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The "Echunga" Arrives

Departed London 10 Sept.1862 and arrived in Timaru 16 Dec. 1862 102 days. Capt. Cooper. Landed 130 immigrants. Dr Duncan McLean.

From the "Lyttelton Times" December 24, 1862

Arrived - Dec. 23, ship Echunga, 1007 tons, Cooper, from London, via Timaru. 

First Cabin-
Mr and Mrs Martin
Mr and Mrs Tipping
Mr and Mrs Sparrow and six children. Miss Sparrow
Messrs Tipping (4), H. Ingle, Sparrow
Misses Louisa Porter, Frances Burke, Dooden, Martin, Tipping (3)

Steerage -
Bargain J.
Barrett. M
Battley, Jane
Betson, R.
Board, W.
Brosnahan, J.
Brosnahan, Margaret
Brown, S.
Crawford, R.
Danie, P.
Grant, D.
Grant, W
Johnston, J.
Johnstone, J.
Mills, J.
Milne, D.
Napier, J.
Palmer, F.
Shea, Margaret
Slater, W.
Standoven, J.
Stevenson, P.
Stokes, E.
Tenman, J.
Walsh, E.

Government Immigrants

Surname        First name      Sex  Sps Chd  Occupation
Abberseth      Gilbert          M    Y       Farm Labourer            
Adams          Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            
Anderson       Bessie           F            Domestic Servant         
Anderson       Robert           M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            
Annandale      Jessie           F            Domestic Servant         
Baker          James G.         M    Y       Schoolmaster             
Bargfredo      Johann           M    Y       Farm Labourer            
Barr           John             M    Y       Farm Servant             
Betson         Caroline         F            Domestic Servant         
Blackmore      Abraham          M    Y   1   Labourer                 
Blunt          Wm.              M    Y   6   Labourer                 
Boyd           Robert           M    Y       Farm Labourer            
Bryant         George           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            
Burnett        David            M    Y       Shepherd                 
Campbell       Hugh             M            Ploughman                
Carter         Benjamin         M    Y   1   Labourer                 
Coffey         Catherine        F            Domestic Servant         
Coffey         James            M            Farm Labourer            
Collins        Joseph           M    Y       Labourer                 
Connor         Elizabeth        F            Domestic Servant         
Craigie        Jane             F            Dairymaid                
Craigie        Jesse            F            Dairymaid                
Duan           James            M            Farm Labourer            
Edwin          Margaret         F            Dairymaid                
Ford           John             M    y   4   Cooper                   
Fisher         Joseph           M    Y       Labourer                 
Fitzgerald     John             M            Labourer                 
Fitzgerald     Wm.              M            Labourer                 
Forsfall       Wm.              M    Y   3   Labourer                 
Fox            Benjamin         M    Y   3   Labourer                 
Frejaring      Bennett          M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            
Frejaring      Michael          M    Y       Farm Labourer            
Fyffe          Thomas           M    Y       Mechanic                 
Galvin         Julia            F            Dairymaid                
Garrett        Anne             F            No occuptions            
Garrett        Florence         F            No occupation            
Garrett        Mary             F            No occupation            
Gathin         Ann              F            Farm Labourer            
Gilfillan      Robert           M    Y   2   Ploughman                
Gillandris     Hector           M    Y       Shepherd                 
Gilmore        John             M    Y   2   Shepherd                 
Gilmour        Ellen            F            Domestic Servant         
Gilmour        Jane             F            Domestic Servant         
Gould          Samuel           M            Gardner                  
Grangey        Eliza            F            Domestic Servant         
Groggin        John             M            Farm Labourer            
Hamilton       Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            
Hancock        Thos             M        2   Gardner                  
Hayes          Samuel           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            
Henderson      Wm.              M            Labourer                 
Hislop         Janet            F            Domestic Servant         
Hislop         Jessie           F            Domestic Servant         
Hislop         Joseph           M            Farm Labourer            
Hislop         Maria            F        2                            
Hoare          Dennis           M            Farm Labourer     Co. Kerry         
Hoare          Patrick          M    Y   1   Farm Labourer     Co. Kerry        
Hoft           Hirman           M    Y   1   Farm Labourer            
Hogg           Thomas           M            Shoemaker                
Hunter         Agnes            F            Domestic Servant         
Hunter         Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         
Irwin          Henry            M            Farm Labourer            
Irwin          Robert           M    Y       Labourer                 
Irwin          Robert           M    Y       Farm Labourer            
Jewell         Wm. H.           M    Y       Carpenter                
Jifford        Abraham          M    Y       Farm Labourer            
