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 Old photos from the Fairlie, N.Z. area.

The Farmers' Van.  It's a Bedford, about 1947 model. It used to come down Cattle Valley, and Gudex Road and back up Middle Valley each Monday afternoon. The Farmers had a store in Tekapo and would drive a van to the various stations and the outlet camp at Lake Alexandrina to supply merchandise and stores.

Fairlie Creek Hotel 1919, a De Maus photo. This photo looks older than 1919. Hotel Stables N. Str __ther. Caskey's Saddlery to the right with the peaked roof.

Timaru Herald, 22 June 1886, Page 3 FIRE AT FAIRLIE CREEK.
June 21. McLeod and Rossiters' livery stables, next Egan's Hotel, were destroyed by fire at halfpast six to-night. All the horses were got out safely. Nearly all the harness is saved. It was an old building, and burnt furiously. Caskey's saddler's shop, next door, had a narrow escape. Plenty of willing hands, with buckets, saved the shop. The stock was damaged, as everything was taken out and thrown into the street. The wind was blowing from Caskey's shop, otherwise it would have been burnt. The stables were burnt down in half an hour. Caskey's stock was insured for £150. McLeod's total stock insurance was £125, £75 in the Royal. The owners of the building are Ziesler and Taylor.

"For God's sake, plant the trees everywhere. You will never regret it."

Loading wool at "Lilydale" 1913. Sitting on bales S.P. Bray and to the left George Boldenston. Approx. 30 bales.

W. Barwood - carrier- with thirty bales of wool from "Lillydale" in 1939. Willie Barwood, established Stewart & Barwood in July 1917. In the 1920s, Willie took over the business on his own. Doug ran the business for early 1950s until 1976 Stuart took it over.

Barwood's commenced business in September 1917. In 1915-17, W. Barwood was in charge of the Council buses in Timaru, and at that time was approached by George Murray of Braemar, about starting a motor transport business in Fairlie. The first two trucks were Garfords, with solid tyres and carried two tons each. Next was a Clydesdale and in 1918 a four ton Dennis. These trucks travelled 12mph and often at night time, so to catch the frost, as the roads were rough and too soft during the day. Maintenance costs were high. When his two sons, Doug & Alf, returned from overseas the company was called Barwood Motors. In 1964 the company was run by Douglas Barwood and the diesel trucks and four wheeled trailers can transport 85 bales of wool in one load. From 1917 to 1925, Mr Barwood ran a Timaru to Fairlie daily service transporting petrol etc. But this stopped in 1925 to protect the railway. Ref.: Life on a Five Pound Note.

Loading wool at "Ribbonwood" late 1970s, Fred Allan's transport from Fairlie. Approx. 50 bales on the trailer. R.B. on top and H.B to the right. Photo taken by me.

At the ballot the Sherwood Estate on Friday, March 22nd, 1912, there were 213 applicants for sixteen farms and ten grazing runs."Lilydale" Sherwood Downs was settled in 1912 so this may have been 1913.  Mt. Ribbonwood straight across with Mt Dobson just out of view to the far left. Trees already established along Plantation Rd.

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 19 April 1912, Page 2
On Monday evening last a few friends assembled at Puaha to say goodbye to Mr S. P. Bray, who has occupied a section of the Morice Settlement, Puaha, Little River, for the last six years. Mr Bray has been a progressive settler, and has taken a leading part in the Puaha Settlers' Association, being their first chairman. He has been a very energetic worker in other public causes, and leaves behind him many friends in the district. Mr Bray was very fortunate in the Sherwood Estate land ballot, drawing a block of 10,197 acres. Mr Bray landed in Little River six years ago, after getting one of the sections in the Morice Settlement, and paying his half year's rent with £9 in his pocket, and by thrift has made a living, and is now in good circumstances.



"Lilydale" and yes it is a boy, Warren c.1916. Large glass negatives - 4.5 x 6.4 inches. Developed at a Camera shop in Wellington in Nov. 2011. It only cost $2 per negative to develop.


What type of tractor and car? What years? Is the license plate a clue? Sunglasses were necessary to prevent snow blindness.

Fairlie School Reunion photo for 1921-1930 taken at on the steps in front on the Fairlie Primary School. Who do you recognise?
My Dad is standing at the back - top right. His brother, Warren, the 8th man, to his right at the back, the tall man with a ribbon on his lapel.


Outside the Fairlie District School - the "Donkey Bus" was financed and the driver paid by a local farmer S.P. Bray. This Model T Ford ran from Sherwood Downs to Fairlie 1925 -1927 with Dinny O'Reilly the driver. Local Fairlie town children standing in front. School grounds in the background. S.P. to the left. Dinny's grandfather came over on the same ship as James Bray, the Otaki. The families stayed in contact for three generations.

Photo taken at the Fairlie Showgrounds after the New Year Day's parade in the 1970s with the former bus riders sitting on the original seats
and Dinny O'Rielly behind the wheel. Who is here?  I know the three Bray's.

Outside St. Stephen's Church, Fairlie, 3rd Dec. 1960. Lovely photo Heather Guilford, bridesmaid, to the left and her grandparents, Laura and Frank Guilford (he is obscured behind Neville) and her parents Henry and Mavis Guilford - on right of the photographer is Eric Officer (best man) and bridesmaid Averil Black of Ashwick Flat.

Raincliff (opens in a new window).

Winter coating. Part of the Leiberg Range with 7,853ft Rotten Tommy (aka Mount Blackburn).

Auckland Star, 22 July 1933, Page 10 Vivid names. Character of Mountains.
Rotten Tommy is merely the end of the Mount Cook range opposite the Hermitage, but the name has a tang of its own, and fittingly describes the tumbledown mass with its loose scree slopes. There there are the Thumbs, Jumbletop, Split open (Mathias region), Bastion Ridge, Cornerpost, the Amazon's Breasts (two snowy domes, one smaller than the other, in the Rakaia region, and the White Pyramid.

Winter coats. 

Timaru Railway Station. Dad's return from the war, 19 April 1945. Met by his sisters - Shirley, Lorna, Enid & Bessie.  

Otematata Cinema

Otematata Cinema 1958 - Behind the Mask.
Living up the road from Kurow 1950s 

Harold to the right was born in 1916. Photos probably taken around Fairlie. These two aeroplanes are - left - Avro 504K and right- Bristol F2B Fighter.  Both are WW-I types but remained in service for quite a long time, the Bristol finally being retired in 1936.

The Allandale Bridge, on the way out of town heading towards Mt. Michael.

The old Fairlie Post Office still stands with the same chimney pots.

Fairlie D.H.S. gates - 1879 - 1929. That tree right behind the gates is still there.

The Fairlie - Main Street looking south.

Is this Rutherford's coach and three paired white horses from Albury? He was in the coaching business.

Lois milking cow 1936. Using a kerosene tin for the milk bucket. I do like that milk stool.


Why did they carry walking sticks?


Dad thought horses were dangerous on the hills.


Looks like Uncle Stan Harrington's family from Cashel St. CHCH's (dark suit) visiting "Lilydale" at Easter.

Family and Easter visitors at "Lilydale" Gentlemen in the dark three piece suit in the middle is Bill Miles, to the left Stan Harrington.

17 rabbits here.

Ten kids here. 1932

Neat swimming togs and an inner tube for a non swimmer.

Fox Peak Hut.  Thar in foreground

What bridge? What was the occasion?  Bound to be the old Clayton Bridge. Maybe Easter.

Airworks on "Ribbonwood"

At Lilydale. Dad with a rifle and keas? Hollyhocks blooming in background.

E. Peterson, grader driver Clayton Rd. 1937

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