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South Canterbury Branch Members Surname Interests

List of Surnames our Members are Researching

If anyone would like to find out who is researching these names please contact Carole Cowan South Canterbury Branch of Genealogists. homepage 745 names.  List updated 29 August 2016.  Best viewed with MS IE. 

SURNAME	 COUNTRY	 County Town		 Date

ADAIR 		SCOTLAND 	Glasgow 		pre1851 
AIRD 		SCOTLAND 	Inverness 		1800s 
ALLAN 		IRELAND 	Tipperary 		abt 1847
ALLCHURCH 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Millo	1880s
ALLEN 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Gwennap 	pre1870 
ARCHBOLD 	ENGLAND 	Northumberland Chatton 	1730-1850 
ARCHBOLD 	ENGLAND 	Northumberland Cornhill-on-Tweed pre1740 
ARMSTRONG 	SCOTLAND 	Dumfries Middlebie 	1780+ 
ARTHUR 		SCOTLAND 	West Lothian Bathgate 	1820 
AULESBROOK 	ENGLAND 	Leicestershire 		1800s 


BAIN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Oamaru 		1860+ 
BAIN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Ikawa 	1860+ 
BAIN 		SCOTLAND 	Berweckshire Greenlaw 	1790+ 
BAIN 		SCOTLAND 	Galashields 		1700-1800s 
BAKER 		ENGLAND 	Suffolk 		All
BALL 		ENGLAND 	Derbyshire 		pre1860 
BARRETT 	CHANNEL IS 	Jersey 			1837 
BARRETT 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall St Austell 	1850+ 
BARRETT 	ENGLAND 	Hampshire Portsea 	1850s 
BARRETT 	ENGLAND 	Surrey Vauxhall 	1870s 
BARRETT 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1875+ 
BARRETT 	NEW ZEALAND 	Wellington 		1891+ 
BARROWMAN 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Tollcross, Glasgow All 
BASTIAN 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Eaglehawk 	pre1890 
BASTIAN 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall Gwennap 	pre1850 
BAYLY 		ENGLAND 	Hants 			1800s 
BEACH		 NEW ZEALAND 	Hawkes Bay Napier 	c1853+
BEARD 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire 	1720+ 
BEER 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Membury 	1700-1900 
BEGG 		SCOTLAND 	Banff 			abt 1740
BEGG 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire 		pre 1780
BELL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1900s 
BELL 		SCOTLAND 	Angus Dundee 		1830-1930 
BELL 		SCOTLAND 	Berwick Hutton,Edrom,Duns pre1800 
BELL 		SCOTLAND 	Perthshire Forgandenny 1800-1850 
BETHEL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Auckland 		c 1863+
BIGGAR 		STH AFRICA 	1820 Settlers 		1820+ 
BILLS 		ENGLAND Sussex 	Brighton 		1860s
BILLS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1860+
BIRD 		ENGLAND 	Northamptonshire Badby 	pre1900 
BIRD 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Waimate 	1870+ 
BLEASE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1887+
BOWDEN 		ENGLAND 	Devon Helston 		pre1900 
BOWEN 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Echuca 	pre1890 
BOWEN 		WALES 		Pembrokshire 		pre1850 
BOWHILL 	ENGLAND 	Northumberland Berwick upon Tweed 1800s
BOTHWELL 	NEW ZEALAND 	Hawkes Bay Napier 	All
BOYCE 		ENGLAND 	Kent St Mary Cray 	pre1900 
BRAY 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall 		pre1840 
BRENTON 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall St Columb Minor pre1900 
BRENTON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Geraldine 1870+ 
BRIDGES 	ENGLAND 	Hants 			1803 
BROOKES 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Milton 		1800s
BROSNAHAN 	IRELAND 	Co Kerry Scartaglin 	1770+ 
BROSNAHAN 	IRELAND 	Kerry Castle Island 	pre1850 
BROSNAHAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1870+ 
BROSNAHAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury KerryTown 1870+ 
BROSNAHAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1873+ 
BROSNAN 	IRELAND 	Kerry Castleisland 	1800-1875 
BROSNAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1873+ 
BROWN 		AUSTRALIA 	NSW Sydney 		1845+ 
BROWN 		ENGLAND 	Cumberland Millom 	1800s
BROWNLIE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Kaihiku 		1860+ 
BROWNLIE 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire 		1820+ 
BRUCE 		ENGLAND 	Leicestershire Evington 1850s 
BRUCE 		ENGLAND 	Leicestershire Thrussington 1850s 
BRUCE 		ENGLAND 	Leicestershire Kirkby Muxloe 1800 
BRUCE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch	1851+ 
BRUCE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Kakahu 	1900+ 
BRYDEN 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Irvine 	pre1850 
BUCK 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Churchbridge/Duloe 1860-1873 
BUCK 		IRELAND Cork 	Coolkelure 		1830-1860 
BUCK 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Rangitata Island 1874+ 
BUCK 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka/Timaru 1874+ 
BUDD 		ENGLAND 	Staffordshire 		1800+ 
BUDD 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1860+ 
BUDUA 		ITALY 		Venice 			pre1880 
BULLOCK 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall Truro 		pre1850 
BURBURY 	ENGLAND 	Worcestershire Bewdley 1800s 
BURGE 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Ansford 	pre1900 
BURGESS 	IRELAND 	Tipperary Kyleomadaun 	abt 1830
BURNS 		IRELAND 	Down Banbridge? 	1840-1870 
BURNS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru/Temuka 1870+ 
BURNS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Kaiapoi 	1870+ 
BURROUGHS 	ENGLAND 	London 			pre1830 
BURROWS 	ENGLAND 	Buckinghamshire Wavendon pre1900 
BURROWS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Halswell 	1860+ 
BURT 		SCOTLAND 	Fife Dysart 		1700-1900 
BURTT 		SCOTLAND 	Fife Dysart 		1700-1900 


