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Know where all the fountains are in Timaru! 

Timaru Herald, 1 October 1894, Page 4 Fountains at Play
Who doesn't enjoy looking at a fountain in play? The bright water leaps into the air as though it were a living, conscious thing. Then at the summit of its arch it is shattered into spray by the wind, or wafted to and fro like the skirts of a dancing girl. And all the while the roar of its rush and the tinkling melody of its fall fill the air. This is water having a good time — water in high spirits. What makes it jump, sing, and laugh in that fashion." The fountains play only when the water is forced powerfully through their pipes by gravity or by machinery.

The Makary Fountain Caroline Bay. "Thank you to the people of Timaru for making us feel at home. Drs Albert and Maha Makary"  A two tier fountain with a single stream. This fountain is loosing water pressure when compared to a 2008 photo and the basin is looking pretty dry..
 A photographic tour in 2010.  You tube 2008 (opens in another window)

Public fountains have always been popular in principal towns in ancient Greece and the Orient, now Timaru over the past decade has three handsome bronze sculptural spouting fountains and they can be found down on the bay. Water in motion can often be found in public squares and much appreciated in warm climates or on a rare hot day in Timaru by a parking warden - they know where all the fountains are. One is found outside the Timaru Public Library, another outside the Timaru Milling Company and another outside the Timaru Herald office. On top of the bay at the piazza is a contemporary fountain - the start of a waterfall feature.  A beautiful colourful fountain is in the other rose garden at the Timaru Botanical Gardens. There are two Victorian drinking fountains in Timaru, not functioning now, only ornamental - one is on the bay behind the tearooms and the other at the Timaru Botanical Gardens. There are three types of fountain: those which have rising jets, those with downward falls and those with a combination of the two. All are formed by pressure of the water of one sort or another. When the jet is formed by sufficient pressure of a head of water, the fountain will spout up nearly to the same height as the head. The farther water has to fall the more sound.

Timaru Herald, Oct 25, 2006 | by Pickering, Helen
In about four weeks water will be flowing through Caroline Bay's elaborate new fountain. It is one of two donated by Timaru obstetrician and gynaecologist Albert Makary. The other one resides in the rose garden. Site foreman Peter Grady said work began on the project in early August with about 10 Sicon workers and another seven from landscape company RSL working on it. Reconstruction manager Matthew Shears said the fountain was at the end of the promenades which ran from the piazza to the fountain and from the aviary to the fountain. New concrete to match was being laid around the soundshell and next year the aviary would be shifted. Mr Grady said the promenades would eventually stretch down to the beach but that wasn't on the plan until 2008. "It has been a big job but it is starting to look good. It will look nice when it's finished," he said.

22 March 2001 Timaru Herald
A bronze fountain is to grace the Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden, thanks to the generosity of a Timaru family. Timaru gynaecologist Albert Makary and his wife Maha have donated the two-metre high fountain, which features a bronze angel holding a fish and a shell, for the garden. Joking that the fountain "was difficult to mow around", hence the decision to give it away, Dr Makary said Timaru was now the family's home, and this was a chance to acknowledge the support they had received, and make the town a more beautiful place. Timaru Beautifying Society president Nan Raymond said the fountain would be placed in the middle of the large oval pergola, and would be included in a pond design. The original design of the garden did not include a fountain, but Mrs Raymond said Sir Miles had been happy to work it in, and beautifying society members considered themselves extremely fortunate. The society is continuing to raise money to fund the project, with the latest event a design and dance evening being held tomorrow night at the Caroline Bay Hall. The evening will feature designer clothing from local and national designers and cabaret dance entertainment will be provided by leading Christchurch ballroom dancers.

A two tier fountain with a single stream.
The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden Fountain - Caroline Bay. Photo take Nov. 13th 2009.
Looked like the fountain pond had just been cleaned and workmen were getting ready to fill it again in time for the annual Rose Festival at the end of the month.

Evening Post, 10 December 1938, Page 20
Down by the fountain's brink,
Where I watch the dancing spray,
And see the fishes eat and drink,
There I sit and dream all day.
The roses on the trellis grow.
And when the wind does blow.
The heavy scents will flow
Up to my window.

The Penoy Garden fountain. A single tier fountain with a single stream.  
The Peony Garden Fountain - Caroline Bay

The herbaceous peonies were given by Sir Peter and Lady Elworthy of Craigmore and the tree peonies by Jane and Trevor Sutherland of Southern Charm Peonies, Seadown.
The lilies were donated by David and Wendy Millichamp of Dunhampton Lily Fields, Mt Somers and planted by the Timaru Lily Society. The garden was co-ordinated by Nan Raymond, president of the Timaru Beautifying Society and funded by the generosity of the Timaru Community.

