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Early South Canterbury, N.Z. trained Registered Nurses

Lil was probably 25 when this photo was taken. The aprons style didn't change much over 75 years, just got a bit shorter.

Until 1904 most midwives received no formal training and learned on the job. Government concern about high maternal and infant mortality rates led to the Midwives Registration Act 1904. Midwives were trained at seven St Helens hospitals throughout the country,

Lilly Anne Worthington was born in 1884 at Waitohi Flat. She trained at St. Helen's Hospital in Christchurch graduating a midwife in 1910, third in N.Z. and 1st in her class.  She worked at St. Bethune's, Christchurch. She practiced  nine years of nursing, married in 1912, had nine children from Feb. 1913 to March 1927, the last three were born at the Maternity Hospital in Fairlie. Died in 1973, age 89 years in Timaru. Buried in the Timaru Cemetery. Her sister, May, also trained as a midwife in the first intake of nurses at St. Helen's Hospital, Christchurch, 1909. May was a nurse in the Maternity Home in Waimate. Later did private nursing around Harewood and Christchurch. She went into partnership with a Mrs Smith and had the Malvern Maternity Home (a brick building) in Ashburton, about 1914-1918, and came home to nurse members of her family who had influenza. Their brother Edward died in 1918 at the age of 31 from the influenza caught at the Christchurch Show.

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 31 May 1912, Page 2
Mr S. P. Bray, late of the Morico Settlement, Puaha, and now a resident of South Canterbury, is to be married to Nurse Worthington at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Papanui, to-day.

Kai Tiaki: the Journal of the Nurses of New Zealand

At examinations for the State Registration of Nurses, under "The Nurses' Registration Act," 1901, the following South Canterbury candidates were successful. Registered N.Z. General Nurses unless stated partially pass or  Midwifery exam passed.

Name Date in Magazine Hospital - trained at Partial Exam Passed /  or Midwifery passed
Aiken, Adeline Robina January 1918 Timaru  
Allan, Frances M. January 1927 Timaru Medical
Allan, Frances Marion July 1926 Timaru (3) Surgical and Oral
Arnold, Harriet January 1917 Timaru Midwifery
Barron, Nora January 1908 Timaru  
Bassett, Lois G. January 1927 Timaru  
Beauchamp, E. July 1912 Timaru  
Blackmore, Amy  (R.N.) January 1926 Timaru Midwifery
Bowie, Lucy July 1910 Timaru RN Midwifery
Breeze, Violet E. July 1917 Timaru  
Christie, Margaretta P. January 1927 Timaru  
Cookson, Lily July 1923 Waimate  
Craig, Rena M., January 1927 Timaru  
Cromie, Gladys W. July 1926 Timaru Oral exam
Davy, Agnes January 1916 Timaru  
Deans, Elsie Jane July 1917 Timaru  
Donohue, Lily March 1919 Timaru  
Eaden, Davina January 1927 Ashburton and Timaru  
Evans, Mabel January 1921 Timaru  
Falla, Mary July 1913 Timaru  
Farrell, Helen July 1924 Waimate and Timaru  
Fox, Vera A. January 1927 Ashburton  
Galloway, Myrtle January 1911 Timaru  
Gardner, Jemima July 1924 Waimate  
Geddes, M. July 1912 Timaru  
Gilmour, Irene January 1916 Timaru  
Hamilton, Ellen July 1915 Timaru  
Jones, Margaret S. A. July 1923 Waimate  
Kaye, Esther July 1926 Timaru 50% and over
Kaye, Margaret July 1926 Timaru 75% and over
Keller, A. April 1919 Timaru  
Laffey, Teresa H. July 1922 Waimate and Dunedin  
Leslie, Grace July 1922 Timaru  
Lewis, Grace M. July 1922 Waimate  
Lindsay, Bessie July 1926 Timaru Surgical and Oral
Lindsay, Bessie January 1927 Timaru Medical
Lochhead, Robina January 1914 Timaru  
Manchester, Hazel July 1924 Waimate  
Manson, Muriel J. January 1922 Timaru  
Miller, Amy July 1922 Waimate and Dunedin  
Maxwell, Helen January 1922 Timaru Oral exam
McAllister, Ruby G. July 1923 Timaru  
MacLellan, Matilda July 1915 Timaru  
McHaffie, Dorothy January 1916 Timaru  
McKeague, Clara B. January 1916 Timaru  
M'Kenzie, Elsie July 1913 Timaru  
Mercer, Evelyn July 1924 Ashburton  
Miller, Amy July 1922 Timaru  
Millar, Letitia July 1913 Timaru  
Morton, Ada July 1924 Timaru Midwifery 1926
Nicol, Annie July 1917    
Nicholas, O. July 1916 Timaru  
Noonan, Kathleen January 1908 Timaru  
Oliver, May Grace July 1916 Timaru  
O'Meara, Janic T. July 1923 Dunedin and Timaru  
Rawlings, Beryl  July 1913 Timaru  
Richardson, Elie   Timaru  
Ritchie,  Margaret July 1913 Timaru  
Sanders, Jessie C January 1927 Timaru Medical
Saunders, L. Ivy March 1919 Timaru  
Scott E. E. July 1923 Dunedin and Timaru Medical
Scott, Isabella   Timaru  
Searall, Alice   Timaru  
Sinclair, Isabel W. January 1922 Timaru Oral exam
Smith, Williamina January 1922 Waimate Oral exam
Squire, Eva January 1922 Timaru  
Stewart, Torrance (R.N.) January 1926 Timaru Midwifery
Sutherland, Isabella January 1914 Timaru  
Sutherland, Jean July 1917 Timaru Midwifery
Taine, Elaine January 1917 Timaru  
Taylor, Winifred M. July 1924 Timaru  
Templer, Marjorie 1914 Timaru  
Thompson, Doris   Timaru  
Todd, Jean   Wellington Matron at Timaru
Trapski, Margaretta July 1926 Timaru 50% and over
Trott, Violet July 1915 Waimate  
Walker, Constance May   Timaru  
Watts, Dona July 1923 Dunedin and Timaru partial pass
Wedd, Nancy July 1923 Timaru partial pass
Wilkes, Clara January 1916 Waimate  
Williams, Katherine Sybil January 1921 Timaru  
Wilson, Dorothy E. July 1926 Timaru 50% and over
Wilson, Elizabeth July 1909 Timaru Medical and Surgical