CADWALLADER 	ENGLAND 	Shropshire Ludlow 	1860 
CAIRNS 		IRELAND 	Armagh 			pre1877 
CAIRNS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 
CAIRNS 		SCOTLAND 	Perthshire Perth 	1855+ 
CAMERON 	SCOTLAND 	Banff Rothiemay 	abt 1773
CAMERON 	SCOTLAND 	Kilmalie 		1830s 
CAMERON 	SCOTLAND 	Berwickshire, Forgandenny, Perth 1780-1822
CAMPBELL 	AUSTRALIA 	Tasmania Port Esperance pre1910 
CAMPBELL 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		pre1948 
CAMPBELL 	SCOTLAND 	Invernesshire 		pre1866 
CARBIS 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall 		1800s 
CARR 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Leeston 	1860+ 
CARRIGAN 	AUSTRALIA 	New South Wales Sydney 	pre1840 
CARTER 		ENGLAND 	Essex 			1910
CARTER 		NEW ZEALAND 	Nelson 			1910+
CASHMORE 	ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Hartshill 	pre1850 
CHALLIS 	ENGLAND 	London Surrey 		1834 
CHANT 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Otago Waitahuna 	1800s 
CHAPMAN 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Winiehead/Winsford All 
CHARTERS 	ENGLAND 	Northumberland Chatton 	1700-1850 
CHERRIE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Northland Hikurangi 	1900s 
CHILDS 		ENGLAND 	Dorset Chetnole		1800s 
CLARKE 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Ballarat 	pre1869 
CLARKE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Kurow 		pre1910 
CLARKE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Shag Point 	pre1921 
CLARKE 		SCOTLAND 	Lanark Shotts 		pre1850 
CLOUGHLEY 	NEW ZEALAND 	Southland Riverton 	1862+ 
COLEMAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1890 
COLLINGE 	ENGLAND 	Lancashire Manchester 	All 
COLLINGE 	ENGLAND 	Lancashire Newton Heath All 
COLLISS 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Eaglehawk 	pre1880 
COLLISS 	ENGLAND 	Sussex Preston 		pre1830 
COLSTON 	ENGLAND 	Huntingdonshire Bythorn 1750-1850 
COMBS 		ENGLAND 	Oxfordshire Burford 	c1795 
COMBS 		WALES 		Monmouthshire Varteg/Trevethin All 
COOK 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Alvington All 
COOK 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Lydney 	All 
COOK 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire West Dean All 
COOK 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Woolaston All 
COSGROVE 	IRELAND 	Tipperary ?Oolah 	1850-1860 
COULL 		ENGLAND 	Kent Deal 		pre1870 
COULL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch 1870+ 
COURTNEY 	IRELAND Kerry 	Ballymacelligott 	1874+
CROFT 		ENGLAND 	Devon Teignmouth 	pre1872 
CRONIN 		IRELAND 	Kerry Dingle 		pre1860 
CROSS 		ENGLAND 	Cheshire Weston Point 	pre1900 
CROWLEY 	IRELAND 	Limerick Kilcosgriff 	pre1870 
CROWLEY 	IRELAND 	Limerick Shanagolden 	pre1870 
CROWLEY 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Arrowtown 	1868+ 
CULLEM/CULLUM 	ENGLAND 	Lincolnshire Grimsby
CULLEN 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Huish Episcopi 1700+ 
CULLEN 		ENGLAND 	Somerset High Ham 	1700-1850 
CULLEN 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Huish Episcopi 1775-1875 
CULLEN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1865+ 
CULLOTY/COLLOTY IRELAND Kerry 	Currovough, Tralee 	1883+
CUTHBERTSON 	ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Topcliffe 	All
CUTHBERTSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1863+
CUTHBERTSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Hilderthorpe, Oamaru 1863+ 


DALY 		N/IRELAND 	Tyrone Carrickmore 	pre1860
DAVIDSON 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Bewcastle 	All 
DAVIDSON 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Stapleton 	All 
DAVIDSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Mid Canterbury Ashburton/Hinds 1874+ 
DAVIDSON 	SCOTLAND 	Dumfries Middlebie 	1780+ 
DAVIS 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Deehurst/Church Downs 1800+ 
DAVIS 		ENGLAND 				pre1900 
DAVIS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1870+ 
DAVIS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Port Chalmers 	1886 
DAWE 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Altarnun 	1830 
DAWE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Washdyke 1870+ 
DAWSON 		ENGLAND 	Norfolk Massingham 	1700-1900 
De BEER 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Melbourne 
De BEER 	NEW ZEALAND 	Central Otago Queenstown 1860-1900 
DEANS 		IRELAND 	County Derry Tamlaght Finlagan 1820s
DEMPSEY 	NEW ZEALAND 	North Is 		1900s 
DEMPSEY 	NEW ZEALAND 	South Is 		1900s 
DERRETT 	ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire 	1800+ 
de SOUSA 	AZORES Pico 				pre1840
DICKIE 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Old Cumnock 	1570+ 
DIXON 		ENGLAND 	West Yorkshire Farnley 
DIXON 		ENGLAND 	Yorksshire Leeds 
DODGSON 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Bewcastle 	All 
DODGSON 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Stapleton 	All 
DONALD 		SCOTLAND 	Lanark Wishaw 		pre1880 
DONALD 		SCOTLAND 	Lanark Craigbridge 	pre1880 
DONEHUE 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Portland/Casterton All 
DOUBLE 		ENGLAND 	Suffolk Raydon 		1780+ 
DOUBLE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1856+ 
DOUGALL 	SCOTLAND 	Glasgow 		1800s 
DOWLE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Waipiata 		1884+ 
DOWNES 		ENGLAND 	Nottingham 
DRADGE 		ENGLAND 	Northamptonshire Bozeat pre1900 
DRIVER 		ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Huddersfield 	1824 
DUFFIELD 	ENGLAND 	Devon 			1820+ 
DUGGAN 		IRELAND 	Co Kerry Bally McEllygott 1800+ 
DUGGAN 		IRELAND 	Kerry Ballymacelligott 	1879+
DUNLOP 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Fenwick 	pre1860 
DUNLOP 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Stewarton 	pre1780 


