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Sheep returns for South Canterbury, New Zealand in
1887 & 1888 and 18
89 & 1890 from the New Zealand Gazette

The modern 'Appendices' (AJHR), annual reports of government department presented to Parliament, do not have the vast amount of genealogical material which is in the 19th century version. The 'Return of sheepowners' appeared in the Appendices from about the 1878 to the 1920s. The sheepowners are listed alphabetically within their counties. The return of all sheepowners, and number of sheep and lambs on 31st May, 1889, showing the county in which owners reside and their sheep are depastured, so far as the information is supplied in the Schedule "A" furnished by sheepowners under section 21 of "The Sheep Act, 1878," will be published in the New Zealand Gazette as soon as the returns are complete. The New Zealand Gazette 20 November 1888 edition has the sheepowners returns for 1887 and 1888 pdf (1147k) and 11 November 1890 covers the sheepowners returns  for the years 1889 and 1890 pdf (1157k). The sheepowners returns are courtesy of New Zealand Gazette Archives - a lookup service at no charge. The New Zealand Gazette is the official newspaper of the Government of New Zealand and is still produced weekly.

August 2011

The annual sheep returns in the AJHR after 1878 are the best guide to the approximate dates of changes of ownership.

Return of all Sheepowners, and Number of Sheep and Lambs, on 31st May, 1889 and 1890; showing the County in which owners reside and their Sheep are depastured, so far as the information is supplied in the Schedule "A" furnished by Sheepowners under section 21 of The Sheep Act, 1878." The South Canterbury counties Geraldine, Mackenzie and Waimate are featured on pages
Cattle Board - J.T. Peacock, Chairman, F.J. Kimbell, J. Studholme, and H. McIiraith.

Canterbury-Kaikoura District. Sir, Sheep Inspector's Office, Christchurch, 22nd April, 1889.
I have the honour to forward my annual report for the year ended the 31st March, 1889. Stock. —The general health of stock during the past year has been good. Lung- and intestinal worms have not been prevalent, while, as dipping is each year becoming more general, there is a marked improvement as regards lice and ticks. A slight outbreak of scab occurred at Kaikoura recently, which, however, was promptly dealt with. This disease is now confined to a comparatively small area of extremely difficult country at Kaikoura, and the measures now being taken will, it is expected, shortly stamp the disease out finally. It is satisfactory to note that no new disease, either in horses, cattle, or sheep, has made its appearance.

The season has been most favourable for the sheepowner—an exceptionally mild winter, followed by an early spring, produced the best-grown clip of wool and the heaviest percentage of lambs known for some years. An unfortunate exception to this has to be recorded in the Mackenzie Country and the back country as far north as the Rakaia, where a succession of severe storms in July caused serious losses of sheep, damage to wool, and poor lambings. The number of sheep returned on the 31st May, 1888, was 4,837,157, being a decrease of 125,319 on the previous year, owing mainly to the bad lambing in the spring of 1887. It is expected that, notwithstanding the large number of sheep frozen and boiled down, the next returns will show an increase. The number of frozen carcases of mutton exported was 327,652, being an increase of 11,197 on the previous year. The number of frozen carcases of beef was 669. The number of sheep boiled down or preserved was 33,092. There were exported to the Australasian Colonies and Calcutta—horses, 342 cattle, 13; sheep, 15 pigs, 51; dogs, 106. There were imported into the district from the Australasian (Colonies—horses, 3 cattle, 1; sheep, 75 pigs, 2 dogs, 4. Complaints of sheep stealing are becoming more frequent, which tends to show that some alteration in the law relating to brands and earmarks is desirable.
I have, &c, E. Foster, Inspector. The Hon. the Minister of Lands (Stock Branch), Wellington.

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