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  Cyclopedia of New Zealand 1903.  
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Cyclopedia of New Zealand title page
Timaru section consists of 62 pages: 966 - 1026

Index for the Timaru section complied by Marina from her own copy. Contact Marina if you would like a look-up.
** Denotes a photograph. Thank you Marina. 
and images for ten pages, 992 to 1001, from the South Canterbury section. Opens in another window.
A                                 		 B					B cont.
Allan, Andrew 993                      Bain, Kenneth Burns 1008 **            Bracefield, George 1007
Allan, Robert  1020 **                 Bainfield, (Major) John Hichens 984**  Bristol, Samuel Alford 1021**
Allen, Percy Glover 1014**             Bardsley, William Julian 974           Brodrick, Thomas Noel 978**
Amyes, Edward Burton 999**             Barratt, John 1021 **                  Buchanan, George 1021
Anstey, John 1028 **                   Beck, Alexander 1019 **                Buchanen, Samuel 987
Archer, Oakley 971 **                  Bell, Alexander 984                    Budd, Alfred 995
Asquith, Harry Rushworth 1002**        Bowie, T Guthrie 1008                  Burnley, William Frederick  993
Austin, Edward Ernest 974              Bowker, Charles  994                   Butler, George 976 **
                                       Bowker, George 994                     Buttle, Rev. Joseph Newman 987
C                                  		 D                                 	E
Cabot, Thomas  1020 **                 Dale, Philip  1022                     Eiby, Peter Waldemar 1017
Caldwell, David John  1011 **          Dalgety & Co Ltd  1012                 Ellis, Godfrey Wentworth  1030**
Campbell, William Grant 1020 **        Davidson, Andrew MacKenzie 970         Ellis, Joseph Jnr 1018 **
Chapman, Thomas 1021 **                Denny, Henry Harland 1004 **           Evans, William 974, 1015 **
Chivers, Charles 1027                  Dixon, William Colston  999 ** 
Christian, Annie (Nurse)  982 **       Donaldson, Charles Edward  11006 **
Clark, Francis 1008                    Drew, Healey Vicars 991
Clarkson, Capt. Thomas Nicolson  974   Dryden, Douglas Dixon 991
Clements, Guy 1008
Collins, C. F. 985 **
Cotterill, William John  1027 **
Cox, Norman Kershaw  991 **
Courtes, William Arthur 1017
Craigie, James 969
Croll, William Grundy 1008 **
Culliman, Friedrich 1022 **
Currie, James 1004
F                                   		  G					 G cont.
Farlie, Rev. Thomas 1028                Gabites, Arthur 1002                   Grandi, John James 971, 998 **
Ferrier, William 995                    Gabites, George 1022 **                Gray, Melville 994
Foster, Philip 996                      Gabites, Dr. George Edward 981 **      Green, Arthur Pennefather  992
Fraser, Alexander 1017**                Geaney, Humphrey 1009 **               Gresson, Cuthbert Henry 991
                                        Gibson, John Shelton 1023              Griffiths, Robert Stewart 1003
                                        Gilchrist, Walter 1010 **              Guiness, Edwin Rowland 975 **
                                        Ginders, Bartram Percy 991             Gunn, William  987, 991
                                        Gow, James Gibson 984 **
H                                      		J                               	 K
Hall, Emil 996 **                       Jackson, James Edward Stokes 994       King, James 976
Hamilton, Alexander Ferrier 992,1016**  Jackson, John 972, 1019 **             King, John 1017
Hansmann, John Adam 1023 **             Jackson, Rev. Robert 986               Kinnerney, William Edward  990
Harper, Archdeacon Henry William 985**  Jefferson, Charles A.  992**           Kirk. H. B.  1023 **                 
Harrison, Joseph Henry 1006 **          Johnson, John Andrew 985               Kelland, Edwin  1030 **
Hart, Andrew  977 **                    Jones, Alfred John  1011 **            Kerr, Edward George 988
Hatton, Frederick 1005                  Jones, Gus  1011                       Knubley, Miles Jefferson  990 **
Hawkey, Tom  970                        Jowsey, Mrs  981
Hay, James  989                         Jowsey, Thomas  981
Hayes, Alpheus  975 **
Hibbard, Benjamin David  1017
Higgins, Mark  1006 **
Hill, Jacob 971 **
Hilton, George 1014
Hipkins, Josiah 1017 **
Hogg, Richard Bowen  991
Hole, John  996 **
Howell, William Barker  984
Howley, Thomas 989 **
Hunt, William Henry 998
Hutton, John Augustus 997
Hutton, Robert 1028 **
L                                       	 M                               	M con.
Le Cren, Ernest Alfred 993 **           Mair, James 1007 **                     Morgan, Capt. John 1004  **
Le Cren, Frederick  1022**              Mahan, Robert 995                       Mundell, John 1011**
Le Cren, Henry John 1022                Manchester, John 974                    Munro, William Harold 989
Levien, Jacob 998 **                    Marcus, Christian Augustus 979 **       Murdoch, George Grant 1003
Lewis, John 1014 **                     Marsh, George Daniel 1024 **            Murdoch, John  1019 **
Lillico, James 1013 **                  Mee, John  1012 **			Mills, Anthony 970
Lillico, Thomas Gordon 980              Millar, John Robertson  1018 **		Mills & Co 1016
Lough, Edwin Henry  971 **              Millar, Robert  1024			Moore, Joseph Harold  990
Luxmore, Philip Bouvrie 1024            Miller, William 1016 **			Morgan, Albert William  979 **
Lyall, George 974 **                    