EAGER 		IRELAND 	Tralee 			1850s 
EATALL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Bristol 1796+ 
EATALL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Woolaston 1796+ 
EDGAR 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Tapanui 		1870+ 
EDGAR 		SCOTLAND 	Dumfrieshire 		1800s 
EDMONDS 	ENGLAND 				pre1880 
EDMONDS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Wellington Petone 	1881+ 
ELDER 		SCOTLAND 	Ross 			1800s 
ELDRIDGE 	ENGLAND 	Kent Cheriton 		1800s 
ELLIOT 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Nevis; others 	1862+ 
ELLIOT 		SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire 		All 
ELLIOT 		SCOTLAND 	Selkirkshire 		All 
ENRIGHT 	IRELAND 	Limerick Kilcolman 	All 
ENRIGHT 	IRELAND 	Limerick Shanagolden 	All 
ERDMAN 		GERMANY 				1867 


FARLEY 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Normanby/Digby All 
FARRELL 	ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Leeds 	1790s
FAWCETT 	ENGLAND 	Westmorland Kirby/Stephen 1850+ 
FEALEY 		IRELAND 	Kerry Listowel 		pre1880 
FENTON 		SCOTLAND 	Glasgow 		1868 
FERRIER 	SCOTLAND 	Angus Brechin 		c1800 
FIELD 		ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Aston 	1874+ 
FIELD 		ENGLAND 	Worcestershire Evesham 	pre1910 
FINLAYSON 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Carmichael 	pre1850 
FITZGIBBON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Arrowtown 	All 
FITZSIMMONS 	IRELAND Tyrone 	Omagh 			abt 1812
FOLEY 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Truro 		pre1850 
FONSECA 	CANADA 					1895+ 
FONSECA 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1870+ 
FOSTER 		IRELAND 	Fermanagh Aughnacloy/Knockninny pre1870 
FOX 		ENGLAND 	Norfolk Reepham 	post 1750
FRASER 		SCOTLAND 	Sutherland Kinlockbervie 1800s 
FRASER 		SCOTLAND 	Fort William 		1800s
FREER 		ENGLAND    Surrey St Marys, Bermondsey 	pre 1862
FREER 		NEW ZEALAND 	Hawkes Bay Napier 	All
FREWIN 		ENGLAND 	Buckinghamshire 	1820+ 
FRIEDLANDER 	GERMANY 	Posen 			pre1870 
FRIEDLANDER 	NEW ZEALAND 	Mid-Canterbury Ashburton 1870-1919 
FRUHAUF 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1875-1895 
FRUIN 		ENGLAND 	Buckinghamshire 	1820+ 


GABY 		ENGLAND 	Wiltshire Bromham 	1615+ 
GALL 		AMERICA 	California 		1905+ 
GALL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Fairlie 	1869-1905 
GALLEN 		IRELAND 	Tyrone? 			
GALLIE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago 			1900s 
GALLIE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Southland 		1900s 
GALLIE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1900s 
GALLIE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Waimate 	1900s 
GALLOWAY 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1800s 
GASSON 		ENGLAND 	Kent 			1870+ 
GASSON 		ENGLAND 	Surrey 			1840+ 
GASSON 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch 1870+
GAVIN 		IRELAND 	Tipperary Toomyvara 	pre1860
GEMMELL 	SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Dundonald 	pre1815 
GIBSON 		NEW ZEALAND 	North Island 		1910+ 
GIBSON 		SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire New Monkland All 
GIBSON 		SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Old Monkland All 
GIBSON 		SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Shotts 	All 
GILLANDERS 	SCOTLAND 	Ross & Cromarty Contin 	All 
GILLANDERS 	SCOTLAND 	Ross & Cromarty Kinlochlurchart All 
GILLESPIE 	IRELAND 	County Down 		1832 
GOBLE 		ENGLAND 	Kent Rolvenden 		pre1840 
GOLDSTEIN 	CANADA 		Vancouver 		1900+ 
GRAHAM 		IRELAND 	County Down Scarvey 	1835
GRANT 		IRELAND 	Armagh Market Hill 	abt 1850
GRAY 		ENGLAND 	Hampshire Eling 	pre1850 
GRAY 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago 			1900 
GRAYBURN 	ENGLAND 	E Yorkshire Beverley/ Lincolnshire pre 1880 
GREEN 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Geelong 	1830+ 
GREEN 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Winchchelsa 	1850+ 
GREEN 		ENGLAND 	Huntingdonshire Godmanchester 1700+ 
GREEN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1895+ 
GREGSON 	ENGLAND 	Yorksshire Leeds 
GREIG 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1886+
GRIGOR 		SCOTLAND 	Elgin 			1800s


