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 A few sheep farmers in South Canterbury, N.Z. in 1919.

Press, 14 November 1918, Page 9 BRITISH SEAMEN FUND.
N.Z. SHEEPOWNERS' Acknowledgement of indebtedness. Contributions of surplus wool profits. With reference to the proposal that New Zealand sheepowners should acknowledge their indebtedness to the British Navy and the seamen of the mercantile marine by diverting their portion of surplus on wool which may later be distributed by the Imperial Government, to the British Seamen Fund, the following is a list of the to the proposal from South Canterbury districts:-

Taken on Sherwood Downs. Uncle Warren is the lad.

C. M. Burdon, Woodbury
R. S. Rae, Woodbury
Harland Grayburn, Orari
James Love Arundel, Geraldine
Chas. Saunders, Temuka
W. W. Scott, Woodbury
D. R. Ambler, Geraldine
J. R. Brodie, Island Home
J W. Cain, Orton
W. J. Clifford, Temuka
Arthur Hawdon, Peel Forest
John McDonald, Orari Bridge
John Rice, Woodbury
R. T. W. Sercombe, Geraldine
John McIntyre. Temuka
Hearn Bros., Rangitata Island
John Armstrong, Peel Forest
J. M. H. Tripp, Silverton
E. J Gould, Pleasant Point
S. B. Wightman, Temuka

Abraham Biggs, Tycho Flat
David Miller, Pleasant Point
Frederick Morrison, Tycho, Timaru
J. B. Pearce. Waitohi Flat
George Steven, Totara Valley
Bryce Wright, Cricklewood
A. K. Agnew, Pleasant Point
B. Arras. Rosewill
Miss A. M. Ley, Opihi.
J. Mattinson, Timaru
C. N. Orbell, Timaru
Thos. Pooke, Pareora
D. Smith Pleasant Point
A. H. Vincent, Sutherlands
Wm. Waddington, Claremont
William Wall, Sutherlands
John Goldie, Pleasant Point
Mrs G. Munro, Pleasant Point
C. Leslie Orbell, Timaru
George Stewart, Claremont
George E. Elliott, Claremont
Walter S. Harkness, Levels
A. R-. Thomson, Landsborough (on active service)
B. Thomson, Landsborough
Herbert W. Bishop, Pleasant Point
F. E. Robinson, Timaru

Geo. T. Baker, Albury
John McKay, Airybrae, Fairlie
Thos. McCort, Albury
J. W. Sangster, Albury
Mrs R. N. Barker, Timaru
George McDonald, Kimbell
W. R. McLaren, Burke's Pass
Mrs E. J. Cain, Albury
Robert Caswell, Albury
Harold H. Fisher, Albury
Milson J. Lee, Cricklewood
Daniel Lyons, Fairlie
Wm. Ross, Fairlie

W. H. Maslin, Waihaorunga
Angus McNaughton, Morven
P. McNeill, Hunter
Alfred Walker, Hakataramea
Edward Stoker, Morven
William Bell, Waimate
B. Corry, Morven
Cuthbertson, Glenavy
J. D. Engellbrecht, Makikihi
A. E. Kirk, Waihao Forks
Robert Pashby, Waimate
David Stowell, Timaru
Mrs J P. Smith, Makikihi
James Tavendale, Arno
A. W. Barnett, Morven
H. J. Eden. Waimate
Robert C. Gillies. Hakataramea
D. Ponsonby, Waihao Downs
W. H. Ross, Hakataramea
Chas. E. Ross, Glenavy
C. Morton Anderson, Cave
Robert Armstrong, Waihao Downs
John Slattery, Morven
Hay and Orchard, Waihao Downs
J. J. Merry, Waimate
James Mulholland, St. Andrews
Thos. J. Brown, Waimate

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