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Stone Homes in Timaru 

Heritage MATTERS - Another bluestone cottage
Heritage enthusiast Bob Macintyre owns a shipping freight company. Mr Macintyre is no novice at restoring historic buildings, having moved a 200-tonne bluestone cottage from Timaru to Lake Pukaki and rebuilding it to its original state.

Offers pour in for cottage Timaru Herald  October 24, 1996
A week ago, it seemed no-one wanted an historic Timaru bluestone cottage. The South Canterbury Historic Places Trust was looking for a home for the two-room cottage, built about 1875, which sits on the corner of Cliff and Turnbull streets. But now, following a front page story in The Timaru Herald, about 40 people are vying for the slice of South Canterbury history. Calls to trust chairman Phil Brownie have come from all over New Zealand. "I'm delighted at the response. Most calls have come from the Timaru area, but we've also heard from people in …

Historic bluestone cottage on the move. Timaru Herald April 11, 1997
For the past 120 years or so the historic bluestone cottage has stood on the corner of Cliff and Turnbull streets as Timaru waxed and waned around it. But now the cottage is on the move, numbered block by numbered block, to a new location in the high country. Last year the South Canterbury Historic Places Trust appealed for someone to shift the cottage to a new site. More than 40 applications flooded in for the building, which has been steadily deteriorating over the years. The applicants had to meet a number of strict criteria regarding its future use and location. And this week, its new owners Bob and Debbie Macintyre of Auckland, set in motion the dismantling ...

Cottage finds new home in Mackenzie Country Timaru Herald May 16, 1997
The Timaru bluestone cottage which found itself in the public eye last year, is once more taking shape, this time on the shores of Lake Pukaki.
Suitable new owners who would dismantle and relocate the 120 year old cottage were sought by the Historic Places Trust. The cottage is being rebuilt, stone by numbered stone, in accordance with the conditions of sale. Construction is taking place on the site of the proposed Pukaki Village development. To meet today's building requirements, the internal shell of the cottage is being constructed with interlocking polystyrene blocks, which, yesterday, were filled with concrete. A second pouring will take place when the gable …  

Timaru Herald, 5 November 1873, Page 1
DISTRICT COURT. TIMARU— Monday, Nov. 3. [Before His Honor Judge Ward.] CIVIL SESSION. His Honor took his seat at 11 a.m.
E B Sibley v G Taylor, claim £32 14s 8d for work and labor done. Mr White for plaintiff, and Mr Perry for defendant.  In this case it appeared that the plaintiff, a stone mason in Timaru, entered into a contract to build defendant a stone house for £200. Previous to this however, the plaintiff, who also practices as an architect, prepared a plan of a house for defendant, but the latter not liking it, another was drawn and accepted. As defendant intended to raise money from the Building Society, and as it was necessary a plan should be deposited with that body, a third plan was drawn by plaintiff for defendant. The plaintiff was afterwards accepted as the successful tenderer for building the house and on the understanding as alleged by him, that the site should be not further back from the road than fifteen feet. Just before commencing work, however, the defendant refused to allow the house to be built on the site referred to, and fixed upon another some twenty-eight feet from the fence, and as the land dipped from the road towards the back of the section, extra foundations were rendered necessary in order that the floor might be level with the road. After some conversation with defendant, plaintiff understood that two feet in height of the foundation were to be built by him under the contract, and that the remainder was to be paid for as extra work. The home was finished in due course, and above the contract price of £200 there were charges made for extra foundations amounting to £18 9s, also for extra work to a chimney, for drawing plans, and a certain sum for interest, the latter being charged in consequence of defendant's progress payments not being furnished as per agreement, and thus putting the plaintiff to the expense of raising money on an order given by defendant in the Building Society, which the latter body did not for some time cash. Three witnesses gave evidence for the prosecution, but their evidence was unimportant. The defendant, a laborer, living in Timaru, said the plans were drawn for him by plaintiff, but that the latter promised to make no charge for them if he obtained the contract for the building. With reference to the site, he had always intended it should be the spot on which the building now stands, and he never pointed out any other to plaintiff, neither did he agree to pay anything above the contract price of £200 for extra foundations.
    Daniel West said that he had examined the cottage at the instance of defendant, and had found that instead of the front of the foundation being three feet in height as the specifications provided, it was only two feet six inches.
    J. Grant, one of the plaintiff's witnesses, was here re-called by his Honor, and stated that over and above the three feet in height of foundation, there were rather over nine cubic yards of extra rubble work performed. After Mr White and Mr Perry had briefly reviewed the evidence. His Honor said that with respect to the first item charged in the particulars for drawing plans and specifications to furnish the Building Society, that would be disallowed. It was perfectly true that there was oath against oath in the matter, but there was also in addition to the oath of the defendant, the fact that on the 23rd of September — long after the plans and specifications had been executed — an account rendered by plaintiff to defendant in which no charge had been made for the drawing of such. The interest on the £200 would be disallowed, for although the agreement or specifications contained a clause stating that ninety per cent, of the value of work performed should be paid the contractor at times yet it provided that no money should be paid unless on the certificate of the engineer, but it appeared that there bad been no engineer appointed. Therefore the condition necessary for claiming that interest had never been performed. With regard to the extra foundation, it did appear that there was a just claim for cost of that. The evidence of plaintiff was positive that at the time he drew out the plans the site pointed out was near the road, where the dip in the land was slight, and from the evidence of defendant it appeared that there had been a conversation about the extra foundations, and that plaintiff had given notice that there would be a charge for such. According to the evidence of the witness Grant, about half the foundation charged for by the plaintiff would be considered as extra, and this would amount to £9 4s 61. The charge for building up the breast of chimney would not be entertained, for it was only reasonable to suppose that even if a chimney was not shown in the plan, it would have to be finished in the same manner as those shown. The claim for making a door with lintel and quoins would not be allowed, as the defendant, merely wished a hole left, in the foundations. The judgment would therefore be for £10 9s 6d, the difference on the order and the amount received from the Building Society, and the cost of the extra foundation, amounting in all to £10 9s 6d, each party to pay his own costs.

