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The Timaru Hospital Grounds in the early 1900s

P.W. Hutton & Co. Postcard 1903

Muir & Moodie Postcard 1905

Hardy Photo - Arthur A. Ware Series. 1907

The old wards one and two.  Ward One was a very busy pediatric ward when I did a year, 1981, as a staff nurse. Two was a general medical ward in the 1970s and 1980s. I had plenty of experience there also.  Forty beds in each and in the middle, the dirty and clean utility rooms, opposite each other and an charge nurse office, beds down each side with only curtains until the units were altered into pods and CCU in the middle of Ward Two.  We even had patient's out on the balcony.  Ward Two was also known as the Macdonald Ward and there was a shiny brass plaque at the entrance of the ward.  Ernest Macdonald of "Corra Lynn" Sherwood Downs, was very involved in the community. He was Chairman of the South Canterbury Hospital board from 1927-1950, joined in 1923.  In 1950 as a tribute to Ernest Macdonald, a surgical ward at the Timaru Hospital was to be known as the Macdonald Ward in recognition of his 28 years on the South Canterbury Hospital Board, 24 years as Chairman.

Arthur A. Ware Co. Series 1907, No.1599.


Cabbage trees are no longer there. The fountain long gone now a parking lot.

These buildings are facing north. In 1907 the two storeyed block with a single building attached to the west side of it, was Ward 3 on the ground floor with the Maternity Ward above it, and the Children's Ward was the single storeyed building. The building on the left is the main building with resident Doctors quarter on the upper floor. In the photo below the balconies has been enclosed. Tourist series

1950 photograph is taken of the east side of the old Nursing Home (now demolished). The building on the left is the main part of Children's Ward with a great balcony and it faced the tennis courts which at at the bottom of the picture. The single storied building further round is the end of Children's Ward's where the older children and the overflow of adult patients were put. Note the two white pillars, that was the entrance, the steps down leaded to Queen St. In the 1950s the maternity ward was on the top floor of the three storeyed building nearest to the Administration building on High Street. Sister Tew was in charge of the Children's ward and that the matron was Miss Moore. Sister Tew later ran the Casualty or A. & E Dept.

The Old Nurses Home (1921) between the Clinical block (built in 1971) and the new nurses Home -Lindsay wing (built 1958) to the left. Taken from Queen Street, in 1977. The dinning room was below the balcony. The main entrance to the Nurse Home was up the steps. The Matron's flat is behind the tree at the street level. There were steps out just behind the tree.


Whites Aviation photographic library is now at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington
Timaru Hospital - 1974 - Whites Aviation Ltd :Photographs. Ref: WA-71960-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.  Map
Looks like they are still building the Mckenzie clinical block. I wonder if that tree is still there?

Whites Aviation Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library WA-28141-F
The Timaru Hospital May 1951 Whites Aviation Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library WA-28141-F


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