Jorvey         Janet            F            Dairymaid                
Kennedy        Judith           F            Domestic Servant         
Kerr           Agnes            F        2   No occupation            
Kerr           Ellen            F            No occupation            
Kerr           Margaret         M            Domestic Servant         
Kershaw        Wm.              M    Y   3   Shoemaker                
King           Wm.              M            Carpenter                
La Bar         Ann              F            Dressmaker               
Letford        Wm.              M                                     
Lewis          Joseph           M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            
Linard         Esther           F            Domestic Servant         
Linme          Jane             F            Domestic Servant         
Lodan          John             M            Miller                   
Luke           George           M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            
Mahoney        Denis            M            Farm Labourer            
Martin         Jane             F            Domestic Servant         
McCann         John             M            Ploughman                
McConnell      John             M    Y   3   Shepherd                 
McGin          Edward           M            Labourer                 
McGucken       Esther           F            Domestic Servant         
McKay          Donald           M            Ploughman                
McKensey       Anor             F            Domestic Servant         
McKnight       George           M    Y   1   Farm Labourer            
McQuilland     Ellen            F            Dairymaid                
Miles          Mary             F            Domestic Servant         
Miller         James            M    Y   4   Labourer                 
Miller         Margaret         F            Laundress                
Milne          David            M            Farm Labourer            
Missen         Harriet          F            Needlewoman              
Missen         James            M                                     
Mitchell       George           M            Farm Labourer            
Mobby          Louisa           F            Domestic Servant         
Moore          John             M    Y   4   Domestic Servant         
Morrison       Alex.            M            Farm Labourer            
Murphy         Johanna          F            Domestic Servant         
Murphy         Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         
Newell         Thomas           M    Y       Labourer                 
Palmer         George           M    Y   1   Gardner                  
Pope           Mary             F            Domestic Servant         
Pope           Mary             F        2   No occupation            
Pope           Patrick          M            boy                      
Powell         John             M    Y   7   Labourer                 
Quin           Judith           F            Dairymaid                
Rapsey         James            M    Y   3   Labourer                 
Reed           Hannah           F            Nurse                    
Rice           Edward           M    Y   4   Labourer                 
Richards       Elizabeth        F            Farm Servant             
Rourke         John             M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            
Rule           Wm. R.           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            
Saddler        Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            
Shaw           Wm.              M    Y   1   Shepherd                 
Shea           Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         
Shields        James            M    Y   2   Ploughman                
Silverton      Wm. C.           M    Y       Bricklayer               
Smellie        Wm.              M    Y   3   Ploughman                
Smith          Elizabeth E.     F            Farm Servant             
Smith          Emily E.         F            Farm Servant             
Smith          Fanny            F            Domestic Servant         
Stewart        Mary             F            Domestic Servant         
Sutherland     Alex             M    Y   2   Ploughman                
Sutherland     Angus            M    Y   5   Ploughman                
Tayler         George           M    Y   2   Carpenter                
Thomson        John             M    Y   2   Farm Servant             
Trew           Alex.            M    Y   3   Ploughman                
Tyrrell        Judith           F            Dairymaid   
Vallance       Robert           M            Ploughman                
Walker         James            M    Y       Farm Servant             
Walker         Margaret         F        1   Domestic Servant         
Webster        Alex             M            Blacksmith               
Webster        Charles          M            Farm Labourer            
Wood           James M.         M            Mason                    
Young          Alex.            M            Labourer   (name appears in the newspaper but not on the passenger list)

Single adults with children:
Margaret Walker's son - James Walker
Maria Hislop's children - Geo. W. & Henry Hislop
Agnes Kerr - James & John Kerr
Mary Pope - John & Wm. Pope
Thom. Hancock was a single man with two sons.

Adults -
87 English
81 Scotch
56 Irish
  3 Welsh
  4 German

Children - 85 (between 1 and 12)
49 English
21 Scotch
10 Irish
  2 Welsh
  3 German

Infants - 16
5 English
5 Scotch
3 Irish
1 Welsh
2 German
Total- 332, equal to 273 1/2 statue adults.

