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J.P's in South Canterbury, N.Z. in 1896

F.R. Flatman, 1907

Transcription from the Timaru Herald online on the National Library of NZ website

Timaru Herald, 2 June 1896, Page 3
From a full list of the Commission of the Peace published in the Gazette on May 27th, We take the following names of Justices living (or supposed to live) in South Canterbury:—

J. B. A. Acland, Mount Peel
E. Acton, Pleasant Point 334
J. Anstey, Beaconsfield 1028
F. Archer, Timaru
J. H. Bamfield, Timaru
E. H. Barker, Orari
W. C. Beswick, Timaru
James Bishop, Sutherlands
R. H. Bowie, Waimataitai
A. H. Brisco, Geraldine
A. S. Bruce, St. Andrews
A. Buckley, Timaru
E. A. Chapman, Grampians
J. Craigie, Timaru
G. J. Dennistoun, Mount Peel
E. Elworthy, Timaru
G. G. FitzGerald, Timaru
F. R. Flatman, Woodbury
F. R. Gillingham, Fairlie
G. H. Graham, Waimate
J. Grand, Timaru
M. Gray, Timaru
J. Guild, Trevenna
E R. Guinness, Timaru
W. Hall-Jones, Timaru
W. J. Hardie, Hook
J. Hassell, Waimate
A. J. Hawdon, Peel Forest
A. Hayes, Waimate
J. T. M. Hayhurst, Temuka 908 909
J. Hedley, Seadown
E. Holdgate, senr. Timaru
W. M. Howe, Seadown
W. B. Howell, Totara Valley
W. G. Inman, Timaru
D. N. Inwood, Winchester
C. Jackson, Timaru
J. Jackson, Timaru
J. Jobberns, Te Moana
Moss Jonas, Timaru
P. Keddie, St Andrews
E. G. Kerr, Timaru
F. LeCren, Timaru
T. Ley, Opihi
W. H. Lundon, Waimate
George Lyall, Pareora
J. Manchester, Waimate
W.S. Maslin, Geraldine
J. McGregor, Tekapo
A. H. McLean, Fairlie
A. Mee, Pleasant Point
A. Metcalfe, Geraldine
A. Mills, Timaru
J. M. Milson, Waimate
H. W. Moore, Geraldine
G. Morton, Waimate
M. C. Orbell, Geraldine
N. O'Toole, Waihao
G. B. Parker, Otaio
H. Parker, Waitaki
R. H. Pearpoint, Geraldine
W. Pettit, Waimate
R. H. Postlethwaite, Geraldine
A. C. Pringle, Claremont
M. Quinn, Temuka
E. Richardson, Albury
W. Rolleston, Rangitata
F. W. Ruddenklau, Rangitata Island
T. R. Seddon, Fairlie
A. Sherratt, Geraldine
A. Sherratt, Timaru
J. Siegert, Fairlie
J. Sinclair, Waimate
W. U. Slack, Pleasant Valley
F. Smith, Timaru
E. G. Stericker, Timaru
D. Stowell, St. Andrews
C. A. Strack, Pleasant Point
D. Stuart, Timaru
W. P. Studholme, Hilton
J. H. Sutter, Timaru
J. Talbot, Temuka
E. F. Temple, Geraldine
T. Teschemakker, Otaio
W. McK. Thomson, Timaru
C G. Tripp, Orari Gorge
A. Turnbull, Pareora
J. M. Twomey, Temuka
L. Walker, Geraldine
A. White, Geraldine
T. H. Wigley, Timaru
J. Wilson, Fairlie
C.A. Wray, Timaru.

Evening Post, 11 December 1914, Page 4
Mr. J. Anstey (Waitaki) was born in Devonshire in 1856, and was brought up on his father's farm. He came out to Lyttelton about 1877, and for about three years found employment as a shearer, farm labourer, engine-driver, etc. In 1880 he acquired a freehold of 132 acres at Pareora (since disposed of), and in November, 1889, leased an educational reserve of 417 acres in the Beaconsfield district, where he has resided since. He has taken an active interest in the Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association, of which he has been a director for over twenty years. Mr. Anstey was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1897. He was a member of the Land Commission which was set up by the Seddon Government in 1905 to enquire into questions regarding conditions of land settlement, reading, access, etc. He was appointed to the Legislative Council in 1907, and retired in January, 1914, on the expiration of his seven years' term.

