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 Lych-gates: through and through in South Canterbury, N.Z.
A photographic tour in August - September 2010. There are were only five now there is six (2017).

A lich-gate or lych-gate is a roof gateway or arch, usually found at the entrance to a church. It is an English convention where the coffin may be left to wait the clergyman's arrival.

Otago Daily Times 28 February 1868, Page 4
Otago Witness 12 November 1870, Page 1
In Kent and Sussex, particularly, and possibly in some other parts of England, the principal entrance to many of the churchyards is ornamented by a very picturesque roofed gate. They consist of a sloping, or penthouse roof, tiled with red pantiles [pan tiles - are the classically curved orange ceramic interlocking roof tiles], the framework massive and supported with strong posts. It was the "Lichgate;" the place within which the coffin was rested, while the mourners went on to the church, and listened to so much of the service for the burial of the dead, as, according to the ritual of the Church of England, was to be read within the Church. Often, there was a road across the centre of the village green, to the "Lich-gate," along which funerals always passed. It was the "Lich-way," and was hallowed ground. A road to the church of greater length, and hedged on both sides, was called a Lich-lane. Drayton, a poet whose writings were now but little read, said — The shrieking litch-owl, that doth never cry... 

On Craigie Ave, at the Sacred Heart Basilica. It is called the Sacred Heart Sister's Calvary memorial, a memorial to the Sacred Heart nuns. It was relocate here from the Convent grounds in 1934 where it had stood for thirty years.

"Has an early look." The roof is developing a little sag.
The lich gateway at the Timaru Cemetery on Domain Ave.  

Craighead Chapel - permission needs to be obtain before visiting.

The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden lych-gate. The designed by Sir Miles Warren and is very similar to the St. Augustine Church, Waimate entryway.

Lychgate at the entrance to The Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden, Caroline Bay, Sept. 2010. hoto by M.T.   St. Augustine, Waimate belfry and entrance, Nov. 2010..
Down on the bay. The orange roof to the right is the old Hydro Grand.

South Canterbury's latest lych-gate is at the entrance on Huffy St., to the Geraldine Cemetery. Photo taken 16 March 2017 by MT. It is beautiful complements the cemetery very well.


Other gateways - archways :

The Bowker Gateway, on Otipua Road is an entrance to the Scenic Reserve.
The Caroline Bay Viaduct is also a gateway made from the local bluestone.
A memorial archway to those of WW1, is located down at the main entrance to the Waimate Gardens, Victoria Park. Corner of Queen St. & Tennant St.
Patiti Point
St. Augustine Church at Waimate also has a lich-gate built in 1902 made from native timber. The entranceway at the church is a similar design to the Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden lychgate.

St. Augustine Church at Waimate. Photo taken 2010 by M.
Made of native timber. The stone is Arno limestone.

Evening Post, 7 October 1902, Page 5
Waimate, 6th October. The foundation stone of the new Catholic Church at Makikihi was laid on Sunday afternoon by Bishop Grimes. Mr. Nicholas Quinn gave the site and £200 towards the cost of erection. The collection of the ceremony amounted to £184. A lych gate was dedicated at St. Augustine's Church on Sunday by the vicar, the Rev. McKenzie Gibson. The gate, which is a handsome and substantial structure, was erected by Mrs. [Effie] Studholme in memory of her late husband, Mr. Michael Studholme, and her eldest and youngest sons, Michael Cuthbert and Geoffrey. Mr. Hurst Seager, of Christchurch, was the architect.

The bell tower was added in 1903 as a a memorial to Ruth the wife of Norton Francis. Ruth was the youngest daughter of Michael and Effie Studholme was also designed by Samuel Hurst Seager.

Lich gates are found in CHCH.

Barbadoes Street Cemetery
St. Peter's

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