From The Lyttelton Times April 22 1863

The Huntress, Captain Barrow, arrived yesterday evening after a protracted passage.  Left 10th December 1862. On leaving London, she experienced very, heavy weather in the channel, and only reached the line after the very long interval of 60 days.  At the Cape she again met contrary winds, and during a heavy gale sprung the foremast badly, losing top-gallant mast and gear.  After leaving the Cape, the Huntress enjoyed favourable winds, making the coast of New Zealand in 32 days.  Attempted to go into Timaru on Sunday, but a heavy south-easter coming on, had much difficulty in beating off shore, and brings all her passengers to Lyttelton.  Two births have occurred on the voyage, and 15 deaths, all children with the exception of one young women aged 17 and a boy belonging to the ship.

Lyttelton Times, 2 May 1863, Page 4
The Lady Bird sailed yesterday at half-past 4 with the passengers per Huntress for Timaru. She had the new life boat in tow.
Sailed May 1, s.s. Lady Bird, 220 tons, Renner, for Dunedin via Akaroa, Timaru, and Oamaru. Passengers for Akaroa: Messrs. Pentridge and Middleton. For Timaru Messrs. Pilbrow (3), Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Miss Chapman, Miss Ellis, Miss Campbell, Messrs. Whitford, Tippitt, Field house, Whittaker, Winter, Proctor, Campbell, Russell, Benbow, and family. For Dunedin: Mr. and Mrs. M'Donald, Mrs. M'Queen, Messrs. Wright, Chapman, Pike, Buchanan.

Lyttelton Times, 16 May 1863, Page 4
Timaru. The Lady Bird, s.s., 220 tons, Renner, from Lyttelton, arrived at Tirnaru early on Saturday morning, May 2. She brings the life-boat, so long expected, and the passengers come down are all from the Huntress, viz., Mr. and Mrs. Pilbrow, Mr. Whitford, Mr. Lippett and child, Miss Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Messrs. Whitaker, Winter, Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes and 5 children, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Benbow and family, Mrs. Fieldhouse, Miss Chapman, Miss Campbell. We understand the Lady Bird is likely to make Timaru a regular port of call. She sailed again about noon.

Lyttelton Times, 7 March 1863, Page 4 Passenger list
Lyttelton Times, 22 April 1863, Page 4 Passenger list

Lyttelton Times, 25 April 1863, Page 4 SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.
LYTTELTON arrived April 21, ship Huntress, 776 tons, Capt. J.O. Barrow, from London.
Passengers Cabin:
Mr Ainsworth
Mr Cook
Mr Hoggard
Rev. F. Tripp

Second Cabin:
Mr Bonnington
Mr Bound
Mr Butterworth
Mr and Mrs Dickson and two children
Miss Ellis
Mr Hamilton
Mr Jeffries
Mr Keny [sic Keay] [William Robert Keay and his older brother John Alexander Keay were sent out on the Huntress]
Mr Lane
Mr and Mrs. Lippett
Dr E. H. Marshall (surgeon)
Mr Milns
Mr Murphy
Mr E. and Mrs Pilbrow
Mr Russell
Mr and Mrs Russell
Mr and Mrs Smith and son
Mr Spridgeon
Mr Stokes
Mr Wedderspoon
Mr Whiteford
Mr Woodhouse
also Government immigrants equal to 222 statute adults.

Totals- Adults, 191; children and infants, 87.  278 souls; equal to 222 adults.
Columns represent: Surname, first name, spouse present, number of children, occupation, origin and remarks.