Mid November.

Timaru Herald, 29 June 1867, Page 3
For sale 24 Acres, 24 miles from Timaru, well watered by Otipua Creek. Apply to Mr D. FYFE, Stone House Otipua Creek, where the land can be seen

Timaru Herald, 3 March 1869, Page 1
To let — A comfortable 6-roomed Stone House, situate in Elizabeth-street. For particulars enquire of Thomas Mills, Sandie Town

Timaru Herald, 1 September 1869, Page 3
First class stone dwelling house to let, with four rooms, in Church-street, five minutes walk from the town. Apply to J. R. STANSELL

Timaru Herald, 28 December 1870, Page 3
SEPARATE TENDERS will be received up till 4 o'clock p.m., on the 3rd of January, 1871, for the several works necessary for the completion of Stone Cottage, for Mr G. Osborne. Plans and specifications to be seen at the Albion Dining Rooms, Timaru. Tenders to be sent to D. West.

Timaru Herald, 1 February 1871, Page 1
To let a comfortable four-roomed stone house, in Latter-street. Apply to Henry Foden, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 15 January 1875, Page 2
For the first I have taken as a starting point the stone house at the Opawa Crossing, where the road to the Mackenzie Pass leaves the Main road, and submit the following approximate distances :
Via Mackenzie Pass to bank of Pukaki river, crossing the Tekapo at lower crossing, 40 miles; at Hall's crossing, 50 miles ; at the Lake, 59 miles.
Via Burke's Pass to the bank of the Pukaki river, crossing the Tekapo at lower crossing, 49 miles ; at Hall's crossing, 52 miles ; at the Lake, 59 miles ; at the Lake, and following road round back of Mary range, 69 miles. Length and approximate cost of bridges— Wooden bridge at lower crossing of Tekapo, 3103,feet, £38,000; Wooden bridge at Hall's crossing, 1832 feet, £22,000; Iron bridge at Tekapo Lake, 182 feet, £5500 ; Iron bridge at Pukaki Lake, 268 foot, £7500; Iron bridge at Pukaki river, 200 feet, £6,000. The Mackenzie Country is generally very poor, and fit for little but sheep farming; there are only about 5,000 acres near Simon's Pass, and 5,000 acres near Paterson's, fit for agricultural purposes. The winters are very severe... John Rochfort -Engineer's Report to the Timaru and Gladstone Board of Works.