HALL 		ENGLAND 	Westmorland Warcop 	1750+ 
HALL 		ENGLAND 	Huntingdonshire Bythorn 1700-1780
HALL 		IRELAND 	Cavan Knocknaveagh abt 	1838
HALL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Rangiora 	pre1860 
HALL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Geraldine 1875+ 
HAMBLYN 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Castle Cary 	1700-1820 
HANNA 		IRELAND 	Cavan 			pre1870 
HANSEN 		NEW ZEALAND 	South Canterbury
HARDING 	ENGLAND 	Dorset Swanage 		1820+ 
HARDING 	ENGLAND 	Sussex Preston 		pre1850 
HARDING 	NEW ZEALAND 	Wellington 		1891+ 
HARNESS 	ENGLAND 	Yorkshire 		1850s 
HARNESS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1880s 
HARNESS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Wellington 		1890s 
HARPER 		SCOTLAND 	Midlothian Auchendinny 	pre1860 
HASLEM 		ENGLAND 	Lancashire Manchester 	pre1837 
HASLEM 		ENGLAND 	Lancashire Newton Heath pre1837 
HAUGH 		SCOTLAND 	Kirkcudbrighshire Kirkenhick pre1866 
HAXTON 		ENGLAND 	Kent Deal 		pre1860 
HAXTON 		NEW ZEALAND 	Wairarapa Carterton 	1860+ 
HAY 		SCOTLAND 	Aberdeenshire Forgue 	pre1870 
HAYDON 		ENGLAND 	Norfolk Massingham 	1700-1900 
HAYES 		IRELAND 	Killarney Listowel Kerry 1860 
HAYES 		IRELAND 	Offaly Finnoe, Roscrea 	abt 1817
HAYHURST 	ENGLAND 	Lancashire Manchester 	1700-1900 
HELLYER 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1889 
HENWOOD 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall Warleggan 
HERTNON 	IRELAND 	Kings 			1840-1870 
HICKINGBOTTOM 	ENGLAND 	Lincolnshire Donington pre1900 
HICKS 		IRELAND Co 	Cavan 			1845
HICKS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Coromandel Thames 	1870
HIGINBOTTOM 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Cust 	1870+ 
HIGINBOTTOM 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1870+ 
HOGG 		SCOTLAND 	Angus Montrose 		1740-1800 
HOLDEN 		ENGLAND 	Kent Kemsing 		1800-1900 
HOOPER 		ENGLAND 	Wiltshire St Leonards	 pre1847 
HOPKINS 	ENGLAND 	Buckinghamshire Hoggeston 1780+ 
HOPKINS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury St Andrews 1870+ 
HORGAN 		IRELAND 	Kerry Castlemaine 	pre1825 
HOWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Alvington All 
HOWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Lydney 	All 
HOWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire St Bravels All 
HOWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Woolaston All 
HOWELL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Waipiata 		All 
HOWELL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		All 
HUNT 		ENGLAND 	Derbyshire 		1800s 
HUNTER 		ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Coventry 	pre1837 
HUNTER 		ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Foleshill 	pre1837 
HYAMS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1875-1925 


INWOOD 		ENGLAND 				pre1900 
IRVING 		ENGLAND 				pre1900 


JACK 		SCOTLAND 	Banff 	Keith 		abt 1740
JACOBS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1860-1910 
JACOBS 		WALES 					pre1870 
JAMES 		ENGLAND 				1901 
JAMIESON 	ENGLAND 	Haddington 		1800s 
JOHANNSEN 	DENMARK 	Schleswig-Holstein, Suderlugum
JOHNSON 	ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Pocklington 	All
JOHNSON 	IRELAND 	Tyrone 			pre1850 
JOHNSTON 	SCOTLAND 	West Lothian Bathgate 	1820 
JOHNSTON 	ENGLAND 	Durham Castle 		1793
JOHNSTON 	ENGLAND 	Kent Medway 		1793+
JOHNSTON(E) 	SCOTLAND 	Berwickshire Coldingham pre 1870
JOHNSTONE 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Egremont 	1820s 
JONAS 		AMERICA 	California 		1905+ 
JONAS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 1905+ 


KEARNS 		IRELAND 	Fermanagh 		1856
KEARNS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Hokitika, Christchurch, Dunedin 1856+
KEEFE 		IRELAND 	Cork 			pre1870 
KENNEDY 	IRELAND 	Kerry Ballymacelligott 	1874+
KENNEDY 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Ashburton 	pre1873
KERSE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Waikaka 		1870+ 
KERSE 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Ballarat 	pre1869 
KERSE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunrobin 		1870+ 
KERSE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Gore 		1870+ 
KERSE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Kelso 		1870+ 
KERSE 		SCOTLAND 	Berwickshire Coldstream pre1880 
KERSE 		SCOTLAND 	Berwickshire Eccles 	pre1880 
KERSE 		SCOTLAND 	Berwickshire Edrom 	pre1880 
KIDD 		IRELAND 	Armagh Armagh 		pre1868 
KIDD 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Shag Point 	1870+ 
KIDD 		SCOTLAND 	Lanark Wishaw 		1868+ 
KOHN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch 1910+ 
KOHN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1910+ 
KOHN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Wellington 		1902+ 
KREFT 		POLAND 					1875
KREFT 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Akatore, Milton 	1875+