Abbott      Wal.            Laborer           Dorestshire         
Allen       James           Ploughman         Aberdeenshire       
Bawdew      	J.        	25   Farm Laborer      Cornwall
Bawdew	    	Ann		21  
Bardew	    	Nicholas	infant	          
Benbow      Wm.       Y  5  Laborer           Salop               
Bishop      Beniah          Farm Laborer      Salop               
Black       Thos.           Ploughman         Fyfeshire           
Blair       George    Y     Laborer           Cavan
Blake       Agnes           Domestic Servant  Edinburgh
Blake       John      Y  2  Farm Laborer      Edinburgh               
Blake       Margt.          Domestic Servant  Edinburgh           
Blake       Robert    Y  2  Farm Laborer      Edinburgh           
Blyth       Andrew    Y  1  Ploughman         Stirlingshire       
Boulton     Sophia          Domestic Servant  Salop               
Brown       J.        Y     Carpenter         Lanarkshire         
Burdett     Chas.     Y  3  Laborer           Leicestershire      
Butler      John            Farm Laborer      Limerick            
Campbell    Jas.            Laborer           Down                
Campbell    Rose J.         Domestic Servant  Down                
Carleton    John      Y  1  Farm Laborer      Antrim              
Chapman     Thos.           Laborer           Durham              
Church      Chas.           Farm Laborer      Somersetshire       
Church      Henry           Farm Laborer      Somersetshire       
Clapham     Ann             Domestic Servant  Durham              
Clapham     Mary Jane       Domestic Servant  Durham              
Clement     Mesh.     Y  1  Farm Laborer      Somersetshire       
Craw        David     Y  3  Farm Laborer      Lanarkshire         
Craw        Elizabeth       Domestic Servant  Lanarkshire         
Craw        Margt. Ellen    Domestic Servant  Lanarkshire         
Craw        Robt.           Farm Laborer      Lanarkshire         
Craw        Robt.     Y  2  Farm Laborer      Lanarkshire         
Cutler      John      Y  4  Shoemaker         Sussex              
Cutler      Sarah Ann       Domestic Servant  Sussex              
Cutler      Susanna         Domestic Servant  Sussex              
Dalzele     Jas.            Farm Laborer      Down                
Dalziel     Jas.      Y  3  Smith             Lanarkshire         
Dawe        Emma            Domestic Servant  Somersetshire      age 17 
Dewer       Wm.             Ploughman         Perthshire          
Duncan      John      Y  1  Shepherd          Aberdeenshire       
Durubrake   John            Ploughman         Forfarshire         
Evans       Mary Ann        Dairywoman        Montgomeryshire     
Fieldhouse  Ann             Domestic Servant  Yorkshire           
Forrest     John            Shepherd          Midothian           
Forward     Emma            Domestic Servant  Wiltshire           
Forward     Jas.            Laborer           Wiltshire           