July 1908, Page 90
Mrs. Henry Meecham, of Fairview (Nurse Parlane, of Timaru Hospital), had a son last May.

January 1909, Page 33
Nurse Rosamund Bailey is now private nursing in Timaru.

October 1916, Page 245
Sister McHaffie, late of Timaru, Hospital, has been appointed Native Health Nurse for the Bay of Islands district, and will shortly take up her duties.

April 1919, Page 97 Births
Mrs. Stewart (T. M. Rutherford of Timaru Hospital) has notified the birth of her son on February 8th. Her husband returned on the "Athenic " on March 21st.

April 1920
At St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, on 9th December, 1919, the marriage took place of Captain Aubrey Martin Clarke, O.B.E., late 7th Gloucester Regiment, son of the late John H. Clarke and Mrs. Clarke, of Amherst House, Clifton Park, Bristol, to Evelyn, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Robinson, of Timaru. During the four years of the war the bride had been nursing m Dunedin Hospital, where she completed her training last May, and arrived m England m the beginning of August.

April 1920, Page 97
Nurse Minnie Westneat, of Hastings, H.B., was married on 25th February to Mr. J. Ellery, of Timaru.

April 1922, Page 91 Birth
On June 11th, 1921, at Timaru, to Mrs. Ellery (nee Nurse Westneat) — a daughter.