LADBROOK 	ENGLAND 	Norfolk 		1800+ 
LADBROOK 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury 		1858+ 
LADBROOKE 	ENGLAND 	Norfolk 		1800+ 
LADBROOKE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury 		1858+ 
LADD 		ENGLAND 	London 			1790 
LAGOR 		NEW ZEALAND 	Hawkes Bay Napier 	c1855+
LAIDLAW 	SCOTLAND 	Dumfriesshire Eskdalemuir All 
LAIDLAW 	SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Hawick area All 
LAKER 		ENGLAND 	Surrey Horley/Bletchingley 1600-1800 
LAMONT 		N. IRELAND 	Kings Co. Parsonstown 	pre1800
LANGTON 	ENGLAND 	London 			1800s 
LANGTON 	ENGLAND 	Westminster London 
LAPRAIK 	SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Old Cumnock 	pre1860 
LARKIN 		ENGLAND 	Sussex	Ewhurst 	pre1850 
LAUDER 		SCOTLAND 	Moray Dyke 		abt 1700
LAWES 		ENGLAND 	Wiltshire Overton 	pre1878 
LAWLESS 	IRELAND 	Galway 			1870 
LAWRIE 		SCOTLAND 	Perth abt 		1838
LEARY 		IRELAND 	Co Kerry Tralee 	1800+ 
LEARY 		IRELAND 	Tipperary 		1861+
LEARY 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1866+ 
LEVERICK 	ENGLAND 	Norfolk 		post 1750
LEVIEN 		ENGLAND 	London 			pre1861 
LEVIEN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1863-1900 
LEVY (Dr) 	FRANCE 					pre1862 
LEVY	 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1862-1865 
LEWIS 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Bitton Bristol pre1800 
LINDSAY 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Barony 	pre1844 
LONG 		IRELAND 	Offaly Finnoe, Roscrea 	abt 1818
LONG 		NEW ZEALAND 	Westland Hokitika 	pre1948
LONGUET 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago/Southland 
LOVE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1924 
LOWE 		AUSTRALIA 	Tasmania 		1855+ 
LOWE 		ENGLAND 	Lincolnshire Redbourne 1800+ 
LOWE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury 		1864+ 
LUCKHURST 	ENGLAND 	Kent Faversham 		pre1860 
LUPTON 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Echuca 	pre1885 
LYLE 		IRELAND 	Antrim Raloo 		pre1850 
LYES 		ENGLAND 	Suffolk 		All
LYONS 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Melbourne 	1800s 

MACDONALD 	SCOTLAND 	Angus Dundee 		1860-1900 
MACDONALD 	SCOTLAND 	Arl Glencoe 		pre1820 
MACLENNAN 	SCOTLAND 	Ross & Cromarty Contin 	pre1825 
MARK 		SCOTLAND 	Edinburgh Musselburgh 	1775-1875 
MARSHALL 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Dunolly 	All 
MARSHALL 	SCOTLAND 	Durness Rhifail 	pre1860 
MARTIN 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Castlemaine/Bendigo All 
MATSON 		ENGLAND 	Nth Riding, York Lastingham 1700-1800
MATTHEWS 	ENGLAND 	Durham Port Clarence 	1864-1880 
MATTHEWS 	SCOTLAND 	Angus Dundee 		1885-1940 
MAYBURY 	WALES		Monmouthshire 		All 
MCCALLUM 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Glasgow 	pre1860 
MCDADE 		AUSTRALIA 	New South Wales Mudgee c1848 
MCDAID 		AUSTRALIA 	New South Wales Mudgee c1848 
McDONALD 	SCOTLAND 	Perth 			abt 1843
MCDONALD 	SCOTLAND 	Glasgow 		pre1850 
MCFALL 		IRELAND 	Antrim Ballynure 	pre1885 
MCFALL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Sydenham 	1885+ 
MCFALL 		N/IRELAND 	Armagh Tataraghan 	pre1850
MCFALL 		AUSTRALIA 	Tasmania Westbury 	pre1900
MCGAAN 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Riccarton 	pre1850 
McINTOSH 	SCOTLAND 	Nairn Nairn 		abt 1717
MCINTYRE 	SCOTLAND 	Perthshire Blair Drummond pre1870 
McJENNETT 	ENGLAND 	London Newington, Hackney pre 1880
MCKENZIE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Nelson Collingwood 	1864-1926 
MCKENZIE 	SCOTLAND 	Argyleshire Oban 	pre1835 
MCKENZIE 	SCOTLAND 	Edinburgh 		pre1850 
MCKENZIE 	SCOTLAND 	Ross & Cromarty Ullapool 
McLEAN 		SCOTLAND 	Banff Rothiemay 	abt 1770
MCLEOD 		SCOTLAND 	Sundershire Tongue/Wick 1850 
MCMILLAN 	SCOTLAND 	West Lothia Linlithgow 	1800s 
MCMILLAN 	SCOTLAND 	West Lothian Whitburn 	1800s 
McSTAY 		IRELAND 	Armagh Lochgilli 	abt 1850
MENDELSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 1865-1920 
METZ 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1880-1920 
MICKELSON 	FINLAND 	Somero 			1800+ 
MICKELSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1870+ 
MIDDLEWOOD 	ENGLAND 	Durham Bishop Auckland 	pre1909
MILLER 		SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Cavers 	All 
MILLER 		SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Teviothead All
MILNE 		SCOTLAND 	Morayshire Forres 	pre 1873 
MITCHELL 	ENGLAND 	Bedfordshire Apsley Guise 
MOORE 		ENGLAND 	Bedfordshire Harrold 	pre1900 
MORE 		SCOTLAND 	Nairn 			abt 1700
MORGAN 		ENGLAND 	Oxford Sandford 	pre1900 
MORNS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Fairlie 1878-1905 
MORRIS 		GERMANY 	Posen 			pre1855 
MORRIS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch 1868-1945 
MORRIS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Pleasant Point 1868-1945 
MORRISON 	SCOTLAND 	Banffshire Keith 	pre1811 
MORROW 		IRELAND Antrim 	Drumcrow 		1750+
MOSS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1890-1910 
MULCAHY 	IRELAND 	Tipperary Emly 		1780-1790 
MUNRO 		SCOTLAND 	Sundershire Tongue/Wick 1850 
MUNRO 		SCOTLAND 	Sutherland Oldshoremore 1600s 
MURRAY 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		pre1880 


