son of Hugh & Annabelle Hamilton age 9 months

Star  Christchurch Monday 31 May 1886
Birth - MACKINTOSH - 28 May at the Manse Temuka, wife of Rev. E. Mackintosh, a son

The Standard (London, England), Saturday, July 17, 1886; pg. [1]; Birth
Mackintosh - May 23, at Temuka, the wife of the Rev. Encas Mackintosh, of a son.

The Star April 6th 1886
Deaths. Robertson - April 5, at the residence of her son, Timaru, Janet Robertson, late of Madras Street north, Christchurch; in her 73 year.

STEGGALL - April 2, at her residence, Waimate, Mary Stewart, the beloved wife of A.W. Steggall and daughter of Alexander Stewart, Christchurch; aged 23 years.
        Weep not for me dear friends,
        I am free from pain;
        Your earthly loss
        Is my eternal gain.

Star  Christchurch Saturday 10 April 1886
Birth - Farrell - 9 April at the Crown Hotel Geraldine, to the wife of Thomas Farrell a daughter
Death -Whitcombe, at Church Street, Timaru Ellen beloved wife of W.E. Whitcombe age 28

Star  Christchurch Monday 26 April 1886
Birth - Mathias at Timaru to wife of G.S. Mathias, a son stillborn 

Timaru Herald, 3 January 1887, Page 2
The following is a return of patients in the Timaru Hospital for the month of December, 1886: Patients under treatment at, date of last return : Dead, males 1 (James Hunt)

"Life is only the journey. Don't overlook the scenery while worrying about the destination; and in the march of life don't forget to listen to the band."