Mc                            			 N                               	 O
McClatchy, William  1003                Newman, Charles Langstone 989 **         O'Boyle, Neill 1020 **
McKenzie, Alexander Walter  1014 **     Newman, John Paterson 1010 **            O'Dowd, John 996 **             
McNab, John  1018 **                    Nixon, Charles Stafford 977              Oddie, John Crosfield  991,1008
                                        North, Benjamin 1004                     Orbell, Charles Newman 930, 97
                                                                                 Orwin, Reuben 980 **
P                              			  R
Palliser, Frank 997 **                 Rapsey, Edward Havilland 1011
Palmer, William John 1005 **           Raymond, Capt. Frank Archdall 994, 997 **
Parks, John Hayes 997 **               Raymond, Samuel George 990
Parr, William 1005 **                  Reid & Gray 1005
Penrose, Edward James 1007 **          Reid, Robert Stuart 991
Penrose, Richard John 1007 **          Rolleston, Francis Joseph 990
Perry, Cecil Thomas Henry 990          Rowley, Thomas Griffiths  991
Pigeon, Alfred 1025                    Russell, George Gray 1028 **
Priest, William 970                    Rutland, John Bishop 994 **
Pringle, Alexander Campbell 974 **
Pringle, Thomas 997 **
Pringle, William 1030 **
S                                		 S cont                          	 T
Satterthwaite, Thomas William 970 **  Sinclair, Peter 974                         Tennant, George 1015
Saunders, Alfred Edward 995 **        Smith, Francis 1010                         Tennent, Robert C. 991
Scott, John Charles 991               Smith, John Hancocks  1005 **               Thomas, Charles Ernest  991
Sealey, George John 970 **            Smithson, Samuel Frederick  990             Thomson, Thoimas 1002
Searle, George  1003**                South, John Martin 1002                     Tobin, William 1004
                                      Sterndale, Charles Holland Thullier 1023**  Tooth, Benjamin Rowland 997
Sealy, Edward Percy 1026**            Stewart, James 980 **                       Tripp, Charles Howard 990
Seybe, Michael, 1027                  Stinson, Thomas 986                         Tubman, Father 986
Shaw, Charles Reginald 1024 **        Stonyer, H. M.  1012                        Turner, Kenneth George 1012 **
Shaw, Dugald 1016                     Strachan, James  1025 **                    Turnbull, David Clarkson  974
Shepherd, James 1026                  Stuart, David 1025
Simmers, George Annard 983            Sutter, James Hutchison 968
Sinpson, James 1030
W						 V    	
Wallace, Frederick Lawrence 998		Valentine, James Archibald 985 **  
Warring, William 979			Verdon, Benjamin 980 **	
Watt, Barbara 983			  
Weathered, John Joseph 979
Webster, Robert 1002
Werry, William 998 **
White, Arthur Bennett 988 **
White, John William 990
White, Moses 1012
Whitehead, Frank Edmund 976		Y
Wicksteed, Stewart Tylston 992 **	Young, Jacob  996 **
Williams, William Henry 978 **		Young, James 981 **
Williamson, James 978 **		Young, Thomas Dempster 1016 **
Wilson, Andrew  1011
Wind, Thomas Alfred Harpur 983
Wolf, Sidney 988
Woollcombe, Capt. Belfield 1026 **
Wood, Cecil Walkden  1006 **
Wood, Gordon Parker 987 **
Wood, John  985
Wood, Richard  P.  988 **
Worsley, Charles  980
Wray, Charles Allen  989 **
Wroughton, Cecil Frederick Maurice 992  