1875, Burton Bros. Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 19 September 1876, Page 2
To let Six-Roomed Stone house, in Arthur- street, near the School. Possession can be given about Sept. 20. Apply to John King. „

Timaru Herald, 18 December 1877, Page 2
Quarter-Acre Section situate on the West Town Belt, Timaru, together with a substantial 4-roomed Brick and Stone House thereon.
A magnificent farm of 430 Acres, situate within 8 miles of Timaru. This Property is an early selection, is well watered, and subdivided into 10 Paddocks. There is also a substantial 8-roomed Stone House erected thereon.

Timaru Herald, 1 January 1878, Page 2
Freehold properties for sale - At pleasant Point. 50 Acres land with Four-roomed Stone House thereon, situated three quarters of a mile from Point Railway Station, late the properly of Mr R. Worthington. Apply to James Strachan, Point or Ross, Sims & Co, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 9 December 1878, Page 4
TO LET — NINE-ROOMED STONE HOUSE, Heaton-street. W. RUTHERFURD. 5th Dec, 1879.
50 Acres, with Stone House, Point - C. Bowker
Tenders are invited for the erection of a stone DWELLING-HOUSE and STABLE at Dinder, Arowhenua. Plans and Specifications may be seen at Mr W. Marley's, Hereford-street, Christchurch, and at the Star Hotel, Temuka. Tenders to be sent to Mr W. Marley not later than December 18th.

Timaru Herald, 1 September 1879, Page 3
In the estate of R.S. Cook, a Debtor, Jonas, Hart, and Wildie, have been instructed to sell by Public Auction the unexpired Lease, having seven years to run, of acre Section, situate at the corner, of Cross and Besc___ streets, together with Stone House, Work-shop, and Out Houses thereon, now in the occupation of John Isherwood. Also the stock in trade of a Soda water manufacturer.

Timaru Herald, 11 November 1880, Page 4
To LET or SELL— A new Stone COTTAGE of 4 rooms, with an ample supply of Water and Garden attached, in a quiet neighborhood, Cleive street, off Church street. Enquire D. ANNAND, in next Cottage.

Timaru Herald, 7 March 1884, Page 3
Silverstream. It was decided to ask the Board to grant the Committee £20 a year for the rent of a stone cottage of four rooms, suitable at once for a school and teacher's residence, and if the errant is made, to advertise for a teacher at £100 a year.

Timaru Herald, 6 May 1885, Page 3
Auctioneers. CLEARING SALE. FREEHOLD FARM, STOCK AND PLANT. Messrs Jonas & Bourn have received instructions from W. C. Fendall, Esq., who is relinquishing farming, to Sell by Public Auction, at HAZELBURN FARM, TOTARA VALLEY, this day, Wednesday, MAY 6th. 454 Acres of Valuable Freehold land, situate at Totara Valley, near Pleasant Point, and known as Hazelburn Farm ; sub-divided into ten Paddocks, all securely Fenced and well Watered ; Good Five roomed stone house. Men's House, Granary, Stockyard, and other Improvements. This is one of the choicest Farms m South Canterbury, the Land being rich limestone flat, and well-drained swamp. Luncheon Provided.

Timaru Herald, 21 December 1886, Page 1
WANTED — After 1st January two borders. Apply at Stone Cottage, Bank street, within three minutes walk of Post-office, next Bundesen's coal yard.

Timaru Herald, 11 October 1887, Page 4
For sale. 53 acres good land and a well-built stone house of ten rooms, about four miles from Pleasant Point on the Kakahu and Raincliff Roads, Rural Sections 15469 and 5445.

Timaru Herald, 21 May 1892, Page 3
A splendid freehold property for sale West Belt, 4 Roomed Stone House, and Out Buildings in Brick.

Timaru Herald, 5 October 1892, Page 4
For sale: Residence Corner of Town Belt south Stone House, Arthur Street

Timaru Herald, 17 October 1893, Page 1
Large stone and 20 acres of Land, splendid Orchard, permanent supply of water, and convenient to a school, at Claremont, six miles from Timaru. Apply to B. Pelvin, Senr., or Mr John Selbie, Claremont.

Timaru Herald, 22 November 1894, Page 3
N.L. and M.A. Company. MONDAY, 26th NOVEMBER. AT FAIRLIE. IMPORTANT CLEARING SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD STOCK. THE NEW ZEALAND LOAN AND MERCANTILE AGENCY CO., Ltd., have received instructions from Mr J. H. Doyle to Sell by Public Auction at his Homestead, Fairlie, on the above date. Also, At the same time and place we shall offer on a five years' lease Mr Doyle's Farm containing 390 Acres, sub-divided into 8 paddocks, 80 acres in Crop, the balance in English Grass and Tussock. There is an 8-roomed Stone House, Stable, Shed and Stock Yards on the property. F. LeCREN, Manager. John R. Bland, Auctioneer.