NELSON 		ENGLAND 	Lincolnshire Grimsby
NETTLE 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall 		pre1840 
NICHOLS 	ENGLAND 	Devon Holbeton 		1800s 
NISBET 		England 	Hampshire Natley/Southampton All


O'HAGAN 	IRELAND 	Armagh 			pre1878
O'HAGAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1878+ 
O'LEARY 	IRELAND 	Co Kerry Tralee 	1800+ 
O'LEARY 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1866+ 
O’MELVENNA 	IRELAND 	Antrim 			1800+
O'ROURKE 	IRELAND 	Clonmacnoise 		1780+ 
O'ROURKE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1865+ 
OBBARD 		ENGLAND 	Kent 			1875 
OFIELD 		ENGLAND 	Nottingham 
OLIVER 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Helston 	abt 1797
OSBORNE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1900s 
OSBORNE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Waimate 	1900s 


PACKMAN 	ENGLAND 	Kent Swanscombe 	1750+
PACKMAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1870+
PAHL 		GERMANY 	Bardowick 		1842
PAHL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Nelson 			1842+
PALLISER 	ENGLAND 	Saltburn 		pre 1740
PALMER 		ENGLAND 	Devon 			1800s 
PALMER 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1862+ 
PALMER 		ENGLAND 	Devon Ashbury/Okehampton pre 1870
PARISH 		ENGLAND 	Cambridgeshire Elsworth pre1850 
PARKE 		ENGLAND 	Westmorland Carlisle 	1700-1900 
PARKER 		ENGLAND 	Norfolk Attleborough 	pre 1800 
PEARSON 	ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Keighley 	abt 1780
PEARSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1830+
PEATTIE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1862+ 
PEATTIE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1928+ 
PEATTIE 	SCOTLAND 	Fife Largo 		1775-1875 
PENNY 		ENGLAND 	Wiltshire Overton 	pre1878 
PERCY 		ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Scarborough 	1854 
PERCY 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Port Chalmers 	pre1887 
PETERS 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Gwennap 	pre1873 
PETERS 		ENGLAND 	Staffordshire Dudley Port 1820+ 
PETTIT						 	All 
PHAIR 		IRELAND 	Cavan 			pre1880 
PHILLIPS 	ENGLAND 	Devon 			1800 
PHILP 		ENGLAND 	Surrey Malden 		1780+ 
PIERCE 		ENGLAND 	Kent Canterbury 	pre 1860
PINK 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Alvington 1830+ 
PIRRET 		SCOTLAND 	Kirkintilloch 		pre1920 
POLLARD 	ENGLAND 	Sussex Brighton 	All 
POLLEY		ENGLAND 	Essex Twinstead 	1800-1875 
PORTWINE 	ENGLAND 	Middlesex London 	1800+ 
POTTER 		ENGLAND 	Derbys? 		1800 
POULGRAIN 	AUSTRALIA 	Bendigo 		pre1854 
POULGRAIN 	ENGLAND 	Devon East Stonehouse 	pre1854 
POULGRAIN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Bay of Plenty Gisborne 1840+ 
POWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Lydney 1774+ 
POWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire St Briavels 1774+ 
POWELL 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire 	1740+ 
PREECE 		ENGLAND 	Hereford Humber 	1780+
PREECE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch/Waimate 1870+l
PROCTOR 	ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Alvington All 
PROCTOR 	ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Winchcomb All 
PROCTOR 	ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Woolaston All 
PURNELL 	ENGLAND 	Kent Plumstead 		c1881



RAE 		SCOTLAND 	Berwickshire 		1700s
RAINTON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1890+
READE 		IRELAND 	Offaly Corraclevin, Dunkerrin abt1840
REES 		WALES 		Pembroke 		pre1830 
REEVES 		AUSTRALIA 	NSW Campbelltown 	pre1860 
REEVES 		ENGLAND 	Kent Hawkhurst 		1810+ 
REILLY 		ENGLAND 	Wiltshire Eton 		pre1859 
RENTON 		SCOTLAND 	Roxburgh Yetholm 	1800s 
RETTER 		ENGLAND 	Surrey Malden 		1750+ 
REYNOLDS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch 
RIDDERFORD 	NEW ZEALAND 	Westland Blackball 	pre1900
ROBERTSON 	SCOTLAND 	Paisley 		1600+ 
RODDICK 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1860+ 
RODDICK 	SCOTLAND 	Dumfries Cummertrees 	pre1900 
ROE 		ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Birmingham 1850s 
ROSS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Glenavy 1870-1920 
ROSS 		SCOTLAND 	Aberdeenshire Keith 	pre1850 
ROSS 		SCOTLAND 	Rosshire 		pre1880 
ROWLATT 	ENGLAND 	Nthhampton Corby 
ROWLATT 	ENGLAND 	West Yorkshire Farnley


