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A Gazetteer for South Canterbury
South Canterbury, New Zealand 

R denotes Railway Station or Goods Shed 
* denotes Post Office 1957

Adair		 5m W 		Timaru
Albury		 R * 29m W	Timaru
Allandale	 3m 		Fairlie
Arno		 5m 		Waimate
Arowhenua	 * 14m NE 	Timaru
Ashwick Flat	 12m NW		Fairlie

Balmoral	 30m W		Fairlie
Beaconfield	 9m 		Timaru
Beautiful Valley 15m SW		Winchester
Belfield	 4m 		Orari
Blue Cliffs	 11m SW		St. Andrews
Burkes Pass	 * 14m W	Fairlie
Cannington	 8m		Cave
Cartwrights	 5m 		Timaru
Cattle Valley	 8m 		Fairlie
Cave		 R * 22m W 	Timaru
Chamberlain	 6m 		Albury
Clandeboye	 * NE 		Timaru
Clayton Settlement 12m N 	Fairlie
Claremont	 8m W 		Timaru
Clearburn	 * 45 NE 	Kurow
Cricklewood	 R 6m SE 	Fairlie

Esk Valley	 5m 		St. Andrews

Fairlie		 R* 39m W 	Timaru
Fairview	 5m W 		Timaru
Ferintosh	 48m 		Fairlie
Four Peaks 	 20m W 		Orari

Gapes Valley	 16m W 		Orari
Geraldine	 4m 		Orari
Glenavy		 R* 14 N 	Oamaru
Glen-iti	 * 3m 		Timaru
Glentanner	 * 52m W 	Fairlie
Grassy Hills	 21m W 		Waimate

Hadlow		 4m 		Timaru
Hannaton	 2m 		Studholme
Hakataramea	 * 2m 		Kurow
Hazelburn	 8m 		Pleasant Point
Highfield	 2m 		Timaru
Hermitage	 98m W 		Fairlie
Hilton		 9m 		Orari
Hook		 R 22m S 	Timaru
Hunter		 6m 		Makikihi
Ikawai		 12m SW 	Glenavy

Kakahu		 10m 		Pleasant Point
Kaingapi	 14m  		Kurow
Kellys Bush	 4m 		Waimate
Kenningston	 2m 		Timaru
Kerrytown	 * 2m 		Levels
Kimbell		 4 m 		Fairlie
Kowhuta		 22 NE 		Kurow
Kurow		 R * 42m NW 	Oamaru

Lake Ohau	 * 65m NW 	Kurow
Lake Pukaki	 * 56m W 	Fairlie
Lake Tekapo	 * 27m W 	Fairlie
Levels		 6m NW 		Timaru
Limestone Valley 4m 		Sutherlands
Lyalldale	 5m 		St. Andrews

McLeans		 6m 		Waimate
Makikihi	 R * 38m S 	Timaru
Maungati	 * 10m 		Pareora
Maungatiro	 11 NW 		Kurow
Ma Waro		 R 25 W 	Timaru
Melville Downs	 5m 		Fairlie
Middle Valley	 5m 		Fairlie
Milford		 4m 		Temuka
Morven		 R* 21m N 	Oamaru
Mt. Cook	 132m NW 	Timaru
Mt. Nessing	 8m SW 		Albury

Normanby	 R 4m S 	Timaru

Ohape		 4m 		Temuka
Omararama	 34m NW 	Kurow
Opihi		 5m 		Pleasant Point
Orari		 R * 8m 	Temuka
Otaio		 R. 14 S 	Timaru
Otematata	 18m NW 	Kurow
Otipua		 6m SW 		Timaru

Painstown	 3m 		Waimate
Pareora		 R * 7m S 	Timaru
Pareora West	 8m S 		Pareora
Peel Forest	 * 14m NW 	Rangitata
Pentland Hills	 18m NW 	Waimate
Piano Flat	 2m 		Glenavy
Pleasant Point	 R * 13m 	Timaru
Pleasant Valley	 10m NW 	Orari
Pukaki		 56m SW 	Fairlie
Raincliff	 12m NW 	Pleasant Point
Rangitata	 R. * 14m N 	Temuka
Rangitata Island R 1m 		Rangitata
Rapuwai		 12m NW 	Pleasant Point
Redcliffs	 12m W 		Glenavy
Rocky Gully	 2m 		Albury
Rosewill	 3m 		Washdyke

St. Andrews	 R * 10m SW 	Timaru
Salisbury	 4m 		Timaru
Sawdon		 * 19 W 	Fairlie
Seadown		 R * 7m N 	Timaru
Seaforth	 2m 		Washdyke
Sherwood Downs	 14 N 		Fairlie
Skipton		 3m 		St. Andrews
Simons Pass	 * 		nr Lake Pukaki
Smithfield	 R 2m 		Timaru
Smithfield Settlement 3m 	Winchester
Southburn	 7m SW		St Andrews
Springbrook	 3m 		St Andrews
Strachans	 R 4m E 	Kurow
Struan		 24m NW 	Waimate
Studholme Junction R * 24�m S	Timaru
Sutherlands	 R 17m W 	Timaru

Taiko		 4m 		Sutherlands
Tawai		 7 m W 		Glenavy
Te Moana	 10m NW 	Winchester
Temuka		 R * 12 N 	Timaru
Tengawai	 R 20m W 	Timaru
Teschmakers Settlement 10m 	Makikihi
The Forks	 * 12m 		Waiho
Timaru		 R* 100 S 	Christchurch
Timaru South	 * 		Timaru 
Totara Valley	 6m 		Pleasant Point
Trentham	 7m 		Fairlie
Tripps Settlement 12m 		Orari

Upper Hook	 5m W 		Hook
Upper Waitohi	 4m 		Waitohi Flat
?Uratane	 4m 		Waimate

Waihao Downs	 9m SW 		Waimate
Waihao Forks	 * 2m SW 	Waimate
Waihaorunga	 15m SW 	Waimate
Waikakahi	 12m 		Waimate
Waikaorunga	 12m 		Waihao Forks
Waimataitai	 *2m 		Timaru
Waimate		 4m 		Studholme
Waitaki		 R * 13m N 	Oamaru
Waitaki		 Hydro 5m 	Kurow
Waitawa		 R 10m NW 	Timaru
Waitohi Flat	 5m 		Temuka
Waituna		 4m 		Waimate
Washdyke	 R * 3m N 	Timaru
Watlington	 2m 		Timaru
Wharua		 7m NW 		Kurow
Willowbridge	 R 27m S 	Timaru
Winchester	 R * 4m N 	Temuka
Winscombe	 R 3m E 	Fairlie
Woodbury	 * 11m NW 	Orari
Waitaki River toward the bottom with the Waitaki township across the bridge from Glenavy.

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