Timaru Herald, 11 May 1895, Page 2
Jas. S. Turnbull, Architect — Calls tenders for buildings a stone cottage off Otipua Road. (Labor only.)

Timaru Herald, 5 June 1896, Page 4
PROPERTIES FOR SALE Lot 18 with 2- Storey Stone House, Corner Heaton and Stafford streets.
53 Acres with Stone House, 11 rooms, Opihi, £500. Money to lend. on freeholds. Licensed Land Broker. Transfers and Mortgages prepared. Agent for South British Insurance Co. C. BOWKER, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 22 July 1896, Page 2
Mr S. Coughlan has purchased from Mr Hugh Corbett his farm of 103 acres at Seadown, at £16 per acre. A good stone house and all necessary out-buildings are erected on the property. Previously to the purchase, Mr Coughlan was the lessee of the farm.

Timaru Herald,  30 September 1897, Page 3
AUCTIONEERS. Guinness and LeCren IMPORTANT SALE OF TOWN PROPERTIES. THE Undersigned have received instructions from Mr Wm. Rutherfurd, who is leaving Timaru, to Sell by Auction, at their Rooms, ON SATURDAY, 9th OCTOBER, 1897, At 2 o'clock : acre Brown Street, with 10-roomed Stone House — now let.

Timaru Herald, 17 December 1898, Page 4
For sale Stone House and Section, Brown street. C Bowker.

22 Hobbs St. Timaru 
Stone cottage built 1880.

Timaru Herald, 27 January 1899, Page 4
SALE OF DESIRABLE TOWN RESIDENCE AT TATTERSALL'S, SATURDAY, 28th JANUARY, 1893, At 2.30 p m. We have received Instructions from the Misses McRae to Sell as above that ¼ ACRE SECTION, together with Substantially Built STONE HOUSE (fronting High Street and situate next to Drill Shed) containing 9 large lofty Rooms and Scullery, Bathroom and Cellar. All modern conveniences. Also, Stable, Harness Room, and Washhouse. J. MUNDELL, Auctioneer.

Timaru Herald, 20 November 1900, Page 4
5-roomed Stone House, Gleniti Road

Timaru Herald, 6 December 1900, Page 3
AUCTIONEERS Guinness and LeCren re the late LATE MRS LOW'S ESTATE. Guinness and LeCren are instructed by the Mortgagees with the con sent of the Executors, to Sell by Auction at 2 p.m., on Saturday, the15th inst., Lots 1, 2, 4, part of R.S. 1959, facing Wilson Street, Cameron Street, and LeCren Street, Timaru containing 3 Acres 3 Roods, 28 Poles in all, on which a good Stone House stands, also four other Dwellings, Houses and Stables. For further particulars apply to MR C. HOWARD TRIPP, Solicitor, Timaru. Or to the Auctioneers.

   A steel rim lock that appears to be original to the 1843 Deans cottage.  

Timaru Herald, 12 September 1901, Page 1
MADAME DENISE AN BE CONSULTED at her Rooms, Latter Street, Stone Cottage, almost opposite Ballantyne's Workshop, Sixth House from Post Office corner, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Whole Testimonials from all parts of New Zealand can be inspected.

Timaru Herald, 19 April 1913, Page 12
TO LET—A Four Roomed Stone Cottage, with Scullery, at Poplar Downs, close to Silverstream Township; can have grazing for Horse and Cow adjoining the above. For particulars, apply to: JULIUS SIEGERT, Poplar Downs, Kimbell P.O.

 First dwelling built on Timaru's Bay Hill

Pareora Cottage has proud history; Timaru Herald January 12, 1999
Although it is now beginning to show its age, Pareora Cottage is a building that once played an important part in Timaru life. Doug Shears has examined the cottage's background. Pareora Cottage, the first dwelling on Timaru's Bay Hill, still stands today but over the past century it has changed and its life looks limited because of its condition. It was built by Edward Elworthy after he took over the Holme Station run about 1869. He built the small house so the family could journey the 32km from Holme Station to Timaru and attend services at St Mary's Anglican Church on Sundays, and could entertain friends and relatives on the occasions. A typical Sunday went …

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