Star 12 July 1875, Page 2 Papers  Past
Justices of Peace, Canterbury.— The following South Canterbury names appear in the now Commission of the Peace, published in the General Government Gazette of July 2 :—
J. B. Ackland, Mount Peel
F. Archer, Timaru
H. Belfield, Timaru
W. C. Beswick, Timaru
E. L. Clogstoun, Mount Four Peaks
J. R. W. Cooke, Blue Cliffs Station
D.J. Dennistoun, Haldon Station
E. Elworthy, Timaru
R. G. Tisch, Geraldine
M. Gray, Ashwick
T. W. Hall, Timaru
F. J. Kimbell, Burkes Pass
H. J. LeCren, Timaru
P. B. Luxmoore, Timaru
W. K. Macdonald, Orari
AEneas M'Intosh M'Pherson, Orari
A. Ormsby, Timaru
C.S. Perring, Timaru
John Rochfort, Timaru
P. H. Russell, Timaru
W. U. Slack, Orari
W. C. Smith, Mackenzie country
E. G. Stericker, Timaru
M. Studholme, Waimate
R. G. D. Tosswill, Timaru
E. Wakefield, Timaru
F. H. M. Walker, Saltwater Creek
L. Walker, Four Peaks
C. D. R. Ward, Timaru
B. Woollcombe, Timaru

Timaru Herald, 17 June 1880, Page 8
Vitas Statistics. During the month of May, 30 births, 3 marriages, and 8 deaths were registered at the Timaru office.
New Justices. The following gentlemen resident in South Canterbury have been appointed Justices of the Peace for New Zealand :
Edward Acton, Pleasant Point
George Barclay, Geraldine
Samuel Delabere Barker, Temuka
Arthur Joseph Hawdon, Peel Forest
Frederick Le Cren, Timaru
William Jukes Steward, Waimate
Andrew Turnbull, Pareora.

Timaru Herald, 12 June 1883, Page 3 COMMISSION OF THE PEACE.
A list of the Justices of the Peace of the colony appears in a Gazette of the 6th inst. The following names of South Canterbury gentlemen appear therein:-
Acland, J. B. A., Mount Peel
Acton, E., Pleasant Point
Archer, F., Timaru
Barclay, G., Geraldine
Barker, F. H., Winchester
Barker, S.D..Temuka
Belfield, H., Timaru
Beswick, J. S., Timaru
Beswick, W. C., Timaru
Bradshaw, J., St. Andrews
Chapman, E. A., Mackenzie Country
Clark, H. M., Timaru
Cooper, E., Peel Forest
Cox, A., Temuka
Dennistoun, G. J., Haldon Station
Elworthy, E, Timaru
Ensor, A. W., Temuka
Fendall, W. C., Washdyke
Fish, R., Geraldine
Fisher, T., Timaru
Gray, M., Ashwick
Hall, T. W., Timaru
Hawdon, A. J., Peel Forest
Hennah, H. H., Timaru
Inman, W. G., Timaru
Inwood, W.G., Winchester
Kerr, E. G., Timaru
LeCren, F., Timaru
LeCren, H. J., Timaru
Lovegrove, G. F., Waimate
Manchester, J., Waimate
McGregor, J., Tekapo
McKerrow, J. C., Timaru
Ormsby, A., Timaru
Parker, G. B., Otaio
Parker, H., Waitangi
Raine, J. H., Sherwood Downs
Russell. P. H., Timaru
Slack, W. U., Geraldine
Smith, W. C., Haldon Station
Stackpoole, G. C., Waimate
Stericker, E. G., Timaru
Steward, W. J., Waimate
Studholme, M., Waimate
Sutter, J. H., Timaru
Sutton, J. A. Akaterawa Station
Talbot, J., Temuka
Temple, E. F., Geraldine
Teschemaker, T., Otaio
Tripp, C. G., Orari Gorge
Turnbull, A., Pareora
Wakefield, E., Timaru
Walker, L., Geraldine
Walker, W. C., Mount Possession
Ward, C. D. R., Timaru
Wigley, T. H., Timaru
Woollcombe, B., Timaru.

