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Three bluestone bridges of south of Timaru

Guscott Road near Holme Station Road

This photo is looking at the hill side of property which until last year belonged to the Hill family.
The two popular trees just above the bridge (where the road disappears) indicate where the Holme Station road is. The zig zag is away to the right.

Guscott Road, right side of bridge as you look toward Holme Station Road.
It is the middle of summer and the creek beds are dry. The grass lower right hand corner is fescue.

Guscott Road near Holme Station Road.
The downstream side of the bridge - the flood waters of the 1986 flood scoured out the approach of this bridge.

Guscott Road near Beaconsfield Flat Road

Stone still needs maintenance. Over years salt infiltrates stone bridges and buildings. Not sure if this bridge 'an original' or if it is one which Kurt Kempf, a local masonry contractor, has restored.  If you look closely at the stone work you will notice that some of the rocks are quite even in size and placement, while lower down the original blocks are irregular in shape and size. Many of the bridges have had repair work done on them - the three on Barton Road are some I am aware of. 

Guscott Rd near Beaconsfield Flat Rd.
In New Zealand we drive on the left.  There is an intersection coming up "Give Way"

Beaconsfield Flat Road Bridge
Photos taken in January 2008 by Pam Gibson from the creek bed and the road.

Left side of the bridge from down under!

Beaconsfield Flat Road Bridge from the dry creek bed. Willow trees abound. Right hand side of the bridge.

The right hand side of the bridge. If you could see through the trees you would be looking towards
St Marks Church and Beaconsfield Road hill near the intersection with Bristol and Brasells Road.

This photo is taken looking at the left side of the bridge as you approach Otipua township - heading to Timaru.

Photos taken by Pam Gibson in January 2009.

Mt Horrible Road - there is a bridge or two up there.

Bluestone Bridges in Timaru
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