Cave War Memorial
Cave War memorial. Photo taken April 2005 by Margaret Todd.
South Canterbury, New Zealand

This rock memorial , Timaru basalt, is located on the edge of the road at the saddle, on the route to St David's Memorial Church from Cave.

So long as the rocks endure and grass grows and water runs, so long will this stone bear witness that through this low pass in the hills men from Cave, Cannington, and Moutakaika Districts rode and walked their way to the Great European War 1914-1918 and to World War II 1939-1945.  Some of them have not returned but have left their mortal remains in foreign lands and strange seas that our British way of living may continue but their immortal souls have risen from the grave.

Those who gave their lives:
Alexander, G.
Amyes, A.C.
Hugham, L.
Martain, M.D.
McInnes, A.
Murphy, A.M.
Murphy. A.M.
Murphy, E.M.
Nelson, T.

Those who offered their lives by serving overseas:
Auld, E.
Anderson, C.M.
Blissett, H.
Boothby, J.
Casey, R.
Cooper, C.
Dobson, E.
Dobson, W.
Dougherty, W.
Easter, H.
Esler J.
Findlay, R.
Graham, J.
Graham, F.
Graham, A.
Hughan, G.
Hyndman, W.
Hyndman, R
Howell, B.
McKay, H.
Mackenzie, R.
Macmaster, D.
MacPherson, N.
Nelson, R.
Newson, J.
Parker, W.
Pringle, T.
Ritchie, W.T.
Stumbles, D.
Stumbles, F.
Scannell, C.
Timmins, J.
Turnbull, J.
Verity, C.
Verity, G.
Walker, C.
Walker, J.
Wall, J.
Whitticase, J.
Wilson, V.
Winter, H.
Wingham. W.

R.S.A. poppy

Those who gave their lives 1939 - 1945:
Baker, O.
Duff, W.
Gillingham, J.B.
Howell, R.H.
Lamb, A.J.
Lamb, S.
Little, E.G.
McKenzie, A.G.
McKerchar, I.D.
Struthers, H. (M.M.)

Those who served 1939-1945:
Alexander, R.J.
Baird, A.S.
Brosnahan, P.
Calder, I.
Campbell, L.T.
Cameron, L.M.
Caple, J.W.
Chant, G.
Connelly, A.W.
Davison, G.S.
Day, M.J.
Day, W.J.
Fitzgerald, D.P.
Fox, R.J.
Giles, G.E.
Gray. A.J.
Grundall, R.T.
Guthrie, D.
Harris, A.
Harvey, R.
Hawthorne, D.
Hessell, W.F.
Howard, F.M.
Kelynack, E.
Kerr, E.W.
Kington, A.
Klem, J.F.
Lang, B.
Lang, J.
McFadgen, N.J.
McIntosh, C.
McIntosh, H
McLaren, A.
McVey, N.H.T.
McVey, M.R.
Malthus, K.G.
Moses, R.F.
Moualt, R.
Naughton, J.
Priest, R.J.
Raynor, L.J.
Scott, Margaret
Scott, A.S.
Sewell. H.J.
Sugrave, J.J.
Struthers, C.
Taylor, G.F.
Weavers, R.C.
Weavers, S.S.
Wilson. T.K.
Wreford, O.
Verity, V. (D.F.C.)

In 2010 saw 160 people make the traditional walk to the hilltop war memorial, where Noel Crawford spoke about all the young men of the Cave district who went to the wars.

Cannington District War Memorial plaques are set in the gate posts at the entrance to the Cannington School on Cannington Rd.

Photo taken by Bruce Comfort- March 2011  Photo taken by Bruce Comfort- March 2011

In Honoured Memory of
A.C. Amyes
G.F. Alexander
E.M. Murphy
A.M. Murphy
M.D. Martin

Who lost their lives in the Great War 1914 -1918

In Honoured Memory of
A.O. Baker
J.B. Gillingham
R.H. Howell
A.J. Lamb
S. Lamb
E.G. Little
A.G. McKenzie
I.D. McKerchar

Who lost their lives in World War II 1939 -1940

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26 April 2008 Timaru Herald
About 100 people attended the 10:30am service in Cave yesterday at the Cave Hall then walked to the top of the hill to lay the wreaths. The service at Cave had extra significance this year because there is only one returned servicemen left from Cave.