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Traction Engine owners in South Canterbury, N.Z. in 1904  

Appendix to the AJHR of House of Representatives 1905 Vol. IV. H - miscellaneous. Return showing the names of Owners of Boilers, &c. H-15A. South Canterbury pages 48 -51 

Threshing. Michael Crowley, engine driver, Otaio. Photo taken at John Bray's property, Langdon, Cricklewood, near Fairlie. 

Traction engines were employed for so many purposes on a farm, threshing, chaff-cutting, wood sawing, ploughing, and what not.

20 boilers were imported to the Timaru district in 1904, 263 hp from overseas.

Timaru Herald, 31 July 1905, Page 4
A preliminary meeting was held a fortnight ago with the object of forming an association of traction engine users. On Saturday afternoon a further meeting was held, notice haying been sent to interested parties. There were about a dozen persons present. Mr Wigley took the. chair, and Mr acted as secretary. The first annual meeting was fixed to be held in Christchurch at show time; and at that meeting an executive council of twelve members will be appointed. It was resolved that Messrs Wigley and Chaffey represent the Association at the continuation of the local bodies' conference on heavy traffic.

Timaru Herald, 3 December 1906, Page 6 TRACTION ENGINE TRAFFIC
A meeting of South Canterbury members of the New Zealand Traction Engine Importers, Owners and Users was held in the Royal Hotel on Saturday afternoon. There were eight members present, and Mr M. Lagan was voted to the chair. The secretary, Mr Chaffey produced some correspondence relating to the recent case, Mackenzie County Council v. Wigley and Thornley, the decision in which had been given in favour of the defendants. This being a test case, it had been preapportioned among five owners — Wigley and Thornley, Saunders, Willetts and Andrews. The costs were. £l2 12s, and a letter was read from Wigley and Thornley agreeing to pay £4 4s as their share of them. This was accepted, and the balance was distributed equally among the other four owners. (Mr Lagan later on contributed a guinea to the costs fund.)
Messrs Harkness and Thoreau moved and it was carried "That this Association enter an emphatic protest against the conditions and provisions embodied in the by-laws passed by the County Councils' of South Canterbury on the subject of traction engine and heavy traffic, and that the chairman, secretary and, solicitors of the Association be respectively authorised to take all such steps as they consider necessary to relieve members from the operation of such unjust and oppressive bylaws."

Timaru Herald, 4 March 1907, Page 3 TRACTION ENGINE TRAFFIC
A special meeting of the South Canterbury branch of the New Zealand traction Engine Owners' Association was held on Saturday at the Royal Hotel. Mr W.S. Harkness was voted to the chair, and there were seven other members present. The secretary (Mr F. Chaffey) brought before the meeting a recommendation from the Association's solicitors, that the action now pending against Messrs Wigley and Thornley, Harkness and Andrews for non registration of-engine should be contested and a motion to this effect, was carried unanimously. 

Timaru Herald, 1 August 1906, Page 4
The monthly meeting of the committee of the Mechanics' Institute was held last night. It was considered that the whole building needed renovating, but in view of the prospect of a new library being erected, it was thought best not to spend any more money on the building than was urgently required. As the plaster of the ceiling had been shaken down by the vibration caused by passing traction engines, the secretary was instructed to write to Messrs Wigley and Thornley and to the Borough Council, on the subject.

Timaru Herald, 11 October 1910, Page 6
Further hearing of the charge against William Morris Willetts, that he used a vehicle drawn by a traction engine and engaged in heavy traffic on the Main Mackenzie road, without having such vehicle duly licenced. 

Timaru Herald, 12 April 1911, Page 5 Waimate Magistrate's Court
Earnest Sheppard was charged with a breach of the Waitaki County Heavy Traffic By-Laws, in not registering his traction engine. This was the second offence and the Magistrate fined him 40s, with total costs 46s.
R. C. Pelvin was similarly charged, in regards to a vehicle and also with having tyres of less width than was required by the by-laws. On the first charge a fine of 20s and costs 40s 2d was imposed, and on the second 10s and costs 7s.
William Gager was charged under the same by-laws with not having the words and figures required painted on the engine. Fined 5s and costs 7s, and to pay solicitor's fee.
John Kellahan (Mr Perry) was charged with failing to register a traction engine, and was fined 5s and costs 7s, and solicitor's fee. John Hansen (Mr Perry) was charged with refusing to allow examination of a vehicle drawn on a traction engine as provided by the by-laws. This case was dismissed without calling on the defendant.

Timaru Herald, 2 May 1918, Page 5
At the Waimate Court on Tuesday, H. Ruddenklau, farmer, was fined 10s for employing his son, uncertificated, to drive a traction engine, and his son, the driver, 5s, with costs in each case. The elder defendant said a truck of coal came to the station, and he had no one else to send with the engine but, his son, who was used to the engine, and who was only 19 too young to get a certificate. The Inspector of Machinery stated that certificates were being given to youths of 19 if qualified.

Timaru Herald, 1 January 1919, Page 5 Boxing Day - Makikihi
Later in the evening a procession, headed by the Waimate Band, consisting of a traction engine, kindly lent by Mr James Tiffen, pulling two trucks laden with smiling children, many of whom were in fancy dress.

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