January 1923, Page 39
A very pretty evening wedding took place at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, on October ?5th ; when Sister Elsie Geraldine Finch was married by the Ven. Archdeacon Julius, to Mr. Leonard Honeyfield, of Patea. The bride, who was given away by Col. Mackenzie, of Geraldine, looked charming in a frock of white satin trimmed with silver Egyptian embroidery and draped sleeves of eire lace, a beautiful Brussels lace veil arranged mob cap style and caught at the sides with orange blossom. She carried an ivory Prayer Book with white satin streamers. Miss Honeyfield, the chief bridesmaid, wore a frock of apricot marocaine, beautifully embroidered m bronze beads and a hat en suite, her posy being of polyanthus. Sister Gr. Fraser looked charming m a mauve charmeuse trimmed with silver lace, black tulle hat with silver and mauve and posy of anemones. Mr. Hugh Besley, Patea, was best man, and Mr. Donald Mackenzie (Geraldine) groomsman. A reception- was afterwards held m the Stafford Tea Rooms. Mrs. Mackenzie, who received the guests, wore a charming jade crepe-de-chine frock, black Spanish lace scarf, black hat and handsome jet ornament. Mrs. Bradmore (sister of bridegroom) nigger and white striped stockingette, brown hat; Miss Mackenzie, pretty powder blue [georgette frock embroidered m beads, black hat ; Miss J. Mackenzie (Nurse J. McLeod) looked charming in blue satin with salmon hat to match; Sister N. Scott (Dunedin) lovely frock of mole velvet, hat en suite; Sister M. Geddes (Waimate) smart creme costume, lace leghorn hat, handsome fruit trimming; Mrs. Montgomery (Christchurch), Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. A. Shirtcliffe, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Mackenzie, Mr. and the Misses McLeod, Mr. and Miss Holdgate, Misses Allpress, and Master Mackenzie were among the guests. The bride travelled m a smart peacock blue costume with, hat of peacock feathers.

July 1923, Page 137
Nurses Brunton and Mackay, trained at Timaru Hospital, were appointed sisters in the Riverton Hospital in February.

April 1923, Page 85
Sister Emily Mitchell, late N.Z.A.N.S., is now Mrs. Guild, and residing in Temuka.

October 1924, Page 175 Obituary
On the 28th of August, 1924, at Timaru, Nurse Frances Henderson (late of Waimate). It might truthfully be said of Mrs. Henderson that she was the "ideal nurse." Unsparing of herself and untiring m her zeal, she gave to her patients her very best and was loved and respected by all. She was obliged to give up her hospital on account of her health, and died m her sister's home at Timaru, after a long and painful illness which she bore with characteristic patience and unselfishness. She was buried m Waimate, and on the following Sunday a memorial service was held m St. Augustine's Church, when Canon Cocks chose for his text: "Let her own works praise her in the gates and closed his address with these words: ' Farewell, Frances Henderson ! May many years pass before your name is forgotten, and may the seed of unselfish service sown by you grow and blossom m the generations that are to come, so that though your name may be forgotten on earth, God will recognise a great multitude who are the spiritual children of that ideal of service which marked your life among us!" Mrs. Henderson received her training in the Dunedin Hospital, and will always be affectionately remembered by those who trained with her. She had spent 17 years m the Waimate district, m her noble task of tending to the sick and distressed. She was of similar calibre to Dr. Cruickshank, to whose memory a public memorial has been erected to commemoRosamond Bailey. Kai Tiaki: the Journal of the Nurses of New Zealand April 1926, Page 92rate her good deeds. The large number who attended the good nurse's funeral demonstrated the affection in which she was held.

April 1925, Page 99
Sister Florence Mastin, trained at Timaru, and recently on the staff at Wairau Hospital, has been appointed as Sister-in-charge at Fairlie, South Canterbury.
Miss Finlayson, matron of Timaru Hospital, who has been away on leave, owing to ill health, has now returned to duty.
Nurse Marsden, trained at St. Helen's, Wellington, and late sub-matron at the Maternity Hospital, Ashburton, is now taking her general training at Timaru Hospital. She has been spending part of her first annual leave camping with her brother.

July 1925, Page 145 Obituary
The many friends of Mrs. Burch, A.R.R.C. (Sister Isabella Scott), will regret to hear of her death in Auckland after several months illness. Mrs. Burch was trained in the Timaru Hospital, and at the Forth St. Maternity Hospital Dunedin, and was on the staff of the Dunedin Hospital for some years as

The death of Nurse Jessie Herbert in the Auckland Hospital from meningitis on the 15th February was importunately omitted from the April number. Nurse Herbert had obtained her midwifery certificate at the Kawa Kawa Hospital and was going through her general training. Her death was greatly regretted by her fellow nurses sister and theatre sister. She was on active service with the N.Z.A.N.S. from April 1915, to June 1920, and was matron of the Returned Soldiers Hospital at Timaru for a year or so.