Timaru Herald January 14, 2005
A blooming gorgeous peony and lily garden at Caroline Bay will be the Timaru Beautifying Society's last major project for some time. "We are not giving up exactly, but we do feel we have extracted a great deal of money from the community and we wish now to take on a more low-key advisory, but hopefully still helpful role in the community," society president Nan Raymond said. Speaking at the official handover of the garden to the Timaru District Council, Mrs Raymond said the society had been operating for 33 years and had made a huge contribution to the district. From its modest inception in 1971, the society had gone from strength to strength, Mrs Raymond said.  

Bay Hill Piazza water features

The waterfall. "The piazza itself is a piece of art, and should stand alone. " W.R., Timaru, 2005.
The bottom of the piazza at the bay. The fountain is at the top, up the stairs or take the lift - 16 metres.
Bay Hill Piazza, Timaru opened by His Worship the Mayor Mr. Wynne Raymond 27 September 1997
Designer John Acharl  - Urban Design Consultants

Taken Nov. 16 2010 at 1135 am by M.T. Two Thumb with Fox Peak covered with snow to the right of the tree.  Nor west arch over the hills;  Four Peaks above Caroline Bay and the Soundshell.  A bit hazy.

Timaru Herald December 27, 1997
The piazza fountain is up and spouting -- completing the $1.3- million structure. Commissioning of the fountain was completed earlier this month, followed by all the necessary fine-tuning to ensure it was up and running before Christmas. However, blustery winds leading up to Christmas Day meant the fountain's wind meter could not be set.

The Palliser and Sons drinking fountain, Caroline Bay

The Palliser and Sons drinking fountain, Caroline Bay. Iron work made by Storrier.  Ferrier photo

Ashburton Guardian, 10 January 1906, Page 2
Mr P. Palliser has notified the Timaru Borough Council of his intention to erect a drinking fountain at Caroline Bay.

4 September 2001 Timaru Herald
An historic drinking fountain on Caroline Bay is to be given a new lease of life. The decision to reconnect the Palliser fountain was made by the Timaru District Council Timaru ward committee during discussions about a water connection for the new bronze fountain, donated for the Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden by Albert and Maha Makary. "I thought it's a wonderful piece of history that shouldn't be left behind," committee chairman Cr Terry Kennedy said. The decision to reconnect the fountain has pleased David Palliser, the great-grandson of the donor Frank Palliser, after the fountain remained dry for decades. Mr Palliser said while it was important to keep making the city attractive, it should not be at the expense of the past. "It's wonderful that they are going to keep the history of Timaru alive." Palliser and Sons were a familiar building family around the turn of the century, building a number of notable houses and buildings, including the homesteads at Craigmore and Holme Station as well as the old Temuka Post Office. Mr Palliser said his family were known for development of their early solid concrete block, which was made using a distinctive mould. "Many of the early houses around Timaru used it as a foundation-type stone." The fountain is also built of the block but other details about other details about it are sketchy. South Canterbury Historical Society president Ray Bennett said it pre-dated the 1928 VC War Memorial Parade and was likely to have been donated around 1911. "I'm inclined to believe it was one of the earliest structures on the Bay." Mr Bennett said it was possible it was given in conjunction with the formation of the Caroline Bay Association. The fountain, which originally had cast iron cups attached by chain for ease of drinking, has been moved at least twice since being donated.

The Anderson Rose Fountain - Timaru Gardens

The Anderson Rose garden is named in recognition of Mr. A. W. (Walter) Anderson's contribution to horticulture and the South Canterbury landscape. Kew Guild qualification. Curator of Reserves- Timaru City Council (1932-1956), Member of Botanist's Hall of Fame. Life member of the South Canterbury Rose Society. Founding member of the Timaru Beautifying Society. Member of the South Canterbury Tree Planting Association. Awarded the Loder cup in 1974. Author.

A two tier fountain with multiple streams.
The garden was officially opened by Mr. Wynne Raymond, Mayor of Timaru District on 30 November 2002.
This fountain was gifted by the Friends of the Timaru Botanic Gardens inc. and officially commissioned on 30 November 2002.

The Jubilee Water Fountain - Timaru Gardens

In 1897, the year of Queen Victoria's Jubilee, and many towns throughout New Zealand endeavoured to commemorate the event in a substantial way; and do some work that would be of benefit to the town and remain a more or less permanent mark of respect to the memory of a well-beloved Queen. Timaru's effort was the ornamental Jubilee Water Fountain outside the old Timaru Post Office (now located at the Timaru Botanical Gardens).  Mr M'Bride, was the monumental mason.

Erected to commemorate the fifth year of the reign of Queen Victoria.
E.H. Lough, Town Clerk.
W.F.D. Jervois, K.C.M.G. Governor.
The foundation stone was laid on the 21st day of June 1887 by Moss Jonas, Mayor

This fountain was moved here from outside the Timaru Post Office.