Otago Witness,  26 February 1902, Page 18
WELLINGTON, February 20,
The following persons have been appointed justices the peace .—John Brunt, Christchurch ; Andrew Carter, Makikihi; David De Maus, Port Chalmers ; William Dixon, Fairlie ; Charles Duke, Waikouaiti; Daniel Durbridge, Riverton ; James Copland, Gore : Claud Ferrier, Lyttelton; John Halfield, Sydenham; John Hole, Timaru.  


Evening Post, 23 September 1909, Page 7
A considerable addition to the rank of New Zealand Justices of the Peace will be gazetted this evening. The list divided into districts, is as follows: Canterbury
J. Black, Waimate
J. Fraser, Lyalldale, Waimate
J. Gibson, Temuka
J. Henderson, Esk Valley
J J McKeowen, Springbrook, Waimate
R. Macaulay, Milford, Temuka
J McInnes, Winchester, Geraldine
M. O'Connor, Pleasant Point
W. B. North, Geraldine
N. O'Toole, Fairlie
W. Priest, Timaru
J. Rothwell, Timaru
H. S. Russell, Timaru
A. Heckler, Waikouaiti, Otago

J. Bradley (Timaru)
T. D. Burnett (Balmoral)
S. Fraser (Timaru)
A. Garland (Waimate)
T. Hamilton (Ikawai)
T. Hawkey (Timaru)
J. Kennedy (Geradline)
W. Lindsay (Studholme Junction)
D. Maxwell (Cave)
D. McInnes (Temuka)
P. Mulvihill (Geraldine)
G. Murray (Glentanner)
W. Priest (Care)
F. H. Smith (Albury)
T. Smith (Mawharo)
G. Stonver (Cave)
P. Wareing (Temuka)
J. Withers (Southbrook)
T. Young (Timaru),
C. Pilkington (Fairlie)

Press, 2 June 1916, Page 6
New Canterbury Appointments. Wellington, June 1. The following justices of tho Peace for the Canterbury district are gazetted:
H. E. Gapper, Temuka
George Hancox, Temuka
Thomas Howlev, Timaru
C. E. Kerr, Cave
J. R. Lock, Fairlie
Ernest MncDonald, Fairlie
James McKwan, Cave
J. McGregor, Fairlie
George A. Shirwin. Fairlie
Robert Skinner, Geraldine
Thos. Tilbrook, Temuka  

Press, 30 July 1937, Page 12 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE New Appointments
G. W. Armitage (Fairlie)
A. Bisdee (Temuka)
T. L. Bussell (Temuka
W. Close (Fairlie)
G. H. Dennistoun (Geraldine)
Y. R. Howes (Albury)
M. C. Lysons (Waiho Gorge)
H G. Naylor (Timaru)
P. E. Neilson (Falrlie)
A. Hayes (Waimate
L. Pavletich (Waimate)
W. Te Maiharoa (Waimate)
B. C. Wilson (Timaru)
C. W. Wood (Timaru)
A. H. Yarrow (Waimate West)

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Timaru Herald, 18 July 1888, Page 4
A reporter who attended a banquet concluded his description with the candid statement that "it is not distinctly remembered by anybody present who made the last speech."

Jury duty began in New Zealand on 23 December 1841. The jury rolls include all individuals who were qualified and liable to serve as jurors – that is every male, British subject between the ages of 21 and 60 who resided in New Zealand.
Any man who had been convicted of treason, a felony or perjury shall (unless he had received a free pardon) be prohibited from serving on any jury. Exempted from Jury Service were:
•members of the legislative Council
•anyone holding office by appointment of His Excellency The Governor
•Judges of any Court
•ministerial officers
•officers in Her Majesty's army or navy full pay
•clergymen priests and ministers of religion
•barristers and solicitors actually practising
•physicians and surgeons and apothecaries in actual practice
•all licensed pilots; and
•masters of vessels actually employed in the service of the Government.