Gibb        Alex.           Farm Laborer      Aberdeenshire       
Gibson      Eliza           Domestic Servant  Kircudbrightshire sister of Mrs Pauling 
Glassey     S.A.            Domestic Servant  Tyrone              
Goodman     Mary A.         Domestic Servant  Yorkshire           
Gorman      Ed.             Ploughman         Cavan               
Grainger    Thomas          Laborer           Lanarkshire         
Grealish    Patrick         Farm Laborer      Galway              
Guntrip     John      Y     Gardener          Middlesex           
Guskins     Maria           Domestic Servant  Oxfordshire         
Hale        Benj.           Laborer           Hants               
Hannon      John      Y     Farm Laborer      Antrim              
Harkness    T.        Y  2  Carpenter         Kirkcudbrightshire  
Henry		Forward	43	Broman		Wiltshire
Henry		Mary 	43
Henry		James	18
Henry		Emma	14
Henry		Frank	10
Henry		Fanny	 9
Henry		Henry	 8 
Henry		Edwin	 7
Hepborn     Thomas          Farm Laborer      Banffshire          
Higgs       	James		24  Carpenter         Cornwall
Higgs		Ellen		22
Higgs		Maria Jane	infant            
Hitchel     Wm.             Ploughman         Kirkcudbrightshire   
Hockley     Elizabeth       Dairywoman        Hants
Hockley     H. J.           Cook	      Hants            (single woman)    
Hockley     Huldah          Dairywoman        Hants               
Hughes      Richard   Y  5  Laborer           Down                
Hutt        Thos.     Y  6  Farm Laborer      Berkshire           
Jones       Eliza        3  Housekeeper       Pembrokeshire
Jones       Frs.            Carpenter         Monmouthshire
Jones       James           		      Monmouthshire        
Jones       Thos.           Sawyer            Monmouthshire       
Judge       Louisa          Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Kerr        Wm.       Y     Gardener          Lancashire          
Kirwin      Martha          Domestic Servant  Limerick            
Kirwin      Sarah           Domestic Servant  Limerick            
Leech       Eliza           Domestic Servant  Cavan               
Livingston  Robt.     Y     Farm Laborer      Fermanagh           
Lockhart    Wm.       Y  2  Farm Laborer      Tyrone              
Love        John      Y     Ploughman         Ayrshire            
Lyall       Wm.       Y  6  Ploughman         Forfarshire         
Madden      Pat.                              Limerick            
Marks       Ellen           Dressmaker        Gloucestershire  
Marshall	John   42	Carpenter	Yorkshire
Marshall	Margaret 28
Marshall	Jane S.	5
Marshall	Josh.	1
Marshall	W.G.	infant
Martin      Jas.            Ploughman         Forfarshire         
Mays        John            Ploughman         Ayrshire            
McIntosh    D.        Y     Shepherd          Forfarshire         
McKay       William         Ploughman         Caithness           
McLaren     Duncan          Shepherd          Perthshire          
McLaren     William         Shepherd          Perthshire          
Medcalf     Albert    Y     Laborer           Wiltshire
Meshach		Clement	26 	Farm Laborer Somersetshite
Meshach  	Louisa	21 
Meshach		Frederick infant       
Morgan      	Edwin	30	Farm Laborer      Monmouthshire
Morgan		Elizabeth 28
Morgan		Anne	 4	
Morgan		Eliza	infant       
Morland     Wm.             Farm Laborer      Down                
Morris	 	William	23  Farm Laborer
Morris		Barbara 23
Morris		Sarah Ann 10mths.
Mowatt      D.        Y  1  Farm Laborer      Caithness           
Mundy       	James 	27	Carpenter         Cornwall 
Mundy		Eliza P	18           
Murphy      S.        Y  2  Farm Laborer      Cork                
Neil        Thos.     Y     Farm Laborer      Antrim              
O'Boyle     Francis         Farm Laborer      Antrim              
O'Boyle     Mary            Domestic Servant  Down                
O'Boyle     Patrick         Farm Laborer      Antrim              
O'Boyle     Rose            Domestic Servant  Antrim              
O'Connell   Margaret        Domestic Servant  Tipperary
Pauling     Wm.       Y  2  Ploughman         Kirkcudbrightshire  wife Jane nee Gibson. Children James & John (broken link
Pemberthy   Henry     Y     Carpenter         Cornwall            
Pemberthy   Henry jun.Y  1                    Cornwall            
Penberthy   Henrietta       Domestic Servant  Cornwall            
Penberthy   Mary            Domestic Servant  Cornwall            
Penberthy   Ricd. B.        Watchmaker        Cornwall            
Penberthy   Sophia          Neddlewoman       Cornwall            
Pennie      Jas.      Y     Farm Laborer      Aberdeenshire       
Petrie      Chas.     Y     Farm Laborer      Perthshire          
Price       John            Farm Laborer      Salop               
Price       Maria                             Salop               
Price       Thos.           Farm Laborer      Salop               
Procter     Robt.           Farm Laborer      Lancashire          
Purnchard   Chas. J.        Laborer           Middlesex           
Reid        James           Ploughman         Ayrshire            
Reid        John            Ploughman         Ayrshire            
Richards    Fanny           Domestic Servant  Cornwall            
Russell     Thos.     Y     Carpenter         Lanarkshire         
Sanderson   Mgt.            Domestic Servant  Antrim              
Scholefield Sarah A.     1  Domestic Servant  Lancashire          
Shearer     George          Farm Laborer      Aberdeenshire       
Shepherd    Jas.      Y  6  Ploughman         Perthshire          
Sinclair    John            Laborer           Cathness            
Sinclair    Wm.             Groom             Caithness           
Smith       Mary            Cook              Lanarkshire         
Sommerville Nathl.          Farm Laborer      Armagh              
Stewart     Daniel          Ploughman         Perthshire          
Stewart     Robt.           Ploughman         Perthshire          
Sullivan    Daniel    Y     Farm Laborer      Cork                
Symons      Emma            Domestic Servant  Cornwall            
Symons      Grace           Needlewomen       Cornwall            
Trumper     Eliza           Domestic Servant  Salop               
Trumper     Saml.     Y	  5 Laborer	      Salop
Wakelin     Wm. J.    Y     Carpenter         Middlesex           
Warner      John E.         Schoolmaster      Oxfordshire         
Watson		John	28	Farm Laborer	Yorkshire
Watson		Ann	22	
Whitta      James           Ploughman         Forfarshire         
Whittaker   Walter          Laborer           Lancashire          
Winter      John            Engineer          Durham              
Wiseman     John            Laborer           Lancashire          
Woolley     T.              Farm Laborer      Yorkshire           

Lyttelton Times, 29 April 1863, Page 5
Frederick Fisher, steward of the Huntress, was again heed at the bar, charged by Capt. Barrow with refusing to do duty, and using threatening language. The mate, J. W. FitzGerald, also proved the accused had refused to turn to and assist to work the ship when requested by him to do so, under orders from the captain.

