Sheep returns for South Canterbury, New Zealand in 1882 and 1882

Warming up - A newborn lamb with a woolover cover is just like putting on a jersey, designed to stretch, remove after the storm or by three weeks, can be washed and pass down to another new born. Photo taken by farmer J.W., Springbrook, 17 August 2011.

The modern 'Appendices' (AJHR), annual reports of government department presented to Parliament, do not have the vast amount of genealogical material which is in the 19th century version. The 'Return of sheepowners' appeared in the Appendices from about the 1878 to the 1920s. The sheepowners are listed alphabetically within their counties. 

Presented to both Houses of the General Assembly by Command of His Excellency.
Mr. B. P. Batly to the Hon. the Colonial Secretary. Sib, Colonial Secretary's Office (Stock Branch), Wellington, 6th June, 1884. I have the honour to lay before you the annual sheep returns for the year ending 31st May, 1883. The total number of sheep in the colony on that date was 13,306,329, the previous year being 12,408,106, showing an increase of 898,223 in the twelve months. Of this increase, Canterbury and Napier contribute over 542,000. I am able to report that the returns this year show an increase of more than 42,000. The classification of sheep can approximately be taken as follows: Merino, males, 3,250,733; females, 4,064,499. Long-wool, males, 432,322; females, 769,417. Cross-bred, males, 1,837,502 females, 2,951,856. Total, males, 5,520,557; females, 7,785,772 making a grand total of 13,306,329. The exports have amounted to 250,154: of these, 2,382 were shipped alive; the balance, 247,772, being shipped in a frozen state, Port Chalmers contributing 86,781; Lyttelton, 80,920; Wellington, 46,803 Bluff, 16,297 Napier, 9,003 and Auckland, 7,968. The boiling-down establishments have treated 54,873. For meat-preserving purposes 91,490 were used, chiefly in Napier and Canterbury. The imports have amounted to 1,020; Australia supplying 423; England, 357; Chatham Islands, 171; and Tasmania 69.

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1884 Session I, H-03

The South Canterbury counties Geraldine, Mackenzie and Waimate are featured on pages 45, 46, 47. pdf (565k)

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