The New Zealand New Year Honours -   
Queen's Birthday Honours
for South Canterbury citizens

The London Gazette
New Zealand New Year Honours

Hilda, Mrs Tweedy, of Timaru for services in connection with the reception and welfare of sick and wounded prisoners of war.

6 June 1975
Q.S.M. for Public Service
Claude Henry Shackell, Timaru. for services to civil defence and the community.
Miss Violet May TEW, of Timaru. For services to nursing.

Evening Post, 5 January 1945, Page 6 NEW YEAR AWARD
Advice has been received by the Minister of Defence (Mr. Jones) from the High Commissioner for New Zealand in London, that the King has approved of the award of the Distinguished-Service Cross to Temporary Lieutenant Reginald Michael John O'Connor, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve, in the New Year Honours List. Lieutenant O'Connor joined the Royal New Zealand Navy as an ordinary seaman, Scheme B, on January 16, 1941, and after training with the Royal Navy was promoted to temporary sub-lieutenant in January, 1942, and a temporary lieutenant in January, 1943. Born at Timaru in September, 1914, he was a wool clerk prior to joining the Royal New Zealand Navy. His next-of-kin is his wife, Mrs. N. L. O'Connor, 46 Wilson Street, Timaru. Lieutenant O'Connor, recently returned to New Zealand and is at present on foreign service leave.

Evening Post, 2 January 1945, Page 4 THE NEW YEAR LIST
Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.).
Captain Edward William Desmond Unwin, New Zealand Temporary Staff, of Timaru.

The Times
The New Year Honours

Thursday, Jan 01, 1953
O.B.E. - A.E. Lawrence of Timaru, for service to the community
M.B.E. - W.P. Black, engineer of the Waimate C.C.

Saturday, Jan 01, 1955; pg. 4
O.B.E. - W.D. Campbell, of Timaru, for service to law education and journalism.
O.B.E. - A.G. Pitts, medical practitioner, at Waimate, for service to community.

Tuesday, Jan 01, 1957; pg. 4
M.B.E. - L.J. Collins, clerk and treasurer, Waimate County Council

Wednesday, Jan 01, 1969
O.B.E. - V.W. Wilson, Timaru, service to local government.
M.B.E. - A.J. Mcrae, Waimate, service to local government

To be Officers of the said Order:

The Queen's Birthday Honours  1997
Q.S.M. for Public Services Lawrence William BLAKEMORE, of Pleasant Point.

New Zealand New Year Honours 1998
C.N.Z.M. For services to education and the community. Mrs Beatrice Rae WILSON South Canterbury.
M.N.Z.M. For services to the community. Mrs Jean Elizabeth LEWIS, of Timaru.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  1998
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mrs Nanette Anne WRIGHT, of Waimate.

New Zealand New Year Honours 1999
M.N.Z.M. For services to the community. Mrs Isobel Anne MAYMAN, of Timaru.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  1999
M.N.Z.M. John Robert WILKIE, of Timaru. For services to drama and the community.
Q.S.M. Mrs Edith Mary ESLER, of Timaru.
Q.S.M. Maxwell Gerald TAYLOR, of Timaru.
Q.S.O. Order for Public Services Mrs Beverley Marie TRAUE, of Waimate

New Zealand New Year Honours 2001
Q.S.M. for Public Services Desmond Usher KEARNS, J.P., of Otipua, Timaru.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2001
M.N.Z.M. For services to the community. Mrs Edith Jessie McGIMPSEY, of Waimate.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2000
O.N.Z.M. Colin Albert MURDOCH, of Timaru. For services to inventing.
Gordon Edgar HASELL, of Timaru. For services to mountaineering and search and rescue.
Q.S.M. for Community Service Douglas Alexander BAIRD, of Timaru.
Q.S.M. for Public Services in East Timor: Peter John BURT, of Timaru. Detective Sergeant (temporary Inspector), New Zealand Police.
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mrs Alison Mamie ANDERSON, of Temuka.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2000
O.N.Z.M. Owen Marshall JONES, of Timaru. For services to literature.
Q.S.M. for Community Service Francis Verdon BROSNAHAN, of Timaru
Q.S.M. for Public Services James Joseph HODGES, of Geraldine.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2001
Q.S.O. Order for Public Services Mrs Olwen Grace Mary NORTON, of Timaru.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2002
Q.S.O. Order for Public Services Wynne Archdall RAYMOND, J.P., of Timaru.