Captain Barrow, of the ship Huntress, was charged by Louisa Fowler, one of the passengers, with committing an assault upon herself and child, by plying the hose from the fire engine upon them. Since the arrival of the ship in harbor, considerable dissatisfaction has manifested itself amongst the immigrants.
Thomas Hall, sworn: I was a passenger by the Huntress; remember the time the people were ordered on deck; Captain ordered all on deck; I had occasion to go below to fetch the things for our dinners; saw the Captain play the hose upon Mrs. Fowler and her two children.
Charles Burdett, sworn: I am a passenger by the ship Huntress; I was between decks on this occasion; I had just got my preserved potatoes for dinner; I was returning down stairs between decks from the galley to get the things for dinner; I saw the captain turn the hose on Mrs. Fowler and her children;
Mrs. H. Hockley: I am a passenger, along with my two daughters; we occupied berths on the poop. I have noticed that the captain had a great deal of trouble to get the passengers up from below, especially the married people.
Mrs. Emma Hutt, called and sworn: I am a passenger by the Huntress, and wife of Thomas Hutt;
Mrs. Margaret Marshall: I am a passenger by the Huntress; also my husband and family. I know Mrs. Fowler. I have not received any harshness from the captain or officers of the ship.
Robert Craw: I was acting constable on board the Huntress; at times I have thought the Captain was harsh with the passengers; at times, there was a difficulty to get the people up it was not always possible, especially with children, to obey the order at once; although I consider the Captain was harsh, he meant well. I had orders to have the ladders removed. On this particular day I do not think there was any particular order to be carried out below; I have been at sea before; I consider the ship was kept clean considering the crowded state she was in I think for the number of people, children especially, the space was too limited; some did obey the orders, others did not�they could not always do so; one particular part w r as dirty compared with other parts; this part was abaft the mainmast, on the starboard side, but it was on account of the confined space in this part there was considerable sickness amongst the children; the part myself and family lived in was not so confined, and could be kept cleaner; we were better treated.
The Resident Magistrate added that he considered great provocation had been given, and it was evident that a conspiracy existed amongst some of the passengers to thwart and annoy the officers and doctor at the commencement of the voyage. The ship was evidently unsuited for passengers, and was in consequence very dirty. In another charge, similar to the above, made by Jeannette Love, in which the Bench ordered the captain to pay the costs, it was admitted that the captain told the plaintiff that he had no intention to throw the water on her; it was done accidentally in handing the hose up on deck.

Another Charge op Assault. SOMMERVILLE V. CHESTER. Nathan Sommerville sworn: I am a passenger by the ship Huntress; in the single men's compartment; joined the ship on or about the 11th December; I looked over the list posted below for my name and number; I found my name on the list, but no number; I applied to the officers of the ship and the two mates; Mr. Chester put me into a berth; I was put out of this very shortly by a young man who claimed it from the time I joined the ship to the 28th February, I had three bunks, Nos. 48,57, and 45; I was turned out of them, and had to lay about on the boxes and forms; on the 1st December I applied again to the Doctor; he told me I might sleep on the boxes or forms; I replied to him that before I he left he must find me a proper place to sleep in; without doing so he left me, and I followed him to the cabin; the Doctor and Captain went below, after a few moments returned and asked for my contract ticket; I returned to the young men's place to get it I was told by the Captain that I had broken the regulations by threatening to strike the Doctor, and he intended to make an example of me Mr. Chester, the second mate, put the handcuffs on my hands I was taken forward down the forehold amongst the coals, and my hands lashed to a thick rope; I was in a stooping position, and could not lay down; I remained till seven o'clock next morning; the constable came and undid the rope, and I I was ordered to go the Captain; Chester took off the handcuffs; I did not at anytime make or offer resistance: the Captain said if I would be quiet he would not put a blur on my register ticket. Mr. Chester, second mate, stated that he was ordered by the captain to take the man down below, and also to put the hand-cuffs on him. Capt. Barrow was duly sworn, and said: I ordered the second officer to put the hand-cuffs on Summerville, because he was offensive to the doctor; I considered it my duty to do so; I heard the man had not got a place to sleep in, and as soon as I was j told of it by the doctor, I ordered the carpenter to fit one up; I asked him for his contract ticket; I believe it has not been refused to him yet. The doctor is on board attending to a sick passenger.