Kai Tiaki: the Journal of the Nurses of New Zealand April 1926, Page 92 Obituary
The death occurred on April 7th of Nurse Doris Thompson, trained at Timaru Hospital. It was very sudden, though after a long illness. Nurse Thompson will be much missed, her nursing ability and pleasing personality making her a great favourite with patients and fellow-nurses.

July 1926, Page 143
It is three years on 10th July since Mrs. Oscar Timme passed away, better known in New Zealand as Nurse Rosamond Bailey, daughter of Colonel Bailey, for many years well-known in Timaru. She trained under the late Miss Payne at Wellington Hospital. After completing her course, she went to England, there gaining her Maternity Certificate in Dublin. Later she married and made her home at Golders Green, London, where she died from pneumonic influenza.

October 1926, Page 181 Marriage
HORSFIELD— WALKER. A wedding of much interest was solemnised at St. Andrew's Church, Livingstone, South Africa, on Wednesday, July 21st, when Miss Constance May Walker was married to Mr. J. E. Horsfield by the Rev. J. Adams. The bride, who has done three years' private nursing m Rhodesia, came to this country from Nydia Bay, Pelorus Sound, Marlborough, New Zealand. Sister Walker was trained at the Timaru Hospital. The bridegroom is well-known to many Rhodesians, as he has spent 24 years in Rhodesia, for part of which time he resided in Livingstone. Mr. and Mrs. Horsfield are to make their future home at Bwana M'Kubwa, in Northern Rhodesia.

January 1927, Page 43 Farewell and Presentation
On October 23rd the past and present St. Helen's nurses gathered together to farewell their matron, Miss Stubbs, who after 22 years of nursing service is retiring into private life in Timaru. During the afternoon the nurses presented their matron with a beautiful bouquet of sweet peas, and Dr. McGibbon, on behalf of the nurses, in a very appreciative speech, made a presentation of an electric percolator, kettle, and reading lamp, with all best wishes of the nurses in a peaceful and happy retirement. Miss Stubbs, on rising to reply, was greeted with lusty cheers, and the singing of "For she's a jolly good fellow" brought to a close a very happy afternoon.

July 1928, Page 126
Nurse Isabel Sinclair, R.N., trained at Timaru Hospital and St. Helens, Invercargill, being first for Dominion.

October 1928, Page 200 MARRIAGE
On September 11th, at 7 p.m., Miss Erica McClatchie was married to Mr. F. Witthal. Much interest was shown by the number of nurses, relatives and wellwishers of the bride and bridegroom, who came to see them united, and shower confetti. At the later function, in the Winter Gardens, the officiating clergyman, Mr, Bower Black, in proposing a toast, humorously referred to two great events on that day. One was the arrival of the Tasman flyers and the other the wedding ceremony he had just performed. Mrs. Witthal's present address is: Upper Gordon Valley, Bluecliffs, Timaru.

October 1928, Page 200
Sister Muir, of Timaru Hospital, is married to Mr. Ross Robertson, of Clyde, Cromwell.

Kai Tiaki : the journal of the nurses of New Zealand, Volume XXII, Issue 4, November 1929, Page 156
The death of Sister Jean Todd, which took place in August, in Masterton, was a great shock to her many friends. Although never strong, she had been in better health till an attack of influenza caused her death. Sister Jean, as she was always affectionately known, was trained at the Wellington Hospital, and was Matron of Timaru Hospital. Later she was Secretary of the Wellington Branch of the N.Z.T.N.A., and assisted with "Kai Tiaki," residing at the Club. She was beloved by the many nurses who passed through there, as well as by those with whom she trained and those she trained at Timaru. Great sympathy is felt for her sister, Nurse Ida Todd.

Kai Tiaki : the journal of the nurses of New Zealand, Volume XXII, Issue 4, November 1929, Page 156
Sister Elie Richardson, late N.Z.A.N.S., passed away on 22nd September, at a private hospital in Wellington. She had been in bad health for some time and her many friends could not have wished her to linger on a hopeless invalid. She was trained at the Timaru Hospital, and took her Plunket training at Karitane, after acting as a Plunket nurse. When the Great War broke out she volunteered at once, and was sent away on the hospital ship Braeama. She afterwards worked at Trentham, and during the influenza epidemic worked devotedly until she herself contracted the disease and was very ill. Later she went to a sister in America, where she nursed for a time before returning to New Zealand. Her sweet unselfish disposition endeared her to all who knew her, and she will be much missed.