March 17 1904 The Premier visited Geraldine. He was the guest of the St Patrick's Sports Association at the athletic meeting on the Domain. During the afternoon he received a deputation on a small matter, and drove round the reserve of bush asked to be brought under the Scenery Preservation Act, and a grant to be made for improvements and access. He unveiled the Memorial Drinking Fountain erected by the townspeople in memory of J.W.  Pye, Chairman of the Town Board for several years. 

Timaru Herald, 9 June 1888, Page 2
Mr Jones has completed the lettering of the Jubilee fountain, and yesterday was busy anchoring some enamelled- iron mugs on the water basin. The gas-works staff also engaged in connecting the lamp-pipe with the main, close by.

The Timaru Milling Company Fountain

1883 Diamond 1983
This fountain was donated to the people of Timaru by the Timaru Milling Company LTD on the celebration of their centennial. It was officially opened by Mr. P.C. Allport, Chairman of the Timaru Milling Company on Thursday 1st December 1983. The fountain depicts silos which are used to store locally grown wheat for milling into flour & pasta.

On a grass square between Heaton, Stafford and Browne Streets, Alexandra Square.

The Timaru Herald Fountain

The Timaru Herald Fountain, Bank St. in 2010

The Timaru Public Library Fountain

Courtyard Fountain presented by the Rotary Club of Timaru to commemorate fifty years of Rotary Service 1927-1977.
On Sophia St. with the roundabout at Church and Sophia streets and the Public Trust Building on Church St. in the background.

Spring awakens playful people
A sense of anticipation
The library fountain froths and foams
New books, new games, new DVDs
Children skip to story teller’s verse

Strathallan Corner

Near the Fitzsimmons statue - corner of Strathallan St. and Stafford St. Not far from the public toilets. Timaru has public toilets at Strathallan St. and Station St. (i-site) and at the parks, gardens and the bay.

The 2009 Phar Lap Fountain - Washdyke Racecourse entrance

Phar Lap was born at Seadown, near Timaru, on October 4, 1926, and strode into racing history in the late 1920s and early 1930s. A life sized bronze statue of Phar Lap by Auckland sculptor Joanne Sullivan-Gessler mounted on a marble plinth with a fountain playing water under the horse which will emulate the sound of a racehorse galloping at full stride was unveiled at the entrance to Washdyke racecourse 25 November, 2009. The huge chestnut gelding thoroughbred stood at 17.1 hands and won 37 of his 51 starts including the 1930 Melbourne Cup before his premature death aged five. In his short life of six years Phar Lap started in 51 races and won 37, 5 placings, including the Melbourne Cup. Total earning 66,738 pounds. Died California 5th April 1932, his skeleton was returned to NZ, it is in Te Papa in Wellington. His hide was at Museum of Victoria in Melbourne and his huge heart at the Australian National Museum in Canberra. The $500,000 statue shows Phar Lap at full stretch -- an 8.2m stride with jockey Jim Pike on his back. Mayor Janie Annear unveiled the statue and said "At times the ride has not been an easy one, but the best ones never are."  There is a water drinking fountain nearby.  Clay first. The statue consists of 850kg of bronze and 200kg of stainless steel framework. There was a bronze maquette made- a small model for the sculpture. song

Phar Lap was the son of Night Raid. Night Raid stood 16 hands high. He was retired to stud in New Zealand in 1924. He was a masculine type; a real man's horse, and a handful to look after. Mr. A.F. Robert's, stud master at the Waimate Stud. Mr Robert's had a farm at Seadown where Night Raid was installed. He had purchased him from Mr A.P. Wade for 750 pounds. When Mr Robert's died, Mr Ken Austin, manager of the Ellerslie Stud at Oamaru, secured Night Raid and in October 1937 was still doing duty there. Night Raid died in Sept. 1943 was owned by Mr. J. McDonald, of Page's Road. photo

 Photo taken in Dec.2009 by M.T. "It's just so life-like."  The base of the statue is a water fountain, which brings the statue to life. 
At the entrance on SH1 at Phar Lap Racecourse, Levels. A life sized bronze statue of Phar Lap by Auckland sculptor Joanne Sullivan-Gessler mounted on a marble plinth with a fountain playing water under the horse which will emulate the sound of a racehorse galloping at full stride. Mayor Janie Annear unveiled the statue 29 Nov. 2009 and said "At times the ride has not been an easy one, but the best ones never are."  

Corner of Seadown Rd and Phar Lap Rd. Unveiled 30 Oct. 1988. 

There was a new fountain outside new Clinical Block (McKenzie Block), Timaru Hospital in the 1971 and even an older one in the 1920s. FGR photo. They are no longer there.
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