Desertion. �Three seamen who had deserted from the ship Huntress, received the sentence of 12 weeks imprisonment, with hard labor. One of the sailors belonging to the Roman Emperor, received a similar sentence for the same offence.

Robert Brown Craw was sworn, said: I am a passenger by the ship Huntress;

Lyttelton Times, 20 May 1863, Page 4
Sudden Death�One of the apprentices of the ship Huntress died suddenly on Monday night. It appears that he was taken ill in Christchurch, and managed to get over the hill in the afternoon about five o'clock, and was dead at ten.

Hughes family: Richard and Susannah Hughes (nee Gibson) and their children left County Down, Ireland and arrived at Lyttelton aboard the Huntress in April 1863. They settled in Kingsdown, south of Timaru. Richard was a Farmer. He died in 1880 from injuries sustained when he fell from a spring cart. He is buried in the Hughes family plot in Timaru Cemetery.

Their eldest son Robert Hughes married Sarah Pizzey (originally from Felsham, Suffolk, England) and they had eight children. Robert was a blacksmith in Geraldine and it is rumoured that Sarah ran a nursing home. They divorced in approximately 1902. Sarah moved to New Plymouth and died in 1947. Robert stayed in South Canterbury and died in 1930.

Their son Richard Hughes married Ellen Scobie and they had 5 children. Ellen Scobie emigrated with her parents and siblings from Thornliebank, Glasgow, Scotland in approximately 1880. Her parents, John Douglas and Janet Scobie (nee Ramsay) lived in Kakahu, Orari and Hilton. Very little is known about the Scobie family. Arrived in 1873 at Port Chalmers on the Michaelangelo.

Their son Herbert Hughes married Mary Graham originally of County Antrim, Ireland. They are survived by seven children who currently live in New Zealand. Information courtesy of Joy Hughes. Posted 19 August 2006, updated Sept. 2013.

William BENBOW (Chr. 14 Nov 1826 Burford, Shropshire; D. July 22, 1909 Waitohi) was the eldest son of James and Sarah nee Cumbers.   He became gardener and gatekeeper at Ludlow Castle, South Shropshire where he met, eloped to Weston, Burford and married Nov 20, 1848 Mary Paston (b. 1823c; d. May 16, 1895 Waitohi) They sailed on the "Huntress" from Plymouth with their family Ann, James, Sarah, Elizabeth and baby William. Unable to continue the journey to Timaru, severe gales forced the Captain to put in at Lyttelton. Passengers completed their journey by steamboat and were landed by surfboat. The Benbows went by bullock wagon, a journey of 1� days to stay overnight at the Arowhenua Inn and on to Temuka. Here William obtained work with the Hayhursts as their gardener and Mary was housekeeper. The children attended school at Georgetown.

William Benbow bought 20 acres in Waitohi - Kakahu area and built a sod cottage. William, Mary and Lucy were added to the family. Later a large stone house was built "Ladymoore", and the children walked the six miles over bullock tracks to Temuka. More land was added to this holding. William and Mary are buried in the Temuka Cemetery.

Benbow children -

Ann		 (1849 - 1929)	 m. William Guilford James ( 1854 - 1946) m. Alice Harriet Bishop 
Sarah		 (1855 - )	 m. 1877 Thomas Mattingley
Elizabeth	 (1858 - )	 m. Benjamin Trumper
William		 - died on voyage
William Charles  (1864 - 1921)	 m. Edith Stringer
Mary Caroline	 (1866 - 1912)	 m. William Cross
Lucy Harriot	 		 m. 1891 Daniel McInnes 

Information courtesy of Winsome Griffin.  Please contact Winsome if you have further information or would like information on the BENBOW family. Posted 25 Sept. 1999 

Note: William Robert Keay and John Alexander Keay, his brother, were sent out on the 'Huntress'  to work as farm cadets.  The Timaru Herald published a manuscript  "Extracts from the Reminiscences of  W.R. Keay" as a weekly series in 1959.  Gives an account of the voyage.  A brief extract appears in  Sherwood Downs and Beyond by Connie Rayne.  Onboard was a lifeboat for Timaru. The 'Huntress' 778 tons, sailed from Lyttelton for Callao, Peru (port of Lima) but never arrived.   The passenger list also appears in The Press, held on microfilm in the New Zealand Room at the Christchurch Public Library.

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