The Echunga, from London (10 September 1862), via Timaru, arrived in Lyttelton on Saturday last.  She arrives at Timaru on Tuesday morning, the 16th inst., after a fair passage of 102 days from Gravesend.  Lost six at starting, having to beat down the Channel.   Left Start Point astern on September on September 10. and sighted Stewart's Island on December 12.  On the 14th inst. encountered a heavy gale from the north-west, and had to lay to under close reefed topsails.  The passengers speak in the highest terms of kindness and attention experienced at the hands of the captain and doctor. The Echunga landed 130 of the immigrants at Timaru.  Several of the others who intended to have been landed there declined to do so as they did not consider themselves bound to land where no sufficient provision had been made for their reception.  The following births and deaths occurred during the voyage-

October       7, Mrs Robson, of a daughter
October     13, Mrs Carter, of a son
October     13, Mrs Jewell, of a son
November   7, Mrs Millar, of a son
November 21, Mrs Palmer, of a daughter
November 21, Mrs Rice, of a son
December 13, Mrs Rule, of a daughter

October 7, Martha Horsfell, an infant of acute hydrocephalus
October 29, Herman Hoft, an infant, of marasmums
November 24, Ann Sutherland, an infant, of aptha intantum
December 3, John Barr, aged 69 years, of bronchitis senilis
October 16, Edward Butters, the cook's mate, washed overboard and perished.
Total - Births 7, deaths 3 infants, 1 adult and 1 seaman lost overboard.

'South Canterbury - A Record Of Settlement' Oliver A. Gillespie, published by South Canterbury Centennial History Committee, 1958. Reports 121 landed at Timaru because accommodation had not been provided for.

Name 			Age 	County 		Occupation 
Blunt	William 	40 	Glostershire 	Labourer
	Ann 		37
	Mary 		11
	Tom 		10 
	Maria 		7 
	Eliza 		5
	William 	3

Otago Witness, 31 January 1863, Page 2
A melancholy and fatal accident occurred at Timaru on Wednesday the 14th inst. A party of public works people were engaged in widening and improving the Bench road at Timaru by cutting deeper into the fence; off the cliff near Mr Beswick's store. A huge mass of cliff suddenly gave way whilst a man named Henry Gillespie was in the act of undermining it and before he could escape crushed him to the ground ; when extricated he was found by Dr Butler (the district provincial surgeon), to have sustained such injury that no hope could be entertain of his recovery: all the ribs on one side being broken, besides suffering main severe contusion. The unfortunate man, who was a passenger by the Echunga, lingered between two and three hours, when death put an end to his sufferings; he leaves a wife and infant unprovided for. An inquest, we understand, will be held on the body. � Lyttelton Times.

Timaru Herald, 6 January 1900, Page 2 [Catherine Hoare]
One of South Canterbury's oldest identities has just passed away at the ripe old age of 95. The late Mrs Patrick Hoare was a native of Kerry, and came to the colony m the Echunga m 1862, landing m Timaru with her husband and two children. Their two sons had preceded them. In those days Timaru was but a name, and the new arrivals had to content themselves with a very primitive camp on the beach. An excavation m the cliff near Bruce's mill served as part of their home for some time. They afterwards took up land at Kerrytown, and Mrs Hoare during her whole life in Canterbury never went 20 miles from her homestead. At the death of her husband about five years ago she went to live with her daughter, Mrs J. B. Wareing, at Woodlands, near Temuka. There she died quite peacefully, retaining her faculties to the last. So strong, active, and intelligent was she that she was able to walk part of the way to Temuka to record her vote at the last election, and she was also able to take an intelligent interest in the last Boxing Day sports. The descendants number thirty-seven grand-children and twenty eight great grand-children. Her remains will be interred m the Temuka cemetery to-day.

Press, 6 January 1926, Page 4
Early yesterday morning the death occurred at- her residence Denmark street, Temuka, of Mrs Margaret Wareing, wife of Mr Joseph Wareing at the age of 73 years. The late Mrs Wareing, who had resided in Temuka for many years, was born in County Kerry, Ireland, in 1852. She arrived at Timaru on December 16th, 1861, in the ship Echunga, one of the first ships to arrive at that port. Ten years later she married Mr Joseph Wareing, and they later settled in Temuka. Mr and Mrs Wareing had a family of fifteen children, eleven of whom survive, there being three sons, and eight daughters. There are now thirty-six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. The funeral took place yesterday, Requiem Mass being celebrated at St. Joseph's Church at 9 a.m.

New Zealand Tablet, 11 January 1900, Page 20
I regret (writes an occasional correspondent) to record the death of Mrs. Catherine Hoare, relict of the late Mr. Patrick Hoare, of Kerrytown, which took place at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Wareing, Woodlands, Temuka, on January 4. The late Mrs. Hoare, who was a native of Kerry, came to this Colony in 1862 with her husband and two children, her two sons, Messrs. Richard and Denis Hoare, having arrived in New Zealand some time previous. Shortly after his arrival the late Mr. Hoare took up land at Kerrytown, where the family remained till his death, about five years ago, after which the deceased lady went to live with her daughter, where her death occurred at the ripe old age of 95 years. Up to the time of her death Mrs. Hoare showed wonderful vitality, retaining her faculties to the last. She walked to Temuka on the occasion of the last General Election for the purpose of recording her vote, and was present at the Temuka Sports on Boxing Day. Her descendants number thirty-seven grandchildren and twenty eight great-grandchildren. The deceased lady lived a truly Christian life, and her funeral, which took place on Saturday, was one of the longest seen in Temuka. R.I.P.