SADDLER 	SCOTLAND 	Larnackshire Carmichael pre1850 
SAKER 		ENGLAND 	Surrey Horley/Bletchingley 1600-1800
SALEK 		NEW ZEALAND 				1853+ 
SALOMON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Central Otago Cromwell 	1860-1880 
SALOMON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1860-1880 
SANDILANDS 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Carmichael 	pre1830 
SARGENTE 	ALL 					abt 1650
SAUNDERS 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Lopen 		1700-1900 
SAVAGE 		IRELAND 	Kerry/Down 		1850 
SAWYER 		ENGLAND 	Suffolk			1800s 
SCARF 		ENGLAND 	Suffolk Raydon 		1780+ 
SCARF 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1856+ 
SCARLET 	IRELAND 	Cavan 			pre1880 
SCHERP 		GERMANY 	Hessen Kassel 		All 
SCOLLARD 	IRELAND 	Kerry Knocknagashel 	1800-1875 
SCOLLARD 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury KerryTown 1870-1875 
SCOTT 		ENGLAND 	London Dorking 		1850 
SCOTT 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago 			All 
SCOTT 		SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Ashkirk 	All 
SCOTT 		SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Hawick area All 
SCOTT 		SCOTLAND 	Selkirkshire Roberton 	All
SCULLY 		IRELAND Galway Corrundulla, Annaghdown 	1879+
SELBY 		ENGLAND 	Millwall 		1852 
SEWARD 		ENGLAND 	Devon Dawlish 		pre1900 
SEWARD 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Bridgewater	pre1900 
SEWARD 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Orari 	1880+ 
SEWELL 		ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Bradford 	All 
SEYB 		GERMANY 				pre1900 
SHAPPERE 	POLAND 		Shapperisky 
SHEARS 		ENGLAND 	Kent 			pre1900 
SHELDON 	ENGLAND 	Staffordshire Walsall 	pre1826
SHILLAM 	ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Woolaston 1836+ 
SHORTREED 	SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire 		All 
SHORTREED 	SCOTLAND 	Selkirkshire 		All 
SHORTRIDGE 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Bewcastle 	All 
SHORTRIDGE 	ENGLAND 	Cumberland Stapleton 	All 
SHRIMSKI 	NEW ZEALAND 	Auckland 		1900 
SHRIMSKI 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Oamaru 	1870s 
SIDES 		IRELAND 	Queens County Clonin 	1830+
SIDES 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Waimate  1900s
SIMPSON 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire New Monkland pre1815 
SKUDDER 	ENGLAND 	Surrey Kingston on Thames pre1900 
SLUCOCK 	ENGLAND 	Kent Chatham 		1770-1855
SMALES 		ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Wakefield 	1820-30 
SMITH 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Ballarat 	1850+ 
SMITH 		AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Geelong 	1850+ 
SMITH 		ENGLAND 	Devon Devonport 	1750-1820 
SMITH 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Banks Peninsula 1870-1918 
SMITH 		SCOTLAND 	Ayreshire 		All 
SMITH 		SCOTLAND 	Dumfriesshire Kirkpatrick-Fleming c1790+ 
SORBIE 		SCOTLAND 	Larnackshire Hamilton 	pre1840 
SPALDING 	SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Hawick 	1810+ 
SPALDING 	SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Wilton 	1810+ 
SPOONER 	ENGLAND 	Norfolk Sculthorpe 	1700-1900 
SPOONER 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1867+ 
STACEY 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Langport 	1775-1875 
STIRLING 	SCOTLAND 	Lanarkshire Bothwell 	pre1878 
STOCKMAN 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Castle Cary 	1720-1757 
STOCKMAN 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Stogursey 	1600-1730 
STOCKTON 	ENGLAND 	Staffordhire Knutton 	1800s 
STRATON 	SCOTLAND 	Angus Brechin 		1770+ 
STRATTON 	SCOTLAND 	Angus Brechin 		1770+ 
STRONGMAN 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall Tregonwy 	abt 1700
STYLES 		ENGLAND 	? 			1817 
STUBBS 		ENGLAND 	Yorkshire Otley 	abt 1750
SULLIVAN 	IRELAND 	Kerry Dingle 		pre1880 
SULLIVAN 	NEW ZEALAND 	Mid-Canterbury Ashburton 1875+ 
SUGRUE 		IRELAND 	Kerry 	Ballymacelligott 1872+
SUTHERLAND 	SCOTLAND 	Hopeman 		pre1930
SWAIN 		ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Aston 	1891+ 
SWAIN 		ENGLAND 	Staffordshire Dudley Port pre1910 
SWAIN 		ENGLAND 	Worcestershire Kidderminster pre1860 
SYMONS 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall St Austell 	pre1900 


TARRANT 	ENGLAND 	Essex Plastow 		1800+ 
TAYLOR 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Barnsley pre1874 
TAYLOR 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Stratford/Selworthy pre1860 
TAYLOR 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Castle Cary 	1700-1900 
TAYLOR 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Rakaia 	1874-1950 
TAYLOR 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Winchester/Temuka 1874+ 
TEAHAN/TAEHEN 	IRELAND 	Kerry Ballymacelligott 	1870+
THOMAS 		ENGLAND 				pre1900 
THOMAS 		NEW ZEALAND 	North Island ? 		c1928
THOMPKINS 	ENGLAND 	Northumberland Berwick upon Tweed 1800s
THOMPKINS 	NEW ZEALAND	Canterbury Christchurch 1855+ 
THOMPSON 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Publow 
THOMPSON 	IRELAND 	Westmeath 		1800s 
THOMSON 	SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire Jedburgh 	pre 1840
TINDALL 	ENGLAND 	Northumberland Chatton 	1650+ 
TINDALL 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Kakahu 	1875+ 
TINDALL 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Burkes Pass 1865-1875 
TINDALL 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Hilton 	1875+ 
TODD 		ENGLAND 	Durham 			pre1800 
TOSH 		SCOTLAND 	Angus Dundee 		1625-1850 
TREBILCOCK 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall Gwennap 	1800s 
TREGONING 	ENGLAND 	Cornwall Camborne 	pre1840 
TROTT 		ENGLAND 	Devon Stockland nr Honiton 1700-1900 
TROTT 		ENGLAND 	London Stratford 	1800-1900 
TROTT 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Chard 		1700-1900 
TUACH 		SCOTLAND 	Ross & Cromarty 	All 
TUBMAN 		IRELAND 	Cavan 			1860
TUBMAN 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago, Dumbarton, Roxburgh, Dunedin 1860+
TUNIE 		IRELAND 	Derry Maghera/Magar 	pre1859 
TUNNEY 		IRELAND 	Derry Maghera/Magar 	pre1859 