The Queen's Birthday Honours and Golden Jubilee Honours 2002
Q.S.O. Order for Public Services Derek Bowden HAYMAN, of Timaru.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2003
O.N.Z.M. Mrs Doreen Isabella McLAY, of Waimate. For services to bowls and the community.
M.N.Z.M. Allan Stewart Doak EVANS, of Temuka. For services to conservation.
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mrs Roberta May LAURIE, of Waimate

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2003
Q.S.M. for Public Services John Lachlan McKINNON, of Timaru.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2004
C.N.Z.M.Mr John Barton Ormond ACLAND, J.P., of Geraldine.
O.N.Z.M. Mr Gavin Neil WILTON, of Timaru. For services to surgery.
Q.S.M. Mr Alister John COTTERELL, of Timaru.
Q.S.M. Mr Zismore Victor LURAJUD, of Timaru.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2004
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mr Bruce William LEADLEY, of Timaru.
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mr Colin McSporran MacGOUGAN, J.P., of Timaru.
Q.S.M. for Community Service Mrs Alison Christina NEILL, of Fairlie.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2005
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mr Trevor Wiremu GRIFFITHS, J.P., of Timaru.
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mr Herbert George HARRISON, of Timaru.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2005
Q.S.M. for Public Services Mr Leonard Stuart HOME, of Timaru

To be Officers of the said Order:
Ms Elspeth Somerville SANDYS, of Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom.
For services to literature.
Sandys, Elspeth (birth name: Somerville, Elspeth ) (a.k.a. Alley, Elspeth ) was born  18 March 1940 in Timaru, her mother was an Alley. SANDYS is a pseudonym. Elspeth Sandys is one of New Zealand's leading novelists.

To be Companions of the said Order for Community Service:
Miss Rosemary Ann CARRUTHERS, of Timaru.

Mr Barry John O'NEILL, J.P., of South Canterbury.

Mr Neil Carmichael ANDERSON, of Fairlie.
For services to local body affairs and the community.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2007
Q.S.M. for Public Services  Mrs Averil Ada LANGRELL, of Geraldine.
Mrs Langrell was a speech language therapist in the Geraldine district, in particular with Geraldine Primary School, for over 40 years until 2006. She was particularly dedicated to her students, worked many extra hours and taught children who did not qualify for a subsidy. Many of the students she has taught have since excelled in their studies or careers.

The Queen's Birthday Honours  2007
Q.S.M. For services to music and entertainment. Mr Noel Francis BURNS, of Timaru.
Q.S.M. For services to heritage railways. Mr Russell Fleming PAUL, of Timaru.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2008
Q.S.M. Mr Brian Patrick SCHIMANSKI, of Timaru. Chief Fire Officer, Pleasant Point Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service. For services to the New Zealand Fire Service.

New Zealand New Year Honours 2009
Q.S.M. For services to conservation. Mr Fraser Bell ROSS, of Timaru.
Q.S.M. Ms Wikitoria Suvia BAKER, of Temuka. For services to Maori, music and the community. She sang at the Commonwealth Games opening in Christchurch in 1974.
David Armstrong, JP, received the New Zealand Order of Merit.

[MNZM] New Zealand Order of Merit is an order established in 1996

New Zealand New Year Honours 2010
Mr Bruce Te Kaeaea Werahiko Wikitoa, of Timaru. For services to Maori.