Press, 8 January 1900, Page 2
The late Mrs Patrick Hoare, whose funeral took place on Saturday at Temuka, was, says the "Temuka Leader," one of the old identities of South Canterbury. With her husband and two children she landed at Timaru from the ship Echunga in 1862. Mrs Hoare, five years ago, took up her residence with Mrs J. B. Wareing, at "Woodlands," near Temuka, where here she passed peacefully away at the ripe age of ninety-five years. Her descendants are numerous, there being thirty-six grandchildren and twenty-seven great grandchildren.

Press, 13 August 1934, Page 12 MR GEORGE FORD
The death occurred yesterday of Mr George Ford, of Shrewsbury street, Merivale, an old colonist. Mr Ford arrived in Lyttelton with his parents (who brought four young children with them) in the sailing ship Echunga in 1862. He was then eight years old, being the eldest son, and having been born in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, in 1854. His father was Mr John Ford (born in 1822). a member of the well-known Wirksworth family of that name. Mr Ford was educated at one of the private schools in Christchurch, and I afterwards entered the building trade, retiring many years ago. Outside business his hobby was horticulture and his botanical knowledge was very extensive. He did not take part in any public affairs, but he always believed in a high standard of citizenship and set this example throughout the whole of his life. Mr Ford married Agnes Herbert, fifth daughter of Mr John Hankins. who survives him. The family are Miss C. Ford, Merivale, and Messrs A. D. Ford, Riccarton. W. H. Ford, St. Albans, and J. E. Ford, Spreydon.

Press, 22 August 1927, Page 5
Another of the pioneers of this district, Mrs Margaret Gaffaney, passed away early on Tuesday morning, at her residence, "Belper House," Arowhenua, at the age of 83 years. The deceased lady and her brother left London for New Zealand in the year 1862, travelling in the ship "Achenga," and landing, per surf-boat, at Timaru, on Anniversary Day, December 16th. She was then Miss Margaret Brosnahan, and her parents, brothers, and sisters arrived about two years later. After being in employment for a year, Miss Brosnahan met and married the late Mr Michael Gaffaney, the young couple having to visit Christchurch to get married. They travelled by coach, and the reason they had to go to Christchurch was that only twice a year a clergyman then visited South Canterbury. Mr and Mrs Gaffaney then returned toTemuka, and went, to reside on the farm which the late Mrs Gaffaney occupied to the time of her death, her husband having predeceased her sixteen years ago. There were 14 children of the marriage, of whom ten survive. They are as follows: Mr James Gaffaney (Levels), Mr Peter Gaffaney (Waimate), Messrs Joseph and Leo Gaffaney (Arowhenua), Miss Gaffaney and Miss L. Gaffaney (Arowhenua), Mrs W. Hally (Temuka), Mrs Barron (Arowhenua), Mrs Early (England), Mrs E. McCallum (Timaru). There are 17 grandchildren. Miss A. Brosnahan, of Timaru, the late Mrs Gaffaney's sister, is the last of that Brosnahan family. Mr John Fitzgerald, of Arowhenua, was a shipmate of the deceased lady's, and was best man at her wedding 64 years ago. The funeral took place on Thursday morning at Temuka, and passing the Post Office the cortege consisted of 34 motor-cars and 14 horse-drawn vehicles. A good many more swelled this total at St. Joseph's Church and at the graveside. The Rev, Father Bartley, S.M., and the Rev. Father Spillane conducted solemn Requiem Mass at the church, and the interment ceremony at the graveside. The pall-bearers were three sons, James, Peter, and Joseph, Mr W. Hally, Mr T. Brosnahan, and Mr M, Driscoll. 

Timaru Herald, 14 October 1899, Page 2
The death was announced yesterday of an old settler, Mr G. McKnight, who has filled a useful place m Timaru as a corn and hay dialer. The deceased came to Timaru m the immigrant ship Echunga in 1862. For some years he was employed by Messrs Gibson, the chief contractors of the early days, and helped on the settlement of the district by his work on the main roads and then on the railways. About 1890 he commenced business as produce dealer m Quinn's buildings near the railway station and later in Stafford Street South, carrying it on till a few months ago when failing health compelled him to give it up. He leaves a widow, and five sons and three daughters born m Timaru except the eldest son. He was respected by all who knew him.