page 991
COX, NORMAN KERSHAW, M.D. D.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Stafford Street, Timaru. Telephone 66. Dr Cox was born in Preston, Lancashire, England, in 1869, and is a son of Mr Edwin Cox, L.D.S., dentist, of Auckland. He was educated at King Edward V1 school in Birmingham and learnt dentistry from his father and in America, where he studied for three years. Dr Cox attended Michigan University, where he obtained his diplomas, and afterwards studied for two years in England. He came out to New Zealand and began practice in Timaru in 1893. Dr. Cox, who takes a great interest in athletics, is president of the Colonial Football Club, vice-president of the Rugby Union, and is identified with nearly every club in the district. He has interested himself in promoting the improvement of Timaru, and is secretary of the Timaru Beautifying Society.

page 991
, Douglas DIXON, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.M. Physician and Surgeon, Barnard Street, Timaru. DR. Dryden was born at Plymouth, Devonshire, England, was educated and took his degrees in the Old Land and practised for some time in his native place. He arrived in New Zealand in 1892 and was stationed at Fairlie till 1899, when he removed to Timaru.

page 991
MR. BARTRAM PERCY GINDERS, Manager of the Timaru Branch of the American Dental Company, gained his early knowledge of dentistry with Mr. A. Hoby, L.D.S. of Wellington under whom he served his apprenticeship. He gained his diploma as qualified dentist in Dunedin, in 1890 and ten years later, after holding various responsible positions, he joined Mr. Speechly in forming the American Dental Company. Mr Ginders is referred to on page 957 of the Wellington volume of this work.

page 984
GOW, Mr. James Gibson, M.A., Inspector of Schools for the South Canterbury Education Board, was born in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1856, and was educated at at Taylor's Institute, Crieff, where he afterwards served as a pupil-teacher. He spent two years at the Normal Training College of the Church of Scotland, where he was the most distinguished student of his year, and was the holder of a First Class Queen's Scholarship, which entitled him to attendance at the college with the privilege of taking classes at the University of Edinburgh. A prizeman of the University, he graduated at Edinburgh, where he took his M.A. degree. For eight years he was senior assistant in James Gillespie's schools, one of the great institutions managed by the Edinburgh Merchant Company. Mr. Gow came to New Zealand in December, 1885, by the S.S. "Tainui", and within a few weeks was appointed headmaster of the Waiareka school, near Oamaru. In September, 1886, he was appointed Inspector of schools for South Canterbury. Mr. Gow is a member of the Timaru Bowling Club, and one of the founders of the Timaru Golf Club.

page 986
THE REV. THOMAS STINSON, B.A., who has had charge of the Timaru Trinity Church since May, 1902, was born in 1865, in County Tyrone, Ireland. He was educated at the Assembly's College, Belfast, and at Queen's College in the same city, and graduated B.A., at the Royal University of Ireland in 1886.Two years later Mr Stinson succeeded his father, the Rev. John Stinson as minister of Ballyonagrane church, County Tyrone, and he ministered there till 1901. In that year he came to New Zealand, via Australia, and soon afterwards settled in Timaru. Mt Stinson was married, in 1902, to the daughter of Mr Thomas Pringle, J.P., of Armagh House, County Tyrone, Ireland.

page 1016
SHAW, Dugald, Tea Merchant and Commission Agent: Office, Church Street; Bacon Curing Works, Sophia Street, Timaru.
Mr. Shaw is a native of Argyleshire, Scotland, and was born on the 23rd of November, 1844, at Carradale, Mull of Kintyre. He left his his native place with his parents for Ayrshire and was brought up on the banks of the Doon. On the 30th of November, 1864, Mr. Shaw left Scotland for New Zealand, in the ship "St Vincent", from Glasgow, and arrived at Port Chalmers on the 23rd of March, 1865, the anniversary day of the province of Otago. After a few years on the Otago goldfields Mr. Shaw settled in Oamaru as a storekeeper and served as a volunteer in the in the No. 8 Company Oamaru Rifles, under Captain W.J. Steward, now Sir William Jukes Steward. Mr. Shaw was married, in 1873, to the daughter of the late Mr. A. Moir, Dunedin, and his family consists of two sons and one daughter. He left Oamaru some years ago for Timaru, to start business as a bacon curer, and has carried on the business ever since. Mr. Shaw cures bacon on a large scale for farmers and storekeepers. He has had a long experience in the business and is regarded as an expert, having acted as judge at a number of shows throughout New Zealand; and holds a number of medals for his own exhibits. Mr. Shaw is secretary for the South Canterbury Burns Club, a member of the Caledonian Society, and an enthusiastic bowler.

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