URQUHART SCOTLAND Moray Dyke abt 1690


VALLANCE 	SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Ochiltree 	1770+ 
VALLANCE 	SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Old Cumnock 	1770+ 
VANSTONE 	ENGLAND 	Devon Broadwoodkelly 	1700-1900 
VANSTONE 	ENGLAND 	Devon Devonport 	1790-1900 
VANSTONE 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Banks Peninsula 1860+ 
VEVERS 		ENGLAND 	Cumberland Bewcastle 	1854+ 
VINCENT 	IRELAND 	Londonderry Tamlaght Finlagan 1800+
VINCENT 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1885+
VIRGIN 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Whitestaunton 	1700-1900 


WAITE 		ENGLAND 	Lincolnshire Bicker 	pre1900 
WALKER 		SCOTLAND 	West Lothian Bathgate 	1859
WALL 		IRELAND 	Laois/Queens County 	pre1870
WALL 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury 		pre1880 
WARD 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Porthleven 	pre1900 
WARD 		ENGLAND 	Devon Black Torrington 	pre1900 
WARD 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka 	1870+ 
WARNER 		ENGLAND 	Somerset Martock 	pre1900 
WASLEY 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Kenwyn 	pre1830 
WASLEY 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall St Day 	1830+ 
WASLEY 		NEW ZEALAND 	Westland Kumara 	1890+ 
WASLEY 		NEW ZEALAND 	Westland Ross 		1872+ 
WATERS 		ENGLAND 	Kent All 		1780+
WATERS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Wellington 		1850+
WATSON 		SCOTLAND	Nairn 	Auldearn 	abt 1700 
WATTS 		AUSTRALIA 	Tasmania Hobart 	pre1860 
WATTS 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1886+
WEAVERS 	ENGLAND 	Essex Twinstead 	1775-1880
WEAVERS 	NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Orari 	1870+ 
WEIR 		NTHN IRELAND 	County Tyrone 		post 1750
WELLS 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire Oldham Common 
WELSFORD 	ENGLAND 	London 			pre1873 
WELSFORD 	ENGLAND 	West Yorkshire London 
WELSFORD 	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch 1873+ 
WHELAN 		IRELAND 	Queens 			1850 
WHISTON 	AUSTRALIA 	Hobart 			1874 
WHITE 		SCOTLAND 	West Lothia Linlithgow 	1850s 
WHITE 		SCOTLAND 	West Lothian Torphicen 	1850s 
WHITEHEAD 	ENGLAND 	Kent St Mary Cray 	pre1900 
WHYTE 		SCOTLAND 	West Lothia Linlithgow 1850s 
WHYTE 		SCOTLAND 	West Lothian Torphicen 1850s 
WILKINSON 	ENGLAND 	Lancashire Pendleton 	1840+ 
WILKINSON 	ENGLAND 	Lancashire Salford 	1840+ 
WILKINSON 	ENGLAND 	Warwickshire Foleshill 	All 
WILKINSON	NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury 		1862+ 
WILKINSON 	NEW ZEALAND 	Otago Dunedin 		1862+ 
WILLIAMS 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Melbourne 	c1850 
WILLIAMS 	AUSTRALIA 	Victoria Annandale 	1920+ 
WILLIAMS 	ENGLAND 	Kent Gillingham 	1800-1900 
WILLING 	ENGLAND 	Devon Holbeton 		1800s 
WILLIS 		AUSTRALIA 	Tasmania Hobart 	1835+ 
WILLIS 		ENGLAND 	London London 		pre1850 
WILSON 		IRELAND 	Antrim 			pre1850 
WILSON 		NEW ZEALAND 	Otago 			1880 
WINTRUP 	SCOTLAND 	Roxburghshire 		All 
WITHARDS 	IRELAND 	Antrim 			pre1840 
WOLFE 		ENGLAND 	Lancashire Manchester 	1850 
WOOLEY 		ENGLAND 	Cheshire Nantwich 	1800s 
WOONTON 	ENGLAND 	Dorset Charmouth 	1700-1900 
WOONTON 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Chaffcombe 	1700-1900 
WOONTON 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Chard 		1700-1900 
WOONTON 	ENGLAND 	Somerset Lopen 		1700-1900 
WRIGHT 		ENGLAND 	Cornwall Churchbridge/Duloe 1860-1873 
WRIGHT 		IRELAND		Cork Coolkelure 	1830-1860 
WRIGHT 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Rangitata Island 1874+ 
WRIGHT 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Temuka/Timaru 1874+ 
WYLLIE 		SCOTLAND 	Ayreshire Ochiltree 	1750+ 
WYLLIE 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Galston 	pre1860 
WYLLIE 		SCOTLAND 	Ayrshire Kilmarnock 	pre1880 


YOLE 		ENGLAND 	Devonshire Bampton 	c1883
YOLE 		ENGLAND 	Kent Woolich 		c1910
YOLE 		NEW ZEALAND 	Canterbury Christchurch c1916
YOUNG 		ENGLAND 	Gloucestershire 	1700+ 
YOUNG 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury 		1859+


ZANDER 		NEW ZEALAND 	Mid-Canterbury Ashburton 1880-1920 
ZANDER 		NEW ZEALAND 	Sth Canterbury Timaru 	1880-1920