Queen's Birthday Honours, 2010
MNZM (Member of the Order)
John Keith Hargraves, Timaru, for services to organ restoration
Leslie Glanville Howard, Timaru, for services to the community

New Year Honours list 31/12/2010 Queen's Service Medal
Commander Inspector David Gaskin for services to the police.
Charles and Judith Stewart for services to youth.
Haidee Tiffen, who now lives in Christchurch, has been made a Member of the Order of Merit for services to women's cricket, former New Zealand women's cricket captain
Phillip Leishman, now living in Auckland, has been made an officer of the Order of New Zealand for services to media and the community. He was born in 1951 in Timaru, where his parents David and Noeline ran Leishman's Superette in North St, with the family living in the back of the shop. Phillip  was intensely interested in other people's lives, and loved to chat and solve the problems of the world with his customers," said his brother Mark Leishman recalled. "He would also ride his bike around the neighbourhood delivering groceries about 10.30pm every Saturday, riding several kilometres to meet the bus which dropped off the Sunday papers." At St Patrick's High School - which has since become Roncalli College - Phillip Leishman broke the record for the 100-yard sprint and was a prolific try-scorer on the wing for the First XV. He was also a keen participant in drama and speech events. He made his first television appearance in 1971. Leishman covered Olympic and Commonwealth Games between 1976 and 1998. He died in Feb. 25 2013 aged 61.

2011 Queen's Birthday Honours
Dr. Rodger Hilliker Zealand Order of Merit for his services as a general practitioner. He retired who retired last year after nearly 50 years as a GP in Temuka.

New Years Honours list 31/12/2010 Timaru Herald
Alan Munro QSM for his services to the community.  He is the The Hospice South Canterbury chief executive officer.
Struan Munro of Otematata QSM for services to local government and the Waitaki community. He has has dedicated 42 years of his life to local politics.
The man who saved Twizel. Decades after he saved Twizel and developed a world-class rowing facility, the honours continue to roll in for Max Smith.
Mr Smith, of Waipara, in North Canterbury, has been made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year honours list for services to rowing. Ironically that same service to rowing meant some of his former Ministry of Works bosses wanted him prosecuted under the Public Works Act when they realised that, as well as building a reservoir, he was also creating an international rowing course in Twizel. The former Ministry of Works project manager pushed to keep the Mackenzie Country town and created Lake Ruataniwha at the completion of the Upper Waitaki power scheme. The controversy cost him his job. Twizel sprang up during the 1960s and 1970s to house workers and their families on the giant power scheme and was to have been dismantled when construction was complete. "I built the rowing course, everybody knows that, but they seem to forget I spent $500 million on building power stations."

9 June 2011 Timaru Herald Two former Timaru men have received Queen's Birthday honours.
Hailing from Timaru, Professor John Hattie has been honoured for academic work that has brought together studies of more than 80 million students around the world. His services to education were acknowledged when he was made an officer of the order along with another former South Canterbury man Doug Clemens, who was awarded a Queen's Service Medal.
Prof Hattie, 61, was born in Timaru and now lives in Melbourne. "I was raised in Timaru and lived on Tyne and Canada Sts. I went to Marchwiel and West [primary] Schools and Timaru Boys' High School," Mr Hattie said. He went to teachers college in Dunedin and returned to Timaru Boys' High to teach for nine months before going to Canada to do his PhD and has remained in academia since. He spent 10 years at a New South Wales university, 10 years in Perth, five years in North Carolina and 12 years at the University of Auckland. In December he moved to Melbourne University's Graduate School of Education as the director of its research institute. "I think one of the reasons they gave it [the Queen's honour] to me was because I developed the AsTTle test which is still used in every school in New Zealand." The test was an educational resource for assessing literacy and numeracy developed for the Ministry of Education. He also released the book Visible Learning, believed to be the world's largest evidence-based study into the factors that improve student learning. Involving more than 80 million students from around the world and bringing together 50,000 smaller studies, the study found positive teacher-student relationships improved learning.
    Rotorua lawyer Doug Clemens was awarded the Queen's Service Medal for his dedication to protecting and restoring buildings. Mr Clemens, who was educated at Bluecliffs, Southburn and Marist primary schools, then went on to St Bedes College and Canterbury University, has worked for more than 40 years to preserve Rotorua's historic buildings. A founding member and former chairman of the Rotorua Heritage and Civic Trust, Mr Clemens has worked to save Te Runanga Tearooms in Government Gardens, once derelict and facing demolition but now restored to their former glory and used as a cafe and wedding venue. Mr Clemens, who moved to Rotorua in 1967 to practise law, was also instrumental in restoring The Bath House, in the Rotorua Museum building, to its original 1908 specifications, a project due to be finished in August this year. Mr Clemens brother Colin `Scrummy' Clemens is well known in South Canterbury rugby circles.