April 1909, Page 69
On the eve of her departure for Christchurch, Nurse Cruden, Matron of the Waimate Hospital, was entertained by the staff of the Hospital at a social on Friday evening, (29th January). The orchestra was present, Father Aubrey being conductor.

October 1921, Page 213
Nurse Gillwheiller, trained at Waimate Hospital, is now Mrs. Logan, of Waimate, having been married on July 12th, at Knox Church, Waimate.

July 1928, Page 144
Miss M. Cochrane, Waimate, was married on March 14th to Mr. Daniels, Christchurch. Miss Cochrane was trained at Ashburton Hospital and has been on the staff of the Nurses' Club, Christchurch, and also at Reefton Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels leave for England early in April.

January 1917, Page 61
Miss Bird, of Waimate, and recently Matron of Taumarunui Hospital, has resigned that position, and on account of her approaching marriage to Mr. Laird, Chairman of the Hospital Committee.

July 1917, Page 181
Laird — Bird. On April 7th, 1917, at the residence of the bride's parents, Waimate, South Canterbury, by the Rev. E. T. King, Charlotte M. Bird to Alexander S. Laird, of Taumarunui. Previous to leaving the hospital the nurses entertained Miss Bird at an evening at the Nurses' Home, and presented her with a silver egg cruet. The doctor made the presentation. Mrs. Macknight and Miss Laird also gave afternoon, tea parties to the bride.

January 1925, Page 43
To Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Anderson (nee Hamilton,) a son, Allan Malcolm, born on 10th May, at Waimate.

July 1929, Page 142 MARRIAGES.
Miss A. Holland, trained at Waimate Hospital, is now Mrs. 11. Englefield.
Miss C. Trotter, trained at Waimate Hospital, is now Mrs. T, Robertson, Milton.
Miss W. Graham, trained at Waimate Hospital, was recently married to Mr. S.L. Black Hunter.
Miss M. Hiskens, also trained also trained at Waimate Hospital, is now Mrs. T. Holmes, Hook.

November 1929, Page 224
Sister W. Smith, of Waimate, who has been a popular Sister at Patea Hospital for three years, was farewelled at the Nurses' Home at a Bridge Evening.

January 1925, Page 48
Nurse Lewis, of Waimate General Hospital, and St. Helens, Invercargill, is now School Nurse in Southland.

April 1923, Page 72
Opening of Tennis Court, Waimate Hospital
The sun, which has not been good to us this summer, excelled itself for the official opening of the Nurses' Tennis Court, on Thursday, March 1. The court, the cost of which has been defrayed by public subscription, fills a long- felt want on the part of the Nursing Staff, and is a decided adjunct to our pretty Nurses' Home. Dr. Pitts, Medical Superintendent, on behalf of the Matron and Staff, thanked all those who had so generously contributed, and also Dr. T. W. Wylie, to whose efforts the accomplishment of the court is perhaps wholly due. Mr. Tweedy replied on behalf of the subscribers, and Mr. Geddis, Chairman of the Hospital Committee, after a brief speech, declared the court open, the first ball being thrown over the net by Mrs. Geddis. The Matron, Miss Nicol, then entertained the guests to afternoon tea, whilst the more practised displayed their skill at the net. Though the season is somewhat advanced, we may still look forward to some play during Canterbury's bright winter days, while the trainees of tennis seasons to come may indeed consider themselves lucky, and I trust that they will sometimes pause to call the givers of their court blessed.


July 1915, Page 156
Sister Norah McAllum was married to Dr. Farquhar Matheson, on July 10th, 1915. Her future home will be in Fairlie.

January 1917, Page 61 Birth
MATHESON — On October 25th, 1916, to Doctor and Mrs. Farquhar Matheson, Fairlie, South Canterbury, a son.

January 1921, Page 49
Sister Isabella Munro is now at the private hospital, Fairlie.

