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The links below go to very large [200k] scanned images from the original book. The numbers refer to the original page numbers from 'Cyclopedia New Zealand' - Canterbury edition.  This book was printed in 1903. 

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Town Facilities


Acton, Edward 932 934**
Acton, Rev. Henry 934
Adams, Samuel John 1075**


Barrett, Thomas 933
Boyd, Donald John 935
Bracefield, Thomas Parker 934 935**
Brittin, John Danns 938**


Collett, H. 935**
Collett, Captain 935


Dalglish, Gilbert 933**
Deans, John 935
Dean at Riccarton 939


Gliddon, James 936**
Greig, John 936**
Grant, David 935


Halstead, William 934**
Hinson, Rev. Stanley 933
Holmes, Hon. M. 935
Howell, W.B. 937


Kennaway 932 934 
Kennaway, Acton & Lee 936
Kennaway, Walter 934


McIlwrick, Frederick William 937
McKibbin, William 934


Medlicott, John Frederick 936**
Mee, Alexander 936**
Munro, John 937**
Murphy, John 933 934**


Neilson, Peter 937
Norton, John 937**


Oliver, James 937
Orton, Reginald 938 939**


Peacock, J.T. 937


Rhodes, R &G. 932
Rhodes & Wilken 936
Rutherford, Gideon 935


Saunders, George 938**
Sheath 936
Stewart, Robert 939**


Thomson, John Young 933
Tripp, C.J. 934
Truman, Frank 932 933**


Vance, John 938**


Webb, William 937
Webb. A. 937**
White, Rev. Joseph 933
Wilkinson 935
Williams, Sam 932
Wright, William 937

Agnew, James of Pleasant Point 936
Anderson, David 938
Berr, John of Doddiscombe Leigh, ENG
Booth, Albert of Oamaru 933
Braim, John of Melbourne 933
Brown, John of Adelaide 937
Bucetich, A. of Chertsey 937
Buchanan, Robert of Christchurch 933
Cadwell, James of Coolislin Farm, N. of IRE. 938
Dickson, Miss 939
Elliot, John of Sutherlands 936
Humphries, Jesse of Nelson 933
Josling, Miss of Rangiora 938
McIntosh, Christina  of Glenurquhart, SCT. 936
Manson, Samuel of Governor's Bay 938
Marsh, Henry  Woodhurst, Huntingdonshire 938
Metcalf, Mary of Craven 934
Morgan, R. of C. Down. IRE 934
Rayner, Dr. T.O. of Temuka 934
Sams, Frederick of Sutherlands 935
Sellars, John of Melbourne 935
Telford, James of Selwyn 937
Watkins, Anthony of the S. of Ireland

1851 Tranancore 938
1853 Minerva 938
1855 New Era 934
1858 Shooting Star 934
1860 Pladda 936
1860 William Miles 936
1862 Sebastopol 936
1863 Captain Cook 934
1864 Adgemere 938
1865 Giant's Causeway 937
1865 Tudor 936
1869 Lanarkshire 939
1878 County of Peebles 934
18__ Orari 938
1888 s.s. Kaikouria 935
18__ Waitangi 937

Pleasant Point School Register to 1902 (one page)
It does not include parents names or addresses, but only the dates of commencement and leaving.
KENNEDY: David, Sarah and William
KERSLAKE: Alfred, Bella, Gilbert, Isabella and John
LAMBERT: Alfred, Annie, Arthur, Elsie, Gertrude, Mary and Mary M
LAURENSON: Gordon, Leslie, Margaret, Strong Work and William James
LAWRELL: Douglas, Gilbert and Maud
LAWRENSON: Lawrence and Mary
LE SUEUR: Herbert commenced at Pleasant Point School on 5.3.1894 and left on 17.11 1902 to go to work.
LEARY: John Francis and Maurice Francis
LENNIE: Frank, Jeanette, John, Louisa, William, Catherine and Elizabeth
LEY: John, Andrew Charles, William George and William Thomas
LISTON: Minnie and Thomas
LUND: Charles, Christina C, Daisy, Fred, George and James.

Alfred Charles Le Sueur was born Jersey about 1856. Mother Mary Mauger/Machon (Mason). He came out to Canterbury with his cousins Philip Mauger and Philip Contache in the Ballochmyle and landed at Lyttelton 4 June 1874. Arthur married married Eliza Cook Boulden in Pleasant Point 13 May 1886. Both died same day 2 Oct 1936. Had one son Herbert James Le Sueur.

Her thoughts go back, she sees far off the years that now are done
As a hundred treasured memories go past her one by one
Her crinolines, her parasols, each dear old fashioned thing
What laughter, tears and anecdotes they one and all can bring
Their home beside the virgin bush, where busy years were spent
The slow unfolding of their farm, when Maoris came and went
Their bullock waggon through the mud, their mare, their first few sheep
That wild uncanny sound of bulls who fought when night was deep
She thinks, "Our hearts will live here after life on earth is done
The young, the strong will carry on what we have but begun
Our children and their children will mould this land of ours
Let them finish what we started, in a way beyond our powers."
Though she sits with gentle folded hands and dreams about the past
Yet awake, asleep, the young arms of her own land hold her fast.
OCTOBER 10, 1938

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