Timaru Herald 04/06/2012
The Queen's Birthday Honours list for 2012 has left six South Canterbury recipients humbled. A list of recipients has been revealed, which acknowledges four South Canterbury residents for services to the community, one for services to literature and one for services to music. Former South Canterbury man Michael Houstoun has also been honoured for his services to New Zealand music. He grew up in Timaru and started playing the piano at the age of five. Today he has been honoured for his services to New Zealand music. Timaru author Owen Marshall is among the list of Queen's Birthday Honours making it round two. Mr Marshall, who had previously been honoured as a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, has been made a Companion of the Order. Mr Marshall was a secondary school teacher for 25 years before becoming a fulltime author. Renowned Kiwi muso and Geraldine native Jordan Luck was named a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. He has sung with The Exponents for 30 years and written and performed 18 Top 40 singles during his career. It all started in South Canterbury where, as a lad, Luck and bandmates played pubs and halls on the road to national fame. Hits included Victoria, Why Does Love Do This To Me, and I'll Say Good Bye (Even Though I'm Blue).

Oct. 2012. Ro Acland on volunteering: I hope that the volunteering spirit will carry on indefinitely and that the next generation will enjoy it as much as I do.

5 September 2012 Timaru Herald
Two South Cantabrians were presented with their Queen's Service Medals at a ceremony at Government House in Wellington yesterday - Rosemary Acland and Garry Dumble. Mrs Acland, of Peel Forest, received her QSM for services to the community, particularly for her role as chair of the Rangitata Gorge Landcare Group since 1998. In that time she has brought groups and government departments together to help control invasive weeds and pests in the upper Rangitata River valley. Mrs Acland was also a member of the Aoraki Conservation Board and chairperson of the Lincoln University Foundation. She established the Peel Forest Plan, the Peel Forest Enhancement Group and initiated the Geraldine Community Resource Centre Te Rito, which opened in 2007. Mrs Acland is also a lay minister in the Geraldine Anglican Parish, a funeral celebrant, and was Geraldine High School chaplain from 1999 till 2000.
    Timaru man Garry Dumble also received his QSM yesterday. Mr Dumble has 50 years of voluntary work under his belt, including planning and constructing Timaru's Mountain View Village, where he now lives and continues to assist whenever he can. He has also dedicated many years to the Lions organisation and for his efforts received humanitarian and service awards from the Lions Club International Foundation and Timaru Suburban Lions Club, of which he has been a member for 42 years. He also received a Timaru District Council community award in 2006 for outstanding voluntary services to the citizens of Timaru. Mr Dumble is a life member of the Lloyd Morgan Lions Club Charitable Trust, and was a member of the Southland County Council and United Council. He was a member of the Lumsden fire brigade for 21 years and was appointed a justice of the peace in 1971.
    Omarama man Jim Morris will be presented with the QSM tomorrow for services to the community, along with Alison Linscott of Timaru. Timaru-raised Michael Houstoun will become a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM) for services as a pianist. Timaru-born musician Jordan Luck becomes a Member (MNZM) on Friday, for services to music.

New Year's Honours 2013 - Warren Barker the Queen's Service Medal for services to the community, especially his work with the Caroline Bay Association, 30 years of voluntary service the last 16 years as President. He was convener of music awards over ten years in Geraldine and Timaru and severed as a District Councillor for the Timaru District. Retired to the Fairlie district in 2013.

Your Name

 It came from your father,
It was all he had to give,
So its yours to cherish
As long as you may live.

 If you lose the watch he gave you,
It can always be replaced,
But a black mark on your name, son,
Can never be erased.

 It was clean the day you took it,
And a worthy name to bear,
When I got it from my father,
There was no dishonour there.

 So make sure you guard it wisely
After all is said and done,
Youll be glad the name is spotless,
When you give it to your son.

Author Unknown

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