October 1922, Page 197
Miss Sim, appointed Sister in Charge of the new little Cottage Hospital for Maternity and Emergency Cases at Fairlie, has been obliged, from family reasons, to resign. Nurse Ivy Spittle, trained at Invercargill Hospital, and at St. Helens, Invercargill, has been appointed Sister in Charge.
    Miss Lindsay, Matron of Waimate Hospital, who has been on extended leave on account of illness in her family, has been obliged to resign her position, though offered indefinite leave by the Committee.
    Miss Kathleen Davies, A. R.R.C, has been appointed matron of Dr Moore' s Private Hospital, at Napier. Miss Davies was one of the first fifty nurses to go on active service during the great war, and served throughout, afterwards being matron of the Military Hospital at Timaru. Miss Davies was trained at the Christchurch Hospital.

January 1923, Page 48
Staff Nurse Spittle, who gained her midwifery certificate at St. Helen's, Invercargill, is now Sister-in-Charge Fairlie Hospital.

January 1929, Page 45
Miss Jessie Ewart, late Matron of Southland Hospital, arrived from a prolonged stay in England on January 9th. She went south to join her brother, Dr. Ewart and his daughters at Fairlie.

April 1925, Page 99
Sister Florence Mastin, trained at Timaru, and recently on the staff at Wairau Hospital, has been appointed as Sister-in-charge at Fairlie, South Canterbury.
    Nurse Marsden, trained at St. Helen's, Wellington, and late sub-matron at the Maternity Hospital, Ashburton, is now taking her general training at Timaru Hospital. She has been spending part of her first annual leave camping with her brother.

July 1925, Page 155
Nurse Amy Miller, R.N., and St. Helens Hospital, Midwifery, is at present an invalid at her home at Fairlie, and likely to have to stay in bed for 12 months.

July 1929, Page 144
Miss Maslin, R.N.R.M., who has recently resigned the Matronship of the Fairlie Hospital after four years' service, is now relieving Miss Munro (Matron of Malvern Hospital) Ashburton, who is having three months' leave to enable her to have a trip to the Islands.


April 1927, Page 100
The engagement is announced from Belgium of Miss Doris Finch, late of Geraldine, to Mr. Alexander Lyle, of Antwerp.

July 1912, Page 88
Nurse Broad has been taking temporary charge of a private hospital recently opened in Geraldine. Miss Warnock, late sub-matron at St. Helens Hospital, has taken over the charge of this private hospital from the ladies by whom it was established in Geraldine, for the benefit of the settlers in that district. Miss Warnock has had three months' leave of absence from St. Helens Hospital on account of her health.


Evening Post, 11 January 1909, Page 8 NURSES' EXAMINATION.
MIDWIFERY. The following candidates have passed the State examination in midwifery, and are now eligible for registration under the Midwives Act : C. Smith (St. Helens, Auckland), equal with Worthington (St. Helens, Christchurch)

January 1909, Page 18 State Examinations
The examination of the midwives trained in the State Maternity Hospitals, the Medical School Maternity Hospitals, and those institutions authorised to train in conjunction with lectures at the St. Helens Hospitals, was held on 3rd and 4th of December. Twenty-four candidates came up for examination, and twenty-two passed including M. Worthington, St. Helens, Christchurch.

Evening Post, 8 June 1910, Page 8 MIDWIFERY EXAMINATIONS.
The State examination of pupil nurses trained under The Midwives Act was held in Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland, and Christchurch on 1st and 2nd June, and the following candidates passed. (Their names appear in order of merit) :
Sarah Warnock, St. Helens Hospital, Wellington 
Lucy Barker, St. Helena Hospital, Auckland 
Lily Worthington, St. Helens Hospital, Christchurch

July 1909, Page 95
State examination of nurses in Medical and Surgical work took place on the 9th and 10th of June. Passed:
Elizabeth Wilson, Timaru Hospital
Margaret Geaney, Timaru Hospital,
Mary Correll, Timaru Hospital
Ethel Harris, Timaru Hospital
Ethel Sievewright, Timaru

July 1927, Page 161 Midwifery
Eaden, Davina, R.N., Timaru Hospital.
Hiskins, Marianne, R.N., Timaru Hospital.
Schroder, Mabel, Waimate Hospital.
Nash, Rita Maude, Waimate Hospital.
Scott, Eleanor, Timaru Hospital
Taylor, Mary E., Timaru Hospital
Wheatley, Iris K., Waimate Hospital
Williams, Margaret D

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1915s uniform

Aunt May Worthington with Rissa in 1925. Looks like a christening gown.

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