TREGONING, Michael b near Penzance, Cornwall 1832-33 son of Archelus(Miner) & Mary GOLDSERY. Came to New Zealand from the Australian Gold Mines, for the Gold Rush at Gabriel's Gully, Otago. Then went back to Cornwall to marry Mary Jane BOSANKO in 1861 of Redruth, Cornwall, landed at Timaru, ship "Echunga" 16 Dec 1862 & arrived Waimate in early 1863. One of the earliest settlers in Town and District. Road builder, Farmer, Brickmaker. Children Michael b Timaru 1868, William 1865, Mary Ann (Polly) 1868,Catherine Elizabeth (Bessie)1869 later Mrs G J Shackelton.

From Ballygawley to Timaru : the story of Robert & Elizabeth Irwin and their descendents / Robert Wilson Irwin.
By: Irwin, Robert Wilson, 1939- Publisher: Auckland, N.Z. : Irwin Pub., 2009. 203 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 22 x 31 cm.
About: Irwin, Robert, 1841-1913 -- Family.
Irwin, Elizabeth, 1842-1911 -- Family.

Sutherlands railroad goods shed between Cave and Pleasant Point is named after Alexander Sutherland. Reference: 'High Endeavour'   William Vance. Published by author 1965.  The goods shed is no longer standing.

Thomas Francis Fyfe was a painter who lived at Heaton St., Timaru. His son Tom Fyfe took part in the first ascent of Mt Cook in Dec. 1894.

Shipboard Diaries at the Canterbury Museum.
Passenger ticket, embarkation order and a diary by Wm. H. Jewell are held at the Canterbury Museum archives. The diary can only be read at the Museum Library, and may not be photocopied.

Groves, James M: The Echunga Diaries : London to New Zealand by Sailing Ship 1862 (2004) [see] in index pages 140 - 149 are passenger names. In September 1862, the barque 'Echunga' sailed from London to Timaru and Port Lyttelton crowded with 332 passengers and a crew of 38. She was only 172 feet long and 36 feet wide. The book by James M Groves, is the story of the voyage.  It is told through the diaries of two of the passengers - young Cornishmen who carefully kept daily accounts of their experiences. In addition to telling the daily stories of the voyage, this book contains biographical information about each passenger and the crew members.

Looks like the diaries are by Wm. H. Jewell and William Henry Rule.

Another passenger listing

Immigrants At Timaru

From the "Lyttelton Times" December 24, 1862

It is stated that a considerable number of the immigrants on board refused to be landed at Timaru, in opposition to the wishes of the Resident Magistrate, who appears to have stood in place of the Government on this occasion.  On the part of the immigrants, it is said that there was no accommodation provided, and that there contract tickets were made out for Canterbury and did not bind  them to be landed at Timaru.  We have heard it stated that the barracks which were supposed to have been provided for these same immigrants months ago, had only risen about three feet from the ground: that tents were begin put up only after the landing or the first batch, which took place during heavy rain; that no drains had been dug around these tents to carry off the surplus water; that no firewood had been provided; and that there was not even a proper supply of dry straw for the people to lay down and rest upon.  We do not vouch for these particulars, though we have no reason to doubt the general tenor of our information, which goes to prove that  though the authorities knew as far back as May last that a large batch of immigrants would be landed at Timaru, they were caught on December 16 almost totally unprepared.  Under these circumstances if we had been in the position of these immigrants we should also have very firmly but respectfully declined to land.

The Waterlily's Passengers

From the "Lyttelton Times" December 13, 1862

Arrived - December 12, barque Waterlily, 595 tons, Bolt, from London, via Nelson Passengers:-
Cabin- Miss Hoskeyns, Miss Cairns.
Steerage- Messrs Smith, Bromwick, Gammon, Barrett, Taafe, Otrance, M'Cann, Moon, Jones, M'Solven.
The barque Waterlily, from London, arrived at Lyttelton yesterday morning, having called in at Nelson to land seven valuable thoroughbred horses, shipped by Mr Robinson, which arrived at Nelson in perfect health and condition.  She has made rather a long run, having been 115 days out between the Channel and Nelson.  She brings a quantity of general cargo for this place.   

Reference: Page 76, W.H. R. Dale Album, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand (W.H. R. Dale Album is a book with newspaper clippings from The Lyttelton Times, passenger lists and voyage reports are in chronological order, photocopying is permitted from this album).

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